6/6 WWE Raw results: Powell’s live review of the HIAC fallout edition with a Cody Rhodes promo, Judgment Day adding a new member, Alexa Bliss vs. Rhea Ripley vs. Liv Morgan vs. Doudrop to become No. 1 contender to the Raw Women’s Championship, Miz TV with The Miz and Maryse


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Raw (Episode 1,515)
Live from Green Bay, Wisconsin at Resch Center
Aired June 6, 2022 on USA Network

[Hour One] Raw opened with a recap of the Hell in a Cell event, focusing on the Cody Rhodes injury news and his win over Seth Rollins in the HIAC match main event…

Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton checked in on commentary and hyped the previously advertised segments. A countdown clock started for Judgment Day adding a new member at the top of the third hour. They also announced Unified WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos vs. The Street Profits in a championship contenders match…

Cody Rhodes made his entrance dressed in a suit without the jacket. He noticeably held his right arm at his side and slapped some fan hands with his left hand. He was all smiles as he walked gingerly to the ring. There was a loud Cody chant once he was in the ring followed by a strong ovation.

Cody welcomed viewers to Monday Night Raw. A “thank you, Cody” chant broke out. Cody said it filled up his heart and he can’t say that he doesn’t love it, but he said he feels it is a privilege to do what he does.

Cody said it was demoralizing to tear his pectoral tendon from the bone, but he doesn’t want to be melancholy. He got emotional as he mentioned his daughter. He said that once she’s old enough, he wants her to watch his match to see that he stood and fought at a time that could have been the lowest point in his career. Another “Cody” chant broke out.

Cody said he fought against Seth Rollins and called him one of the very best in the history of the game. Cody said the trilogy is finished and he’s officially finished with Rollins. Cody responded to a fan by saying that he doesn’t like Rollins either.

Cody said he wanted to talk about what was above him. The camera showed the two Money in the Bank briefcases hanging above the ring. Cody said he was banged up at the moment, but spoke about the possibility of somehow grabbing the briefcase and cashing on to to become the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

Seth Rollins made his entrance dressed in a wild black and white suit. “I still do not like you,” Rollins started. “But after what you put yourself through last night, you have earned my respect.” Rollins said some are calling it the gutsiest performance in the history and it’s the truth. Rollins said Cody is the toughest person he has ever been in the ring with.

“And I know I’m the last person you need to hear this from, but Dusty is very, very proud of his baby boy right now,” Rollins said. Cody bit his lip and another Cody chant broke out. Rollins recalled Cody showing him respect after WrestleMania by shaking his hand and said he came out to return the favor.

Cody and Rollins shook hands. Rollins left the ring and then Cody’s music played. Cody applauded Rollins, then turned and played to the fans and then left the ring. Graves said Cody is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday. Cody walked toward the back and used his right arm while shaking hands with a young fan.

Cody made it to the stage and then turned and played to the crowd again. Rollins ran out and hit Cody from behind with a sledgehammer. Rollins ripped Cody’s shirt off to expose his injury. Several referees tried to talk Seth down, but he he stomped Cody’s bad pec muscle. A group of agents ran out. Rollins drove the sledgehammer onto Cody’s injured bicep. The crowd chanted “you suck” as they cut to commercial… [C]

Powell’s POV: I hoped to see a new Rollins tonight and was hopeful when he didn’t do his usual cackling during the in-ring verbal exchange with Cody. I suppose he could take a darker turn after this angle. His next promo will be telling. Putting that aside, the crowd gave Cody a deserving hero’s welcome following his performance at HIAC. He’s obviously going to miss some time, but I’ll be shocked if he’s not a bigger star than ever once he returns.

Cody was still lying on the stage area coming out of the break. Cody struggled and was able to get to his feet and then considered taking a seat on a stretcher that was brought out for him. However, Cody opted against using the stretcher and made his way to the back…

Powell’s POV: The crowd didn’t respond as enthusiastically as I thought they would when Cody chose to walk to the back on his own. Even so, I really liked that part of the angle.

Dana Brooke was in the ring coming out of the break and could be seen cheering for Cody. Becky Lynch was stone-faced while making her entrance. A video package that recapped Bianca Belair retaining the Raw Women’s Championship over Lynch and Asuka at HIAC…

1. Becky Lynch vs. Dana Brooke. Lynch kicked and punched Brooke to start and barked at her. WWE 24/7 Champion Akira Tozawa ran out and was chased by R-Truth, Tamina, and T-Bar. Tozawa entered the ring and was rolled up and pinned by Brooke, who became the new WWE 24/7 Champion.

Lynch took the mic and said nobody was winning titles in her matches other than her. Lynch told Brooke she would defend the title against her and threatened to smash in the faces of the others at ringside if they interfered. [C]

Becky Lynch fought Dana Brooke to an apparent no-contest.

Powell’s POV: Please let Lynch win this worthless title belt and destroy it once and for all.

2. Dana Brooke vs. Becky Lynch for the WWE 24/7 Championship. Lynch went back on the offensive, but Asuka’s entrance distracted her. Brooke rolled up a distracted Lynch for a two count. Yes, Brooke performed her handspring elbow. She eventually went for a Swanton that Lynch avoided. Lynch put Brooke down with a boot to the face. Asuka distracted Lynch again. Brooke pinned Lynch while Asuka held Lynch’s foot down…

Dana Brooke defeated Becky Lynch in 2:10 to retain the WWE 24/7 Championship.

Powell’s POV: That stupid title just won’t die. On a positive note, it will be fun to see Cena return for the first time since the Summer of Cena 2021.

A video package aired to promote John Cena for the June 27 edition of Raw in Laredo, Texas…

The Miz and Maryse made their entrance. Maryse wore a black dress and Miz wore a tux for what was billed as “the season premiere edition” of Miz TV (due to Miz & Maryse’s season premiere after Raw). A graphic listed Riddle as the Miz TV guest… [C]

After telling Maryse that he loves her, Miz spoke about the Money in the Bank and said he could win it and then successfully cash in for a record third time. Miz and Maryse promoted the double episode season premiere of their reality sho. Maryse insulted the Green Bay crowd (I knew there was a reason I liked her so much).

Riddle made his entrance and animated kangaroos stampeded when he kicked off his flip flops. Riddle spoke a few works of French to Maryse. When she spoke in French back to him, he responded by saying Gesundheit.

Riddle spoke about Randy Orton. Miz told him that Orton’s career is over. Miz tried to wrap things up by saying he and Maryse had a premiere party to attend. Riddle told him to shut up. He said he was sick of facing Roman Reigns’ minions. Riddle said that since Reigns took out Orton, he’s going to take the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship from him.

Riddle said there’s a reason why John Cena plays Peacemaker while Miz plays homemaker while his wife drags him around “by your tiny balls.” The crowd popped big. Maryse told Riddle that her husband has average balls. Per Miz’s encouragement, she kept increasing the size of his balls.

Riddle told Miz to prove it, which led to a brief prove it chant. Miz asked what the hell was wrong with the fans. Miz teased fighting Riddle and then said the answer is no. Ciampa entered the ring and hit Riddle from behind. Miz looked surprised. Ciampa left the ring while the broadcast team questioned why he targeted Riddle. “On second thought, let’s have that match right here, right now,” Miz said… [C]

Powell’s POV: A fun segment. The crowd loved Riddle’s line about Miz’s balls, and Maryse’s rebuttal was really funny. The broadcast team questioning Ciampa’s motives makes him a candidate to be revealed as the new Judgment Day member. Of course, that could be the idea in that he’s a red herring.

3. Riddle vs. The Miz (w/Maryse). The match was joined in progress. Miz, who worked the match in his tuxedo shirt and pants, was in offensive control. Riddle came back quickly and performed a Draping DDT. Riddle went for an RKO, but Miz avoided it and went to ringside. Maryse pulled Miz out of the way from a kick from the apron.

Miz climbed back on the apron. Riddle stood on the floor and tore Miz’s pants off. Miz tried to hit Riddle with Maryse’s purse, but Riddle ducked it. Riddle dropped Miz with the RKO and pinned him…

Riddle beat The Miz.

Powell’s POV: Good dumb fun. Miz and Maryse were really on their game, and Riddle remains one of the most popular acts in the company.

A video package recapped NXT In Your House and hyped NXT 2.0 for Tuesday night… The Street Profits made their entrance.

[Hour Two] Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso made their entrance. The countdown clock was acknowledged by Smith, who said a new member of Judgment Day would be revealed in an hour.

4. Unified WWE Team Team Champions Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso vs. “The Street Profits” Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins in a championship contenders match. Dawkins picked up a few two counts during the opening minute, and then Ford got additional two counts. The Usos regrouped at ringside multiple times. Ford clotheslined Jey to ringside and then performed a flip kick from the ring steps. [C]

The Usos isolated Dawkins. They ended up running him into the ring steps heading into another break. [C] Dawkins performed a flip dive from the ring onto both Usos on the floor. Back in the ring, Dawkins put Jey down with a spinebuster. Ford followed up with a top rope frog splash and had the pin, but Jimmy broke up the pin at the last moment.

A short time later, Jey whipped Ford into the ringside barricade. Jey tried to throw a kick, but Ford ducked it and dumped Jey into the timekeepers area. Ford returned to the ring while Jey was counted out.

“The Street Profits” Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins defeated Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso in 16:30 in a championship contenders match.

Riddle ran out after the match and celebrated with the Street Profits…

Powell’s POV: I like that the creative forces are not having the Usos take non-title pinfall losses now that they are Unified WWE Tag Team Champions. A count-out finish isn’t so great in the moment, but it’s better to have the tag team champions maintain credibility rather than take as many non-title losses as they did in the past.

The broadcast team narrated highlights of the Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins angle from earlier in the show…

Bobby Lashley made his entrance while the broadcast team recapped his handicap match win over Omos and MVP at HIAC… A Smackdown ad hyped Riddle as an army of one in his battle with The Bloodline, and the Ricochet vs. Gunther match for the Intercontinental Championship… [C]

Lashley played to the crowd and they responded with a “Bobby” chant. He said things never had to end like they did with MVP. He said MVP and Omos had every advantage in the book and that still didn’t stop him. Lashley started to talk about how Omos and MVP are in his rearview mirror.

U.S. Champion Theory interrupted Lashley. Theory said it was his time and Lashley was only out there because someone helped him win his match. Theory boasted that he won his match (over Mustafa Ali) all by himself. Theory entered the ring and told Lashley to get out of his ring, then asked him to take a selfie first.

Lashley said it’s his ring. He told Theory they could settle it like gentlemen by fighting about it. Theory showed off his bicep. Lashley responded by showing off his own. Lashley said that if Theory is so confident that he can beat him, he should put his U.S. Title on the line.

Theory asked the crowd if that’s what they wanted, then told Lashley that he doesn’t deserve a title match. Theory said Lashley has beaten Brock Lesnar, Drew McIntyre, and Randy Orton, but he hasn’t beaten Mr. McMahon’s protege. Theory tried to take a selfie, but Lashley kicked his ass and then Theory tumbled out of the ring. “Take a walk, kid,” Lashley said. Theory jawed at Lashley while backing his way toward the stage…

Powell’s POV: The U.S. Title feels beneath Lashley at this point. That said, it’s possible that the company wants to give its secondary titles a boost now that Roman Reigns is a part-time holder of both world championships. Those belts would instantly become more credible if Lashley held the U.S. Title and if Gunther beats Ricochet to win the Intercontinental Championship on Friday.

The broadcast team recapped footage of Veer Mahaan putting Dominik Mysterio in his Cervical Clutch, which led to him being stretchered out of the building two months ago…

Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio made their entrance for Dom’s match against Mahaan. “Dominik Mysterio, it’s what’s for dinner,” Graves said. Funny… [C]

An Instagram photo showed Seth Rollins smiling while holding a sledgehammer. The caption included a hashtag that read For The Love Of The Game…

Veer Mahaan made his entrance while a pre-taped promo aired. He called Dom a fly buzzing around his head and said he will enjoy crushing him with his hand…

5. Veer Mahaan vs. Dominik Mysterio (w/Rey Mysterio). Veer got the better of Dom and followed him to ringside where he threw Dom into his father. Veer booted Rey headed into a break. [C] Dom avoided a charging Veer, who slammed into the ring post casing. Dom hit him with a 619 and then followed up with a top rope frog splash and covered him for just a one count. Veer came back with a Million Dollar Arm clothesline. As Veer set up for his finisher, Rey entered the ring and dropkicked him for the DQ.

Veer Mahaan defeated Dominik Mysterio by DQ in 9:20.

Graves said he respected the move by Rey after seeing his son beaten and battered by Mahaan. Rey hit Mahaan with a 619, but he remained on his feet on the floor…

Powell’s POV: It was nice to hear Veer speak like a human being during his pre-tape rather than the grunting monster he acted like during his appearance on The King’s Court recently. This was more entertaining than it seemed like it would be on paper. By the way, Graves is having another strong performance. He did a terrific job of putting over the heart of Cody Rhodes at HIAC, and he’s been really effective tonight by acting disgusted by Seth Rollins’ actions, putting over Mahaan as a badass, and by signing off on Rey saving his son.

Footage aired from HIAC of Judgment Day defeating AJ Styles, Finn Balor, and Liv Morgan…

“Judgment Day” Edge, Damian Priest, and Rhea Ripley made their entrance… [C] The John Cena video aired to hype his return on the June 27 Raw…

Edge, Priest, and Ripley stood in the ring. Priest told the crowd to rise for Judgment Day. Ripley said control is an illusion that led their HIAC opponents to believe they would succeed. Ripley said Judgment Day was always destined for victory. She said they can’t be controlled and their message is spreading like wildfire.

The crowd started in with the “What?” treatment. Priest said their destination has no limitations and Ripley’s destiny is to regain the Raw Women’s Championship by winning the four-way and then by beating Bianca Belair at Money in the Bank.

Edge told the crowd he’s been doing this for thirty years, so they can close their mouths. Edge sang the praises of Ripley and Priest and credited them with listening. He said someone else was listening to their message. Edge said he would introduce everyone to the newest member of Judgment Day. Edge looked at the entrance. Finn Balor’s theme played and he made his entrance.

[Hour Three] Balor joined Edge, Priest, and Ripley in the ring and then shook hands with Edge, who handed him a mic. Edge said he saw something in Balor during the match at HIAC. He praised him and said he was elated when Balor reached out to Priest and Ripley.

Balor said he’s tired of pretending to be someone he’s not. He said he can finally see clearly. He said he saw Priest fight with more conviction and focus than ever before. Priest said Ripley stood between him and Edge when he nearly had Edge beaten. Balor said he should have been mad, but he was impressed and in awe.

Balor said he spoke with Priest and Ripley and realized they have a lot in common, namely that they are tired of being told what to do. Priest credited Edge with being one of the greatest of all time and that’s why it was easy for him and Ripley to follow him. Priest said Edge taught them to get rid of any limitations and said they were ready to do just that.

Priest said Edge was holding them back and then clotheslined him. Balor, Priest, and Ripley put the boots to Edge. Priest chokeslammed Edge. Balor went up top and performed a Coup De Grace on Edge. Balor, Priest, and Ripley stood in the middle of the ring and smiled.

Edge tried to fight back, but he was outnumbered and booted out of the ring. Priest powerbombed Edge through the broadcast table. Balor, Priest, and Ripley stood over Edge, who reached up and grabbed the leg of Balor. Priest and Balor tossed Edge back inside the ring.

Ripley slid two chair in the ring and broke off the bottom piece, which she handed to Balor. He put the chair piece in Edge’s mouth and wrenched back on it. Priest put a chair under Edge’s head. Referees and producers ran out, but Ripley held them off with a chair. Meanwhile, Priest hit Edge with a Conchairto…

Powell’s POV: A good audible. This just wasn’t working for Edge, and Balor was ice cold as a babyface. I’m happy that Edge and the creative forces were willing to make the necessary changes rather than dig their heels in. The new group work for me, and it will ultimately put Edge back in a babyface position. It will be a little awkward initially, but he’s such a good talker that I think he’ll be able to make fans forgive him fairly quickly. On a side note, the June 17 Smackdown in Minneapolis will need yet another new dark main event. They’ve switched it repeatedly and they just showed Cody Rhodes vs. Kevin Owens in an ad, and obviously that won’t be happening.

The broadcast team sat in front of their broken broadcast table and recapped the angle with Balor, Priest, and Ripley turning on Edge…

6. Omos (w/MVP) vs. Cedric Alexander. Alexander’s entrance was not televised, but they did air footage of his night at HIAC. The bell rang and Alexander threw three forearms at Omos, who grabbed him by the head, hit his finisher, and pinned him.

Omos defeated Cedric Alexander in 0:12.

After the match, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode were introduced and interviewed by Kevin Patrick on a platform next to the stage. MVP climbed onto the platform and told Ziggler and Roode not to disrespect them like they did. Ziggler superkicked MVP, who fell into the arms of Omos. Ziggler and Roode rushed backstage…

Powell’s POV: Poor Alexander. Ouch. I wonder if that superkick will lead to The Dirty Dawgs meeting a similar fate in a handicap match. I suppose they could feud with Omos and MVP, but I can’t say the idea of that feud does anything for me.

The broadcast team thanked the fans for making Hell in a Cell the most watched HIAC event in WWE history… Alpha Academy made their entrance for Otis’s match against Ezekiel… [C] Smith hyped Miz & Mrs. and then Ezekiel made his entrance…

7. Ezekiel vs. Otis (w/Chad Gable). Graves claimed that Aaron Rodgers encouraged the Packers to sign Otis to be the team’s entire offensive line. Ezekiel ended up catching Otis in a crucifix pin and got the three count.

Ezekiel defeated Otis in 2:20.

After the match, Ezekiel took the mic and said he came up short in his match against Kevin Owens. He said his brother Elias taught him that everyone deserves a second chance. Ezekiel challenged Owens to face him in a match next week.

Kevin Owens made his entrance and wondered why he would give Ezekiel a rematch after beating him the night before. Owens said he was in such a good mood that he would give it to him. Owens said there was a catch. He said that if Ezekiel wanted the rematch, he needed to admit to the world that he’s Elias.

Owens entered the ring and told Ezekiel to tell the fans that he’s actually Elias. “Okay, you got me, Kev, I admit it,” Ezekiel said. Owens told him to look at him when he said it. “I admit my name is Elias,” Ezekiel said. Owens celebrated and called him a liar and claiming victory.

Ezekiel asked if he had his rematch. Owens said he would beat the hell out of him again next week. Ezekiel said he didn’t think it would be that easy. Ezekiel said he just had to take a page out the KO playbook by lying about his identity. Ezekiel hit Owens with a leaping knee to the head and then fled the ring when Alpha Academy ran in…

Powell’s POV: I was really hoping that Owens was going to be able to move on from this one-note joke. He’s done a great job with it, but what else is left to accomplish? And if Owens is a liar, what’s stopping him from telling Ezekiel that he was lying when he said he’d give him the match?

Footage aired of Bianca Belair beating Asuka and Becky Lynch in a Triple Threat to retain the Raw Women’s Championship at HIAC… Belair made her entrance to watch the four-way main event… [C]

Members of the Green Bay Packers football team were shown in the crowd (boo!)… The broadcast team recapped Edge being ousted from Judgment Day. Smith said Edge had been transported to a local medical facility… Entrances for the four-way match took place… [C]

A John Cena social media post graphic was shown. He wrote that it’s been far too long and what a special occasion it will be to spend time with the WWE Universe…

8. Alexa Bliss vs. Rhea Ripley vs. Liv Morgan vs. Doudrop (w/Nikki ASH) in a four-way to become No. 1 contender to the Raw Women’s Championship. Bianca Belair sat in a chair at ringside. A few minutes into the match, Ripley stood at ringside and caught Bliss when she attempted a crossbody block. Morgan dropkicked the back of Bliss to knock Ripley over. Doudrop performed a senton splash on Morgan. [C]

Doudrop performed a sit-out powerbomb on Morgan and had the pin, but Bliss broke it up. Doudrop went to the ropes, but Ripley cut her off and joined her on the ropes. Morgan and Bliss slid underneath Doudrop and performed a tower of doom spot with Ripley on top. Morgan covered Ripley for a two count.

Bliss and Morgan ended up alone in the ring together and traded rollups and inside cradles and then rolled around in a pin until Morgan ended up on top for just a one count. Bliss put Morgan down with a DDT and went for Twisted Bliss, but Morgan put her knees up.

Doudrop dumped Bliss to ringside. Morgan went for Oblivion on Doupdrop, but ASH held her partner to block it. Morgan went for a crossbody block, but Doudrop caught her and hit a Michinoku Driver and had the pin that Ripley broke up. Ripley hit Riptide on Doudrop and pinned her…

Rhea Ripley defeated Doudrop, Alexa Bliss, and Liv Morgan in a four-way in 14:35 to earn a Raw Women’s Championship match at Money in the Bank.

After the match, Balor and Priest joined Ripley in the ring and they all stared down at Belair, who held up her Raw Women’s Championship belt at ringside to close the show…

Powell’s POV: Given the options in the four-way, the right person went over. There was no reason for Belair to work with either babyface, and her wins over Doudrop are still fresh in the minds of viewers. Granted, she has wins over Ripley, but the dynamic has changed with Ripley turning heel and being part of Judgment Day.

Overall, a good show that turned the page one some of the HIAC programs and put an end to Edge’s rough heel run. I assume we’ll start getting Money in the Bank match qualifiers next week since the pay-per-view is already less than a month away. Let me know what you thought of Raw by grading the show below. I will be back with my weekly same night audio review for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons).

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Readers Comments (19)

  1. TheGreatestOne June 6, 2022 @ 7:01 pm

    Recovery time for Rhodes’ injury is usually 4-6 months. 6 would bring him back in early December, just in time to get back in shape and heated back up so he can win the Rumble in January and take at least 1 belt from Roman at next year’s Mania.

  2. Anand that’s not a prediction!
    That’s a SPOILER!!!

  3. >The crowd chanted “you suck” as they cut to commercial…<<

    Actually, that was piped in….

  4. TheGreatestOne June 6, 2022 @ 7:37 pm

    Please fire Asuka.

  5. TheGreatestOne June 6, 2022 @ 7:59 pm

    The Miz and Lady Tata are always great and Riddle is really finding that line between his normal bro character and getting serious enough when needed.

  6. Ok so I know on occasion we argue about match length. But this Dom / Veer match should have been no longer than 2 min. That was totally awful

  7. TheGreatestOne June 6, 2022 @ 9:05 pm

    Is Edge injured or something? Is he taking time off again for something else? I didn’t see that coming until Priest took the mic the second time.

  8. Finally something shocking on Raw!

  9. They probably need Edge to be face again with Cody gone for now.

  10. TheGreatestOne June 6, 2022 @ 9:30 pm

    Yeah, with Orton out for a while and Cody now out for several months, it makes sense to push Lashley with the US title and bring Edge back in a couple of weeks as a face again. Strengthen that side until everyone is back.

  11. We all know Ripley’s winning.Bianca’s beaten Doudrop like ten times and Morgan and Bliss are faces so..

  12. TheGreatestOne June 6, 2022 @ 9:58 pm

    Welp, Alexa and Liv rolling around is going to go viral.

  13. Alexa and Liv would be a great tag team!
    Wink wink

  14. Patrick Peralta June 7, 2022 @ 12:40 am

    “Powell’s POV: That stupid title just won’t die.”

    Nope it gives the other wrestlers not in the main event and never will be something to do…better then sitting in the locker room doing nothing…..hell they might as well be home doing that.

  15. Wait, you don’t think Edge was working as a heel???? What? Group is worse without Edge as it’s talker.

    • Nope, I don’t think the mid-card faction was working with Edge as the leader. The group is what it is. Edge is a legend. He’s better off working as a singles act than leading a wannabe House of Black.

  16. Finally! Balor Club!

  17. TheGreatestOne June 7, 2022 @ 5:20 pm

    Yeah, the group was definitely working with Edge leading it. Balor is a significant downgrade on the mic and in the ring, but now we’ll see if Priest and Ripley really have what it takes.

    • It was working so well that they abandoned ship the first chance they got. It was mid-card and beneath Edge. It’s not entirely his fault. They needed a real mission statement. Most factions target the gold, but Roman has both belts tied up. The best they came up with for a mission statement was that wrestlers could sit under Edge’s learning tree. I don’t know how the faction will do without him and his well-earned stroke, but he’ll be better off on his own.

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