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“Zeus” Tiny Lister Jr. dead at age 62

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Actor Tommy “Tiny” Lister Jr. was found dead in his home on Thursday at age 62. Lister’s manager told TMZ.com that Lister was experiencing Covid-19 symptoms.

Powell’s POV: Lister starred as Zeus in the “No Holds Barred” movie. WWE turned movie character into a WWE character by booking him in the main event of SumerSlam ’89 and other events. Lister had a successful acting career, including the role of Deebo in the “Friday” movie.



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  1. At least the mcmahons do not have to worry about tony khan signing lister to aew and having to worry about the big draw of a 62 year old zeus vs 61 year old sting match; this match would bring the mcmahons’ 3 billion dollar company to its knees.

    • You must be really fun at parties.

      • I am sorry that mr. lister died with regards to his family. I was just making a point that tony khan is a wise guy and will sign any ex wwe star who can still walk to the ring on the sheer name value of the star.

        It is a good thing that wwe has guys like hall, nash, hogan, flair etc under contract via legends deals.

        As far as nxt goes, wwe should really push the show’s timeslot on raw every week. Once the virus paranoia dies down, wwe should create an OPEN DOOR POLICY and place raw or sd on nxt tv each week for various matches. for ex, sasha banks vs rhea ripley or kevin owens vs finn balor etc

        I still think wwe should have places ALEISTER BLACK AND ZELINA VEGA ON NXT AS A PACKAGE instead of firing vega.

        If nxt has more wwe star power, it would be doing better against aew each week.

        • I have to ask, why do you care what Tony Khan spends his money on? If you’re not a fan of AEW, then don’t watch his product. I don’t enjoy the Masked Singer, but I don’t tear it down and worry about which celebrities they spend their money because I enjoy a competing show more. Not trying to be an ass. I’m genuinely trying to understand the mentality of the anti-(fill in the company) audience.

          • you are 100 percent that tony khan has the right to spend his father’s money on his business endeavors. It is just that tony khan comes across as a complete, arrogant phoney just like eric bischoff back in the 1990’s when he was spending ted turner’s money.

            I know that you are a big nfl fan so you can see the negative effect the khan family has inflicted on the jacksonville jaguars.

            Before the coronavirus pandemic struck the United States, Shad Khan was considering playing two of the eight jaguars’ home games in london because fan attendance to jaguar games is similar to rays and marlins game attendance in MLB.

            Tony got into a twitter spat with a jaguars player who wanted off the team; the player was traded to the vikings for a short period of time.

            The fact is that tony would not be in his current positions if his father was not a multi billionaire.

            I understand that wwe has to bite its tongue when aew and impact take cheap shots, but i wish wwe would fight back by building up nxt with raw and smackdown star power once the virus is under control because it is sad to see wwe being dominated each and every week in the demographics; it seemsd like wwe does not care about the situation or is just ignoring it for some reason.

  2. Don’t forget Lister played the President of the Earth in The 5th Element & a key part in saving a lot of Gotham’s citizens at the end of The Dark Knight. RIP Zeus.

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