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7/12 WWE Raw Results: Powell’s live review of Bobby Lashley vs. Xavier Woods in a non-title match, Sheamus vs. Humberto Carrillo for the U.S. Title, Asuka vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Naomi vs. Nikki ASH in a four-way, John Morrison vs. Ricochet in a Falls Count Anywhere match, Erik vs. Omos, Ivar vs. AJ Styles

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Raw (Episode 1,468)
Taped July 6, 2021 in Tampa, Florida at Yuengling Center
Aired July 12, 2021 on USA Network

[Hour One] Raw opened with a memorial graphic for the late Paul Orndorff… A recap aired of last week’s main event… The broadcast team was Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton…

The New Day duo of Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods made their entrance. Backstage, MVP hyped up Bobby Lashley while their ladies stood with them on the interview set. Lashley and MVP made their entrance with the women…

1. WWE Champion Bobby Lashley (w/MVP) vs. Xavier Woods (w/Kofi Kingston) in a non-title match. MVP was back to using a cane despite wrestling on the previous episode. The women sat on the stage and watched the match. Lashley dumped Woods to ringside and followed. Lashley pressed Woods over his head and dropped him face first onto the ring steps heading into a commercial break. [C]

Woods took offensive control and performed a nice missile dropkick. Woods put Lashley in a Crossface in the middle of the ring. Lashley powered his way out of it and slammed Woods to the mat. Lashley performed his one-armed spinebuster slam. Lashley tossed Woods to ringside, hoisted him onto his shoulders, and ran him into the ring post.

Lashley tossed Woods back inside the ring and then waited for him to get up. Lashley speared Woods while the women were shown celebrating on the stage. Lashley set up for the Hurt Lock, but Woods countered into an inside cradle and scored the upset pin.

Xavier Woods beat WWE Champion Bobby Lashley in 10:40 in a non-title match.

After the match, Kingston and Woods gloated at ringside. Lashley looked down at them and then left the ring and walked to the back with his head down. Woods and Kingston entered the ring and celebrated while MVP stood at ringside…

The broadcast team hyped Alexa’s Playground with Eva Marie and Doudrop…[C]

Powell’s POV: Well, I didn’t see that finish coming. I assume this means we’ll be seeing Lashley plow through Woods in a rematch coming out of the pay-per-view, assuming he retains the championship on Sunday.

Backstage, Kevin Patrick approached MVP and asked where Lashley went. MVP said Lashley left the building. He said it’s not a big deal, he just needed to blow off some steam. MVP guaranteed that Lashley would be in the VIP Lounge later in the evening and everything would be fine…

Footage aired of Jinder Mahal arriving on his motorcycle and being greeted by Veer and Shanky, who handed him the sword he stole from Drew McIntyre…

Powell’s POV: Gee, do you think something is going to happen involving that motorcycle that was conveniently introduced on the same night that Mahal stole the sword?

Alexa Bliss hosted her Playground segment on the backstage set and had Eva Marie and Doudrop as her guests. Eva took issue with Bliss talking too much about herself. Bliss liked Doudrop’s name and tried to ask her a question, but Eva cut her off and took credit for her team winning the eight-woman tag match last week. Eva said this would be the last time she stepped foot on the grubby playground. She said she could see why Bliss only invited Doudrop, then said that Eva-lution deserves so much better. Bliss mocked Eva after she and Doudrop left the set…

Jinder Mahal made his entrance with Veer and Shanky… [C] The broadcast team touted Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks winning an ESPY for their WrestleMania match…

Mahal stood inside the ring with Veer and Shanky. He said he may have taken things too far with Drew McIntyre. Mahal said he knows how proud McIntyre is of his Scottish heritage. He said he would be the bigger man by extending the olive branch. Mahal said he would apologize and then give him back his sword, which was covered while sitting on a table behind Mahal.

Drew McIntyre appeared on the big screen and mockingly waved at Mahal. McIntyre said he knows Mahal is a liar and told him to get to the point. Mahal said he had Veer and Shanky get the sword refinished. He unveiled the sword that was broken in half.

McIntyre said he should have known, then said he did. McIntyre informed Mahal that the sword he had was a replica. McIntyre showed off his real sword backstage. He approached Mahal’s motorcycle and said it looked delicate. McIntyre ripped off an exhaust pipe and then trashed the bike with it. McIntyre continued to trash the motorcycle while Mahal stood in the ring and watched on the big screen like a dope. McIntyre said it was nothing that a little elbow grease couldn’t fix, then kicked the bike over…

Powell’s POV: I’m getting a little misty-eyed because this appears to be the end of the “Indian Badass” era of JinderTaker.

Riddle spoke with Nikki ASH on the Gorilla Position set. After some back and forth silly dialogue, Nikki headed out and made her entrance for the four-way match… [C] An ad aired for next week’s Raw and touted the return of fans… The remainder of the entrances for the four-way match took place…

2. Nikki ASH vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka vs. Naomi in a four-way. Asuka and Naomi cleared the ring and then squared off. They threw simultaneous kicks that left them both lying temporarily. Bliss and ASH returned to the ring. Bliss reached out with her index finger, which ASH swatted away. ASH dropkicked Bliss.

Eva Marie and Doudrop walked to ringside. Bliss waved to Doudrop, who waved back. Bliss headed to ringside. Eva shoved Doudrop toward Bliss, who patted her on the shoulder. Bliss approached Eva, who took her shoe off and told her to stay back. Bliss yelled. Doudrop attacked Bliss and ended up dumping her over the ringside barricade. Eva looked over the barricade for Bliss, but she wasn’t there. [C]

Naomi rolled ASH into a pin for a near fall. She followed up by putting her in a submission hold that Asuka broke up. Asuka went for an armbar on Naomi, but ASH broke it up.

[Hour Two] ASH went up top and performed a cross body block on Asuka and had the pin, but Naomi broke it up. Asuka went for an Asuka Lock on ASH, who avoided it and countered into a pin and got the three count…

Nikki ASH defeated Asuka, Naomi, and Alexa Bliss in 13:00 in a four-way.

Powell’s POV: ASH winning a match over three of her MITB opponents is probably a sign that she won’t be winning at the pay-per-view. Then again, this was was taped nearly two weeks before the pay-per-view, so the odds are slim that Vince McMahon will even remember that he booked her to win this match.

Sarah Schreiber interviewed Erik and Ivar in the backstage area about their singles match against AJ Styles and Omos. Ivar said Styles insulted their way of life. Ivar said vikings are some of the most rugged, amazing people on the face of the planet and they have excellent hygiene. Erik spoke about facing Omos in his first singles match. He also noted that they will be challenging for the Raw Tag Titles next week…

Powell’s POV: I was really hoping that the Viking Raiders would be booked differently following their injury layoffs, but they are still the same cartoonish characters that didn’t click the first time around. Bring back War Machine.

AJ Styles and Omos made their entrance… [C]

Styles delivered a promo coming out of the break and acted like he was apologetic about insulting the Viking Raiders, but then he doubled down on the insults. The Viking Raiders made their entrance…

3. AJ Styles (w/Omos) vs. Ivar (w/Erik). Late in the match, Styles set up for a Phenomenal Forearm, but he went for a sunset flip when Ivar moved toward him. Styles got up and connected with a Pele Kick. Styles charged at Ivar, who ended up lifting his legs and then sitting on Styles while scoring the pin.

Ivar defeated AJ Styles in 3:45.

The broadcast team hyped Omos vs. Erik for after the break… [C]

4. Omos (w/AJ Styles) vs. Erik (w/Ivar). Erik went for a go behind, but he couldn’t take Omos off his feet. Omos ended up flinging Erik to the ground. Erik got up and threw some forearms before Omos shoved him down. Erik charged Omos, who knocked him down again. Omos hoisted up Erik, who slipped away and then kicked the leg of Omos.

Omos caught Erik in a bearhug, which Erik eventually broke. Omos tossed Erik across the ring. Omos charged Erik, who moved, and then threw a series of strikes at him. Omos came back with a clothesline. Styles told Omos to finish him. Omos performed a Baldo Bomb and scored the pin…

Omos defeated Erik in 3:25.

Powell’s POV: The broadcast team tried to sell Ivar beating Styles as an upset, but you had to know that these teams were going to split heading into their title match next week, and that there was no way that Omos was going to take a loss. But I guess you can’t blame them for trying.

The broadcast team recapped Humberto Carrillo breaking the nose of Sheamus…

Backstage, Sheamus told Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville that he got their voicemail saying that he had to defend the title or they would be forced to take action. Sheamus got upset and asked if they care about his smashed nose. Sheamus said he was there and ready to defend his title. Deville asked if they were on the same page. “Yes, one hundred percent,” Sheamus said before walking off with a smile on his face… [C]

Woods and Kingston were approached by Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik in the backstage area. Woods congratulated them on their win over Mace and T-Bar. Dorado wished Kingston good luck at MITB. The Lucha House Party duo left when Schreiber showed up to interview Kingston and Woods. She informed them that Lashley had returned and would appear during the VIP Lounge segment. Kingston spoke about how being champion isn’t about VIP Lounges, it’s about being on your best grind and taking on all comers like he did. Kingston said those days are coming again when he shocks the world by beating Lashley at MITB…

The broadcast team set up a Money in the Bank ladder match video package…

Backstage, Sheamus attacked Carrillo and left him lying. Sheamus knelt down and told Carrillo to stop sleeping on the job because he had a big U.S. Title match up next. Damian Priest entered the picture and crossed paths with Sheamus, then a producer or a referee called for medical help for Carrillo… [C]

A video package hyped WWE’s return to the road… Sheamus made his entrance. Backstage, Pearce and Deville told Carrillo that he didn’t have to go through with the match. He said he’s been waiting for months and if he could stand, he could fight. Priest stood and watched and wished Carrillo well. Carrillo made his entrance and sold back, neck, and everything else pain…

5. Sheamus vs. Humberto Carrillo for the U.S. Championship. Mike Rome delivered introductions for the title match once both wrestlers were inside the ring. Sheamus wore a face shield. The bell rang and Carrillo tried to move forward and ended up falling down. Once he got up, Sheamus blasted him with a Brogue Kick and pinned him.

Sheamus defeated Humberto Carrillo in 0:17 to retain the U.S. Championship.

After the match, Sheamus teased leaving and then attacked Carrillo. Damian Priest ran to the ring, causing Sheamus to make his exit…

Powell’s POV: This was a solid segment. It was basic and predictable, but Sheamus was heelish, Carrillo showed heart, and Priest looked good for saving Carrillo.

The broadcast team recapped the two previous Ricochet vs. John Morrison matches… Ricochet was shown walking backstage when Riddle drove up on his scooter. They spoke about how they are excited about being in the MITB ladder match. Riddle said if he won the MITB contract, he would surprise Randy Orton by using to cash in for the Raw Tag Titles.

Ricochet wondered if Riddle could do that and pointed out that it wouldn’t be a surprise because Orton would need to be there. John Morrison wheeled Miz into the room and they both sprayed the babyfaces with drip sticks, then drove the wheelchair over Riddle’s injured foot. Miz and Morrison made their entrance… [C]

6. Ricochet vs. John Morrison (w/The Miz) in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Ricochet’s entrance was televised. Morrison performed an early neckbreaker onto the apron. Ricochet fell to the floor and then Morrison covered him for a two count. Morrison tried to pin Ricochet again while using Miz’s wheelchair for leverage.

[Hour Three] Morrison threw a kick at Ricochet and got a two count while trying to pin him next to the ringside barricade. Back inside the ring, Ricochet came back with a suplex and got a two count. The wrestlers went back to ringside where Ricochet performed a 450 splash off the barricade onto Morrison on the floor and then covered him for a near fall. Morrison returned to the ring and then ducked back to ringside. Ricochet ran up the ropes and performed a shooting star press off the ring post. Wow. [C]

Ricochet performed a flip dive over the top rope and Miz’s wheel chair onto Morrison on the floor and got another near fall. The wrestlers fought their way to the stage where Ricochet picked up another two count. They fought their way back onto the Gorilla Position set where Morrison picked up a two count after he delivered a knee to the head.

Morrison threw Ricochet back onto the stage where Miz was cheering him on from his wheelchair. Ricochet dropped Morrison with a kick and then punched him, causing Morrison to tumble down the entrance ramp. Ricochet turned his focus to Miz and rode his wheelchair down the ramp and then dove onto Morrison.

The wrestlers returned to the ring. Morrison performed a neckbreaker for a near fall. Riddle drove his scooter to ringside and then pulled Miz over so that he was lying on his back in the wheelchair. Morrison went for a springboard move, but Ricochet caught him with the Recoil. Morrison ended up on the apron. Ricochet caught him with a kick, causing him to land on a ladder that was placed over the ring and the barricade. Ricochet went up top and performed a splash that drove Morrison through the ladder and then covered him for the win…

Ricochet defeated John Morrison in 16:00 in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Powell’s POV: A very entertaining match. Both men worked really hard. It’s just a shame that Morrison and Miz are comedy figures and it’s so hard to take them seriously.

Backstage, Schreiber spoke to Natalya and Tamina. Natalya spoke about her match against Rhea Ripley. Tamina pointed out that Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke were making noise behind them. They approached the duo and asked what they were laughing about. They mocked the idea of Natalya winning MITB and the duo keeping their tag titles. Tamina shoved Brooke, who was held back by Rose…

Graves hyped Ripley vs. Natalya as coming up next… An ad for Smackdown hyped Bianca Belair vs. Carmella for the Smackdown Women’s Championship, and Big E vs. Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura in a four-way…

An ad aired for Raw going back on the road. Charlotte said there are moments in your career that you remember forever and Monday will be one of them… [C] The broadcast team recapped the McIntyre and Mahal segment…

McIntyre was interviewed by Patrick. McIntyre said the MITB ladder match might be his last chance to reach the top of the mountain. He told the story of Icarus and said the MITB briefcase is the sun. He ended up saying nothing will stop him from winning…

The broadcast team ran through the MITB lineup… Highlights aired from last week’s Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair segment…

Ripley was interviewed by Schreiber on the Gorilla Position set. Ripley said Flair wouldn’t have a crutch to hide behind. She said she would expose her as the drama queen that she is and would give her a reason to need crutches… Riley made her entrance… An NXT ad hyped Karrion Kross vs. Johnny Gargano for the NXT Championship with Samoa Joe as special referee… [C]

7. Raw Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley vs. Natalya (w/Tamina) in a non-title match. Natalya’s entrance was televised. Natalya went for a Sharpshooter early, but Ripley kicked her to ringside. Ripley followed to the floor and went for a dropkick, but Natalya moved and Ripley took out Tamina with the dropkick. Natalya dropped Ripley with a discus clothesline. [C]

Natalya put Ripley in the Sharpshooter. Ripley rolled out of it, causing Natalya to hit the back of her head on the middle turnbuckle pad. Ripley threw a kick to Natalya’s head and then hit her Riptide finisher and scored the pin.

Raw Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley defeated Natalya in 9:30 in a non-title match.

Afterward, Charlotte Flair appeared and chop blocked Ripley’s knee and put her in the Figure Four while hanging over the apron. Flair released the hold and then taunted Ripley, who sold her left knee…

Powell’s POV: An entertaining match and a nice feather in the cap of Ripley to escape the Sharpshooter. The post match angle was basic with Flair getting a measure of revenge heading into their title match on Sunday.

Backstage, MVP told the ladies that he wanted smiling and vibes for Lashley during the VIP Lounge segment. They cheered and joined MVP in leaving Lashley’s dressing room while the broadcast team said the VIP Lounge was up next… [C]

Backstage, Flair told Schreiber that it’s not about the pieces of the game, it’s about the player and she learned from the dirtiest player in the game. She said it would be game over on Sunday…

MVP stood in the ring with the ladies dancing behind him. He said it was the last episode of Raw in the ThunderDome where the rise of Lashley occurred. He said it should be called the LashleyDome. MVP hyped returning to the road and then introduced Lashley, but he didn’t come out.

MVP gave Lashley another big buildup and introduced him again. Lashley’s music played and he walked out without his suit jacket and with his tie undone. A sulking Lashley entered the ring and MVP asked him where he’s been.

Lashley told MVP that he said enough and then excused the ladies while saying he needed to talk to MVP alone. Lashley said he thought Kingston was just talking trash, but he was right. Lashley vented about losing to Xavier Woods and said he was furious. He took issue with MVP trying to cheer him up with champagne and women.

Lashley said he appreciates everything MVP has done, but it needs to stop right now. “Back to business,” Lashley said. Lashley started trashing the VIP Lounge set and tossed the loveseat to ringside. He picked up the mic and looked in the camera and told Kingston that he’s going to tear him in half.

Lashley said he hopes Kingston brings his family and friends because he’s going to dismantle him. He said he hopes Kingston is ready to fight, not just for the WWE Championship, but for his life. Lashley said he would cave his head in, wring his little neck, and fold him up in a little box and send it to the circus with the rest of the little clowns. Lashley said the circus is dead and so is Kingston’s career on Sunday…

Powell’s POV: I guess this means they won’t be bringing the women on the road with them. Lashley gets a 4.5 for throwing the loveseat on the Brock Lesnar scale of furniture tossing, but he showed great intensity during the promo. I really like the way he flipped the switch and his threats to destroy Kingston made me more interested in seeing how the match plays out.

Overall, this was a quality go-home show and a better than average episode for the ThunderDome era. Speaking of which, thank goodness it’s finally over. The ThunderDome served its purpose and was a big upgrade over the completely empty venue era, but I’m definitely excited about the return of fans starting Friday night. I will be back shortly with my weekly same night audio review for Dot Net Members. Let me know what you thought of the show by grading it below.

Join me for my live review of Impact Wrestling Slammiversary on Saturday and WWE Money in the Bank on Sunday.

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  1. Rhea Ripley is 24. Raw was pretty good. Richocet push coming?

  2. “Then again, this was was taped nearly two weeks before the pay-per-view, so the odds are slim that Vince McMahon will even remember that he booked her to win this match.”

    Says the guy who refuses to even acknowledge AEW doing 9 interference/interruption/distraction segments on their latest episode of Dynamite, which is pretty much what they do every week. They can’t even book like they remember what happened 15 minutes ago, but they’re not “evil Vince” so they get a free pass from Powell.

    “It’s just a shame that Morrison and Miz are comedy figures and it’s so hard to take them seriously.”

    The Young Bucks come out in ridiculous clothes and facial hair, are the size of small children, cut the most unbelievable promos in the business, and have a YT channel dedicated to stupid, sophomoric humor, yet you don’t say a word. But Miz and Morrison are hard to take seriously?

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