XPW “Beautiful Disaster” report: Vetter’s review of Shlak vs. Big Joe, Masada defeated Miedo Extremo, and Ciclope vs. Alex Colon in death matches, XPW Women’s Title tournament

By Chris Vetter, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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XPW “Beautiful Disaster”
Streamed on FITE TV
June 25, 2022 in Pomona, California

This was an outdoor show, under a canopy, and clearly the sun is going to be in their eyes. The crowd is sparse, perhaps 200. This show features an eight-woman tournament. There are four first-round matches, with the winners advancing to a fatal four-way.

1. Kamille defeated Deonna Purrazzo in a first-round tournament match at 10:59. Deonna immediately tied her up on the mat. They brawled to ringside. In the ring, Kamille hit a gut-wrench suplex at 3:30. Kamille tied her in the ropes and hit Sheamus-like blows to the chest. Kamille hit a Bulldog Powerslam for a nearfall. Kamille slammed Deonna’s head into each of the ring posts, then a Mafia Kick for a nearfall at 6:30. She has completely dominated the action.

Kamille went for a spear, but Deonna moved and Kamille rammed into the ringpost. Deonna immediately went to work on the left arm. Kamille got her up for a Luger torture rack, then dumped her to the mat at 9:00. Deonna applied a Fujiwara armbar. Kamille avoided a clothesline, hit a spear, and scored the pin. That finish came out of nowhere, but this was a really, really good match. Kamille has improved so much so quickly. She may be green but she has a presence about her. Deonna is as good as any female wrestler going today, too.

2. Ludark Shaiton defeated Lindsay Snow in a first-round tournament match at 9:43. The tattoo-covered Snow (think Luna Vachon!) recently returned to the ring after an ACL tear. I don’t know Ludark; she wrestles in a lucha mask. The ladies downed an alcoholic drink before they started fighting. They took turns trading chops and leg holds. They brawled to the floor. In the ring, Snow slammed a chair into Ludark’s gut at 6:00.

They took turns jabbing a weapon into each other’s foreheads. Gross. Snow hit a Michinoku Ddriver and again applied a leg lock. Ludark applied a Bow-and-Arrow. Ludark did a headstand in the corner into a dropkick to Lindsay’s chest at 9:00. She got a table and set it up in the ring, with the referee helping! Snow tried to pick up Ludark, but Ludark reversed it, and they crashed through the table with Ludark landing on top. Ludark covered her for the win. They hugged afterward.

3. Sage Sin Supreme defeated Chelsea Green in a first-round tournament match at 10:40. Sage has a scary, orange pumpkin makeup that made me think of Spiderman villain Hobgoblin, and she has green hair like Shotzi. Chelsea stalled on the floor, jawed at fans, and seemed intimidated by her opponent. She got on the mic and said she was going home. Of course, Sage cut off her escape. Chelsea threw a chair in Sage’s face and got a nearfall at 4:00. They brawled on the floor and into the crowd.

They sat on chairs across from each other at 8:30 and traded punches. In the ring, Sage hit a Meteora double knees to the face for a nearfall. Chelsea got some rollups but the ref caught her cheating. Sage spit green mist in Chelsea’s face, got a rollup and scored the pin. Passable.

4. Taya Valkyrie defeated Steph De Lander (f/k/a Persia Perotta) in a first-round match at 7:50. A matchup of two ladies that NXT gave up on too quickly. Steph gave the crowd the middle finger, making it clear she was the heel here. They traded standing reversals, and Taya caught her with a crossbody block. They brawled to the floor, with Taya hitting some hard chops. In the ring, Steph applied a sleeper at 4:00. Taya escaped and hit a series of kicks to get a nearfall.

Steph hit a standing powerbomb for a nearfall at 6:00. Taya hit a German suplex. Steph hit a Mafia Kick for a nearfall. Taya tied her up and hit a Stomp, then she cranked on the neck, and Steph immediately tapped out. Good match with the right winner.

* “Dirty” Ron McDonald walked to ringside. Sabu was introduced and came to ringside to be honored. Ron attacked Sabu, then scampered to the back.

* An Ultimate X was set up, with the women’s title hanging on a wire above the ring. This took forever to set up; you can see why Impact Wrestling opened its last PPV with the Ultimate X match, and had it set up before the show went on the air.

5. Taya Valkyrie defeated Kamille, Ludark Shaiton, and Sage Sin Supreme in a four-way to win the XPW Women’s Title tournament at 10:43. I am surprised they go to this match right away. All four brawled in the ring. Kamille slammed Sage on a ladder in the ring at 3:00. Shaiton and Taya brawled among the rows of empty chairs on the floor. They changed up opponents, with Kamille and Taya brawling in the ring, and it appears Taya has a cut on her left cheek.

Sage now had a cut on her forehead with blood trickling down her face. Taya pulled Shaiton off the ladder and powerbombed her to the mat at 7:30. Kamille speared Taya through a door set up in the corner. Kamille climbed the ladder and got her fingers close to the ring. The lights went out! The lights came back on a minute later, but Kamille was nowhere to be seen. Where did she go? The match continued with three wrestlers. Taya kicked Sage, who was standing on the ring apron, and Sage fell backward and through a table on the floor. Taya then climbed the ladder and pulled down the title. The finish was highly anti climatic.

6. Alex Colon defeated Ciclope in a death match at 13:25. Colon has starred in death match tournaments in Game Changer Wrestling, and Ciclope just competed in a pair of GCW shows a week ago on the East Coast. Glass panes and light tubes were set up in the ring. Ugh. Ciclope gave Colon a suplex onto cinder blocks. Colon hit a top-rope Spanish Fly through a glass pane set up between two chairs. He then got a rollup for the pin. Too much glass for my tastes.

7. Masada defeated Miedo Extremo in a death match at 17:35. The ring was swept and more light tubes and barbed-wire covered tables were set up. Miedo tagged with Ciclope on those GCW shows a week earlier. Masada hit a Death Valley Driver from the ring apron onto a barbed-wire covered board set up on two chairs on the floor. Masada hit the half-nelson suplex for the pin. I didn’t expect it to end there because there were multiple unused light tubes taped to the ropes. Usually, all the weapons are used before it concludes. Fans of this style of match will probably like this one.

8. Shlak defeated Big Joe in a death match at 24:54. I don’t know either of these guys. Several women brawled at ringside, and the referees separated them. Both guys were a bloody mess as they hit each other with light tubes and boards. Shlak won with a top-rope elbow to the chest, with several light tubes lying on Joe’s chest. These guys were just blood-stained. Not my idea of a fun time.

Final Thoughts: I watched for the women’s tournament. The first match of the show, featuring Kamille vs. Purrazzo, was the best of the night. While XPW, and hardcore matches in general, aren’t my preferred style of action, the fans were happy with what they saw.

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