6/23 Impact Wrestling TV results: Moore’s review of the Slammiversary fallout edition featuring Impact World Champion Josh Alexander vs. Deaner in a non-title match, Chelsea Green vs. Mia Yim, James Storm, Jay Briscoe, and Mark Briscoe vs. Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven, and Mike Bennett

By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling TV
Taped in Nashville, Tennessee at the Nashville Fairgrounds

Aired June 23, 2022 on AXS TV

Highlights aired of Impact’s Slammiversary show. Impact went back to it’s old “we own the night” theme”…

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt were on commentary. Dave Penzer was the ring announcer…

The entire Honor No More faction made their entrance. Mike Bennett took a camera from one of the camera men so he could play the role of cameraman (can someone give this talented talker a mic though?). Eddie Edwards to the mic for a promo. Eddie talked about how everyone came to Slammiversary for TNA nostalgia. Eddie said Impact left Nashville because Nashville was too weak and that Impact had higher aspirations. Eddie said that Honor No More is the one thing on this show that should be applauded, but the only people being cheered and doing cheering now is the “Impact Originals”.

Eddie said that Honor No More didn’t lose at Slammiversary. Eddie said only “one of us” lost and that was PCO. Vincent took the mic and said he didn’t bring the monster back to life for Impact, but for Honor No More. Vincent said they should look at the other facts, like Traci Brooks attacking Maria Kanellis from behind. Vincent brought up D’Lo Brown interfering. Vincent then said that an unofficial referee, in Earl Hebner got involved too. Vincent said with Scott D’Amore sitting and laughing at ringside, it’s like Impact planned the whole thing. Taven took the mic and said that for some reason Impact wants to celebrate 20 years.

Taven said they’re celebrating 20 years of mediocrity (he’s kinda right. I’d say 2016 was the one good year though). Taven said the only reason Impact is trending these days is because Honor No More showed up. Taven said that the fans are taking up for “Melvins” of the past and that he actually prevented [Ring of Honor] from folding in 2019. Taven said he gave ROH his life, but for some reason the fans want to blame him. Taven said he didn’t kill Ring of Honor, he saved Impact Wrestling.

James Storm and Wildcat Chris Harris made their entrance. Storm introduced he and Harris as the America’s Most Wanted tag team. Storm talked about growing up in a time where you had to earn the respect of your peers and the fans. Storm said that was a time where wrestlers looked like wrestlers and not like bums. Storm said that Honor No More should have learned from their loss and came back stronger. Storm said, simply put, Honor No More sucks. Kenny King took the mic and said that Storm is living in the wrong year now and is just a washed up and drunk cowboy. King said that Harris is a half dead domesticated pussycat.

Harris milked the crowd and asked for the mic. Harris said what King said was hurtful and if he continues, Harris will make King cry harder than he did on the bachelorette TV show. Harris said he may be a bit broken down now, but AMW is proud of everything they accomplished. He said he and Storm are a part of the backbone of Impact. Harris said they had wars with The New Church, Team Canada, and Triple X. He said they came into TNA together and they’d be happy to go out together. Harris said he brought some friends with him too. Gallows and Anderson made their entrance to join AMW.

Storm, Gallows, and Anderson attacked Honor No More while Harris stayed at ringside. Hannifan noted that Harris is retired and is looking out for his well being. Honor No More dominated the babyfaces due to the numbers game. Jay and Mark Briscoe ran out to attack Bennett and Taven and prevent them from beating up Harris. Honor No More was cleared from the ring. The Good Brothers planted Taven with a Magic Killer. Honor No More backtracked up the ramp as The Good Brothers theme played…

John’s Thoughts: A lot of good talkers there, but the content was a bit all over the place. It started out like they were going to kick PCO out of Honor No More and Vincent was laying out the defense case. That was clear. As much as I think Taven’s a great talker, he jumps in and randomly starts talking about Ring of Honor and how he keeps getting blamed for it’s downfall (TBH, I got more ROH nostalgia from the Slammiversary match between HNM and Impact because the only real “Impact” legend was Nick Aldis). Storm’s one of the top ten talkers, arguably, in pro wrestling, but he goes on and starts randomly expositing TNA nostalgia. Then the Good Brothers turn babyface (which I’m fine with, but again, this segment was a bit over jammed). Then the Briscoes are cool with the Good Brothers. Again, good talkers, and good talking points, but they should have been in separate segments as opposed to smushed all together.

Giselle Shaw congratulated Alisha Edwards for her loss last week against Masha Slammovich. Shaw handed Alisha a cupcake. Alisha yelled at Shaw for not having her back. Alisha said they are supposed to be a team. Shaw said they only teamed once and that doesn’t make them a team (That’s what I thought last week). Alisha said that Shaw doesn’t work well with others, just like Lady Frost said. Shaw said Alisha should team with Frost. Alisha said she’s going to find a bunch of knockouts who hate Giselle. Shaw said she’s going to walk off to find a right tag team partner to help her chase tag team gold. Alisha licked the frosting and said that the cupcake tastes good…[c]

John’s Thoughts: I know Shaw’s the heel here, but Alisha came off as the petty one.

Honor No More surrounded the fearless Scott D’Amore backstage to yell at him for the opening segment. D’Amore said Honor No More bit off more than they can chew. D’Amore sarcastically said he was going to do Honor No More a solid by booking Honor No More vs. The Good Brothers, Briscoes, and James Storm in a ten person tag at Against All Odds. D’Amore continued to ramble, eventually booking Bennett, Eddie, and Taven in a match against The Briscoes and James Storm. D’Amore walked off while Honor No More looked like confused dopes…

John’s Thoughts: I mean? I thought Honor No More is supposed to be the big “rebel” faction in Impact, but they come off as so hapless. This is intensified when they are left looking dopey against Super Scott D’Amore. Can D’Amore sell for once? Hey, D’Lo F’n Brown took a beating from Honor No More and sold that for months. D’Amore gets hit by Moose on “Thursday” and shows up totally fine in his Team Canada cosplay at Slammiversary. (and I like D’Amore as an authority figure. He just sometimes undermines heels that should some off as threats).

Tom Hannifan and Matt Rehwoldt checked in from the commentary table where they hyped up the Against All Odds show, July 1st, on Impact Plus. Hannifan announced Josh Alexander vs. Joe Doering for the World Championship at against all odds…

Chelsea Green and Deonna Purrazzo made their entrance as friends. Half of Green’s body was covered in Kinesio Tape. Hannifan noted that they might have bonded after taking a huge fall off the ladder to a ringside together. Purrazzo joined the commentary table and Hannifan gushed over his associate. Mia Yim made her entrance with her temporary Jabberwokeez dancers on the stage for a few seconds…

1. Mia Yim vs. Chelesa Green. Yim got a two count off a small package. Green slammed Yim to the mat and hit Yim with a curb stomp for a two count. Green gave Yim a baseball slide. Yim gave Green a suplex at ringside heading into the break.[c]

Yim got a two count off a rollup. Yim put Green in a bow and arrow stretch. Green reversed it into a two count. Green worked on Yim with methodical offense. Yim reversed Green and locked her in a Tarantula. Green dropkicked Yim off the apron. Green slammed Yim’s face on the announce table while Purrazzo cheered. Green got a two count. Green went back to the methodical offense. Green and Yim traded running strikes. Yim gained momentum with a Pele Kick.

Yim grounded Green with a dropkick and shotgun dropkick. Yim hit Green with a cannonball for at two count. Green blocked an Eat Defeat and hit Yim with a Code Breaker. Green hit Yim with a Seth Rollins Curb Stomp. Green got a few nearfalls on Yim. Yim reversed Green’s Eat Defeat into a Saito Suplex. Yim reversed a roundhouse into a sitout power bomb for a two count. Purrazzo shoved Yim off the top rope. Hannifan said the referee was distracted checking on Green (Even though it looked like she was clearly staring at Purrazzo interfering. TNA! TNA! I kid). Mickie James ran out and hit Purrazzo with a Thesz Press. Yim reversed the Unprettier into Eat Defeat for the win.

Mia Yim defeated Chelsea Green via pinfall in 10:00 of on-air time.

John’s Thoughts: A really well wrestled match with a bit of an overbooked finish that didn’t quite put any heat on the heels. Yim has come a long way in-ring since her “Jade” days. I would have been fine if they called Yim the winner via DQ because both women were having such a good match that it would be good to start an actual feud as opposed to have Yim steamroll over Green, who can’t catch a break. Combine that ref botch with Mickie James randomly running out, and you got some classic Jeff Jarrett Nashville Fairgrounds overbooking. Only thing missing was a Ref Bump. Impact has actually been very tame on the ref bumps during their TNA nostalgia season, surprisingly. I remember when Jarrett got control back in 2017, and every single match had a run in and ref bump. I’m somewhat proud of their restraint these days.

Gia Miller interviewed former tag team champions Tenille Dashwood and Madison Rayne backstage. Rayne had a bandage on her nose. Rayne said it’s Rosemary and Valkyrie’s fault she has a serious nose injury. Gia said she thought it was actually due to Dashwood and Rayne running into each other? Dashwood and Rayne bickered a bit. Giselle Shaw showed up and volunteered to fill in for Rayne in the tag team. Rayne talked about how The Influence already beat Shaw and Edwards before. Shaw said she might have just been in the wrong tag team. Dashwood wanted to walk off, but Rayne proposed Shaw joining them if she can take out Rosemary and Valkyrie…

Bhupinder Gujjar and Shark Boy made their entrance to Shark Boy’s ripoff Steve Austin theme…

John’s Thoughts: I’ve always wondered why WWE has never gone after Dale Oliver and TNA over the Shark Boy theme? They’ve had other ripoff themes like Christian’s or Booker T’s, but those themes were different enough. Shark Boy’s is just Steve Austin’s exact theme in a slightly different chord.

2. Shark Boy and Bhupinder Gujjar vs. Zicky Dice and Johnny Swinger. Swinger landed an old school punch on Shark Boy. Dice tagged in and Shark Boy punched him down. Gujjar tagged in and hit Dice with a press and dropkick. Sharkboy set up Dice with an Atomic Drop which allowed Gujjar to hit Dice with a spinebuster. Shark Boy bit Swinger in the butt. Shark Boy hit Dice with ten punches and a bite in the corner. Dice hit Shark Boy with a lariat after the Swinger distraction. Rehwoldt said that after all these years, shouldn’t we be calling Shark Boy a Shark Man?

Shark Boy tagged in Gujjar. Gujjar hit Swinger wiht a Sling Blade. Gujjar hit Dice with a Samoan Drop. Swinger broke up the pin. Shark Boy hit Swinger with the Stone Cold Stunner. Gujjar hit Dice with the 2nd rope spear for the victory.

Bhupinder Gujjar and Shark Boy defeated Zicky Dice and Johnny Swinger via pinfall in 3:47.

Joe Doering and Deaner ran out and beat up Shark Boy and Bhupinder. Doering punched Swinger to ringside. Doering hit Bhupinder with a Death Valley Driver into a Rainmaker. Deaner called out Josh Alexander to the ring…

John’s Thoughts: That match actually was some harmless fun and I also thought this was one of Bhupinder Gujjar’s better showings. It was short and sweet. You can always count on the former Johnny Parisi for some actual good comedy. I was actually shocked last week when we didn’t get an obligatory Bhupinder Gujjar segment on Impact, but then I wondered if Impact is only contractually obligated to show Gujjar on TV once a week and slammiversary counted. I kid I kid.

Impact World Champion Josh Alexander made his entrance in his ring gear to confront Doering and Deaner. Footage aired of Doering attacking Alexander after the cameras went off the air on Sunday. Deaner said that Josh needs to “feel” and he wonder how Josh feels standing in front of the reason for his future demise, Joe Doering. Deaner said that Doering is undefeated and has never been pinned in Impact. Deaner said that he can see it in “Joshua’s” eyes, that Josh feels afraid. Deaner said the last time he was in the ring with Joe Doering he lost. Deaner said at Against All Odds, they bring the title back to the Violent By

Design family. Josh said the family looks a bit thin without Eric Young. Deaner said it’s none of Josh’s business. Josh said it is his business when VBD tried to take away what Josh worked hard for. Josh said he doesn’t think EY has anythng to do with this because Josh put EY out of commission with him not being heard since Slammiversary. Alexander said Doering might end up all alone after what he’s going to do to Deaner later.

VBD tried to attack Josh, but Josh gave Doering a German Suplex. Doering ended up taking down Josh with a lariat. Doering put the boots to Alexander while Deaner put the boots to him. Security guards ran out and were tossed around by Doering. Josh managed to dump Doering and Deaner to ringside to stand tall in the ring. Doering chokebombed one guard into another guard. Doering choked another guard. Deaner calmed down Doering and slowly dragged him to the back. Deaner said he wanted his match with Josh Alexander right now…

John’s Thoughts: A pretty decent promo exchange, though I thought that Deaner was a bit hammy on the mic. Deaner reminded me a bit of a less eloquent Joe Gacy (and Joe Gacy is getting on my nerves these days despite being quite eloquent on the mic). Josh Alexander picked things up in a solid way. I thought they should have used this to set up the feud between Doering and Alexander because it was kinda random to just have Tom Hannifan announce the match in a throwaway graphic earlier in the show.

3. Impact World Champion Josh Alexander vs. Deaner in a non-title match. Alexander beat down Deaner with punches and a running elbow. Alexander hit Deaner with a body slam and bicycle leg drop. Alexander gave Deaner ten punches in the corner. Hannifan wondered if Deaner and Doering are acting on their own. Rehwoldt said he thinks it’s all Eric Young’s plan. Alexander no sold Deaner’s chop and gave Deaner a chop. Alexander gave Deaner a jawbreaker and crossbody to Deaner’s back.

Deaner gave Alexander a thumb to the eye and tossed Alexander into the ringpost. Alexander recovered in the ring and gave Deaner a Northern Lights for the two count. Deaner slammed Alexander to the mat with Alexander’s headgear. Deaner gave Alexander elbow drops and grinded Alexander on the turnbuckle. Deaner dropkicked Alexander’s spine into the buckle. Alexander reversed the Deaner DDT into Chain German Suplexes. Deaner escaped a C4. Deaner escaped an ankle lock with a rope break. Deaner took down Alexander with a Yakuza Kick. Alexander recovered and caught Deaner in the ankle lock for the win.

Josh Alexander defeated Deaner via pinfall in 5:12.

John’s Thoughts: A good match and one of Deaner’s higher profile and more competitive matches in his career. I’ve just seen this guy as an enhancement guy for about a decade so it’s interesting to see him in a competitive match. I actually thought the times where he was ahead came off well because he came off like a plucky and demented pitbull. Alexander didn’t lose much because he dominated everything from a technical aspect.

Gia Miller interviewed Frankie Kazarian. Kazarian talked about having the time of his life in victory last sunday. He talked about it being great because he had his wife and son there. He said he also had his friend Earl Hebner count the pinfall. Kaz said that to some normal people that would be closure, but he said he’s not normal. He said he came back to Impact a month or so ago to answer Chris Sabin’s challenge in a rematch of two wrestlers who called themselves “The Future”. Kazarian said he wants a match with Sabin next week. Kaz said he is the Future and the future looks good…[c]

Jordynne Grace cut a promo after her Queen of the Mountain victory talking about how Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans have no chance to take the Knockouts title from her…

Cut to the present, where Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans were backstage. Steelz cut a promo hyping up Grace vs. Evans next week…

Sami Callihan made his entrance. His entrance now has thowback Quentin Tarantino-esque movie theater graphics and sounds in it…

4. Sami Callihan vs. Jack Price. Callihan accepted the clean break in the corner and yelled “wrestling!”. Callihan gave Price a lariat. Callihan gave Price a basement lariat. Callihan gave Price a Pile Driver for the victory.

Sami Callihan defeated Jack Price via pinfall in 1:22.

Moose gave Sami Callihan a spear after the match. Moose beat up Sami with a steel chair to the shoulder. Moose then gave Sami a Uranage through the timekeeper’s table. Moose marched to the back to this entrance theme…

John’s Thoughts: Simple and effective squash for babyface Sami Callihan. Callihan has the potential to be Impact’s top babyface if done right. “Done right” meaning he finally gives up on the hacking, teleporting, and hacker magic. What I thought was a bit rushed was having Moose attack Sami after this match. They should have let the segment end with the squash and maybe have Moose attack Sami after a squash next week to at least sell Monster’s Ball.

America’s Most Wanted and The Briscoes were looking giddy backstage. The Good Brothers showed up and told the Briscoes and AMW that they have their backs. Chris Harris tried to go to the ring, but James Storm held him back. Storm said “we almost lost you” before when he was at the lowest of lows and Storm made a promise to Harris’s family. Harris said things are different now. Storm asked Harris if he and Harris are family and Harris said yes.

Storm said he doesn’t want to see Harris in a bad place again and that Harris needs to keep his promise to his family. Harris reluctantly said he promises. Storm said “I got this”. Harris hung his head…

John’s Thoughts: Interesting. It’s probably not much and morso referencing real life things, but James Storm really has golden tongue acting ability. I actually really bought in to Storm caring about Harris’s well being with how well he sells being organic. Storm keeps disappearing from TV and I think he still has it in him for one more big storyline somewhere. I wouldn’t mind seeing him get a run in NWA, NXT, or Impact (I think AEW is a bit too crowded and won’t utilize him best). Heck, I think James Storm should be teaching promo classes somewhere because we need more storytellers like him.

Sami Callihan yelled at Gail Kim to help book him in another match against Moose. Kim wondered what can be worse than Monster’s Ball. Sami said he wants Moose in Raven’s Clockwork Orange House of Fun match. Gail booked it…

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt checked from the commentary table. They ran through the advertised Against All Odds card. The following segments were advertised for next week’s Impact: Chris Bey vs. Steve Maclin vs. Laredo Kid vs. Trey Miguel in a number one contenders match for the X title, Ace Austin vs. Alex Zayne, Giselle Shaw vs. Rosemary, and Chris Sabin vs. Frankie Kazarian. Matt Rehwoldt hyped Okada vs. Jay White from Dominion on the NJPW AXS show…

Entrances for the next match took place…

John’s Thoughts: I’m curious. Why did they go with Davey Richards on Sunday? James Storm would have gave the “TNA Originals” crew a more TNA feel with is deep history with the company. Davey Richards actually made it feel way more Ring of Honor-ish because everyone person on both sides have deeper history with Ring of Honor than Impact. Nick Aldis was the lone “TNA guy” of the group.

5. “Honor No More” Eddie Edwards, Mike Bennett, and Matt Taven (w/Maria Kanellis) vs. Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe, and “The Cowboy” James Storm. Mark and Taven started the match. Mark dominated with methodical offense. Hannifan pointed out that D’Lo and others only interfered because Honor No More was bending the rules. Bennett managed to tag in and trade strong style chops with Mark. Mark dominated and tagged in Jay who nailed Bennett with a Yakuza kick.

Bennett gave Jay a power Irish Whip to tag in Eddie. Eddie gave Storm a cheap shot. Jay gave Eddie a Yakuza Kick and tagged in Storm. Storm gave Eddie a lariat and atomic drop. Storm gave Eddie a neckbreaker. Storm dumped Honor No More to ringside. Jay and Mark hit Honor No More with flip dives.[c]

Storm skinned the cat and dumped Eddie to ringisde. Storm cleaned house a bit a ringside. Bennett hit Storm with a rebound elbow. Bennett tossed Storm into the ringpost. Honor No More cut the ring in half on Storm. This isolation lasted for a few minutes. Eddie ended up crotching himself off a bronco buster and was hit by a lungblower by Storm. Mark and Taven tagged in with Mark beating up Taven and Bennett. Mark hit Bennett with an Exploder.

The Briscoes hit Bennett with a Neckbreaker Bomb for the two count. Eddie caught Mark with a gamengiri. Honor No More hit Mark with a double team power bomb. Both teams alternated signature moves. Taven crotched Mark on the top rope. Taven and Bennett hit Mark with their Proton Pack finisher to give Bennett the win.

Honor No More defeated The Briscoe Brothers and James Storm via pinfall in 12:13 of on-air time.

PCO and Vincent ran out to help Honor No More put the boots to their opponents. Gallows and Anderson ran out. Honor No More still had the advantage. Honor No More brought weapons in the ring. Honor No More (sans PCO) took turns pilmanizing Mark’s foot with a chair (PCO was still putting boots to other wrestlers). Impact closed with Honor No More standing tall. For some reason, Kenny King was having a lot of fun rocking out and doing air guitar to Honor No More’s theme (King and Kyle O’Reilly should form the new Rock and Rave infection, I kid, I kid)…

John’s Thoughts: Hey look! Someone other than Eddie Edwards getting a clean pin. I still think it’s too little too late with this current iteration of Honor No More. They’re just locking up too many wrestlers in one group that’s spinning their wheels. The convoluted opening segment makes them have a vague mission statement too. Do they wanna destroy TNA’s history? Do they wanna bury their ROH history? Are they gunning for titles? Money? It’s not clear. Why is PCO still here? He looks confused, and not just in character. He’s a babyface in other matches, but they randomly yank him to be a heel during HNM segments.

As for the match, it was solid. Good work from all the men and James Storm hasn’t missed a beat. A lot of these wrestlers that are feuding in ten man tag matches should be in singles feuds throughout the card. Just sayin’. Hey! Has a cat still got Mike Bennett’s tongue? Where’s “The Miracle” that was a Impact Wrestling main eventer? Last time I heard him cutting meaningful promos was when he was feuding with “General Manager” Drake Maverick a few years ago on 205 Live, and that’s preceding Bennett being a generic wrestler and manservant to Maria on Raw. This week’s show was a decent show, but I feel like they feel compelled to stuff way too much build in two hours just because they have an Impact Plus show next week. They need to rework how they do their Impact Plus shows. Can they just go back to using non-canon indie footage on those shows and save the TNA PPV names for monthly AXS themed shows?

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  1. >D’Amore gets hit by Moose on “Thursday” and shows up totally fine in his Team Canada cosplay at Slammiversary.<<

    AGREED. I cannot agree with this enough. Even worse, very few sell they are even sore seconds after a match ends, much less a few days later. VERY few.

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