Jimmy Yang recalls Vince McMahon being in a weird mood while running in a market that AEW sold out, says he’ll probably be back in WWE, explains why he’s having the most fun currently than he has throughout his career


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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AEW selling out a venue and those respective show dates being close to WWE: “And they [AEW] do have more people [at their shows than WWE does]. You know, I don’t know. Now, it’s WrestleMania season so, WWE’s having some pretty good gates, but the one show that was really weird for me was the Long Island, Staten Island show. That was a big day, a big interesting day for everybody because AEW was coming here two weeks later and they sold 10,000 seats at this venue. I think it was Raw, Edge came back, they’re trying to build a house and it was only 3,000 people there, you know? And that was in Vince [McMahon’s] backyard. That was a really weird day because you know, New York is the king of media on the east coast so there’s a lot of people there, NBC was there and Vince was in a weird mood that day. Everybody was in a weird mood that day. I think it was because AEW kicked Vince’s ass in his backyard with all his NBC media or people there and everybody else is like hey, that other company sold this place out. You could only — so that was a weird day for me as a producer. But everybody was weird that day, so that was… yeah. They are drawing more.”

Yang has had multiple stints with WWE and he doesn’t think that his most recent time there will be his last go-around with the company: “Yeah, it was just a tryout [his producer trial run at WWE]. Actually, it’s kind of weird this time. There was no paperwork. It was like an old school wrestling deal. It was just a handshake, say hey, you come every week, we’ll pay you this much amount of money and hopefully it leads to a future. If not, we just part ways and parted ways this time. But, I don’t think you’ve seen the last of me in WWE. So we’ll see what happens.”

Yang said he was paired with talents who aligned with his in-ring style: “They would pair me up with guys, like my style of wrestling, they would put me with. Like I would work with Ricochet a lot, Drew McIntyre, Street Profits, Chad [Gable] and Otis, Reggie, R-Truth. I’m trying to think… but yeah, they would pair me with who they think I would help the most, like my style, like a Ricochet. You know, or Mustafa Ali. ‘Oh yeah, put Jimmy with him because they’re very similar in their wrestling.”

Why he is currently having the most fun he’s had in wrestling: “Really, I was telling people this week, this is actually the funnest time I’ve ever had in wrestling. Teaming with my daughter [Jazzy Yang], it’s just an unbelievable experience and I’m just having so much fun being with Jazzy, teaming with her, coaching her, traveling with her and everything, and it’s probably — it is the funnest time I’ve had in wrestling.”

Other topics include his WCW run, his TNA run, his WWE run, Vince McMahon, Seth Rollins attacked by a fan incident, and more. H/T Partial transcription to Andrew Thompson/POST.

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