2/8 Moore’s Impact Wrestling TV Review: LAX vs. Lucha Brothers for the Impact Tag Titles, a “major championship announcement” regarding a change in next week’s World Title main event, Willie Mack and Rich Swann vs. OVE, Dark Allie vs. Kiera Hogan, Sami Callihan vs. Puma King

By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling on Pursuit (simulcast on Twitch TV)
Taped January 11-12, 2019 from the Frontón México Entertainment Center in Mexico City, Mexico

A recap of last week’s Impact Wrestling aired followed by the opening intro video…

Josh Mathews and Don Callis were on commentary. Willie Mack is suddenly back! Rich Swann and The Mack made their entrance to start off the show. Josh Mathews hyped a “major championship announcement” on this episode which will have to do with the “Un-Caged” episode of Impact next week…

1. Willie Mack and Rich Swann vs. “OVE” Dave Crist and Jake Crist. No Sami Callihan at ringside to start the match (but Jake Crist was wearing Sami’s gear). OVE blindsided Swann and Mack early on while the faces assumed OVE was doing their entrance. The Crist Brothers then traded quick tags to isolate Swann. Swann fought out of the corner and got the tag to Willie Mack who took down OVE with huracanranas and a lariat. Mack hit both OVE guys with a flip dive. Swann hit OVE with a corkscrew plancha. Jake hit Rich with a Suicide Dive into a DDT. Dave prevented Mack from doing a suicide dive by tripping him and giving him a boot. Jake gave Mack a release suplex on the apron.

In the ring, Dave gave Mack a crossface. Mack got the rope break. The Crist Brothers traded tags to cut the ring in half on Mack this time. Jake knocked Swann off the apron so OVE could double team mack. Dave locked Mack in a leg scissors to the abdominals. Jake ran off of Dave’s back for a slicing roundhouse and Jake followed up on Mack with a German Suplex. More isolation on Mack ensued. Josh noted that Sami Callihan called Jake Crist one of the most underrated wrestlers on the roster and Sami dubbed Jake “The white trash Bruce Lee”. Callis chuckled and said that pretty much sums up Jake.

Callis said he prefers to call Jake “The Trailer Park Jackie Chan”. Mack got a window of opportunity after catching Jake with a crossbody. Mack made it to Rich for the hot tag. Rich Swann cleaned house a bit. Swann hit Jake with a standing Frankennsteiner. He took down Dave with striking combo. Swann hit Jake with a rolling thunder splash. OVE managed to turn the tide by hitting Rich with a spike DDT. Mack hit OVE with a double Stone Cold Stunner while Swann hit OVE with a double Lethal Injection. Mack and Rich hit Jake with an innovative Rock Bottom-Cutter combo. Swann hit Dave with a back hook kick. Swann hit Dave with a second rope 450 for the victory.

Rich Swann and Willie Mack defeated OVe via pinfall in 9:45.

Swann and Mack celebrated their win after the match…

John’s Thoughts: A solid opening match by both teams. The only problem with it was the Crist Brothers complete lack of win-loss credibility which made the outcome extremely predictable and the match a bit unnecessary. On top of that, if the faces were going over I would have given Mack a win because he barely wins in Impact. The drama was also hurt a bit from a light crowd, which is an odd sight during Rich Swann spotfests. While they didn’t forward the Swann-Callihan story directly, I like Callihan’s absence because it reinforces Callihan’s unofficial ceasefire with Swann while also making Callihan a deeper character with independent motives.

Josh Mathews hyped LAX vs. Lucha Brothers for the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championships as the main event of this show…

Josh hyped up the “major championship announcement” for after the commercial… [c]

Impact cut to one of those odd Lucha Brothers backstage promos. Fenix talked about how Lucha Brothers will beat LAX in the town where the Lucha Brothers were born, Mexico City. Fenix said he’s happy to wrestle and win in front of his (and Penta’s) entire family. Fenix said the LBs will win the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championships.

Pentagon started talking (complete with a voice filter and subtitles). Pentagon talked about how Konnan made the right decision to make this championship match. Pentagon said he would have derived a bit of joy from seeing LAX look embarrassed, but Konnan saved them from such embarrassment. Pentagon dedicated the match to Konnan and said they were going to keep the championships within the familia. Pentagon said the only difference is that while it’s staying in the family, Lucha Brothers will be champions in front of their people in Mexico. Pentagon said the Lucha Bros won’t take the fans’ support for granted and they will use that support as strength (ughhhhh, I honestly really miss D-Bag Stone Cold Pentagon. Season 4 of LU was a bit bad, but Pentagon had his best year as their top babyface). Fenix then took over the promo by doing the Lucha Bros’s version of Pentagon’s “Porque Yo soy…” promo. Pentagon ended the promo with “Cero Miedo” while Fenix said “Nada Miedo, Animo”…

John’s Thoughts: A passable promo, but I feel that these over-stylized and underproduced backstage vignettes don’t play to Pentagon’s and Fenix’s promo strengths. Fenix is better when he’s heavily produced, like in a sit-down setting. Pentagon is the opposite and extremely good when allowed to cut his own promos from the heart. Maybe it’s a downside with Penta and Fenix as a tandem. Thank God they’re really really good in the ring to cover up the odd promos. I also still miss edgy A-hole Pentagon from Lucha Underground because he’s very sterilized in Impact.

Josh Mathews and Don Callis checked in from the announce table with Josh announcing the “major championship announcement” for Uncaged. Josh said Johnny vs. Cage was off and will be replaced with Johnny vs. Cage vs. Moose vs. Kross for the Impact Championship in a four way. Josh then hyped up more matches for this episode…

Josh Mathews sent viewers to the “GWN Flashback Match of the week” it was the Lucha Brothers debut in Impact: Austin Aries vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Fenix for the Impact World Championship at Redemption 2018. This was supposed to be Austin Aries vs. Alberto El Patron, but El Patron got himself fired by doing shady El Patron things. Time to fast forward! (They aired about 4 minutes)…

Kiera Hogan was shown doing squats with Jordynne Grace backstage… [c]

Josh Mathews announced Impact’s partnership with the NFL Alumni Association for a collaboration in Las Vegas called the “Caring for Kids” Initiative. Clips were shown of Killer Kross playing golf and doing community service… (what the F? Couldn’t they have sent Moose at least given Moose being a legit NFL alumni?).

John’s Thoughts: Way to Kill the mystique of Killer Kross, but I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t crack up a bit from the clips shown. This reminded me of when WWE would show super-heel Mark Henry or super-heel Stephanie McMahon reading to children and teaching them about anti-bullying. As much as that gave me a chuckle, why would you have your serial killer character out in public playing golf and helping the children (I know he’s a babyface in Vegas, but still. That was an odd scene).

Dark Allie and Su Yung made their entrance. Allie was paranoid and looking under the ring. Josh noted that Allie was looking for Rosemary…

2. Dark Allie (w/Su Yung) vs. Kiera Hogan (w/Jordynne Grace). Callis said he doesn’t like having friends, but if he had to pick anyone to be his friend he would pick Jordynne Grace because of her power. Kiera started the match off on fire with corner dropkicks and hip attacks. Josh plugged Impact’s next twitch show titled “New Beginnings” (they’re using New Japan names now?). Kiera hit a strike combo on Allie and then hit her with a facebuster. Allie sidestepped Kiera but Kiera hit Allie with a back kick. Allie slammed Kiera to the ground and went into ground and pound.

Allie hit Kiera with a basement lariat. Allie got a nearfall on Kiera and then started to slap herself. Allie mounted a methodical sequence of offense. Kiera blocked a codebreaker and hit Kiera with a series of kicks for a two count. Allie hit Kiera with a backstabber. Kiera hit a reverse facebuster on Allie but hit her own head. Su Yung pulled out her “bloody” glove (There’s a Priscilla Kelly Joke in there somewhere, but I’ll stay away from that!). Jordynne Grace prevented Su from using the glove by running her into the ringpost.

Rosemary left the glove in the corner. Allie was about to put on the glove, but instead she started yelling and slapping herself, yelling for Su Yung (?). Josh Mathews said he thinks that Allie thinks Rosemary will appear if she puts on the glove (How did Josh deduce that when that has never been established in this feud? Rosemary just kinda teleports in place of Su with nothing to do with the blood glove.). Kiera Hogan hit Allie with a spinning roundhouse. Kiera hit Allie with a Swinging Fisherman Suplex for the win.

Kiera Hogan defeated Dark Allie via pinfall in 5:18.

John’s Thoughts: That match finish was pretentious and hokey AF. The in-ring was actually pretty good. Allie’s getting better being more serious and Kiera has gotten a lot better since we first saw her in Impact. All five women involved in this program are in the ultimate holding pattern to end all holding patterns. While it’s better than the bad Undead Realm crap, they current have these five women in a feud with no meaning. Why are they even wrestling? I don’t know and I don’t care (and looking at the Twitch comments, a handful of people don’t care either).

Josh Mathews sent things over to “Investigative Reporter Rolando Melenez” to interview Johnny Impact. I think it was Impact’s long time head of live events Rafael Morffi? Rolando said he wanted to ask Johnny a question and then went on to point out all of Johnny’s recent visual defeats to the hands of Cage, Moose, and Kross. Johnny pointed out that Rolando didn’t ask a question in there. Rolando said he wanted to know Johnny’s thoughts on the title match announcement. Johnny said no one told him anything.

Rolando informed Johnny of next week’s title match change to a four way. Rolando proved it with his smartphone. Johnny was angry that Rolando gave him the news in a hotel lobby. Johnny kicked his luggage over in anger. Brian Cage walked up to Johnny at the hotel and mocked Johnny over the feeling of being screwed. Cage said he’d see Johnny next week… [c]

John’s Thoughts: Are they not doing multiple takes with Johnny in Mexico because we’ve gotten two really awkward promos in a row with Johnny? I know he can be a bit of an awkward person, but during his title run his awkwardness came off as charming and relatable. The awkward last two weeks makes Johnny look like he’s doing bad line-reading. And why are they bringing back Rafael Morffi as an on air character? Last time we saw him he was a part of Jeff Jarrett’s authority figure brigade back in 2017.

Dark Allie and Su Yung were shown slowly walking around backstage with Allie constantly saying “she’s here”. The cheap Adobe After Effects filters flashed on the screen and suddenly the words “The witching is upon us. Don’t say we didn’t warn you… -R” were written in chalk on a broken table backstage. There was also a plastic skull mask on top of the table. Allie acted distressed…

John’s Thoughts: So they’ve run out of their cinematic budget and have resorted to just doing cheap effects with the roving interview cam. This company really is starting to feel hopeless. As for the story, they are really botching the return of Rosemary and killing the intrigue behind Rosemary’s long layoff.

An ad aired for Impact Wrestling’s United We Stand Twitch special. Josh talked about how the “Former TNA Champion” announced (a lot of people thought it was supposed to be Austin Aries) was Rob Van Dam. Josh talked about the main event being RVD and Sabu vs. Lucha Brothers…

Gama Singh cut one of his usual boring ass promos for Rohit Raju. Raj Singh was there too…

3. Rohit Raju (w/Gama Singh, Raj Singh) vs. Trey Miguel (w/Dezmond Xavier, Zachary Wentz). Trey eluded Rohit early on. Trey danced to mock Rohit. Josh wondered if Gama hates the Rascalz due to them being Millenials. Callis said he thinks its more that that and that the Rascalz are also hated due to them relying on high flying moves and nothing else. Rohit pounded Trey in the corner. Rohit mocked the Rascalz hand thing. Callis noted that Rohit is trying to get up to Gama Singh’s level in popularity in India, or at least Sonjay Dutt (who has appeared on 205 Live recently as a backstage producer).

Rohit dominated Trey with chain wrestling. Trey grounded Rohit with some chain wrestling of his own. Rohit ended the chain wrestling with a slap to Trey’s head. Trey mocked Rohit by making Rohit flinch. Trey hit Rohit with a knee. Trey took Rohit outside with a dropkick to the side of the head. Rohit countered with a palm to prevent Trey from hitting a rising palm. Rohit hit Trey with an Impaler DDT on the apron. Rohit distracted the ref which allowed Raj to get a cheap shot in. Rohit followed up with a running lariat on Trey. Trey hit Rohit with palm strikes. Rohit responded with CQC. Trey dodged the next CQC sequence with a matrix dodge.

Rohit hit Trey with an elbow drop to the back of the head. Trey hooked the leg to block a suplex. Trey used a backflip to set himself up for and hit a double stomp on the back of Rohit. Both men traded strikes. Trey hit Rohit with a Tiger Feint Kick. Trey hit Rohit with a Scorpion Kick and Cutter for a nearfall. Rohit eluded Trey and hit Trey with a Final Cut into a Falcon Arrow for a two count.

Rohit countered the Scorpion Kick with a knee and and a running knee to the back of Trey’s head for a two count. Raj tried to add another distruction but the Rascalz pulled him down and gave him stereo superkicks. The Rascalz then scared Gama to a corner. Callis said that Gama might get another heart attack. Trey trapped Rohit on the top rope for a Tiger Feint Kick. Trey hit Rohit with a top rope meteora for the pinfall victory.

Trey Miguel defeated Rohit Raju via pinfall in 8:46.

Zach and Dez joined Trey in the ring after the match to help him up…

John’s Thoughts: A good match that kinda had me bored a bit due to the extremely predictable outcome. Rohit Raju continues to shine because he dominated and out-wrestled Trey throughout the match. Compound that with Trey being a pretty good wrestler, but it’s odd that they’ve decided to make Trey the designated singles wrestler of the group when Dezmond Xavier and even Zachary Wentz have looked better in singles matches than Trey has so far (Dez was someone that Jeff Jarrett couldn’t help but give constant praise publicly to). All in all, it looks like Rohit Raju may be the new Trevor Lee in terms of underutilization.

They aired a quick video package to hype the AAA wrestlers in next week’s “World Cup” tag team match. The four wrestlers on AAA were Psycho Clown, Puma King, El Hijo Del Vikingo, and Aerostar… [c]

A Scarlett Bordeux promo aired. She hyped her debut for Las Vegas (they’re taping next Friday and next week’s airing is a Mexico show)…

Sami Callihan made his entrance for the next match against local star Puma King…

4. Sami Callihan vs. Puma King. Josh noted that Puma King calls himself “The Coolest Cat”. Sami Callihan attacked Puma before the bell, thus calling for the bell (do all Impact matches start off with blindside attacks?). Puma was able to take off his outer gear after the ref separated them. Puma hit Sami with a flapjack into a superkick. Puma then hit Sami with a delayed vertical suplex. Puma hit Sami with a Tope Con Hilo. Puma chopped Callihan in front of the fans. Callis wondered if it was smart to chop Callihan on his protective vest. Callis said it would be more effective to hit Callihan in the face.

Callihan used the child referee as a meat shield. Callihan hit Puma with a thumb to the eye and tornado DDT. Callihan took off the vest zipper to make it easier to breathe. Callihan hit Puma with a sit-out power bomb. Callihan tried to rip off Puma’s mask. Callihan also hawked a loogie at the crowd. Puma tried to take Callihan down but Callihan hit Puma with a right hand. Callihan went back at the mask. Sami hocked a loogie in his hand and ate the loogie leading to a chop on Puma. Callis noted that Sami did that to gross out the crowd. Sami put Puma in the Tree of Woe.

Puma escaped the corner by innovating a Frankensteiner on Callihan. Puma then hit Callihan with a missile dropkick. Callihan went to ringside to recover. Puma went for a splash outside, but then slammed his own head on the ground and missed Sami. [c]

John’s Thoughts: By the way, during the commercials on Twitch, they’ve been cutting into the live Skype call between Josh Mathews and Don Callis. Don Callis is currently in Japan while Josh is in his living room. It’s live because they are naming off the new $5 subscribers.

Josh noted that not only did Puma hit his head, but he is favoring the knee from the crash and burn. Sami slammed Puma several times into the corner of the ring. Sami hit Puma with a pump kick while Puma was trapped in the apron. Puma and Callihan had a strong style chop sequence. Callihan gave Puma a thumb to the eye. Both men traded power moves. Puma grounded Sami with a jump kick. Josh noted that Sami has some blood coming from chest. Puma rolled up and stomped Callihan. Puma ripped off some of his fur and blew it in the air. Puma countered Callihan and hit Callihan with a rough looking Blue Thunder Bomb.

Puma hit a boot and smash. Callihan came back with a shortarm lariat for a two count. Callihan jawed with the Mexican fans. Callihan tore off his gauntlets. Puma reversed a pile driver. Puma escaped and went for La Magistral but Callihan got his hand on the bottom rope. Callihan caught Puma with a power bomb. Both men traded rollup pin attempts. Callihan reversed a Sunset Flip into his own pile driver for the win.

Sami Callihan defeated Puma King via pinfall in 13:56 of TV Time.

Josh noted that this was a statement win for “Team Impact”. Josh also noted that Sami Callihan doesn’t care about momentum for “Team Impact” (neither do I, nor should anyone else)…

John’s Thoughts: A good match on Sami Callihan’s end. Sami’s usually the best and making the best out of a bad situation and he’s made himself look good in a longer match. The guy could use good clean wins because he is one of the more credible wrestlers on the roster. I’m not too familiar with Puma’s work and he came off a bit too much like a comedy wrestler with the fur and goofy ring gear. At least he’s better than Psycho Clown. So far, it’s tough to feel excited for this “World Cup” only involving two random teams. The Jeff Jarrett regime handled this World Cup much better with the “World X Cup” Tournament a few year ago which had character development, good matches, and representatives from the USA, Mexico, Canada, and Japan.

A Taya Valkyrie vs. Tessa Blanchard hype video aired… [c]

An ad aired for Impact Wrestling’s Rebellion PPV on April 28…

Eli Drake met with Eddie Edwards and “Kenny” backstage. Drake talked to Eddie about how Eddie didn’t need Kenny last week and it allowed Drake to get the job done. Edwards told Drake to let him and “Kenny” do their own business together next week. Drake begged Edwards to bring back the “old Eddie Edwards” that was a tag and world champion. Drake said the old Eddie is the key to Team Impact winning against Team AAA next week. Drake told “Kenny” sorry and left…

Josh Mathews and Don Callis checked in from ringside. Josh ran through next week’s “Uncaged” card. Josh also advertised that next week Sami Callihan “reveals all” in regards to Rich Swann…

Melissa Santos interviewed Killer Kross and Moose. Kross was back to wearing a business shirt and trenchcoat (he was oddly wearing a T-Shirt last week. Moose wore a shirt, beanie, and scarf. Melissa wanted Kross’s thoughts on the four-way. Kross said that the match is in Kross and Moose’s favor and that it’s hilarious. Moose said it’s so unfair for Cage and Johnny because Moose and Kross are a team. Moose said to not forget that Moose blocked Tom Brady’s blindside. Moose then said that he and Kross will cover each other’s blindside. Moose said it doesn’t matter who wins because they both win.

Moose said if Kross wins the belt they can keep the belt in Moose’s trophy case. This caused Kross to squint in confusion. Moose said that if Moose wins they can keep the belt in Moose’s trophy case. Melissa was visably laughing. Moose said that as co-World Champions they won’t have to chase after girls like Melissa Santos because the girls will be running after them. Moose said that Bill Belichick always told him that there’s no “I” in “team”. Kross said Belichick’s analogy is good, but Kross prefers the Aseop Fable of the Frog and The Scorpion. Moose agreed with Kross that the Frog and the Scorpion was a good analogy (despite Kross essentially saying that he’s going to stab Moose in the back given hoow the fable ends). Moose told Melissa to call him…

Josh Mathews hyped next week’s World Title main event as well as the Tag Team main event on this episode… [c]

John’s Thoughts: More heel Moose greatness. The segment was made even greater with Kross playing the straight man. I liked Kross using an Aseop Fable in the end to tell Moose that it’s inevitable that he’s going to stab Moose in the back and Moose agreeing along kindly because he doesn’t know about the literature. Bringing up Tom Brady by Moose was a smart move given the Super Bowl winner(even though this was taped before the Super Bowl, it’s usually an easy bet to bet on Belichick). Moose was so good in the segment that Melissa Santos couldn’t help but smile throughout the interview.

Back from the break, they were showing the entrance ramp where the viewers got a traditional Chinese Lion Dance. Good timing because Chinese New Year was three days ago (February 6). It was a good Lion Dance performance. Oddly though, this was supposed to be for Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix who came out after the Lion Dance was over. Josh Mathews pointed out that Mexico was fully behind Pentagon and Fenix…

John’s Thoughts: What? I like big time elaborate entrances, but that was perplexing. It’s appropriate, because Chinese New Year was on February 6. Xin Nian Kuai Le to ya’ll, but after Pentagon and Fenix cut a promo about having all of the power of Mexico behind them, they end up having the most Chinese of Chinese ring entrances? Are Pentagon and Fenix secretly part Chinese like me or was this just the most random thing ever?

5. “The Latin American XChange” Santana and Ortiz (w/Konnan) vs. “The Lucha Brothers” Pentagon Jr. and Fenix. Fenix attacked Ortiz with a dropkick before the bell, which meant it was time to ring the bell (every match this episode started off like this). Pentagon and Fenix tried to go for their finisher early with a superkick into a Pentagon Driver but Santana no-sold the superkick and hit Pentagon with an armdrag. Santana used Ortiz’s back as a footstool for a Moonsault on Fenix, but Pentagon caught a flying Santana mid-air with a thrust kick. Pentagon hit Ortiz with a Codebreaker and Fenix followed up with a stomp to the back of Ortiz.

The Lucha Brothers went for their Wheelbarrow slam move, but Santana caught Pentagon with an Ace Crusher. Many quick moves ensued. Santana and Pentagon cleared the ring for a solo standoff. Pentagon did his “Cero Miedo Puto!” pie-face at Santana which Santana responded with a kick. Fenix grazed Santana with a Slicing Sobat. Ortiz hit Fenix with strikes. Santana cleared Fenix from the ring with a tackle. Pentagon and Ortiz traded chops. Santana jumped over Ortiz to hit Pentagon with a cross body. Fenix took himself and LAX down with a slingshot dropkick. [c]

Fenix caught Ortiz with a rising palm strike in the corner. Fenix caught Ortiz in the back of the neck with a top rope double stomp. Ortiz caught Fenix with a TKO. Ortiz planed Fenix with a spinebuster to leave both men lying. Pentagon and Santana tagged in. Santana dared Pentagon and pie faced Pentagon. Pentagon and Santana had a Japanese Strong Style chop sequence. Both men traded superkicks. Santana hit Pentagon with a Rock Bottom for a two count. Santana went for an armdrag, but Pentagon hooked Santana’s arm and hit him with a Pentagon Driver for the two count.

Santana avoided a Spike Fear Factor attempt. Ortiz rolled up Santana so Santana could hit both opponents with a double cutter (Trust me, I typed that correctly). LAX hit Fenix with a reverse Thunder Valley for the two count. LAX hit Fenix with the Street Sweeper finisher but Pentagon broke up the subsequent pin. Pentagon tried to Cero Miedo both opponents but LAX kicked him down. Fenix recovered. Pentagon hit Ortiz with a Sling Blade. Fenix hit Santana with the Slicing Sobat. Lucha Brothers hit Santana with their Spike Fear Factor finisher. Fenix took out Ortiz. Santana kicked out at two for a great nearfall.

Pentagon hit Santana with the Fear Factor finisher. Santana kicked out! Fenix spiked Santana with a spike reverse Frankendriver. Fenix made sure to keep Ortiz at bay with a kick and Suicide Tope Con Hilo. Lucha Brothers hit Santana with the Spike Fear Factor for the victory.

The Lucha Brothers defeated The Latin American XChange via pinfall in 10:41 of TV Time to become the new Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions.

Highlights aired which included Santana kicking out of a lot of finishers. Josh announced that Fenix and Pentagon won the tag titles for the first time during their stint in Impact. Santana was irate and was shoving Ortiz and Konnan out of frustration. LAX settled down and gave Fenix and Pentagon a honorable handshake. Pentagon and Fenix accepted, but Ortiz and Santana didn’t let go to boil up some tension. Santana and Ortiz acted aggresive to show that they’re looking fowarard to their next match. Impact Wrestling closed with Fenix and Pentagon Jr. standing tall with the tag titles. The child referee guy yelled at Fenix to make sure he was celebrating at the hard camera. Pentagon and Fenix held up their titles in celebration as Josh Mathews closed the episode by hyping next week’s Uncaged show…

John’s Thoughts: LAX vs. Lucha Brothers are like a well cooked steak. Last time we got a good New York Strip cut and this time we got the T-Bone steak. As a person who loves steak, just keep giving me more. These matches are great. The match wasn’t 100% flawless and the complaint I can see come out of this match is the no selling of finishers. I would argue that the no-sells worked to really put Santana over strong because the guy kept kicking out of the finishers of two great singles main eventers. That said, I can understand the argument against it when you take into account that this match only went about 10 minutes of on air time. What I really liked in this match especially was Pentagon and Fenix scrambling to break up nearfalls. This match reminded me of some of those great Revival vs. American Alpha match we used to get (except this match had no heels). Great stuff, and here’s hoping for a 20+ minute match from these two someday. Hell, Santana has credibility now. Give me Pentagon vs. Santana! Give me Ortiz vs. Fenix! Mix that up.

Anyway, the rest of the show was pretty middling. Not as good top to bottom as some recent shows, but not horrible either. The main event was straight up fire though and you should go out of your way to see that. I did see on Twitter that Rey Fenix might have suffered a serious injury at an indie show on Friday (?). Here’s hoping it wasn’t serious, especially with Lucha Brothers vs. Young Bucks coming up. Impact even just announced Lucha Brothers vs. RVD and Sabu for April. Again, prayers to Fenix because those are some hot matches coming up.

Check below for the new Pro Wrestling Boom with Jason Powell and Will Pruett discussing the All Elite Wrestling rally in Las Vegas, the potential fallout from the partnership with Mexico’s AAA promotion, Kenny Omega signing, and much more.


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