NXT Worlds Collide results: Moore’s live review of NXT Champion Bron Breakker vs. NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate in a unification match, NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose vs. NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura vs. Blair Davenport in a unification match, Carmelo Hayes vs. Ricochet for the NXT North American Championship

By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

NXT Worlds Collide
Streamed September 4, 2022 on Peacock/WWE Network
Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center

Pre-Show Notes

The show started off with technical difficulties for the first few minutes with the feed glitching. (works on YouTube).

A teaser video aired to hype the matches on NXT Worlds Collide.

The teaser video ended up playing on loop due to technical difficulties…

McKenzie Mitchell and Sam Roberts were the host of the pre-show. It was hard to keep track of what they were saying due to WWE still having technical difficulties. Sam’s analysis was cut off by Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin, and Jacy Jayne cutting him off. Dolin talked about how Doudrop and ASH don’t deserve a title shot and that Toxic Attraction deserves it.

A teaser video aired to hype the NXT Women’s Title unification match followed by Sam and McKenzie giving their thoughts…[c]

The next video package hyped Bron Breakker vs. Tyler Bate for their upcoming NXT UK and NXT US title unification match. Tyler talked about how he was the inaugural as well as the final NXT UK Champion with the UK Brand closing after today. The video package also featured the main roster cameos of wrestlers telling Bate and Breakker how high the stakes are at Worlds Collide…

John’s Thoughts: Great video package with the added boost of having the lineup of main roster cameos taped from this past Tuesday’s NXT. The build was still rushed, but I don’t blame WWE too much because it seemed like this whole NXT Europe thing came up in short order, and I guess they wanted to make the show Europe-centric by putting it the same weekend as Clash at the Castle. If given a month or two build, this could have been a compelling program.

McKenzie and Sam interviewed NXT UK Play-by-play commentator Andy Shepard, who talked about how important the brand is to him as well as hype up the title unification match…

The hosts ran through the rest of the card without video packages due to the technical difficulties early on shortening their alloted time…

Carmelo Hayes vs. Ricochet for the North American Championship will be the first match of the show…

Main Show Review

A narrated teaser package aired which focused on the legacies of NXT and NXT UK as well as all the title unification matches happening on this week’s PPV/PLE…

Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett were on commentary. Alicia Taylor was the ring announcer…

Entrances for the opening match took place. Carmelo Hayes had a customized entrance video where t-shirts of Melo’s defeated opponents lined the WWE Performance Center. A t-shirt with Ricochet as a logo was in the center, so show he’s coming after Ricochet next. Alicia Taylor handled the formal championship in-ring introductions…

1. Carmelo Hayes (w/Trick Williams) vs. Ricochet for the NXT North American Championship. The match started with an extended collar and elbow exchange. Melo and Ricochet then quickly traded waistlock positions. Melo and Ricochet traded counters with Ricochet dodging a sweep kick with his Superhero Backflip. After soaking in NXT chants, Melo gave Ricochet some slaps. Melo and Ricochet started off the next sequence like a lucha stalemate, but Ricochet got the advantage after a dropkick.

Melo dodged a high kick and then regrouped with Trick. When Melo got back in the ring, Ricochet dragged him down with a side headlock. Ricochet broke the hold and had words with Trick who tried to provide a distraction. Ricochet saw the attack coming and he put Melo against the guardrail. Fans in the front row held Melo for a chop by Ricochet. Melo gained the upper hand in the ring. Melo worked on Ricochet with methodical strikes. Melo showboated to the crowd with his Melo Don’t Miss pose.

Ricochet recovered and did a backflip off Melo’s chest. That didn’t faze Melo as Melo nailed Ricochet with a superkick for a two count. Ricochet tried to do a backflip into a move, but that set Ricochet up to be nailed by Melo’s springboard Sling Blade for a two count. Ricochet hit Melo with a Victory Roll into a double stomp. Ricochet and Melo sold their fatigue by delivering slow lariats against each other, becoming a bit of a stalemate. Melo and Ricochet then did a crazy innovative move by nailing each other with 2nd rope springboard crossbodies. Sick air by both men!

A “Fight Forever” chant ensued. Ricochet nailed Melo with a uppercut and kickboxing roundhouses. Ricochet hit Melo with a flip thrust kick. Melo blocked a Benadryller attempt. Ricochet staggered Melo with a superkick, but Melo returned the favor with a throat punch. Ricochet nailed Melo with a Re-coil. Trick broke up the pin by pulling Melo’s leg. Ricochet gave Trick a wrecking ball dropkick at ringside. Melo hit Ricochet with La Mistica and Final Cut for a two count.

Melo went to the top rope but Ricochet met him up there. Ricochet hit Melo with a high superplex. Ricochet dared Melo to tag him with punches after a roundhouse. Melo and Ricochet traded precision strikes. Both men traded knees. Ricochet hit Melo with a Suplex and Benadryller. Melo came right back with a Codebreaker.

Ricochet rolled up Melo for a great nearfall. This invoked another “Fight Forever” chant. Ricochet and Melo took turns trading strikes and preventing the other person from going to the top rope. Ricochet hit Melo with a cross kick and Poisonrana. Trick got on the apron and ate a dropkick from Ricochet. Ricochet missed a shooting star. Melo rolled up Ricochet with a small package for the victory.

Carmelo Hayes defeated Ricochet via pinfall in 15:57 to retain the NXT North American Championship. 

A Ricochet themed shirt appeared on the big screen to signify Ricochet as the latest victim to fall to Melo…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Hot damn. After the hard hitting matches yesterday, this was a nice spotfest. This was a sweet high-action match. It wasn’t all flips either as both men sold fatigue and strikes throughout. Lots of innovative moves as you would expect in Ricochet matches. That double springboard crossbody was Sick! This is Carmelo Hayes’s best match in WWE yet and Ricochet was right that he was the man to help take Melo there, but credit to Melo for holding his end and even adding a little something something. I wouldn’t rush getting the title off of Melo as Melo is doing a great job as North American Champ by making it seem like the most important title in NXT.

The Meiko Satomura introductory vignette aired that aired this past Tuesday. It’s the one that had Meiko’s career clips from the Japanese and UK independents as well as NXT UK. Meiko calls herself “The Final Boss”…

Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett checked in from ringside. Vic sent the show to Roderick Strong being left bloodied in the most dangerous spot in WWE, the NXT parking lot. Strong was covered in blood splotches and was stretchered into an ambulance. Ivy Nile joined Roddy in the ambulance…

John’s Thoughts: Kenta still hasn’t found out who left him lying there. Maybe NXT wrestlers need to enter the PC from the front door instead of the back because the parking lot is such a minefield.

The Creeds and Damon Kemp were hyping each other up for the Creeds’ title defense in the next match…

Entrances for the next match took  place. A tweet aired from Johnny Saint (that guy uses twitter!?!). He wished the UK wrestlers at Worlds Collide good luck. Briggs and Jensen had a pre entrance scene where they were drinking beers at a bar…

John’s Thoughts: By the way? Isn’t Bull Buchanon’s son Brooks Jensen under 21? Why is this dude chugging beers?

2. NXT Tag Team Champions “The Creed Brothers” Julius Creed and Brutus Creed (w/ vs. NXT UK Tag Team Champions Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen (w/Fallon Henley) vs. “Pretty Deadly” Kit Wilson and Elton Prince (w/Lash Legend) vs. “Gallus” Mark Coffey and Wolfgang (w/Joe Coffey)  for the NXT and NXT UK Tag Team Championships. All the teams  brawled before the bell. Briggs and one of the Creeds cleared the heels from the ring to start the match. Brutus and Wolfgang traded suplexes. Jensen tagged out Brutus. Henley and Legend started a catfight as expected. Briggs backdropped Jensen onto a pile of wrestlers at ringside. Wolfgang threw Mark at the pile of wrestlers at ringside. Wolfgang punched Brutus on the top rope to prevent him from hitting the tuck cannonball. Wolfgang gave Brutus a Superpex. Brutus gave Wolfgang a Fameasser for a two count.

Mark tripped Jensen off the top rope. Mark and Wolfgang hit Jensen with a enzuigiri suplex combo for the elimination.

Gallus eliminated Briggs and Jensen via pinfall at about 4:45. 

Mark and Prince singled each other out and traded quick pin attempts. Mark took down Prince with a flying punch. Brutus tagged out Prince and gave him a pounce. Brutus gave Wolfgang clubbing blows. Brutus hit Wolfgang with a Deadlift German Suplex. Julius tagged in. for a Doomsday Cannonball Device. Julius picked up the elimination on Wolfgang.

The Creed Brothers eliminated Gallus via pinfall in 8:37. 

Pretty Deadly cut the ring in half on Brutus with quick tags. I believe the announce team said that Julius was sporting an injury which is why we haven’t seen too much of him. Joseph reminded viewers that Pretty Deadly were the mystery attackers before who attacked the Creeds. Julius got the hot tag and gave Pretty Deadly powerful suplexes. Prince put Julius in a sleeper. Briggs, Jensen, and Gallus were brawling on the ramp. Prince got Julius to a knee with knees in the delayed suplex, but Julius deadlifted Prince into a suplex. Julius did a backflip and high angle suplex for a two count. The wrestlers brawling at ringside took down the Referee. REF BUMP!!!

Prince hit Julius with a running dropkick. Julius hit Prince with a cartwheel back suplex. Kemp gave Wilson a tackle. Damon kemp then hit Julius in the back with a steel chair for the betrayal. Kemp hit Julius with a backbreaker. Kemp recovered the referee. Elton Prince picked up the pinfall win over Julius Creed.

Pretty Deadly eliminated the Creed Brothers via pinfall in 15:34 to become the New Unified NXT Tag Team Champions. 

The new tag team champs celebrate their win…

An Extreme Rules ad aired…[c]

John’s Thoughts: A fun tag team match with the best tag team ending up with the unified tag team titles. I was ok with the Creeds winning, but Pretty Deadly proved already that they can be fun tag team champions. I thought of the Kemp betrayal being something to come up down the road, but didn’t expect it today. I actually expected Roderick Strong to continue to distract The Creeds and cost them the title, but they wrote him out before the match, so it set the table for Kemp to betray the Creeds. I’m interested to see what Bobby Steveson does now that he’s in an actual program against the Creeds. There’s also a question of weather or not Kemp is aligned with a heel Roderick Strong. Or maybe, Roderick Strong is innocent and the real snake has been Damon Kemp all along.

Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo were drinking coffee and eating biscotti. Stacks said they should have kept Legado under their gang, especially Elektra, who was producing well for the business. D’Angelo said there are times where you should just cut bait. Tony then called over Cameron Grimes to ask him to join his gang and eat biscotti with him. Grimes walked away saying he’s not hungry…

John’s Thoughts: I wouldn’t be the biggest fan of having Cameron joining the NXT mafia, but if that will keep him away from Joe Gacy and his bathrobes, then Grimes should jump on that offer…

Mandy Rose was shown driving to the Performance Center. The camera also showed Meiko Satomura and Blair Davenport heading to the ring from different parts of the arena…

Entrances for the NXT Women’s Title Unification Match took place. Mandy Rose was shown making her entrance from the Parking Lot. Vic Joseph mocked Wade Barrett for going into horny mode and rooting for Mandy Rose but not his countrywoman Blair Davenport. Barrett said that Blair is from New Zealand. Alicia Taylor handled the formal in-ring championship introductions…

3. NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura vs. NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose vs. Blair Davenport in a unification match for the NXT and NXT UK Women’s Titles. Rose and Davenport got on the same page to double team Meiko. They hit Meiko with double team suplexes and lariats. Rose and Davenport then tried to steal pins from each other on Meiko. All three women traded rollups. Meiko took down Davenport with a spinning heel kick. Meiko hit Rose in the gut with a kick. Rose recovered and did a cartwheel into a dropkick on Meiko. Davenport gave Meiko a body slam at ringside. Rose then said “this is my world” to Davenport. Rose hit Davenport with a belly to back suplex.

Davenport reversed a suplex into a rollup for a two count. Davenport hit Rose with a huracanrana and front dropkick for a two count. Davenport hit Rose with a knee. Rose came back with a fallaway slam. Rose gave Davenport tackles in the corner. Meiko dragged Rose to ringside and gave her a forearm. Meiko tripped Davenport off the apron. Meiko gave Davenport several kicks into the steps. Rose tackled Meiko into the apron. Davenport gave Rose a double stomp to Rose’s back. Davenport and Meiko then met in the ring. Meiko gave Davenport a sweep kick combo for a two count.

Blair got Meiko in La Magistral for a two count. Meiko rolled up Blair for two. Rose tripped Davenport off the top rope. Meiko dared Mandy to get into the ring while Mandy gloated. Mandy and Meiko traded stiff forearms. Rose gave Meiko a running lariat. Meiko no sold Mandy’s boots. Meiko returned the favor with right hands. Meiko hit Rose with a standing tornado kick for a two count. Rose hit Meiko with a nice spinebuster. Davenport broke up Rose’s pin. Davenport gave Rose a Northern Lights for a two count. Rose and Davenport brawled to the top rope.

Rose hit Davenport with a superplex. Meiko hit Davenport with a Frog Splash. Rose broke up Meiko’s pin. Meiko gave Rose and Davenport forever forearms in the corners. Rose then alternated roundhouses on both opponents. Davenport and Rose recovered and went for a double suplex, but ended up eating a double DDT form Meiko. Satomura hit Rose with a flip into a knee. Davenport dumped Meiko to ringside. Blair tried to suplex mandy, but Meiko chopped down Davenport with kicks. Meiko hit both opponents with the Satomura Special. Rose broke up the pin. Meiko countered Rose into a Death Valley Driver. Davenport broke up the pin with a double stomp.

Davenport hit Meiko with a Kamigoye for a good nearfall. Rose delivered stiff strikes to Davenport in the corner. A USA Chant ensued. Davenport gave Meiko a missile dropkick. Blair gave Rose a punch to the gut. Rose went for her knee, but Davenport hit Rose with a rollup. Satomura broke it up with Scorpio Rising on Davenport. Rose hit Davenport and Meiko with her running knee that they’re calling Kiss from a Rose, for the win.

Mandy Rose defeated Blair Davenport and Meiko Satomura via pinfall in 13:17 to become the new Unified NXT Women’s Champion.

Rose posed with both title belts at the top of the ramp. Wade Barrett joked about Rose’s finisher being named after the Seal song from the Batman soundtrack…

John’s Thoughts: Wow. That match exceeded expectations. One thing about Rose matches on occasion is you kinda grade her performances on a curve due to her not being the best bell-to-bell, but she does improve small steps after each match. Arguably, this was her best match in WWE to date and I wouldn’t say it was just because Blair and Meiko carried her. She added her own to the match too. Blair and Meiko were great though. I hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Meiko in WWE because she can be a real asset to the NXT US roster. As expected, Davenport was shoehorned in the match so that Rose or Satomura wouldn’t have to eat a pin. Davenport has the look and ability of a star and I hope she bounces back fine from this.

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Wes Lee about JD McDonagh. Both of then agreed that he makes people feel uncomfortable. Lee talked about how JD shoots to inflict pain, not to kill. Lee agreed to face JD on Tuesday…

Vic Joseph thanked the band One Duo for providing the song Collide as the theme song of Worlds Collide…

Entrances for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship match aired…

4. Kayden Carter and Katana Chance vs. Doudrop and Nikki ASH for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship. Vic Joseph noted that Nikki ASH is the first person in WWE to challenge for all of WWE’s active women’s championships. Chance and Carter got tandem offense on ASH. Doudrop tagged in and ran through Chance. Chance and Carter swarmed Doudrop with quick moves and tags. Doudrop used Carter as a battering ram and then body slammed Carter on Chance. Doudrop hit both opponents with a running senton and got a two count on Chance. Doudrop and Nikki traded quick tags to cut the ring in half on Chance. Nikki trapped Chance in the apron and landed forearms on her. Barrett noted that Doudrop and Nikki both started wrestling school together and have known each other for a long time.

Nikki hit Chance with a blockbuster for a two count. Doudrop and Nikki continued to cut the ring in half on Chance. This isolation lasted a few minutes. Chance managed to send Doudrop into the ringpost to tag in Carter for the hot tag. Carter hit ASH with a superkick combo. Carter hit Doudrop with a dropkick and got a two count of Nikki. Nikki planted Carter with a Tornado DDT. Doudrop hit Carter with a double team side slam to get a two count. Carter staggered Doudrop with a superkick. Carter managed to tag in Chance and hold Nikki in place for a double stomp for a two count on Nikki. Nikki tossed Carter into Chance to prevent them from hitting their finisher. Doudrop and Nikki hit Carter with the Ash Drop. Chance broke up Doudrop’s pin.

Carter and Doudrop traded right hands on the top rope. All of a sudden, Nikki was distracted by Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne running out. ASH and Doudrop fended off Dolin and Jayne. Ash had to fend off both Attraction members by herself. This allowed Chance and Carter to nail Doudrop with their 450 Neckbreaker Combo for the victory.

Katana Chance and Kayden Carter defeated Doudrop and Nikki ASH via pinfall in 10:19. 

John’s Thoughts: Both teams worked hard, but this was the least compelling match of the night so far. Part of it is the non-existant build. Part of it is it’s hard to take the heel team seriously when they’re running around named Doudrop and looking like a superhero bandit. Can we get them repackaged ASAP?

Rip Fowler and Jagger Reed called Grayson Waller over to their merch table for a smiley face pin. Waller didn’t want the pin and walked away. Waller was then interviewed by McKenzie who ranted about how his mother berated him for cheating in his match against Apollo Crews last week. He said that left him speechless, which shocked McKenzie. He said he’s thought a lot about what his mom said, and his mom can kiss his ass. He ranted a bit, saying he doesn’t needs friends or family. He said all you need is the Grayson Waller effect. While this was happening, someone in a red hoodie took one of the pins from Fowler and Reid in the background…

John’s Thoughts: That’s heat! You don’t tell your mom to kiss your ass! Waller is a good heel and I like the effort he puts in his promos and in the ring. It also looks like they’re doing the “world building” thing that Shawn and Hunter like doing in NXT and the main roster where they want you to be paying attention to what’s happening in the background. As much as I like world building, Joe Gacy, The Dyad, The Schism, they still suck. Just reboot all three of those men too!

Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett checked in from ringside. They announced JD McDonagh vs. Wes Lee and Axiom vs. Nathan Frazer for this Tuesday’s NXT show. Vic sent the show to the Breakker vs. Bate hype package.

Entrances for the title unification match took place. Breakker got a standard championship entrance. Bate got a cinematic entrance that had him walking through the backstage area where videos of past NXT UK Champions were projected on the walls backstage. Alicia Taylor handled the formal in-ring introductions. Both men also got a fact graphic. Joseph noted that Bate was inspired by “The Lads” trio of Wade Barrett, Sheamus, and Drew McIntyre and how they pioneered European wrestling. Barrett gave credit to those before him, like Fit Finlay…

5. NXT Champion Bron Breakker vs. NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate for the NXT and NXT UK Championships. The crowd chanted “Tyler Two belts”. Both men started the match with side headlocks. Barrett noted that Bate is 25 while Breakker is 24 and are both young top champions. Breakker caught Bate with a side headlock takedown. Bate came back with his own takedown. Both men traded counters in the next sequence. Bate worked on Breakker with joint manipulation. Bate and Breakker traded quick counters leading to Bate rolling up Breakker for a two count. Bate continued his mat wrestling and joint manipulation. Joseph noted that Bate came from PROGRESS wrestling.

Breakker hit Bate with a standing Frankensteiner. Breakker then hit Bate with a delayed vertical suplex, kip up, and standing moonsault for a two count. Breakker put Bate under control with an alligator roll. Bate countered an Irish Whip into a huracanrana and running dropkick to send Breakker to ringside. Bate hit Breakker at ringside with a top rope clearing dive. Breakker avoided a standing Shooting Star. Breakker caught a flying Bate with a spinebuster. Bate used a bodyscissors to send Breakker to ringside. Breakker recovered first, but it didn’t look like the move went like he wanted.

Bate gave Breakker a right hand on the top rope. Tyler Bate and Bron Breakker brawled to the top rope. Bate reversed a dive into an Exploder Suplex and Standing Shooting Star for the two count. Bate reversed a suplex into an inside cradle for a two count. Bate reversed a frankensteiner to a power bomb for a two count. Bate dragged Breakker to the top rope and pummeled him with strikes. Breakker used elbows to escape an exploder to dump Bate to the mat. Breakker hit Bate with a top rope bulldog in order of his father. Breakker lifted Bate up because he felt a kickout and hit Bate with a modified Michinoku Driver for a two count.

Breaker traded right hands on the ground. Both men traded rallies. Breakker reversed Bop and Bang into a Fujiwara Armbar. Bate got to wriggle free and put Breakker into a deadlift Fireman Carry. Bate hit Breakker with a Helicopter Michinoku Driver for a two count. Bate hit Breakker with his signature shoulder rebound lariat for a two count. Breakker blocked a Tiger Driver into two bridged pins, which Bate deadlifted Breakker out of.

Bate hit Breakker with the Tyler Driver 97′ for the nearfall. Breakker put Bate in a Military Press Slam. Bate got his foot on the bottom rope to prevent from being pinned after Bron’s finisher. Breakker took down the straps and did his Break Pose. Bate blocked a spear with a knee and with Bop and Bang. Bate and Breakker traded counters to their finishers. Bate rolled up Breakker for a two count. Breakker blocked the rebound lariat with a spear to pick up the pinfall victory.

Bron Breakker defeated Tyler Bate via pinfall in 17:11 to become the new Unified NXT Champion. 

Bate put both NXT titles over the shoulder of Breakker. Breakker hugged Bate and thanked him for a great match. Breakker held up both title belts to close the show…

John’s Thoughts: Great match. Definitely cool to see Tyler solidified in the singles division coming off the breakup of Moustache Mountain (Bate’s amazing. Not only is he a top tier tag team wrestler, but he can put out killer main events like this as singles). Say what you want about Bron, the guy can hang. No matter who they put him in the ring with, he steps up to the occasion. I liked some of the unique stuff he was doing too, like breaking up his own pin because he felt Bate kicking out. The other spot I liked from Breakker was seamlessly countering Bop and Bang into the Fujiwara Armbar. This was a fun match. I do think it’s time to set up someone to take the belt of Breakker though. I had that feeling after Breakker kicked out of the Tyler Driver. That plot armor is starting to creep in and it will only hurt him as a character if his matches become foregone conclusions (a la “LOL Cena Wins”). Breakker also needs a bit of character development because it seems like he’s been stale in that department since getting damaged in the Joe Gacy feud.

This show exceeded my expectations a lot. They were understandably low due to the rushed build, though my interest was piqued a bit when they got on track by having the main roster stars build the show. This NXT PPV felt like a Takeover. The matches were given good time, and they were all good. One match always suffers on Takeovers due to the other matches being so hot, and on this show that was the Women’s Tag Title match. The opening and closing matches alone are reason to watch this show.

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  1. “Isn’t Bull Buchanon’s son Brooks Jensen under 21? Why is this dude chugging beers?”

    Looks like he turned 21 two weeks ago.

    Also, kudos to HHH for completely killing my interest in NXT already to the point that I forgot this show was even happening today.

    • Happy Birthday Baby Bull!

      That said, his character’s been drinking beers since NXT 2.0 started. Maybe they’re O’Doul’s non-alcoholic beers.

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  4. How small is Tyler Bate? Bron is 6′ at most and Bate looks like he might be 5’6″. If Liv Morgan is unbelievable then Tyler Bate should be in the Marco Stunt division instead of wrestling grown adults.

  5. The difference between Bate and Stunt is Bate is one of the best in the entire world.Size doesn’t always matter.

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