Bret Hart attacked by a fan at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony (fan footage included)

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Bret Hart was attacked by a fan while accepting the Hart Foundation’s induction. Hart was on stage with Natalya when a fan came up from behind and pulled Hart down. The fan was quickly tackled by Natalya and then countless wrestlers and security.

Powell’s POV: Dot Net Member Brad Mitchell notes that the feed went black and then they cut to a crowd shot, and there were chants of “f— him up” and “asshole” as the man was led off. I’m covering the G1 Supercard event so I can’t provide much else, but the fan footage below has footage that apparently did not air on WWE Network.

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. Somebody buy Dash Wilder a beer.

  2. There’s footage of Dash Wilder popping the dude in the face as he was being dragged off. Wicked nice punch.

  3. I bet they scrap the ring and go back to stage setting for future HOF’s

  4. legit moronic move, I mean what was this guy trying to accomplish in a building and ring surrounded by wrestlers LOL… props to Ronda Rousey’s husband as he pretty much charged the ring like two seconds before that fool got to bret

  5. This was an insane move on the part of the attacker. We may never know his reason (s) assuming he had any for attacking Hart and it wasn’t just an opportunistic attack. Since it was such an insane move maybe the guy isn’t playing with a full deck.

    • I originally thought that the guy had a knife and had stabbed Bret Hart with it. Some people believed it was part of the show to set up a storyline, but they don’t usually kayfabe the Hall Of Fame and everyone seems to be completely out of character while attending the event. We may never know the guy’s reason or reasons for attacking Hart, maybe he’s legitimately insane or it could be he saw an opportunity to get himself on camera and took it. You do kind of have to wonder why he elected to target Bret Hart as opposed to any of the other inductees or presenters.

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