5/12 NWA Powerrr results: Powell’s review of Jax Dane vs. Slice Boogie in a Falls Count Anywhere match, Matt Cross vs. Mims in an NWA TV Title qualifying match, Sal Rinauro vs. Kratos

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

NWA Powerrr (Episode 27)
Taped Monday in Atlanta, Georgia at GPB Studios
Streamed May 12, 2021 on the FITE TV

The show was billed as a SuperPowerrr edition… A video package recapped last week’s announcement of a battle royal determining the NWA Championship number one contender followed by Nick Aldis storming off the set… The Powerrr opening aired… The broadcast team of Kyle Davis, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky checked in from their desk…

Joe Galli stood on the interview set and spoke with Aldis, Chris Adonis, Kamille, and Thom Latimer. Aldis complained that Billy Corgan wants to go back to the Attitude Era because he doesn’t want to live in the Gratitude Era. Aldis spoke of what he’s done for the NWA and complained about May Valentine undressing him with her eyes.

Aldis complained about the 14-man battle royal that will determine his next challenger. Aldis complained that he had to find out about the battle royal from Galli. He told Galli that he needed to adjust himself or he would send him back to San Antonio.

Galli brought up Adonis and Latimer being the number one contenders to the NWA Tag Titles. Aldis noted that Adonis has already won the NWA National Championship despite just arriving in the company. Aldis also said Kamille will win the NWA Women’s Championship.

Galli said he was aware that Kamille would be making an announcement at some point and asked if she wanted to make it now. She declined, then said she would give Thunder Rosa an answer to her challenge when they meet face to face later in the show.

Aldis complained that Corgan is moving the goal posts because he doesn’t want the Strictly Business faction to hold all the gold. Aldis announced that the NWA Tag Title match is off. Adonis and Latimer didn’t look pleased. Aldis said both men would be in the battle royal and then said that Corgan wasn’t going to get one over on him…

Powell’s POV: As much as I like the work of Davis, it was good to see Galli conduct the interview. He had some memorable exchanges with Aldis in the past, and he’s slipped into the background a bit this season, in part because he has a three-person booth rather than just working with a single color commentator.

An ad aired for the replay of the NWA Back For The Attack pay-per-view…

1. Matt Cross vs. Mims in an NWA TV Title qualifying match. Galli replaced Davis on the broadcast team, and Davis returned to his usual spot at the interview desk. Mims performed a spinebuster for a two count. Cross came right back with a cutter and scored the pin…

Matt Cross defeated Mims in an NWA TV Title qualifying match.

Tyrus and Austin Idol joined Davis on the interview set. Idol called out Pope, who joined them on the set. Idol told Pope that he likes what he’s been doing lately, but he’s been running and hiding. Idol said he likes Pope’s style. Idol said Pope barely lasted in a match with Tyrus.

Idol noted that Pope is four wins away from the Lucky Seven (seven title defenses leads to an NWA Title match). Idol said that if Pope accomplished it, he would give him credit. Idol offered him a handshake. Pope left him hanging…

Powell’s POV: Well, that was a strange segment. The match between Cross and Mims was solid.

An NWA podcast ad aired…

May Valentine interviewed Aron Stevens in the backstage area. Stevens delivered a babyface promo about wanting to finish off his career the right way. Stevens said that he and Kratos are not best friends. He said that he hired Kratos originally because he’s a mercenary who does his job well. He hopes that Kratos can change the way he does things…

Powell’s POV: Stevens is doing a nice job as the strait-laced bayface, but I really miss his heel comedy antics.

Sal Rinauro was interviewed by Davis at the interview set. He said he had to go it alone during his match regardless of the consequences…

2. Sal Rinauro vs. Kratos. Davis handled the introductions and stated that no one was allowed at ringside. Kratos dominated the match and could have pinned Rinauro at one point, but he picked him up to dish out more punishment. Rinauro performed a German suplex and scored the pin…

Kratos beat Sal Rinauro.

Powell’s POV: Kratos needed a dominant win, and Rinauro actually benefits from being on the losing end due to being a sympathetic underdog character.

The Austin Idol wrestling school ad aired…

Davis hosted a segment with Thunder Rosa, Melina, Kamille, and Taryn Terrell on the interview set. Rosa delivered a promo about how she took the NWA Women’s Championship to the next level. Kamille spoke about seeing Thunder Rosa on another wrestling program. Kamille said she’s been with the NWA since nearly the beginning (of the Corgan era).

Rosa said she feels like things have been handed to Kamille, whereas she had to fight from bottom to top. Rosa acknowledged that Kamille got the better of her in their last match, but she said it won’t happen again. Kamille said Rosa has to tell everyone about how great she is and about all the charity work that she does.

Kamille said she would do a little charity work of her own by giving her an opportunity. Kamille set the terms as being a one fall match and if Rosa loses, she’s not allowed to work for any company other than the NWA. Rosa said she would win the match and agreed to it…

Powell’s POV: A loser can’t leave the company stipulation? That has to be a first and it really should be the last. I preferred Kamille as the silent powerhouse. She tends to ramble in these back and forth segments.

A Nick Aldis action figure ad aired…

3. Jax Dane vs. Slice Boogie in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Dane took offensive control and the match spilled to ringside. Dane hit the ring post accidentally. Boogie took control and got a two count on the floor. They fought onto the interview set where Boogie slammed the head of Dane onto the podium.

Dane came back with a suplex on the floor near the broadcast team and covered Boogie for a two count. Boogie rallied with a two count near the ring. Boogie pulled a chair out from underneath the ring and placed Dane on it, then worked him over with punches and kicks. Boogie backed up and then charged Dane, who knocked him down and got another two count.

Boogie kicked the ring steps into the knees of Kane. Boogie leapt off the steps and was caught by Dane, who drove him into the ring post and then got another near fall. Dane hoisted up Boogie, who slipped away and shoved Dane into the ring post.

Boogie returned to the ring and ended up performing a dive over the top rope onto Dane on the floor. Boogie covered Dane for a two count. Boogie grabbed a chair and worked over Dane with it. Crimson walked out with a white towel in his hand. Boogie hit Dane with the chair and then jawed at Crimson before returning to the ring.

Boogie wrapped the chair around the neck of Dane and said, “Don’t make me do this.” Crimson got Boogie’s attention and threw the towel at him. Dane recovered and charged Boogie, who moved, causing Dane to knock Crimson off the apron. Dane checked on Crimson, then picked up the towel and threw it into the ring. The referee checked with Dane and then called for the bell.

Slice Boogie beat Jax Dane via forfeit in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Afterward, Dane and referees checked on Crimson while the broadcast team debated whether Dane made the right call. Dane and a referee helped Crimson to the back.

Galli said they were supposed to have an NWA Tag Title match, but Strictly Business left the building. He said the challengers Aron Stevens and Kratos were ready for the match. Galli listened through his headsets and said that they would not wait for the NWA Tag Champions and wrapped up the show.

The credits aired and then circus music played while a graphic hyped the When Our Shadows Fall pay-per-view for June 6 on FITE TV…

Powell’s POV: A bizarre match finish and a strange end to the show. I guess we know why the NWA didn’t make a big fuss over this being a SuperPowerrr edition, as it ended up being a regular length episode. Are we really getting an Aldis and Billy Corgan power struggle storyline? Meanwhile, the idea of Dane forfeiting because he knocked Crimson off the apron was absurd. I get what they were going for, but it’s such a routine bump that it was downright laughable that Crimson would be injured, let alone that Dane would be so concerned for Crimson’s wellbeing that he would throw in the towel. This was the worst episode of the season. Things can only get better next week… I hope.


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