4/27 NWA Powerrr results: Powell’s review of Trevor Murdoch and two partners vs. Thom Latimer, Chris Adonis, and a partner, Pope vs. Tyrus for the NWA TV Title, Thunder Rosa and Kamille meet face to face along with their advocates


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

NWA Powerrr (Episode 26)
Taped Monday in Atlanta, Georgia at GPB Studios
Streamed April 27, 2021 on the FITE TV

The Powerrr opening video aired… The broadcast team of Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky checked in and ran through the show’s lineup…

Kyle Davis introduced NWA Champion Nick Aldis, who joined him on the interview set. Aldis boasted that he’s an eleven on a scale of one to ten. He boasted that he’s the National Treasure and The Dealer who holds all the cards.

Aldis said that there’s been some energy in the air ever since Trevor Murdoch started sticking his nose in his business. Aldis called for Chris Adonis vs. Murdoch for the NWA National Championship one more time. Davis said it’s almost like Aldis doesn’t want Murdoch to be there. Aldis accused Davis of projecting his elitist viewpoints on him. Aldis invited Murdoch to come out while saying there would be no funny business or physicality.

Trevor Murdoch joined Aldis and Davis on the interview set. Murdoch said the only reason that he wasn’t kicking Aldis’s ass was that he didn’t want to deal with the consequences and miss out on a potential title shot. Murdoch recalled Aldis saying that he’s not championship material. Murdoch got fired up and said he’s given his life to the business and has done everything that everyone has ever asked him to do.

Murdoch said the only thing he wanted from Aldis was an apology. Aldis said the only thing he was sorry for was not putting Murdoch in his place a lot sooner. Aldis said he was giving him one more chance to reach “your mountain top, the NWA National Championship.”

Aldis called for a six-man tag main event. Aldis said he wouldn’t be in the match, on commentary, or in the ringside area. Aldis called for Thom Latimer and Chris Adonis and a third partner against Murdoch and two partners. Aldis said that if Murdoch wins, he gets another shot at the NWA National Championship.

Murdoch pointed out that Aldis said that he wasn’t championship material, yet now that he’s focused on the NWA Championship, Aldis suddenly wants to give him an NWA National Championship match. Murdoch accused Aldis of ducking him.

Aldis said that if Murdoch’s team wins the six-man tag match, then he would get an NWA National Championship match, but if he loses then he had to go home for thirty days without pay. Murdoch said he was there to fight and accepted the terms of the match. Murdoch added that he hoped Aldis would be watching…

Powell’s POV: A strong opening verbal exchange with Aldis trying to manipulate Murdoch, who saw through it, yet still accepted the terms because he’s a fighting babyface.

An Austin Idol training school ad aired… The broadcast team spoke at their desk about the main event. Storm questioned whether Murdoch made the right decision. Sky said Murdoch is a passionate person and passionate people do emotional things…

1. Kratos vs. Sal Rinauro. Kratos dominated Rinauro and suplexed him. May Valentine walked out and stood at ringside. Danny Deals entered the ring with a chair. Kratos grabbed Deals and chokeslammed him. The referee called off the match.

Kratos fought Sal Rinauro to a no-contest.

Kratos put the boots to Rinauro. Aron Stevens came out and tried to talk down his tag partner. Kratos left the ring and approached Storm at the broadcast desk and jawed at him. Storm removed his headset. Sky tried to keep Storm calm, but he went face to face with Kratos and argued with him.

Meanwhile, Chris Adonis and Thom Latimer walked onto the interview. Latimer announced that Kratos would be the third man on their main event team. In the ring, Valentine continued to check on Rinauro while Stevens looked surprised that his tag team partner accepted the main event offer…

A Nick Aldis action figure ad aired…

Davis interviewed Jax Dane and Slice Boogie after announcing that they will meet in a Falls Count Anywhere match next week. Boogie recalled beating Dane and Crimson in a tag team match for his NWA debut, and then teamed with a guy he barely knew and beat them again. Dane said he didn’t need to come out and be animated and tell people what he has. He said he’s a man of few words. He said he had a chihuahua at home that talks a lot, yet never bites anyone. Dane said he is his brother’s keeper and Crimson is his brother. Dane got in Boogie’s face. Boogie told Dane not to be mad at him. “I’m just doing what I do, baby,” Boogie closed…

Powell’s POV: I’m not really sure about the babyface/heel dynamic between Boogie and Dane, but they did a nice job of making their issues feel intense.

Galli and Sky noted that Storm stepped away from the desk to check on Rinauro. They speculated about who would team with Murdoch in the main event…

2. Pope vs. Tyrus (w/Austin Idol) for the NWA TV Title. Idol joined the broadcast team for the match. Idol boasted about himself. Sky said he couldn’t shut up for five seconds. Tyrus controlled the bulk of the early offense and put Pope in a bearhug. Pope came back and performed a DDT with a little over 90 seconds remaining.

Pope went up top and performed a missile dropkick that sent Tyus to ringside. Idol complained that Pope should have been disqualified, then left the broadcast table. Tyrus and Idol prevented Pope from returning to the ring. The referee ejected Idol, but Pope grabbed him by the collar. Tyrus grabbed Pope before he could hit Idol and choked him out while the time limit expired…

Pope fought Tyrus to a draw in 6:05 to retain the NWA TV Title.

Powell’s POV: It was comical to see the timer on the screen while the referee did his slow count while Pope and Tyrus were at ringside. The draw finish extends the feud. I’m curious to see if they go with a longer time limit to settle things or if they will stick with the 6:05 time limit for future Pope vs. Tyrus matches.

An ad aired for the NWA Back For The Attack pay-per-view replay…

May Valentine joined Kyle Davis at the interview desk and introduced Thunder Rosa. Valentine said the NWA wants Rosa and Kamille to settle their feud peacefully and therefore asked both women to select an advocate to speak or them. Rosa ended up choosing Melina, who came out and hugged Rosa.

Kamille was introduced by Davis. Kamille said she would normally choose Thom Latimer, but she didn’t want him around Rosa and Melina. She said the only person left was Tayrn Terrell (a ringing endorsement). Melina said there was no hype needed or Rosa, who has has been successful in the NWA and AEW. Terrell praised Kamille. Melina called for a rematch between Rose and Kamille. Terrell said there would be conditions that they would discuss next week. Davis and Valentine had to keep Melina and Terrell apart. Rosa charged toward the heels, but Davis stopped her…

Powell’s POV: It was pretty silly that they both had to choose an advocate, but I guess they really wanted to work Melina and Terrell into the segment. I really like Kyle Davis as the host of the interviews. He has a likable personality and he seems to have good sensibilities when it comes to how he should react to the wrestlers.

An ad aired for an NWA post show podcast…

Galli and Sky spoke about the main event and then turned it over to Davis for introductions for the main event. The heel duo of Adonis, Latimer, and Kratos came out first. Murdoch came out first for his team and then Aron Stevens came out. Sal Rinauro limped out to be the third man. However, Tim Storm came out dressed in his gear and spoke off-mic to Rinauro before shaking hands with Murdoch and Stevens…

3. Trevor Murdoch, Aron Stevens, and Tim Storm (w/Sal Rinauro) vs. Chris Adonis, Thom Latimer, and Kratos. Murdoch gains and NWA National Championship match if his team wins or will be suspended for 30 days if they lose. NWA Tag Champions Kratos and Stevens ended up in the ring together, but Storm tagged himself into the match, then Latimer did the same.

Storm got the better of Latimer and put him down for a two count after performing a neckbreaker. Murdoch tagged in and worked over Latimer. Stevens checked in a short time later and covered Latimer, but Adonis broke it up. Stevens ended up being isolated by the heels.

Storm eventually took a hot tag. All six men brawled. Rinauro climbed onto the apron and cheered on the babyface trio. Storm told him to get down. Adonis grabbed Storm and gave him a Full Nelson Slam and then pinned him to win the match, meaning Murdoch is suspended without pay for thirty days.

Chris Adonis, Thom Latimer, and Kratos defeated Trevor Murdoch, Aron Stevens, and Tim Storm.

Afterward, Rinauro was apologetic while checking on Storm. Stevens was down on the floor and his tag partner Kratos didn’t seem to care… The credits aired to close the show….

Powell’s POV: This had to be of the longer Powerrr matches. The wrestlers did a nice job and they forwarded some stories with Murdoch being suspended, and Stevens and Kratos continuing to have issues. The latter story is still struggling from the Stevens and Kratos partnership forming during the pandemic. It’s easy enough to follow, but it’s tough to feel invested in the tag team. I assume the NWA is building to Aldis vs. Murdoch for the NWA Title at their June 6 “When Our Shadows Fall” pay-per-view, but nothing is official yet.


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