12/18 WWE 205 Live results: Anish V’s review of Jake Atlas vs. Tony Nese, “Ever-Rise” Matt Martel and Chase Parker vs. “The Bollywood Boyz” Shamir Singh and Sunil Singh

By Anish Vishwakoti, ProWrestling.net Staffer, (@AVX_9001)

WWE 205 Live (Episode 210)
Orlando, Florida at Capitol Wrestling Center (WWE PC)
Streamed December 18, 2020 on WWE Network

The show started with the opening promo followed by Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness on commentary introducing the first match…

1. “Ever Rise” Matt Martel and Chase Parker vs. “The Bollywood Boyz” Sunil Singh and Samir Singh in a Tornado Tag rules match. Per the stipulation, all four men were legal. This time the Bollywood Boyz did not dance around past the ramp and instead rushed Ever Rise and started brawling immediately. The brothers got caught out quickly however as Ever Rise were able to counter a tandem clothesline attempt and toss the brothers out of the ring.

All four men brawled by the rampway for a second, with the tides turning back and forth as bodies flew into the barricade and apron. In the ring, Sunil Singh was able to isolate Chase Parker while Martel was rammed into the barricade on the outside. The Singhs hit Parker with a couple of tag team maneuvers capped with a top rope Bulldog for a two count.

The Singhs continued to beat down Parker, with Samir undoing one of the buckles to reveal the steel. They tried to ram Parker into it, but Martel blocked them for a second. Sunil hit a wheel kick on Parker for a two count and when they tried to follow up with a double suplex, Ever Rise countered into a double clothesline.

Martel and Sunil were left in the ring where Martel hit a backbreaker followed by Parker re-entering and kneeing Sunil for a two count. Ever Rise now continued to smack Sunil about the ring, they tried for a double Backdrop, but Sunil kicked them in the face and forced a four man brawl on the outside where Sunil hit a Cross body on all three men to break it up.

The Bollywood Boyz now tried to set up the Bollywood Blast, but Parker was able to struggle, resulting in himself and Samir Singh on the top rope, where Samir hit a superplex. Sunil followed up with an elbow drop but his subsequent cover was broken up by Martel. Samir and Martel now exchanged holds in the ring until Sunil was able to catch Martel with their prop camera allowing Samir to roll him up.

Parker broke up the cover in the nick of time and knocked Sunil off the apron allowing Parker to engage Samir one on one. Samir and Parker tangler in the corner, but Martel snuck in and hit a double corner Flapjack to get the pinfall victory.

“Ever Rise” Matt Martel and Chase Parker defeated “The Bollywood Boyz” Sunil Singh and Samir Singh in a tornado tag match.

Anish’s Thoughts: Fast paced, action filled tag team match, living up to that tornado name. As regular readers know, I love the heel versus heel matchup and in their third outing, these four Canadians really did well to do something different and keep the matchup interesting. The Bollywood Boyz were the more likable by a hair and it worked so well, especially with the introduction of the prop camera nearing the end, making Ever Rise’s win feel hatable yet still earned. Great job by everyone here, honestly just give me ten more weeks of heel versus heel tag matchups with different stipulations each time and I will be happy at this point.

2. Tony Nese vs. Jake Atlas. Cagey start to the match with Nese catching Atlas with a kick and a strike to force him into the corner. Nese then scoop slammed Atlas and declared 205 Live to be his show before tossing him through the middle rope to the outside. Nese went to the announce table and rammed Atlas into it, taking his time to pose and egg the crowd on.

This allowed Atlas to get a kick in and break up Nese’s momentum for a second. Atlas then rolled Nese up for a second, but Nese tripped him and went for an elbow drop. Atlas dodged and forced a striking exchange before going for a headlock. Nese countered and hit a pair of back Suplexes to ground Atlas. Nese took his time again, kicking at a grounded Atlas before chopping him in the corner and hitting a standing Suplex for a two count.

Nese continued posing on the top rope, he tried for a dropkick from there, but Atlas caught it and launched Nese into the corner and rolled him up for a two count. Atlas tried to follow up with a running maneuver but Nese countered with a surprise forearm for another two count of his own. Nese then picked Atlas up and whipped him into the corner for a clothesline and struck at him with forearms.

Nese continued to beat down Atlas, even hitting another corner clothesline before hitting another back suplex for a two count. Nese went for a third corner clothesline, but Atlas got a foot up and countered with his own clothesline to build some space. Nese however closed him down again and hit a Hotshot and Springboard moonsault combo for a two count. Nese then followed up with a chin lock and wore Atlas down until eventually, Atlas was able to force Nese into the corner and reverse another back suplex attempt into a cross body block.

Atlas then kicked Nese in the face and hit a quick clothesline before ramming Nese with a forearm to the back of the head and following up with a German Suplex for a two count. Atlas now fired up and went to the top rope, but Nese blocked him and tried for the Package Driver. Atlas reversed into a Sunset Flip for a two count and hit Nese with a follow up Flatliner before going to the top rope again.

Nese once more blocked Atlas and pushed him off the ropes, leaving the two in a stalemate. Nese then clotheslined Atlas over the top rope leaving both men on the outside. Both men just barely managed to beat the count back into the ring. Nese went to grab a foreign object, distracting the referee and allowing Ariya Daivari to make his way to the ring and ram Atlas into the corner post.

Nese went to the top rope and hit a 450 splash, but Atlas got his foot to the ropes to break the count. Nese picked Atlas up but got caught with a kick and a Flatliner followed with a cartwheel DDT for the three-count and the victory…

Jake Atlas defeated Tony Nese.

Anish’s Thoughts: An awesome match to cap off the show with two guys who really worked to their strengths and told a clear story. Atlas has had some momentum in recent weeks, and it paid off here in the match against Nese. I don’t think Nese loses anything from a loss like this because of how Atlas has been pushed, what do you know, getting behind someone and pushing them works! Even with Daivari’s interference, I think Atlas seemed strong and a little bit fortunate at the same time given how Nese covered him near the ropes, but overall, it was a great way to make Atlas look strong.

As a whole this was a pretty fun show. Another fabulous heel versus heel matchup that I can’t get enough of, and a great outing between Nese and a rising Atlas to give us a solid thirty minutes of wrestling.


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