Lance Storm on Samoa Joe as the NXT Champion amidst NXT changes, teaming with Justin Credible as the Impact Players in ECW, his match with Mike Awesome at WCW New Blood Rising, his “boring” angle with Steve Austin


By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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Samoa Joe as NXT Champion: “Well, if what we hear about the rumors in NXT are true, I think Samoa Joe is perfect for them. He’s a big guy and he’s a veteran who can help these other bigger guys that they signed to move up to the main roster. Joe represents the big established guy as the star and let’s say he is paired with Odyssey Jones and you want Odyssey to get good, then Joe is the perfect opponent for him. Joe can do the competitive big man matches I think the new vision of NXT is looking for. He can teach these guys how to be good big men and then they can move up.”

On teaming as the Impact Players with Justin Credible in ECW: “We were the perfect hybrid of ECW. Everyone remembers the hardcore crazy brawling style in ECW, but they also should remember the technical wrestlers like Eddie Guerreros, Dean Malenkos, and Chris Benoits that came through ECW as well. So me and PJ (Justin Credible) were the perfect combination of every style ECW had to offer, plus you throw Dawn Marie in the mix and you had the sex appeal as well. I would do more of the pure wrestling end and I think it worked really well for the Impact Players. Teams work better when there is someone in the drivers seat. Since I had trained PJ, it was easy for me to assume that role and keep our focus as a tag team.”

His WCW New Blood Rising PPV finish against Mike Awesome: That had Disco Inferno written all over it (laughs). I wouldn’t have minded the New Blood Rising as much if it wasn’t in Canada. I tried to explain it to them that it wasn’t going to work in Canada and that I wouldn’t get any heat for it. The other thing that really bothers me is that if the idea was to protect Mike Awesome, then that’s great I would do five jobs to him to get him really over strong. But I think it was about two weeks later or so and he’s been repackaged into ‘That ’70s Guy’. So doing that finish to me at the pay-per-view was a complete mistake and made no sense.”

On the Steve Austin “Boring” angle: “When I was first was told about it, Dean Malenko had broken the news to me to soften the blow. He actually was the one who warned me about the big penis gimmick they wanted to give to me. So then I was told Steve Austin was apart of the angle, so I didn’t think they were trying to bury me at all, since he was the biggest star in the company. Vince McMahon told me at the time they were really big on trying to get crowd interaction like the Kurt Angle ‘You Suck’ chants. They just wanted the fans to react. I said can we make it a more ‘shut up and wrestle’ gimmick rather than I’m a boring wrestler, steering it more into it being about my personality and it really worked on the live events.”

Other topics include his run in SMW, ECW, WCW, WWE, Chris Jericho, Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, Justin Credible, Paul Heyman, Steve Austin, Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, and more.

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