Medical updates on Jay Briscoe’s daughters

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Josh Wharton, who runs a non-profit group in Delaware, released a video that provided the following medical updates on Gracie Pugh and Jayleigh Pugh, who were injured in the car accident that took the life of their father Jay Briscoe (a/k/a Jamin Pugh) on Tuesday.

12-year-old Gracie had no feeling from the waist down following the accident. She was diagnosed with an L2 dislocation, and an L3 and L4 fracture along with compression on her spinal cord. She underwent surgery on Wednesday morning to relieve the spinal cord compression. Gracie has feeling in her thighs and tingling in her feet on and off, but no movement as of yet. It was described by Wharton as a waiting game.

Younger daughter Jayleigh was diagnosed with open tibia and fibula fracture and underwent surgery. She also has a C7 fracture in her neck, and L3 and L4 fractures in her back. The back injury will require her to wear a brace for roughly 12 weeks. Jayleigh also suffered a right clavicle fracture, and a broken rib on the right side. She also has a small left pneumothorax, which is being monitored. Jayleigh suffered a a perforated bowel and had some internal bleeding in her stomach area, which required surgery that went “awesome.”

Powell’s POV: Keep the entire family in your thoughts and prayers. The fundraiser for the family just surpassed $215,000 as of this update, which is above the original goal of $200,000. You can contribute to the fundraiser or send a prayer message via


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