Lash LeRoux looks back on training at the WCW Power Plant, labels Disco Inferno a great wrestling mind, recalls his title wins in WCW

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast with Lash LeRoux
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On training at the WCW Power Plant: When I started training at the Power Plant, I was about 19 years old and green as grass. I saw a commercial on television that was advertising that they were doing training there and I just decided to go for it. It was a really tough, military style, multiple day, training camp that started with about 36 guys, that dwindled down to 24 guys, then 16 guys, then at the end of it all it was just me and one other guy who completed the training camp.

On the Disco Inferno: I think Disco Inferno is a great wrestling mind and I think he’s great for the wrestling business and he’s also a great guy. Disco, as cheesy as that character is on paper, man he knew how to get it over. What made him so good was not that he could do every wrestling move in the world, it was that he knew what moves he could do and maximize that. He knew how to put everything together in a creative way and a very entertaining way. He knew how to get heat and how to get over with the fans. Those are the things the fans remember.

On winning the WCW Tag Team Titles and Uncrowned Cruiserweight Champion: It was a huge honor winning the WCW Tag Team Championships, but I was hoping we got a longer run with it. I think we ended up winning it for 30 seconds before losing it right back to Sean O’Haire and Mark Jindrak. We didn’t even know about winning it until we got to the building that day. So I was surprised we won the belt, then surprised we lost them so quickly. It felt more like a high spot in a match than a pivotal moment in my wrestling career, but looking back now I’m honored to have won the belts. You know I was WCW Cruiserweight champion as well, I beat Rey Mysterio one night, and lost it back to him the next. It was never even recognized by the company. Its not in the record books and its not common knowledge.

Other topics include his entire run in WCW, Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo, the WCW Power Plant, whether Rick Steiner really stiffed him on WCW Nitro, WCW selling to the WWE, getting signed by WWE, Vince McMahon, Johnny Ace, HWA, TNA, and more.

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