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3/10 NXT UK TV results: Gibbons’ review of Noam Dar vs. Joe Coffey for the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship, Charlie Dempsey vs. A-Kid, Symbiosis vs. Danny Jones and Josh Morrell

By Laurence Gibbons, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@Gibbonsgob)

Taped in London, England at BT Sport Studios
Streamed March 10, 2022 on WWE Network and Peacock

NXT UK kicked off with a hype package for tonight’s NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship match between Noam Dar and Joe Coffey… Andy Shepard and Nigel McGuinness were the broadcast team…

Charlie Dempsey was questioned by the curtain about where the rest of Die Familie was. He said he didn’t need them and this match was just about him and A-Kid. He then made his entrance. A-Kid made his entrance…

1. Charlie Dempsey vs. A-Kid. Dempsey went for a snapper but A-Kid cartwheeled out. Dempsey put on a standing arm bar and rolled into a pin but A-Kid reversed the pin.

The two jostled for control on the canvas, reversing each other’s holds. A Dempsey pin resulted in A-Kid bridging out and monkey flipping his opponent. A-Kid stamped on Dempsey but it didn’t break his bridge and Dempsey taunted him by balancing on his head and feet.

The two put their technical skills to one side and traded stiff blows. Dempsey unleashed a flurry of strikes that knocked A-Kid to the mat. A-Kid caught a stomp from Dempsey and locked on a toe and ankle lock. Dempsey reversed into an arm bar.

Dempsey came close to a win from a Fisherman Suplex. He then hit a Dragon Suplex that came close to ending things. A-Kid went for the Omoplata but Dempsey hoisted him up and dropped him to the mat.

A-Kid hit a kick but Dempsey sent him to the outside and distracted the referee. Rohan Raja appeared and sent A-Kid into the ring post and back into the ring. Dempsey locked on the modified bow and arrow hold for the win.

Charlie Dempsey defeated A-Kid in 12:30.

Gibbons’ Opinion: This match came about when Dempsey approached A-Kid for some training tips but the Spaniard refused due to his allegiance with Teoman and Rohan Raja. Die Familie then unleashed a beatdown on A-Kid. This match offered so much variety. Starting with a technical masterclass before descending into a slugfest before returning to great grappling. Both men showed their European style that they have adapted. It is another big win for Dempsey and definitely the right outcome.

Sid Scala announced that Roderick Strong will be making a special appearance against Wolfgang next week ….

Stevie Turner interrupted Aleah James backstage promo leading to an altercation. James walked away as Turner claimed she had important things to say… Symbiosis made their entrance…

2. “Symbiosis” Primate and Tyson T-Bone (w/Eddie Dennis) vs. Danny Jones and Josh Morrell. Primate dominated Morrell from the bell. The athletic Morrell finally landed a springboard dropkick which led to both men tagging their partners in. Jones and Morrell used the quick tag to dominate T-Bone for a bit. T-Bone caught Morrell off the ropes and the Symbiosis hit some double team moves in their corner.

Symbiosis continued to utilize quick tags and hard-hitting moves to dissect Morrell over the next few minutes. Morrell eventually got the tag to his partner. Morrell hit a corkscrew body attack from Jones’ shoulders to give the young team a close two. T-Bone knocked out Morrell and sent Jones off the apron. Primate tagged in and hit the diving headset for the win.

“Symbiosis” Primate and Tyson T-Bone defeated Danny Jones and Josh Morrell in 06:05

After the bell, Wildboar took out T-Bone and Primate with a chair. Wildboar stood over Dennis but his buddies saved him…

Gibbons’ Opinion: This was a decent tag match that did its job to start to rebuild Symbiosis after they have had a succession of losses. Wildboar’s return has been teased for a few weeks. It’ll be interesting to see if he looks for revenge alone against Symbiosis or has some friends.

Nina Samuels was giving us a guided tour of the BT Sport Studios when she bumped into Emilia McKenzie. Samuels claimed McKenzie was a loner after she had been forgotten by Meiko Satomura. McKenzie stood up for herself…

Moustache Mountain told Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter that if they could both beat them in singles matches they could have a rematch at their NXT UK Tag Team Championship…

Tyler Bate vs. Oliver Carter was booked for next week, along with Roderick Strong vs. Wolfgang… Joe Coffey made his entrance with his brother… Noam Dar made his entrance with Sha Samuels carrying his cup…

3. Noam Dar (w/Sha Samuels) vs. Joe Coffey (w/Mark Coffey) in a NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship match.

Round One: Mark Coffey had the best of the first round controlling Dar by working the wrist. He ended the round looking for the one-leg Boston Crab but Dar managed to fight it off.

Round Two: Dar came out kicking but Coffey managed to keep him at bay with a headlock takedown. Coffey again had the better of the round, manhandling Dar and throughout.

Coffey eventually pinned Dar in the last few seconds of the round after a Glasgow Send Off.

Round Three: Coffey stayed on top and came close to a deciding fall from his springboard crossbody. Samuels distracted Coffey allowing Dar to hit a kick. Dar locked on the Champagne Super Knee Bar but Coffey wriggled out.

Dar rolled up Coffey for a three count to draw level.

Round Four: Dar came out kicking again but this time his quick feet were too much for Coffey. Dar focussed on the leg of Coffey. Dar dominated Coffey for the first two minutes. Coffey rallied for the final minute with a springboard shoulder block and a belly-to-belly.

Coffey locked on the Boston Crab but Dar got to the rope and the seconds of the round ticked down with them fighting on the outside.

Round Five: Dar hit the dropkick in the corner straight from the sound of the bell. Dar attacked with kicks as Coffey attacked with strikes. Coffey landed a huge strike and looked to have things won but Samuels put Dar’s leg on the rope.

Mark Coffey took out Samuels on the outside. With all the confusion Dar was able to hit the Nova Roller to win the round and retain his Championship.

Noam Dar defeated Mark Coffey 2 rounds to 1 to retain the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship 17:43.

Gibbons’ Opinion: This was a cracking contest. Coffey’s early dominance and his general size and strength led me to think he could come away with the championship. Dar is proving to be a great champion and an expert at the Heritage Rules format.

This was a very solid episode of NXT UK. The most exciting news is Roderick Strong’s appearance next week. It’s not so much for that appearance alone but what it could lead to. Might we get another World’s Collide, or a few more members of Strong’s Diamond Mine showing up on NXT UK? With WrestleMania only three weeks away and with NXT UK having taped its next few months of shows with fans last week, we can anticipate there could be a special show as part of Mania week.


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