AEW All Out results: Powell’s live review of Jon Moxley vs. CM Punk for the AEW World Championship, Toni Storm vs. Britt Baker vs. Jamie Hayter vs. Hikaru Shida for the Interim AEW Women’s Title, Chris Jericho vs. Bryan Danielson, Ricky Starks vs. Powerhouse Hobbs, “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry vs. Christian Cage, Casino Ladder Match


By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

AEW All Out
Aired live September 4, 2022 live on pay-per-view
Chicago, Illinois at NOW Arena

AEW All Out pre-show results: Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo beat Ruby Soho and Ortiz in 6:00 to retain the AAA Mixed Tag Team Titles, Hook defeated Angelo Parker in 3:55 to retain the FTW Title, Pac defeated Kip Sabian in 12:25 to retain the AEW All-Atlantic Championship, and Eddie Kingston defeated Tomohiro Ishii in 13:25 (my full review of the pre-show is available via the main page)…

Pyro shot off on the stage to start the pay-per-view… Excalibur, Taz, and Tony Schiavone checked in on commentary. Justin Roberts handled the introductions for the opening match…

1. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Wheeler Yuta vs. Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Rey Fenix (w/Alex Abrahantes) vs. Rush vs. Andrade El Idolo (w/Jose) vs. Dante Martin vs. a joker in a Casino Ladder Match. The first two entrants were Yuta and Fenix. There were ladders around the ring. Fenix leaned one against the ringside barricade, but it was Yuta who knocked Fenix into the ladder with a suicide dive.

The third entrant was Rush, who worked over Fenix at ringside.

The fourth entrant was Andrade Idolo, who was accompanied by Jose. Rush set up a ladder in the middle of the ring. Andrade walked to the ring and joined Rush, who pointed for Andrade to climb the ladder to pull down the chip. Rather than actually try to win the match, Andrade decided they should dish out more punishment. No, really.

Andrade and Rush roughed up Fenix. They returned to the ring and both climbed opposite sides of the ladder, which had another ladder wedged in between it. Yuta and Fenix returned to stop them from grabbing the chip hanging above the ring. Andrade ended up performing a sunset bomb that slammed Yuta onto the other ladder.

The fifth entrant was Claudio Castagnoli, who checked on faction mate Yuta. Castagnoli entered the ring and ended up tipping the main ladder over while Andrade was on it. The ladder was braced by the other ladder wedged inside of it. Castagnoli eventually tipped the ladder, causing Andrade to tumble off it and over the top rope to the floor.

The sixth entrant was Dante Martin. He made a play for the chip, but Castagnoli caught him. Both men tumbled over the top rope to ringside.

The seventh entrant was Penta El Zero Miedo. He was back in his Miedo gear rather than the dark gear he wore when they called him Penta Oscuro. Penta performed a sunset bomb on Andrade over a table that was propped over the ring and guardrail, and then Fenix performed a top rope splash that put Rush through a table on the floor.

Castagnoli and Yuta went for the chip, and then Martin dove onto the ladder as well. Suddenly a bunch of men in black gear came out and attacked the babyfaces. One of the masked men climbed to the top of the ladder and pulled down the chip.

The man with the chip revealed himself to be Stokely Hathaway. The rest of the men unmasked to reveal themselves as W Morrissey, Lee Moriarty, Ethan Page, Austin Gunn, and Colton Gunn.

The Joker was introduced by Justin Roberts. “Sympathy For The Devil” by the Rolling Stones played. Another masked man walked to the ring with a demonic face mask. Hathaway passed the chip to the masked man, making him the winner of the match. The masked man teased removing his mask, but he did not. The group left together…

The Joker won the Casino Ladder Match in 14:15 to earn a future shot at the AEW World Championship.

Powell’s POV: I can’t imagine that getting the rights to Sympathy For The Devil is cheap, so it has to be for someone big. Between that and the nature of the song, I assume the masked man will reveal himself to be MJF later tonight.

A video package set up the finals of the AEW Trios Titles tournament…

2. Kenny Omega and “The Young Bucks” Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson (w/Brandon Cutler, Michael Nakazawa) vs. Hangman Page, John Silver, and Alex Reynolds in the finals of the tournament to crown the first AEW Trios Champions. Omega came out without his compression shirt. Don Callis also accompanied The Elite, but he sat in on commentary rather than accompany them to ringside.

Nick and Page had an early exchange that concluded with a hand slap and a fist bump. Matt and Reynolds tagged in. Matt slapped Reynolds across the face. Reynolds tackled Matt and threw punches at him. Matt had athletic tape on his lower back. Silver took a cheap shot at the lower back. Reynolds and Silver put the boots to Matt. Page called them off.

Omega tagged in and the fans popped for him coming face to face with Page. They met in the middle of the ring and jawed at one another while Excalibur recalled Page beating Omega to win the AEW World Championship last year at Full Gear. This was the first time they’ve shared a ring since that event. A “Kenny” chant broke out.

Omega ended up shoving Page into his own corner, allowing Silver to tag into the match. Reynolds tagged in shortly thereafter and ran Omega’s surgically repaired shoulder in the top turnbuckle. Silver checked in and continued to target the bad shoulder. Page wasn’t pleased and tagged himself into the match. Page walked toward Omega, who spun him around and chopped him. Page returned fire with a chop of his own.

Page caught Omega with a big boot and a fallaway slam. Page knocked Matt off the apron and then went to another corner and sent for a dive from the ropes to the apron where he was caught with a superkick from Nick. Matt performed a top rope elbow on Page and clutched his lower back before covering him for a two count.

A short time later, Page tagged in Silver, who had a big burst of offense on multiple opponents before he ran into a kick from Nick from the apron. Silver recovered and held up Nick in suplex position on the floor and then Reynolds hit him with a suicide dive. Silver had Matt pinned in the ring, but Omega broke it up.

Silver and Reynolds tried to suplex Matt, who reversed it and suplexed both men. Matt sold back pain and then tagged out. Omega hit German suplexes on his opponents. Page, Silver, and Reynolds took turns hitting clotheslines on Omega. Silver and Reynolds hit a nice double team move on Omega that resulted in a good near fall and got a round of applause from the crowd.

Omega knocked Silver off the apron with a V Trigger knee. Omega struck a pose and the crowd did the Terminator clap. Omega ran the ropes and did a flip dive onto a pile of his partners and opponents on the floor. Taz raved about Omega being 150 percent.

A short time later, Page performed a moonsault from the top rope onto Nick at ringside. In the ring, Page and Reynolds held up Matt and then Silver ran under him, causing Matt to be flipped and slammed onto the mat. Page’s team all covered Matt, but Nick broke it up with a move from the top rope. Moments later, there was a spot that left all six men down.

Page and Omega were the first to their feet and they wanted to go at it, but for the first time in his life, Rick Knox took issue with someone note being the legal man. Page and Omega dragged their partners to their respective corners and tagged themselves into the match, the met in the middle of the ring and traded strikes.

Omega caught Page with a knee and then performed a double underhook move that resulted in a near fall. A “this is awesome” chant broke out, which was preceded by a “fight forever” chant earlier. Page rallied with a fallaway slam on Omega from the top rope and got a two count. Page hit Omega from behind with a Buckshot Lariat. Page went to the other side of the ring to go for the move, but Matt was on the floor and grabbed his foot while the broadcast team recalled Matt not doing so at Full Gear.

Page broke free and went for the move, but Omega dropped to the apron and Nick hit Page instead. Moments later, Omega set up for a V Trigger, but Page fell to the mat. Silver hit Page with a move. Silver rolled Omega into a pin and got a near fall while the Bucks were being held back on the floor. Omega hit Silver with a V Trigger and then went for a One Winged Angel, but Silver countered into a pin for a great near fall.

Omega got up and ate an elbow from Silver. Page went for a Buckshot Lariat on Omega, who ducked, causing Page to take out Silver with the move accidentally. Page was held back by Matt while Omega covered Silver and pinned him.

Kenny Omega and “The Young Bucks” Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson defeated Hangman Page, John Silver, and Alex Reynolds in 19:50 to win the tournament to become the first AEW Trios Champions.

The Elite went to the stage afterward. Omega called for the cameraman and dropped an F-Bomb while telling him not to back up. Omega looked into the camera and told “the boys in the back” to “try to beat that, bitch”…

Powell’s POV: A cool match. It’s too bad that Silver turned his head and seemed to duck when Page was hitting him with the Buckshot Lariat. Even so, this was action packed from bell to bell and there were some great near falls along the way. The live crowd loved it. In hindsight, I don’t think they really got anything out of Omega acting like he wasn’t 100 percent until tonight. I thought they would have a bigger story than just having him back at full strength so quickly.

Footage aired of Mark Henry interviewing Athena and Jade Cargill, who was accompanied by Kiera Hogan and Leila Grey. It broke down quickly and Athena yelled at Cargill…

3. Jade Cargill vs. Athena (w/Kiera Hogan, Leila Grey) for the TBS Championship. Jade was She-Hulk, as she broke free a “brick” wall as part of her entrance and was painted green. Athena had new wings. Athena dropkicked Cargill to start. She hit her finishing move (whatever she calls the Eclipse these days) during the opening minute and went for the pin. Cargill kicked out, though it seemed like Hogan and Grey may have been late to pull her off. Athena went to ringside and dropkicked Grey.

Cargill caught Athena going for a top rope move and went for Jaded, but Athena slipped out of it and caught her with a knee to the face. Athena performed a Stunner on Cargill and covered her for a two count. The crowd didn’t buy into the near fall, though an Athena chant started afterward.

Athena went to the ropes, but Hogan grabbed her foot. Athena kicked Hogan and then ducked a pump kick from Cargill. Athena went for a springboard move and was blasted by a kick from Cargill, who followed up with Jaded and got the pin…

Jade Cargill defeated Athena in 4:20 for the TBS Championship.

Powell’s POV: Cargill wearing the Hulk paint reminds me of the time that former Minnesota Twins player Mickey Hatcher, who was quite the character, painted himself green for St. Patrick’s Day and nearly died. The paint was enamel and it clogged his pores and he ended up being hospitalized. Anyway, I’m sure Cargill didn’t make the same mistake. This was the most underwhelming match of the night thus far. I was hoping that Athena would be presented as a bigger threat to Cargill and that they could have produced a better match.

Footage aired of Alex Marvez greeting CM Punk and Ace Steel as they arrived at the building. Marvez asked if Punk was one hundred percent healthy. Punk said he’s never been one hundred percent healthy. He spoke about how Jon Moxley would face the entire city of Chicago. He said Moxley may have beaten him once, but he wouldn’t do it twice…

4. Wardlow and “FTR” Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler vs. Jay Lethal and “The Motor City Machine Guns” Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin (w/Sonjay Dutt, Satnam Singh). In a cool touch, Harwood’s daughter accompanied him onto the stage. Dutt wore a “Fight Like an Eight Year-Old Brat” t-shirt.

FTR was really over with the live crowd, which pulled for them over the Guns whenever they shared the ring. Around 9:00, Wheeler stuffed a Sliced Bread attempt and nearly pinned Shelley. Wheeler fought off Shelley’s opponents, but then Shelley dropkicked Wheeler’s knee. Lethal and Sabin stood on the floor and took turns slamming Wheeler’s knee into the ring post.

Lethal tagged in and put Wheeler in a figure four. The heel team isolated Wheeler. Wardlow eventually took a hot tag. The babyface took control. FTR hit Shelley with the Big Rig. Lethal took out FTR with a Lethal Injection. Wardlow blasted Lethal with a lariat and then lowered the straps on his singlet. Wardlow powerbombed Lethal four times and then pinned him…

Wardlow and “FTR” Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler defeated Jay Lethal and “The Motor City Machine Guns” Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin in 16:30.

Afterward, all of the heels teased going after the three babyfaces. Samoa Joe’s entrance music played and he made his entrance. Joe took out Singh with his ROH TV Title belt. The four babyaces surrounded Dutt in the ring. Harwood’s daughter ran out and joined the babyfaces. Harwood’s daughter got Dutt’s pencil and snapped it in half. Harwood punched Dutt and then Harwood’s daughter Finley put her foot on Dutt while the referee made a three count…

Powell’s POV: I think I heard Taz drop a reference to former Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Sipe, so I better not catch any shit about telling an old story about Mickey Hatcher! Anyway, the match was fine, but I still wish they would have broken this into a TNT Title match and FTR defending one of their titles against MCMG. More than anything, I hope we get FTR vs. MCMG at some point. The post match angle with Harwood’s daughter was cute and really well received by the live crowd.

A video package set up the Ricky Starks vs. Powerhouse Hobbs match…

5. Ricky Starks vs. Powerhouse Hobbs. Starks had a cool video wall for his entrance and he went right at Hobbs to start the match. Hobbs took control and roughed up Starks in and out of the ring. Starks came back with a back elbow and a swinging DDT for a two count. Hobbs dominated the match and put Starks away with a spinebuster…

Powerhouse Hobbs defeated Ricky Starks in 5:05.

Powell’s POV: Wow, I wasn’t sure how they would handle this match because both guys needed a win, but I was surprised to see Hobbs go over clean so quickly.

Footage aired from Rampage of a verbal exchange between Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee and The Acclaimed along with Billy Gunn…

Jim Ross joined the broadcast team without getting his usual televised entrance on pay-per-views…

6. Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland vs. “The Acclaimed” Max Caster and Anthony Bowens (w/Billy Gunn) for the AEW Tag Titles. Caster rapped on his way to the ring. The crowd had some fun by singing “Scissor me, Daddy” to the tune of when they normally chant “Bask in his Glory” for Lee.

Lee and Caster ended up in the ring together at one point. It looked like it was going to be a friendly exchange, but Lee opened up with a flurry of punches on Caster. The fans booed. Lee smirked. A “you can’t scissor” chant broke out. Caster was isolated by Lee and Strickland. A “we want scissors” chants broke out. Ross said it replaced the “we want tables” chant.

Bowens took a hot tag and worked over Strickland while knocking Lee off the apron with an elbow. Bowens suplexed Strickland and covered him for a two count. Bowens went for a move from the middle rope and fell to the mat awkwardly. The broadcast team said his knee buckled. Bowens performed a Fameasser and then clutched his left knee and spoke to Gunn, who told the referee that he was fine.

Bowens got to his feet and tried to kick Strickland in the corner, but Strickland caught his legs, swung them, and sent Bowens over the top rope to the floor. Strickland took another shot at Bowens, then went face to face with Gunn and gave him a crotch chop once the referee intervened.

Strickland brought Bowens into the ring and targeted the left knee. Lee tagged in and had Strickland slam Bowens’ knee onto his own knee. The crowd booed. Caster eventually took a hot tag and hit a crossbody block on Lee for a near fall. Bowens got up and limped while joining Caster in hitting running strikes on Lee.

Caster tried and failed to power up Lee. When Lee ran the ropes, Caster ducked out of the way and then Lee hit hit his own partner with a shoulder block. Bowens hit Lee with a running knee and then Caster covered him for a near fall.

Bowens tagged in again. Lee dropped him with a headbutt and bumped Caster to ringside. Bowens set up for a superkick and then fell over. Once Bowens got up, Lee kicked his bad knee out from under him. The challengers got Lee seated on the top rope and then double superplexed him, but Strickland made a blind tag. Strickland hit a top rope double stomp on Bowens for a close near fall.

Strickland got up and stomped Bowens’ bad knee and then put him in a leg lock while kicking the back of his head. Caster leapt from the tope rope and hit Strickland from behind with a missile dropkick. Caster dragged Bowens to their corner and then tagged himself into the match while the crowd chanted “this is awesome.”

Strickland hit Caster with a boot to the side of the head and covered him for a two count. The crowd chanted Caster’s name. Strickland set up for a springboard move, but Bowens broke it up. Bowens held Strickland over the apron and then Caster dove onto him from the top rope.

Back in the ring, Lee returned and got the better of The Acclaimed duo. Gunn climbed onto the apron and jawed with Lee. A “F— him up, Daddy” chant broke out. Caster hit Lee and then powered him up onto his shoulders and slammed him to the mat, which drew a big pop. Bowens tagged into the match and slammed Strickland to the mat.

Caster hit the Mic Drop elbow drop from the top rope and it looked like they got the three count, but the referee ruled that Lee broke it up at the last moment. The crowd booed and chanted bullshit. Taz said the referee made the right call.

Strickland slammed Caster onto the ring apron. Strickland returned to the ring and targeted the bad knee of Bowens before tagging out. Bowens threw strikes at both opponents. Lee threw a kick that took out his own partner accidentally and it led to another good near fall for The Acclaimed.

Bowens went for a Posion Rana, but Lee caught him and spun him around. Lee held up Bowens while Strickland double stomped him from the top rope. Lee covered Bowens and got the three count.

Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland defeated “The Acclaimed” Max Caster and Anthony Bowens in 22:30 to retain the AEW Tag Titles.

After the match, Lee offered Gunn a scissors. Gunn thought about it and then did it. The broadcast team said it was a sign of respect…

Powell’s POV: Well, I was dead wrong about putting Billy Gunn with The Acclaimed. I don’t get the crowd’s infatuation with the “scissor me, daddy” bit, but they love it and that’s the only thing that matters. Tony Khan (or whoever laid this out) deserves credit for recognizing that the challengers would be heavily cheered despite the match featuring two babyface teams. I love The Acclaimed, but I didn’t anticipate them being as over as they were. That was a gem of a match fueled by a red hot crowd. The crowd would have lost it if the titles had changed hands, but they can obviously go back to this one. The only thing missing was The Acclaimed getting a post match moment in the ring so soak up the crowd’s cheer.

A video package set up the match for the Interim AEW Women’s Championship…

7. Toni Storm vs. Britt Baker (w/Rebel) vs. Jamie Hayter vs. Hikaru Shida in a four-way for the Interim AEW Women’s Championship. There was a series of rapid fire pin attempts early that didn’t get much of a reaction from the drained crowd.

There was an early exchange between Storm and Shida. For some reason, Rebel entered the ring and tried to talk them into stopping. They both headbutted her in a strange comedy moment.

Hayter took Shida to the stage. Baker followed with a kendo stick. Baker gave Shida a Stomp on the stage, then tossed the kendo stick onto her. Baker and Hater headed back to the ring while a trainer and a referee checked on Shida (really, after that last match?). Shida was helped to the back, which drew light boos.

Baker and Hater double teamed Storm, who fought out of it and put Hater down with a crossbody block from the ropes for a two count. Baker hit Storm with an elbow to put the heels back in offensive control. A loud “Jamie Hayter” chant broke out.

Shida stormed out of the entrance area with two kendo sticks while two referees tried to talk her down. Shida returned to the ring and hit the heels with the sticks. She threw them both into the same corner, then stood on the middle rope and fired shots at both of them.

With Hayter seated in the corner, Shida suplexed Baker onto her. Shida powered Hayter from the apron into a middle rope superplex. Hayter stuffed a kick and hit Shida. Baker returned and superkicked Shida. Storm took out Baker, and then Hayter performed a backbreaker on Storm.

Shida powered up Hayer in Alabama Slam position, but Baker entered the picture and they took an awkward tumble. The heels both tried to pin Shida, but Storm broke it up. Hayter came up holding her left elbow.

Hayter seemed fine, as she performed a tombstone piledriver on Storm. Shida broke up the pin. Baker performed a stomp on Shida and covered her for a close near fall. Baker pulled out her glove for her finisher. Storm tossed Baker to ringside. Hater tossed Storm to ringside.

Hayter hit a ripcord lariat on Shida and had her pinned, but Baker pulled the referee out of the ring to prevent him from making the three count. Hayter was pissed. Storm hit a Storm Zero on Hayter. Bake tossed Storm out of the ring and tried to steal the pin, but Hayter kicked out. Storm returned to the ring and DDT’d Baker, then DDT’d and pinned Hater to win the match…

Toni Storm defeated Jamie Hayter, Britt Baker, and Hikaru Shida in 14:20 in a four-way to become the Interim AEW Women’s Champion.

Powell’s POV: I enjoyed portions of the match and I like the added friction between Baker and Hayter. They had a tough act to follow and managed to get the crowd engaged, but they didn’t really spotlight Storm in the match or give the fans reasons to really rally behind her win. It didn’t help that the match was for an interim championship, but this felt like a flat win for Storm.

An ad aired for AEW Full Gear, which will be held November 19 in Newark, New Jersey. It was billed as a two-night event with Rampage being held the night before in the same venue…

The broadcast team recapped The Joker winning the Casino Ladder Match… A video package set up Jungle Boy vs. Christian Cage…

Christian Cage made his entrance and jawed at Perry’s mom and sister, who were at ringside. Perry’s mom slapped Cage. Perry came out to his usual entrance theme and was introduced as “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry. Ross said playtime is over for Perry. Perry pointed back toward his entrance tunnel.

Luchasaurus approached him from behind and grabbed him by the throat. Luchasaurus chokeslammed Perry, who tumbled off the stage to the floor. Trainers checked on Perry, but Luchasaurus cleared them away. Luchasaurus hoisted up Perry and carried him to ringside and powerbombed him through a table.

8. “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry vs. Christian Cage. Perry told the ref he wanted to fight. The bell rang and Cage immediately speared Perry and covered him for a near fall. Cage followed up with the Killswitch and scored the pin…

Christian Cage defeated “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry in 0:20.

Powell’s POV: It was really decent of Luchasaurus to adhere to the rule that heels must come out of their own entrance tunnel. Anyway, I’m not even a little surprised that Luchasaurus was still aligned with Cage. A lot of people seemed to buy it early on, but people seemed to figure it out well before the pay-per-view. Still, it came off pretty well and sets up the obvious need for a rematch or even for Perry to find a tag team partner. On a side note, I am enjoying the mix of longer matches combined with some shorter than anticipated matches, as it’s really helping with the flow of the show.

Marvez stood backstage with Best Friends and Death Triangle. He said the teams would meet on Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite. Marvez told the Lucha Bros that they were robbed in the Casino Ladder Match. Rey Fenix started to talk, but Pac cut hm off and said Cassidy was a little dog barking up the wrong tree…

9. Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Jericho. Jericho came out to “Judas” to start and then it switched to White Zombie’s “Electric Head, Part 2.” Elliot Taylor came out and sang along to Bryan Danielson’s entrance theme. Excalibur said Taylor and Danielson are close friends. William Regal sat in on commentary. Daniel Garcia was shown watching on a backstage monitor.

Jericho, who was in his Lionheart gear, showed some early frustration. Danielson eventually caught Jericho in a leg lock. Danielson stood up while maintaining the hold and asked the crowd if they wanted entertainment. Danielson swiveled his hips for a laugh.

Jericho fired away with some chops after he escaped the hold. Jericho paint brushed Danielson with slaps. Danielson fired up and hit some uppercuts, but Jericho knocked him down with a shoulder block. Jericho cleared Danielson from the ring and then dove over the top into a kick from Danielson.

Later, Danielson went for a tombstone piledriver, but Jericho reversed it and performed the move instead. Jericho hit a Lionsault and got a two count. Danielson battled back and put Jericho down. Danielson grabbed Jericho by the arms and stomped him several times, then put him in the LeBell Lock. Jericho scrambled and reached the ropes.

Jericho eventually caught Danielson in the Liontamer. Danielson was able to reach the ropes. Jericho got upset and barked at him to stay down. Jericho hit a release German suplex on Danielson and then hit him with some elbow strikes to the head. Jericho suplexed Danielson again and this time the idea was that Danielson would land on his feet. Danielson stumbled, but he followed up by hitting Jericho with a flying knee for a near fall.

Danielson hooked Jericho in Cattle Mutilation, which Jericho escaped. Danielson hooked Jericho’s arm and then elbowed him several times. Danielson reapplied Cattle Mutilation until Jericho reached the ropes. Danielson threw kicks to the back of Jericho until the referee made him stop because Jericho was against the ropes. Danielson threw more kicks and the referee stepped in again.

Jericho rolled up Danielson for a two count. When Danielson stood up, the dropped Jericho with a shot to the head. Jericho stood up and walked toward the corner where the referee was, then kicked Danielson below the belt while the referee was shielded. Jericho hit the Judas Effect and scored the pin.

Chris Jericho defeated Bryan Danielson in 23:40.

Afterward, Garcia was shown backstage and didn’t show much enthusiasm. The other members of Jericho Appreciation Society came out and celebrated with Jericho…

A video package set up yet another six-man tag match…

Powell’s POV: A well worked match that the crowd never seemed fully invested in. While fatigue could be a factor, I feel like the build failed in that they didn’t create strong friction or any sense of meaningful stakes. It was basically about Jericho wanting to keep Daniel Garcia in the fold while Danielson gained respect for Garcia and seems to want him in Blackpool Combat Club (though he hasn’t even come out and said that since this program started). The finish was pretty basic heel stuff and disappointing for a long pay-per-view match. I assume this will lead to a rematch even though I’d prefer to see both men move on to something new.

10. Miro, Sting, and Darby Allin vs. “House of Black” Malakai Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews (w/Julia Hart). The House of Black members all wore face paint. Sting’s face paint was back to normal and minus the special paint over one eye from being sprayed by Black’s mist. A few minutes into the match, the heels isolated Allin, with King tossing him around the ring and chopping him from the top rope to the floor.

Sting eventually took a tag from Allin and then worked over King and Mathews, hitting both with Stinger Splashes. King tried to cannonball Sting, who moved, causing King to hit Matthews. Sting tossed Matthews into his corner because he wanted Black to tag into the match. Black tagged in and the crowd cheered.

Black and Sting traded punches until Black threw a kick. Sting put Black down with a headbutt that busted open the eye of Black. Sting put Black in the Scorpion Leg Lock. Matthews tried to break it, but Sting no-sold it. Rinse and repeat with King. And then they both kicked him and Sting maintained the hold briefly. Black rolled Sting into a leg lock of his own for a moment.

Back tagged King and the House of Black set up for a move that Sting escaped. Hit hit a Scorpion Death Drop on King, and then Allin followed up with a Coffin Drop. Allin went for the pin, but Matthews broke it up. Miro returned to the ring and hit King with a thrust kick that sent him out of the ring and into the barricade.

Miro went to the floor and then got a running start to charge Matthews, who hit him with an object on the floor. Matthews returned to the ring and was caught with an overhead Stunner by Allin. Matthews went to the floor and then Allin hit him with a suicide dive. In the ring, Black approached Sting and set up for his finishing kick, but Sting sprayed mist into his eyes. Allin put Black in The Last Supper and got the three count…

Miro, Sting, and Darby Allin beat “House of Black” Malakai Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews in 12:10.

Powell’s POV: Given the reports that Black asked for his release due to mental health reasons, I wonder if this was their way of writing him out even if it’s just temporarily and they don’t intend to release him. It was just a big brawl and it had its moments, but they never sold me on the threat of House of Black going over.

Schiavone tried to interview Daniel Garcia. Chris Jericho showed up and asked why Garcia wasn’t out there to celebrate with with the rest of JAS. Garcia took issue with Jericho cheating. Jericho said he appreciated his convictions, but Garcia let him down. Jericho said Garcia would have to go it alone when he challenges Wheeler Yuta for the ROH Pure Rules Championship. Garcia said it was the biggest moment of his career and was disappointed that Jericho wouldn’t be there. Jericho said Garcia made his choice and now he made his. Jericho said he knew Garcia would win and wished him good luck…

A video package set up the main event…

CM Punk made his entrance. Jon Moxley entered through the crowd and was accompanied by William Regal, who joined him in the ring while Justin Roberts delivered in-ring introductions for the title match. There were some scattered boos when Punk was introduced, but they were drown out by CM Punk chants. Moxley was booed loudly…

11. Jon Moxley vs. CM Punk for the AEW World Championship. Moxley mocked Punk’s foot injury and flipped him off after the bell rang. Punk connected with an early kick and then hit Moxley with high knees in opposite corners. Punk got Moxley down and hit him with repeated elbows to the head. Punk hit Moxley with his finisher and covered him for a close near fall.

Moxley rolled to ringside and Punk hit him with a suicide dive. They brawled into the crowd with Punk getting the better of it. They returned to ringside and Punk whipped Moxley into the ring steps. Another Punk chant broke out along with a fainter “Let’s Go, Moxley” chant in response. Punk hoisted up Moxley on the floor, but Moxley slipped away and shoved Punk into the ring post. Punk came up bleeding.

Moxley worked over Punk on the floor. Moxley climbed back onto the apron and held up his bloody hand and then ran it across his tongue. Moxley slammed Punk’s head on the ring steps and then booted his head. Moxley returned to the ring and heeled on the crowd again. Punk, who had a crimson mask, rolled back inside the ring. A “Moxley” chant broke out and was followed by boos.

Punk threw a punch at Moxley from his knees. Moxley kicked him and motioned for more. Punk slapped him. Moxley kicked him again. Moxley mounted Punk in the corner and threw elbows at his head and then headbutted the cut area. Punk threw some chips and punches at Moxley, who motioned for him to bring it and then kicked his leg out from under him.

Punk came back with a knee in the corner. Punk tried to bulldog Moxley, who blocked it and then performed a knee breaker. Moxley put his knee on Punk’s left knee and wrenched on his bad foot. Moxley spread Punk’s leg apart and then double stomped his lower abdomen. Moxley rolled Punk into a single crab, then transitioned into an STF momentarily, then let that go and wrenched on Punk’s bad foot. Punk broke the hold by raking Moxley’s eyes.

Punk got to his feet. Moxley took him down with a dragon screw leg whip and then applied a figure four. Punk spat in Moxley’s face and flipped him off. Moxley released the hold and then put Punk down with a piledriver that led to a near fall. Moxley brought Punk to the apron and went for a piledriver, but Punk escaped. Punk grabbed Moxley’s arm and dropped off the apron to wrench on it. The dueling chants grew more even as the wrestlers returned to the ring.

Punk ran Moxley through the ropes and into the ring post. Punk caught Moxley in a submission hold that Moxley broke by biting his forehead. Moxley stomped Punk’s head, then stood him up and went for a lariat that Punk ducked. Punk hit Moxley with a leaping kick and then slammed him to the mat. Punk slowly went to the top rope and went for a top rope elbow, but Moxley caught him in the Bulldog Choke on the way down.

Both men got to their feet and Punk rolled out of the hold and then went for an armbar. Moxley avoided the hold and then put Punk in the Bulldog Choke briefly. Moxley released the hold and put Punk’s bad foot in an ankle lock. Punk got up and grabbed the top rope to break the hold. Moxley released the hold at the referee’s four count and then suplexed Punk.

Moxley flipped off the crowd. Punk hit Moxley with a spin kick. Moxley responded with a lariat clothesline. Both men stayed down for a moment. They got to their feet at the same time. Punk tried to hoist up Moxley for his finisher, but Moxley avoided it and went for a choke. Punk escaped and they traded punches in the middle of the ring.

Punk went for his finisher again, but Moxley stuffed it and then hit him with a Paradigm Shift for a close near fall. Moxley blasted Punk with elbows to the head and then put him in the Bulldog Choke. Punk got to his feet and powered up Moxley onto his shoulders and broke the hold for a moment, but Moxley reapplied it and stepped on the back of Punk’s leg to get him off his feet for a moment. Punk rolled out of the hold.

Punk hit Moxley with the GTS. Moxley bounced off the ropes and fell onto the back of a kneeling Punk, who looked to the crowd. Punk hoisted up Moxley and hit him with another GTS and pinned him clean.

CM Punk defeated Jon Moxley in 19:55 to win the AEW World Championship.

Afterward, Punk knelt over Moxley and spoke to him. Moxley rolled out of the ring while the referee presented Punk with the title belt. The lights in the building went out. A voicemail played of Tony Khan telling someone that his final offer was that he could sign with the company without an extension and he’d get a spot in the Casino Ladder Match. Khan said it was his final offer and the person whose name was censored would not get a better offer.

Classic ROH footage aired of Punk stating that the greatest thing the devil ever did was making people believe that he didn’t exist. The masked man from earlier stepped in front of the camera and turned his back to it. “And I am the devil himself,” the man said. MJF put his scarf around his neck.

MJF’s entrance theme played and he walked onto the stage. MJF motioned for the music to stop and it did. Punk held up his title belt in the middle of the ring. An MJF chant broke out. MJF stood on the stage and made the belt motion. MJF flipped off the fans and barked at them without a mic in hand. Excalibur said we would find out more on Dynamite, and then the show went off the air…

Powell’s POV: A strong main event. Moxley was really good in his agitator role for the night, just as Punk played the often overmatched hometown hero well. There was never a dull moment and the live crowd was hot and hanging on everything they did. The MJF reveal was no surprise and yet it was still a great reward for the pay-per-view audience. I’m surprised we didn’t get a big beatdown angle at the end of the show, but it was the right call to not have MJF speak, as that promo had to be saved for Dynamite. I’m really curious to see how much that expected promo moves the needle from a ratings standpoint.

Overall, this was a good pay-per-view event. It was five hours in length if you include the four-match pre-show, and I once again applaud the variety of match lengths for making the event feel like less of a marathon than it would have had it been one long match after another. I will have a lot more to say about the show when Jake Barnett and I team up for the same night AEW All Out audio review for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons). Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day weekend.

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  1. Lord why is everything in AEW so damned complicated. Sometimes you cant tell a good story simply too

  2. Say what you will about Cargill, but she looks damn good tonight!

  3. Was a dodgers fan growing up I too remember Mickey Hatcher well (but I had never heard that story before!)

  4. My only Mickey Hatcher memory was being at a game in the Metrodome in the middle-late eighties and out in left field when he smashed a base clearing double down the third base line early in the game. When he came out to left field in the top of the next inning several rowdies were greeting him there hooing, hawing, and chanting praise to the extent where he reacted by putting his hands over his face because he appeared to be humbled and embarrassed.

    Those were the days where players stuck around in the same place for a while and could become a meaningful fabric with the franchise.

  5. It’s good progression to move towards a feud between Hayter and Baker, although Hayter doesn’t really have a beef with Baker trying to win the match with these rules. Kind of like Hulk Hogan being upset at Sid Justice for eliminating him from the Royal Rumble.

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