2/13 WWE Raw results: Powell’s live review of the Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley contract signing for Elimination Chamber, Asuka, Nikki Cross, and Carmela vs. Liv Morgan, Raquel Rodriguez, and Natalya, Rick Boogs vs. The Miz, Bronson Reed vs. Mustafa Ali, Miz TV with Seth Rollins


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Raw (Episode 1,551)
Live from Brooklyn, New York at Barclays Center
Aired February 13, 2023 on USA Network

[Hour One] The Raw opening aired and then pyro shot off the stage. The broadcast team of Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves checked in while Becky Lynch made her entrance. Lynch started an in-ring promo and noted that she had Adam Pearce waiting in the ring, which drew some boos. Lynch said she’d get to him later.

Lynch thanked Lita for having her back in the cage match last week. A “Lita” chant broke out. Lynch spoke about the Elimination Chamber and said she loves to fight her way into things. She told Pearce that she wanted an opportunity to fight her way into the Elimination Chamber match.

Bayley made her entrance. Bayley said that Lynch was a bigger idiots than the fans if she thought she was getting into the Elimination Chamber after what she pulled the week before. Bayley entered the ring and complained about Lynch having a Hall of Famer do her work for her. Bayley said she’s the person who belongs in the Elimination Chamber match.

Bayley boasted that she’s a grand slam champion and said Lynch doesn’t know what that’s like. Lynch said she’s main evented WrestleMania and added that Bayley doesn’t know what that’s like. Bayley said no one wants to see Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch at WrestleMania again. Lynch boasted that they tore the house down.

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair made her entrance. Belair made her way to the ring while saying that she heard a lot of talk about the Raw Women’s Championship while no one bothered to talk to the actual Raw Women’s Champion.

Belair said there were already six women in the Elimination Chamber match, but if they want to use the Elimination Chamber to get to her, then they should have to go through her. Pearce booked a Triple Threat match with Belair vs. Lynch vs. Bayley. He said the Elimination Chamber would start as a Triple Threat if Lynch or Bayley win on Raw, but neither one of them will get a spot in the match if Belair is victorious. The three women agreed to the match…

Powell’s POV: So we could have a seven-woman Elimination Chamber match. I’d really like to see Belair face a fresh opponent such as Asuka at WrestleMania. I’m all for Becky Lynch being in a meaningful match and I think she’s a big enough star that it doesn’t have to be a title match. But it’s not a bad idea to add her to the Chamber match even if they don’t plan to have her win it, as her involvement would make the match more appealing to the masses.

The broadcast team recapped the segment and then hyped the previously advertised matches and segments…

Backstage, Byron Saxton spoke with “The Judgment Day” members Dominik Mysterio, Finn Balor, and Damian Priest. Saxton asked if they were ready for their big week ahead. Priest spoke about winning the U.S. Title in the Elimination Chamber. Dom said he spoke with Mami and she’s as excited for Elimination Chamber as she is for Valentine’s Day. Balor said they had the Street Profits on Raw and vowed to roll them up, ball them up, and smoke them up…

“The Street Profits” Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins made their entrance for a match against Balor and Priest… [C] Balor and Priest were introduced by ring announcer Mike Rome. They made their entrance along with ex-con Dom…

1. “The Street Profits” Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins vs. Finn Balor and Damian Priest (w/Dominik Mysterio). Ford threw an early nice kick at Balor, and then Dawkins tagged in and dropkicked Balor. Priest ran in and was cleared to ringside by the Profits heading into a picture-in-picture break. [C]

Dawkins had an offensive flurry coming out of the break. He tossed Balor to Ford, who suplexed him and had the pin, but Priest ran in and broke it up. The Profits followed up with a Doomsday Blockbuster on Balor and then Dawkins covered him for a two count. Ford took out Priest with a flip dive.

Dom climbed onto the apron and was pulled into the ring by Dawkins, who then followed up with a shoulder block. Balor put Dawkins down with a sling blade clothesline. Balor dropkicked Dawkins and then hit him with the Coup De Grace before pinning him…

Finn Balor and Damian Priest defeated “The Street Profits” Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins in 7:35.

After the match, Priest hit Ford with a big kick and then the heels put the boots to him. Edge’s music played and he ran to the ring to help the Profits. Beth Phoenix also joined the fight and set up to hit her finisher on Dom, but Rhea Ripley showed up and hit Phoenix from behind and then put her down with a Riptide. Edge checked on Phoenix while the heels scurried to ringside…

The broadcast team hyped the Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley contract signing for after the break… [C]

Powell’s POV: Mami’s home. It was a believable swerve when Dom stated during his promo that Ripley wouldn’t be present given that she missed last week’s show. The actual tag match was entertaining and the post match brawl put heat on the heels heading into two different matches on Saturday.

Footage aired of Patrick Mahomes unveiling the WWE championship belt that was gifted to him after the Super Bowl. There was also a shot of Mahomes with the title belt draped over his shoulder while holding the Lombardi Trophy that is awarded to the Super Bowl winner…

Adam Pearce was shown standing in the ring with a table and two chairs for the contract signing. Brock Lesnar made his entrance dressed his country attire and wearing a Johnny Cash t-shirt. Lesnar stopped at ringside and put his hat on a young child. Cute. Once in the ring, Lesnar picked up one of the office chairs and tossed it to ringside (because Brock Lesnar destroying furniture is money).

Pearce noted that Lesnar already signed the contract. Pearce was about to introduce Lashley, but Lesnar cut him off and told him to get to the point. Lesnar told Lashley to get his ass to the ring and sign the contract. Lashley’s entrance theme played and then ten security guards came out and lined the aisle. Additional security guards carried a table and a chair onto the stage.

Bobby Lashley walked out dressed in a suit and played to the crowd while standing behind the table on the stage. Pearce encouraged Lashley to come to the ring to sign the contract. Lashley said it’s not the Brock Lesnar Show. Lashley accused Pearce of rolling out the red carpet because Lesnar wanted a contract signing.

Lashley said he’s left Lesnar pinned, unconscious, or eliminated from the Royal Rumble whenever they’ve met. Lashley took a seat at his table and said they were doing things on his terms. Lesnar told Lashley to get his ass to the ring. Lashley read through a long list of people he had check out the contract. Lesnar told him to sign it. Lashley said he didn’t really know if he was going to.

A “Bobby’s Scared” chant broke out, which Lesnar acknowledged and laughed at. Lesnar told Lashley that he better come to the ring and sign the contract or he would beat his ass and sign it for him. Lashley said Lesnar didn’t have the balls to do it.

Lesnar went to ringside and destroyed several security guards. Lesnar charged at Lashley, who backdropped him onto the entrance ramp. Lashley pushed Lesnar down again, then went the ring and grabbed the contract. Lashley signed the contract and put it on Lesnar before playing to the crowd. Lesnar clutched the contract and smiled…

Powell’s POV: Babyface Lesnar continues to be a lot of fun. Lashley is still playing to the crowd, but he also comes off as being the more heelish of the two. I thought we were going to see some broken tables when they used regular tables rather than the usual contract signing table. By the way, that’s a pretty cool deal to have those shots of Mahomes celebrating with the Lombardi Trophy and a gifted WWE championship belt. What happens if the Jacksonville Jaguars win the championship?

The broadcast team hyped Michin vs. Piper Niven for after the break… [C] Entrances for the next match took place. Mike Rome introduced Michin as “Michin Mia Yim”…

2. Piper Niven vs. Michin. Michin performed an early DDT that drew gasps from the live crowd. Niven came up holding her head. Michin played to the crowd for a moment. Niven took offensive control. Niven hit a Blackhole Slam and scored the pin. Graves said she slammed her into the abyss (get it?). Patrick said Niven calls the move the Loch Ness Slam…

Piper Niven defeated Michin in 2:40.

Powell’s POV: Niven seemed legitimately dazed for a moment after taking that DDT on top of her head, but she shook it off and seemed fine the rest of the way.

A video package recapped the latest Bloodline drama from Friday’s show with Jey Uso showing up late and helping his brother Jimmy successfully defend the Smackdown Tag Team Titles against Braun Strowman and Ricochet. They also showed Sami Zayn and Jey’s moment outside the building, along with Paul Heyman telling Jimmy Uso that Roman Reigns wanted him and his brother to stay home on Friday…

Patrick and Graves hyped Roman Reigns vs. Sami Zayn for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship for the Elimination Chamber, and then hyped the Triple Threat between Belair, Lynch, and Bayley for later in the show… [C] Brooklyn imagery was shown…

[Hour Two] The broadcast team recapped Dexter Lumis beating Baron Corbin last week and the post match angle that resulted in JBL giving up on Corbin…

Baron Corbin was interviewed by Cathy Kelley in the backstage area. She asked him about JBL’s harsh comments. He said it’s been a really depressing week, but then she interrupted him and said she just got word that something important was happening in the arena…

Sami Zayn showed up in the ring and removed the hood that he was wearing. Zayn said he wasn’t trying to hold up the show, but there was something he had to say to someone and he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to say it after the Elimination Chamber event. “Cody Rhodes, I know you’re back there, buddy, so please indulge me, buddy, and come out to this ring right now.”

Cody Rhodes made his entrance dressed in a suit and received a positive reaction from the live crowd. The fans cheered once Zayn and Cody were in the ring together and a “Cody” chant broke out. Cody welcomed Sami to Raw and asked what he wanted to talk about.

Zayn said everyone was talking about Cody’s segment with Paul Heyman from last week for good reason because there was a lot to unpack. Zayn said the thing that stood out to him was Cody stating that it was looking more and more like he and Zayn would meet at WrestleMania. Zayn asked if that was just lip service or if Cody believes that Zayn can beat Reigns. The crowd responded with a mix of “yes” and “no” chants.

Cody said that he meant it and he believed it when he said that Zayn would be his opponent at WrestleMania. Cody paused to allow a brief “this is awesome” chant. “Respectfully, I don’t think that’s what this is about,” Cody said. He asked whether it really matters what he thinks and said what really matters is whether Zayn thinks he can beat Reigns on Saturday.

“Do you want the truth?” Zayn asked. The fans sang the “Ole Ole Ole” song. Sami said the truth is that he didn’t know. He said he’s been with The Bloodline for nine months and he’s been part of the game planning. He said they always find a way. He said Reigns is actually in God Mode.

Zayn said he’s seen guys bigger and stronger than him who believed they would be the one to take down Reigns, and yet every single one of them went down. Zayn questioned if he should really believe that he would be the one to take down Reigns.

Zayn said he believes he is capable of taking down Reigns and becoming the champion and that he is WrestleMania main event material. Zayn got fired up as he said he has to believe it because if he does not believe it, then no one else will. However, if Cody is asking him if he will be the one walking out of Montreal as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, he doesn’t know.

A “You Can Do It” chant broke out with a quieter group of fans chanting ‘No he can’t” afterward. “You don’t know?” Cody asked. He said it seemed like everyone in the building knew. He spoke about how the fans in Montreal also know. Cody said he’s watched Reigns from a distance and it’s true that everyone else has fallen.

Cody said there are cracks in Roman’s armor and that’s because of Zayn. Rhodes said that the possibility of the greatest champion of our generation being dethroned is because of Sami. Cody said that if Sami wants to say Roman is God Mode, he could put it on a t-shirt, but Reigns is a man. Cody said he won the Royal Rumble and he will finish the story, and Sami needs to finish his own story.

“But just one more thing, Sami,” Rhodes said. “I don’t want to see you on Raw next Monday, because I’d rather see you at WrestleMania.” Cody’s theme played. Zayn nodded and said okay, then left the ring, pulled his hood over his head, and stood in the timekeepers area and nodded his head affirmatively…

Powell’s POV: An excellent segment. I would have guessed that the creative forces would have kept Cody and Zayn apart from one another after Cody won the Royal Rumble. This is so much better and it’s working out great in terms of the fans largely accepting both men rather than feeling the need to choose between the two.

Backstage, Carmella asked Nikki Cross where she’d been. Nikki said she was playing hide and seek with her new friend. Carmella asked what friend, then spoke about their tag match and wondered where their partner was. Asuka showed up wearing her decorative mask. Carmella called them both weird and stormed away.

Candice LeRae showed up and asked Cross what her problem was. She recalled Cross watching her backstage last week and said she did the same thing at the airport. Cross burst into laughter and then backed away while LeRae looked taken aback… The broadcast team hyped the six-woman tag team match… [C]

Baron Corbin was interviewed by Cathy Kelley, who apologized for the interruption. Corbin said he was better off without JBL and called him as has-been. Corbin said it’s time to remind people of who he is. Corbin said he’s sick and tired of being disrespected. Corbin pointed to Kelley interrupting his promo for Sami Zayn. Corbin said Reigns will destroy Zayn and there’s no world where Zayn beats Reigns. Corbin boasted that he’s the last person to beat Reigns.

Corbin also claimed he would have won the Royal Rumble had he not been blindsided by Brock Lesnar. Corbin complained about Cody being handed the No. 30 spot in the Royal Rumble match after getting nine months to nurse a minor injury. Cody walked through the curtain behind Corbin and listened as Corbin said Cody, his brother, and his father are jokes.

Cody punched Corbin and then took him into the Gorilla Position set where three referees were standing. Cody called for one of the refs to come with them. Cody and Corbin brawled onto the Raw stage. Cody took Corbin to the ring where Corbin came back briefly. The referee entered the ring and Corbin told him to ring the bell to start the match…

3. Cody Rhodes vs. Baron Corbin. Cody immediately took control and removed the top part of his suit so that he was shirtless. The fight spilled over to ringside where Cody slipped away from Corbin and shoved him into the ring post. Corbin climbed onto the broadcast table and pulled Cody up with him. Corbin slipped off the table. Cody followed him to the floor and ran him into the ring steps.

Back inside the ring, Cody put Corbin down with a Cody Cutter and then played to the WrestleMania sign. Cody hit Corbin with CrossRhodes and pinned him clean…

Cody Rhodes defeated Baron Corbin in 2:05.

Powell’s POV: I like the impromptu approach because it felt more high energy than a standard match between Cody and Corbin would have.

Backstage, Natalya complained to her partners for the evening Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez about Becky Lynch and Bayley trying to weasel their way into the Elimination Chamber match. Morgan said she views them as others to beat on her road to WrestleMania. Natalya and Morgan bickered until Rodriguez yelled at them to stop and then said they needed to focus on their match. Morgan’s music played and she made her entrance… [C]

Patrick hyped the Triple Threat match and then the remainder of the entrances for the six-woman tag match took place…

4. Asuka, Nikki Cross, and Carmela vs. Liv Morgan, Raquel Rodriguez, and Natalya. The match was played up as Raw vs. Smackdown. Natalya caught Carmella in an early Sharpshooter, but Cross broke it up. All six women ended up in the ring fighting. The Smackdown team cleared the Raw wrestlers from the ring heading into a PIP break. [C]

Asuka threw a nice series of strikes at Morgan and covered her, but but the pin was broken up. Moments later, Asuka dropped Rodriguez with a kick before she could perform a move on both of Asuka’s opponents. Asuka attacked both of her partners and then caught Morgan in a submission hold for the win…

Asuka, Nikki Cross, and Carmela beat Liv Morgan, Raquel Rodriguez, and Natalya in 7:25.

Powell’s POV: It’s fun seeing Asuka post makeover. Her act was beyond stale and she now feels like a fresh and unpredictable character. I was surprised to see Morgan take the loss for her team.

Backstage, Chad Gable was giving a speech to Otis, who was eating a Coney Island hot dog. Gable took it away and threw it. The camera pulled back to show that Mansoor had mustard on his face and glasses, and he was accompanied by Maxxine Dupri and Mace. Dupri said they were looking for the face and physique for their new campaign. Gable said he’s done some modeling, but she said she was talking to Otis, who liked the way she pronounced his way. Dupri left a business card and then walked away. Bronson Reed showed up and looked at Gable, and then he smiled and walked away while Patrick hyped his match for after the break… [C]

Bronson Reed and Mustafa Ali made their entrances. Footage aired of Ali telling Dolph Ziggler that he would have been in the Elimination Chamber had he been given a chance. Reed showed up, laughed, and said Ali should prove himself against him…

5. Bronson Reed vs. Mustafa Ali. Reed sent Ali to ringside early in the match and then jumped off the apron and hit him with a shoulder block. Ali came back by dropkicking Reed off the apron. Ali dove at Reed, who caught him and then bodyslam-tossed him onto a chair in the timekeepers area. Back inside the ring, Ali came back with a tornado DDT and got a one count. Ali went for a rolling move through the ropes, but Reed turned him inside out with a clothesline. Reed hit his Tsunami splash and scored the pin…

Bronson Reed defeated Mustafa Ali in 3:15.

Powell’s POV: That was fun for a brief television match. Ali got a little offense in and, more importantly, made Reed’s offense look fantastic.

The broadcast team recapped Edge and Beth Phoenix saving the Street Profits from an attack, only to have Rhea Ripley attack Phoenix and put her down with a Riptide…

Edge and Beth Phoenix were interviewed by Cathy Kelley in the backstage area. Edge said he’s been going back and forth with The Judgment Day for a year and he’s sick of them, but they showed them how things will go on Saturday. Phoenix said they would show them why they are called The Grit Couple…

The Miz made his entrance dressed in his ring gear. Patrick said Seth Rollins had been doing media all week and had an interrogation from The Miz remaining… [C]

[Hour Three] The Miz hosted Miz TV and played up the question of whether guest Seth Rollins was focused on Elimination Chamber or Logan Paul. Miz introduced Rollins. Miz rocked out to Rollins’ entrance theme while Rollins came out wearing giant red boots, which Graves claimed have been setting social media on fire.

Miz asked the crowd if they were done chanting Rollins’ theme, which made them chant more. Miz said he only had ten minutes and then said he thought he was speaking for everyone. “What are those?” Miz asked regarding Rollins’ boots. Rollins said it was called style, which Miz wouldn’t know about.

Miz brought up the Chamber and Paul issue. Rollins said the fans don’t want to talk about “that dumpster fire of a human being.” Rollins said the fans came to sing, which triggered another round of the fans chanting his theme. Miz said that if he wanted to listen to someone sing, he’d listen to Taylor Swift. Miz told the fans that they’re just jealous because he got tickets and they didn’t.

Miz said Rollins will talk about Logan Paul on social media and on Pat McAfee’s show, but he questioned why he wouldn’t talk about him on WWE television. “Shut up, Mike,” Rollins yelled. The fans chanted the line. Rollins pointed to the WrestleMania sign and said that’s why he didn’t want to talk about it.

Rollins spoke about his dream of headlining WrestleMania and said it matters to him, it matters to the fans, and it matters to Miz because “we love this.” Rollins said Logan Paul doesn’t give a damn about it or that dream. Rollins called him selfish and soulless, and said the only things Paul cares about are getting famous and lining his pockets. Rollins said he doesn’t like to say his name because he doesn’t deserve it.

Rollins said Paul just wants attention when he really needs to have his teeth kicked in. Miz said it seemed like Rollins was jealous. Rollins said everyone knows how stupid Miz is. Miz said he’s not stupid. Rollins had the crowd confirm their belief that Miz is stupid. Miz barked at the crowd that he’s not stupid.

Miz said he and Rollins are the only two-time grand slam champions in the company and yet he’s the only one who has headlined WrestleMania. Miz said Rollins may never headline WrestleMania because of Logan Paul. Rollins took his jacket off and punched Miz, then hit him with one of his set chairs.

Austin Theory showed up and pulled Rollins to ringside. Rollins slammed Theory’s head on the broadcast table and set up for his finisher, but Miz broke it up. Rollins go the better of Miz once they were back inside the ring. Rollins played to the crowd and then used his giant red boot to Stomp Miz. Theory followed up by performing his A-Town Down finisher on Rollins. Theory knelt over Rollins and said Rollins is the past while he is the now…

Rick Boogs was shown warming up while MVP could be seen talking with Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin in the background. Elias showed up and told Boogs that it could be a lot of pressure to be compared to him. Elias told Boogs not to get too stressed out if he loses to Miz. Elias said that if Boogs impressed him, they might be able to do a collaboration. Boogs got fired up and said he would shred The Miz…

The Miz was shown lying in the ring, still selling the Stomp. Graves yelled that Miz needed to wake up because he had a match. The show cut to a PIP break… [C] During the PIP break, Miz was shown trying to pull himself up by the ropes while they replayed footage from the previous angle. The first part of Rick Boogs’ entrance was also shown.

Powell’s POV: The best thing about the build to Rollins vs. Paul continues to be that all signs point to Paul playing the heel role. Meanwhile, silliness like Miz pulling himself up by the ropes or Sammy Guevara’s Van Hagar hand written signs tribute hold my attention more than most matches do during PIP breaks.

Once Boogs was in the ring, Miz asked Boogs if he had any brain cells between the two massive veins on his forehead. Miz said the match wasn’t happening. The referee called for the bell…

6. Rick Boogs vs. The Miz. Boogs used Miz as a curling bar and curled him ten times while the crowd counted along. Boogs followed up with a press powerslam for the win…

Rick Boogs defeated The Miz in 1:00.

Backstage, Chelsea Green scolded Adam Pearce for not treating her like a star and threatened to send a strongly worded email to his manager. Pearce pointed out that he’s the manager of Raw and Smackdown. Green complained that she should be in the Elimination Chamber and asked for a spot in the Triple Threat match. She claimed she wouldn’t leave his office until it happened, and then claimed she felt very threatened. Pearce left the room while she continued to complain…

Patrick hyped the Triple Threat match… [C]

Powell’s POV: The crowd got a kick out of Boogs curling Miz, but they were pretty quiet while Boogs did his air guitar celebration. Meanwhile, Chelsea Green continues to be a riot as the Karen of WWE.

The broadcast team congratulated the Kansas City Chiefs so that they could show off the photo of Patrick Mahomes with the WWE championship belt and the Lombardi Trophy (not that I can blame the company for showing that off as much as possible)…

“The Judgment Day” Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio, Finn Balor, and Damian Priest were interviewed by Byron Saxton. They all took turns talking. Priest said he will walk out of Elimination Chamber as the new U.S. Champion while Ripley will win the Smackdown Women’s Championship at WrestleMania. Ripley said she couldn’t have said it better. She said her rise begins Saturday when she and Balor beat the crap out of The Grit Couple…

Patrick and Graves ran through the Elimination Chamber lineup… An Elimination Chamber video package aired… Bianca Belair was shown walking backstage while Patrick hyped the main event… [C]

Footage aired of the Cody Rhodes and Sami Zayn segment from earlier in the show. A graphic listed Roman Reigns or Sami Zayn vs. Cody Rhodes for WrestleMania…

Bianca Belair made her entrance for the main event. Bayley followed and pointed out the Damage CTRL neon green armband over her right biceps. She also tore up another fan sign. Becky Lynch made the final entrance heading into a PIP break [C]

7. Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch vs. Bayley in a Triple Threat non-title match (Lynch or Bayley could earn a spot in the Elimination Chamber match). The match actually started during the PIP break (ugh). Lynch and Bayley shoved each other, and then Belair knocked Bayley to ringside. Belair and Lynch pointed at the WrestleMania sign and squared off. Belair did her repetitive ass slapping bit. Bayley returned to the ring and took a poor dropkick from Belair.

Belair caught Lynch on the ropes coming out of the break. Belair pressed Lynch over her head and threw her at Bayley. Lynch dove at Belair, who caught her and rolled through. Belair swung Lynch’s legs at Bayley, who ducked them and then took offensive control. Bayley picked up a couple of two counts on Belair while also keeping Lynch down at ringside.

Lynch returned to the ring briefly, but Bayley sent her back to the floor and then put Belair in a kneebar. Lynch went up top and performed a leg drop that broke up the hold. Lynch covered Bayley, but Belair broke up the pin. Lynch had a nice flurry of strikes on Bayley that got a rise out of the crowd. Lynch followed up with a double DDT on her opponents and then covered Belair for a two count heading into another PIP break. [C]

Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky showed up during the commercial break and attacked Lynch and Belair, which resulted in near fall for Bayley that felt uneventful at home because there was no reason to think the match would end while the show was in a PIP break.

After the PIP break, Lynch hit a Manhandle Slam on Bayley and had her pinned, but Lynch was pulled to ringside. Belair hoisted up Bayley for her finisher, but Kai helped pull Bayley onto the apron. Sky dropkicked Belair on the apron and then Bayley rolled her up for a two count.

Liv Morgan, Asuka, Natalya, and Raquel Rodriguez ran out and attacked Kai and Sky. Nikki Cross also showed up and hopped onto the back of Rodriguez. In the ring, Belair put Bayley down with a spinebuster for a near fall. Sky went up top, but Belair cut her off and then pressed her over her head, walked across the ring, and tossed her onto a pile of wrestlers on the floor.

Bayley hit Belair from behind. Lynch returned and hit Bayley. Lynch got the better of both opponents with punches and hit a Manhandle Slam on Bayley. Belair grabbed Lynch and KOD’d her onto Bayley. Lynch rolled off of Bayley and then Belair covered her and pinned her to win the match…

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair defeated Bayley and Becky Lynch in a non-title Triple Threat match in 18:20.

The broadcast team recapped highlights from the match. Lynch was shown looking dejected as she sat on the floor at ringside while Belair celebrated inside the ring. The broadcast team hyped the Elimination Chamber event while match graphics were shown. Footage of the Lesnar and Lashley angle was shown from earlier in the show. A graphic listed Bronson Reed, Bobby Lynch, and Piper Niven for Raw Talk while Belair continued to celebrate to close the show…

Powell’s POV: So the women’s Elimination Chamber match will stick with six wrestlers rather than adding a seventh. I like the way they got a main event out of this. It was a believable scenario that Chamber match would simply start as a Triple Threat, and Lynch is a big enough star that it was also believable that she might be added at the last minute. Belair had some bull in a china shop moments during the match, but she also showed off her power and athleticism.

Overall, this was a good episode of Raw. They did a really nice job of filling the three hours in a way where it never felt like we were seeing filler material. The hype for the Elimination Chamber event was strong, so this was a good go-home show for the brand. I will have more to say in my weekly same night audio review for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons). Let me know what you thought of Raw by grading it below.

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  1. I hope Michin gets some push after Mania. She’s too good to be stuck too far down the card

  2. They had me believing Zayn could win Saturday for a minute there. It would be fun if it happens. Also Nikki Cross is awesome

  3. Them going split screen while zoomed in on Miz’s face when he was laying flat on the mat had me laughing lmao

  4. The Grit Couple? That is just awful.

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