5/26 NWA Powerrr results: Powell’s review of a battle royal for a shot at the NWA Championship, Aron Stevens and Kratos vs. Jax Dane and Crimson for the NWA Tag Titles, Thunder Rosa vs. Kamille to become No. 1 contender to the NWA Women’s Title


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

NWA Powerrr (Episode 29)
Taped Monday in Atlanta, Georgia at GPB Studios
Streamed May 25, 2021 on the FITE TV

The “Into the Fire” opening video aired… Joe Galli and Velvet Sky were on commentary. Galli said it was the last show before the When Our Shadows Fall pay-per-view. Galli said Tim Storm was on assignment. Pope was introduced as a guest commentator…

Kyle Davis interviewed NWA Tag Team Champions Aron Stevens and Kratos on the interview set. Stevens said he didn’t even know Kratos when he stepped in for a tag partner that had travel issues. Stevens said Kratos is a mercenary who can get the job done. Stevens said he just wants to get the job done the right way. Davis put the mic in front of Kratos, who shoved it away while glaring at Stevens…

1. Aron Stevens and Kratos vs. “The War Kings” Jax Dane and Crimson for the NWA Tag Titles. Kratos tagged himself in to start the match. Dane and Kratos traded shots in what was a battle of two men who would have been cast as Russian characters had they been around in the eighties.

Late in the match, Kratos covered Crimson, but Dane ran in and broke it up. While the referee was clearing Dane from the ring, a hooked man walked out and punched Crimson with some type of object over his fist. Dane covered Crimson and got the pin. Stevens didn’t look pleased afterward…

Aron Stevens and Kratos defeated “The War Kings” Jax Dane and Crimson for the NWA Tag Titles.

Powell’s POV: More of the same with Kratos cheating and Stevens not being happy with it. And I continue to hope that it’s revealed to be a ruse because I miss Stevens’ over the top heel antics.

NWA Champion Nick Aldis spoke with Davis on the interview set and was asked if he had regrets that he had the other members of Strictly Business to give up their opportunity. Aldis said everyone is looking for clickbait and to make a name at his expense. Aldis claimed he merely made a suggestion.

Aldis ran through his list of nicknames. He said he’s the puppet master and told Davis to dance. Davis seemed way too eager as he started dancing and then said that was all the had had. Aldis pointed to Mims in the ring and spoke about giving him a shot. Davis asked Aldis if he was worried that one of the battle royal entrants could win and become a threat to take the title.

Aldis said he’s learned to make peace with it because no one even knows who is in the match. Davis started running through some of the names. Aldis took the sheet of paper. Davis pointed out that Trevor Murdoch’s name was on the list. Aldis asked if it was official, then told Davis to watch himself before storming off to the ring…

2. NWA Champion Nick Aldis vs. Mims in a non-title match. Mims performed a splash for an early two count. Aldis came back quickly and performed a Tombstone pilediver. Aldis went up top and landed an elbow drop. Aldis applied the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf for the submission win…

NWA Champion Nick Aldis defeated Mims in a non-title match.

Powell’s POV: A quick showcase win for Aldis heading into his first meaningful title defense in some time at the pay-per-view.

A video package recapped the drama involving Thunder Rosa, Melina, Kamille, and Taryn Terrell…

3. Thunder Rosa (w/Melina) vs. Kamille (w/Taryn Terrell) to become No. 1 contender to the NWA Women’s Title. The stipulation is that Rosa will not be allowed to work in other promotions if she loses the match. During the match, Terrell climbed inside the ring. Melina pulled her out and the screen went blurry. A graphic noted that the match was edited due to a wardrobe malfunction. Melina chased Terrell to the back and the screen went back to normal.

Rosa and Kamille fought by the broadcast team briefly. Both wrestlers returned to the ring. Kamille put Rosa down and then Melina returned and stood on the apron until Kamille knocked her down. Rosa took advantage of the distraction and ended up hitting a facebuster for a near fall.

Later, Kamille speared Rosa and went for the pin, but Rosa put her foot on the ropes. Rosa came back and applied an armbar. The referee stepped in and called for the bell due to the time limit expiring.

Thunder Rosa fought Kamille to a 20-minute draw.

After the match, Rosa flipped off Kamille while staring her down. Rosa indicated that she was so close to winning. Sky questioned what this means for Rosa’s future. Galli said she didn’t lose the match.

Powell’s POV: A very good match and definitely one of the longest matches you’ll see in an NWA ring. Rosa is fantastic, but the real surprise is that Kamille worked a twenty minute match. Rosa is the general and deserves credit, but the match also showed off the improvement of Kamille. Creatively, they did a nice job of having Kamille state that the match would have a 20-minute time limit while she was laying out the terms of the match without it seeming obvious that they would fight to a draw. Does this set up a three-way with both women challenging Serena Deeb (or Riho) for the NWA Title at the pay-per-view?

4. A battle royal for a shot at the NWA Championship. Nick Aldis and Austin Idol sat in on commentary. The entrants in the match were Trevor Murdoch, Tyrus, Matt Cross, Parrow, Thom Latimer, Mims, Sal Rinauro, Slice Boogie, Crimson, Jax Dane, Fred Rosser, Jeremiah Plunkett, Marshe Rockett, Jordan Clearwater, and Chris Adonis.

Galli explained that wrestlers did not have to go over the top rope and only one foot on the floor would be counted as an elimination. Adonis was introduced last. It was explained that he relinquished the NWA National Championship to qualify for the match because only non-champions were allowed to enter.

Aldis played cheerleader while hoping that Adonis would eliminate “that hillbilly” Murdoch. Crimson was eliminated and Dane tried to tell his tag partner that it was accidental. Dane was eliminated and then Crimson barked at him.

The final four were Murdoch, Adonis, Latimer, and Tyrus. Pope showed up and pulled Tyrus under the bottom rope to eliminate him. Idol left the broadcast table and argued with the referee. Adonis and Latimer worked over Murdoch. In the end, Adonis accidentally knocked Latimer off the apron to eliminate him, then Murdoch eliminated Adonis to win the match.

Trevor Murdoch won a battle royal to earn a shot at the NWA Championship at the When Our Shadows Fall pay-per-view.

After the match, Aldis scolded his team and shoved Adonis. Aldis entered the ring and tried to attack Murdoch, who roughed him up and performed a top rope bulldog…

Davis interviewed Murdoch on the interview set. Murdoch said it was just setting in that he has a chance to be the world champion. Murdoch got emotional while talking about wishing his trainer Harley Race was there to see it. Murdoch said Race told him that he would be a world champion. He said it was a dream that just became real… The closing credits aired to close the show…

Powell’s POV: There was little mystery regarding the outcome, as Murdoch is the only wrestler who has had real issues with Aldis lately, and it was foreshadowed via Aldis acting upset when he found out that Murdoch was in the match. And the battle royal was kind of an eye roller of a match without the over the top rope eliminations. Ultimately, though, it worked because the right guy did go over, and he cut a really good promo after the match.

It’s very strange that this was the last episode of Powerrr before the pay-per-view and yet they only announced one pay-per-view match during the show. Is there a Powerrr Surge or some type of show next Tuesday? I missed it if they mentioned it. Overall, though, this was the best hour of the season, thanks in large part to the Rosa vs Kamille match and Murdoch’s strong promo. But this company has a lot of work to do when it comes to promoting its pay-per-view with just one match announced thus far.


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