9/20 Moore’s Impact Wrestling TV Review: First night of the tapings from Mexico City, Austin Aries vs. El Texano Jr. for the Impact World Championship, The Lucha Brothers vs. Matt Sydal and Rich Swann, Faby Apache vs. Alisha Edwards

By John Moore, Prowrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling on PopTV
Taped April 13-14 from the Frontón México Entertainment Center in Mexico City, Mexico

The opening teaser focused on OVE’s feud with Cage and the Lucha Brothers, Konnan trying to avenge Richie, and the episode-long story of Fallah Bahh’s world title opportunity…

Lucha Underground’s resident time traveling power ranger Aerostar made his entrance and he was teaming up with Laredo Kid and some guy I have no clue of. Time to go to Impact’s YouTube. After some quick research I found out that this guy’s name is El Hijo Del Vikingo (The Son of the Viking?). Aerostar brought his aerosol can and a lighter to the ring to shoot off a makeshift flamethrower. He also wore his light up suit…

Josh Mathews and Don Callis were on commentary. Josh welcomed viewers to Impact’s first taping in Mexico. Don Callis said “Buenas Nochas Mi Amigo”. Josh said Don was fully immersing himself into the Mexican culture. Josh Also made sure to plug “Comda Presents” Bound for Glory…

John’s Thoughts: Random Aerostar story, I was at a Lucha Underground taping and there, somehow, his lighter didn’t disengage, and he accidentally started to set the ring on fire. Luckily, I think it was PWG referee Rick Knox who saw the fire forming in the corner and stomped it out before it grew more than a feet wide. Thank god for Rick Knox.

1. “OVE” Jake Crist, Dave Crist, and Sami Callihan vs. Aerostar, Laredo Kid, and El Hijo Del Vikingo in a Lucha Rules Trios match? Sami and Laredo started off the match. Josh Mathews noted that Aerostar and Laredo Kid wrestled in Impact before. Laredo used his agility to avoid Dave. Jake got in and caught Laredo with savate kicks. Aerostar came in and hit an armdrag on Jake. I think this is Lucha Libre rules since there are no tags. Vikingo came in and hit Sami with a Kalisto-like handstand into a gamengiri. Sami took down Vikingo with a simple but effective pump kick.

John’s Thoughts: Another random aside. I always said that Lars Sullivan looks like Sami Callihan if Callihan got shot by gamma rays. Now that Sami’s bald, Sami really looks like a mini Lars Sullivan.

Vikingo caught Sami with a slingshot huracanrana. Vikingo tried to hit OVE with a Tope Con Hilo but OVE caught Vikingo and power bombed him on the apron. Aerostar got on the shoulders of Laredo on the top rope and took down OVE with a splash. Laredo hit OVE with a tuck moonsault. Vikingo hit everyone with a Shooting Star Press. Laredo and Sami paired off. Sami hit Laredo with an inside-out lariat. Sami and Dave threw Laredo into a Jake Crist savate kick. Vikingo tagged in and hit Jake with a kick. Jake came back with a power slam and kick to the back of Vikingo’s head.

Sami Callihan hit Vikingo with a Sister Abagail for a two count. Vikingo escaped his corner by hitting Jake with a seated senton so he can get the hot tag to Aerostar. Aerostar used Dave as a springboard to hit Jake and Sami with a double cutter. Aerostar hit Dave with a slingshot codebreaker. Vikingo hit Dave with a shooting star. Laredo almost slipped but he managed to get his balance and hit a 450. Josh Mathews said that Laredo might have tripped because Impact rings are wider than Mexican rings. The luchadores counted to three and ran right into triple tombstones by OVE. All three luchadores kicked out of the pin attempt. OVE hit Vikingo with the triple team All Seeing Eye for the win.

OVE defeated Aerostar, Laredo Kid, and El Hijo Del Vikingo via pinfall in 8:20.

Josh Mathews recapped the final moments of the match…

John’s Thoughts: Nothing too special there, but that’s not a bad thing. This was just simple lucha libre fun. It was confusing that people were just allowed to run in even if they didn’t tag, but sometimes they would tag in? I guess it was Lucha Libre rules?

Matt Sydal ran into Rich Swann backstage and tried to sell him on his third eye hippy crap. Sydal said they were supposed to have a singles match with each other but a “divine transmission” told him they were now teaming up as a tag team. Rich Swann complained that they had this singles match all planned out. Sydal said they were having a match against one of the best tag teams in Mexico, the Lucha Brothers. Sydal said that sounds like a good match but Sydal better not mess things up with his third eye crap (hey! Rich and I are on the same page there). Rich told Sydal to try to keep up… [c]

Tessa Blanchard entered the women’s locker room and yelled at a masked female luchador to grab her bags and not put them where a champion is supposed to sit. Tessa bullied the unnamed luchadora out of the locker room. As Tessa sat down she was confronted by AAA Legend Faby Apache who spoke in Spanish. Tessa responded with a “que”. Faby (in Spanish) asked Tessa what her problem was coming into Mexico and disrespecting everyone. Tessa said “around here” Tessa is the champion. Tessa said she’ll leave to a better locker room. Tessa left and Faby said that around here they are supposed to respect each other…

John’s Thoughts: The first match I ever saw of Taya Valkyrie was when she defeated Faby Apache for the AAA Women’s Championship in a really bloody and brutal brawl. From what I remember, she isn’t the smoothest of wrestlers, but she put on one hell of a match with Taya.

Josh Mathews and Don Callis checked in from their commentary table. Don Callis comically wore his Bound for Glory hat over his headset. Josh Mathews talked about how Tessa was disrespecting a legend like Faby Apache. Don Callis said Tessa doesn’t respect anyone other than Tessa. Josh Mathews announced Austin Aries vs. El Texano Jr. for the Impact World Championship. Don Callis said there might be an upset since Aries might be more distracted with Johnny Impact. Josh Mathews plugged the cap on Don’s head as something you can get for free on Comda.com…

John’s Thoughts: I just looked this one up for you guys. Comda.com is an ad company that creates company swag for companies (pens, business cards, hats, etc.). Josh is right, if you use their promo code you will get a free cap or beanie where you just have to pay 9.99 shipping. The beanie looks pretty nice but I’m not buying one, sorry. I would, but I wonder what people would think if I’m on a train in San Francisco and I’m wearing a hat that randomly says “Bound for Glory”.

Eli Drake made his entrance. Josh Mathews said Drake was continuing his “Open Challenge”. Eli Drake cut the exact same promo he usually cuts with some Spanglish thrown in. Trevor Lee took Drake up on the challenge as he dragged the child referee guy to the ring. …

John’s Thoughts: Ugh… Can Trevor ask for his release already? Andrew Everett knew what’s up.

2. Eli Drake vs. Trevor Lee. Drake stomped a mudhole in Lee to start the match. Lee turned the tables and taunted the crowd for a bit. Josh Mathews threw in another comda plug. Trevor went for his signature apron punt, but Drake tripped him. Don Callis talked about how Trevor Lee lacks brain power. Lee hit Drake with a flapjack and backbreaker. Don Callis brought up the question as to why Drake is not going after world titles. Lee caught Drake with a lariat and a front kick. Drake countered with a hair pull and power slam. Lee countered the Gravy Train by rolling up Drake with a hand full of tights to no avail. Drake hit the Gravy Train on Lee for the victory.

Eli Drake defeated Trevor Lee via pinfall in 3:38.

John’s Thoughts: Same story, different week. Trevor Lee continues to be wasted and Eli Drake is buried in the comedy undercard of Impact for some reason. I mentioned before that Impact has a real problem finding main event babyfaces, yet they bury two potential candidates right in front of our eyes right here.

The show cut to an Eddie Kingston and OGz clubhouse segment. Homicide talked about how he doesn’t like this place and that this place looked like trash. Kingston said what’s more important right now is making K-Dawg and the LAX Young Boy Marks to break the ceasefire. Kingston mocked Luchadores for doing arm drags and flips. Kingston said he was going to show people how it’s done with a spinning backfist. Kingston said he was going to not do flying gimmicks and just straight violence. Homicide ended the promo with his usual “Brrrrrrrryat”… [c]

Eddie Kingston, Homicide, and Hernandez made their entrance. King’s opponent was Kronus. Before the bell Kingston asked for a handshake, but that was just to allow Hernandez to get a cheap shot in while Homicide hit Kronus with a cutter. Hernandez intimidated the child referee guy to ring the bell…

3. Eddie Kingston vs. Kronus. After the bell, Eddie Kingston hit Kronus with a spinning backfist for the win.

Eddie Kingston defeated Kronus via pinfall in 0:15.

Kingston yelled out and asked where was Konnan and LAX? Kingston continued to try to goad LAX into breaking their ceasefire. Kingston said LAX were cowards. King said OGz currently “run it”. Homicide picked up the mic so he can sneak in a “brrrrrryat” thing… [c]

John’s Thoughts: More simple and effective stuff from Kingston. This guy is so good during his current Impact run…

Santana was ranting to Konnan and Ortiz about being disrespected by Kingston and the OGz. Santana asked “Carlos”, “Where is your heart?”. Ortiz talked about how they took care of Decay and OVE in past battles. Ortiz said doing nothing is not what they do. Konnan said he has been stabbed, shot, burned, kidnapped, double crossed, and left for dead. Konnan said he showed those three ungrateful hoes how to play the game and they played themselves. Konnan talked about what the mob boss guys do if they break the ceasefire. Konnan said they get a 50-gallon drum of acid to make people disappear. Konnan said that it’s real clean with no traces. Konnan said he’s just gonna wait for October 15 at New York City, Santana’s home town, to kick King’s uterus into the next generation in a “Concrete Jungle Match”. Santana was happy that they were bringing thing back to the block. LAX were hyped up as Konnan led the Hasta La Muerte Y Despues catchphrase…

John’s Thoughts: So, a “Concrete Jungle Match” must translate to “New York Street Fight” which is probably no different from a [fill in the bank] street fight or a 5150 street fight. At least we know Monster’s Ball matches involve Abyss and Mexican Death Matches involve piñatas and legos.

Alisha Edwards made her entrance first. Her opponent was Faby Apache who had her long hair cut off…

John’s Thoughts: Last time I saw Faby, she had a full head of long hair. I’m assuming she lost a hair vs. hair match sometime recently in AAA?

4. Alisha Edwards vs. Faby Apache. Josh Mathews did his weekly Pop TV plug for the original Karate Kid. Alisha and Faby had a traditional chain wrestling stalemate to start the match. Faby teased a test of strength but it turned into a strong style exchange. Faby hit Alisha with a basement dropkick. Don Callis joked that Eddie Edwards was not Alisha’s ex-husband. Faby locked Alisha in a surfboard. Faby yelled “Viva Mexico”. Josh Mathews went into his weekly Chris Jericho Cruise ad. Alisha gained control and hit some punches on Faby.

Alisha got a rollup on Faby for a two count. Faby caught Alisha with a standing leg thrust. Alisha locked Faby in an octopus hold. Don Callis noted that the move doesn’t look like it hurts much due to Alisha not weighing much. Faby got the rope break. Alisha hit Faby with an ugly looking flatliner for a two count. Faby shrugged off Alisha’s crossbody and beat Alisha with a sitout power bomb for the victory.

Faby Apache defeated Alisha Edwards via pinfall in 5:08.

Josh Mathews brought a translator to the ring to conduct an interview with Faby Apache. Josh Mathews constantly struggled to make sure Faby was standing in the right position for the cameras. Faby talked about how she’s here in Impact to represent her legendary family worldwide. Faby said she wants to face the cocky Tessa Blanchard to a match. Josh Mathews congratulated Faby for her victory…

John’s Thoughts: Impact really needs to find better enhancement wrestlers than Alisha Edwards and Rebel. Alisha is much better in the ring than Rebel, but she doesn’t do a good job making her opponents look good due to her looking inexperienced herself. Faby was never the greatest in the ring but I saw her have some good matches in the past. They probably should have also given Faby a video package because I’m pretty sure most Impact viewers don’t know who the hell Faby Apache is and why her family is legendary.

McKenzie Mitchell is suddenly back! El Texano Jr. was also back! McKenzie interviewed El Texano Jr. (which translates to “The Texan Jr”) about his world title match in the main event. Texano said “welcome to Mexico” to Aries. Texano said while Aries has Killer Kross and Moose to beat Texano up, Texano has two partners too. A fist and bullrope. Texano said he will have the title on his shoulder and he will ride his horse into the sunset as the Impact World Champion… [c]

Scarlett Bordeaux was shown rubbing her body backstage. She also wore a dog collar and devil ear hair band. Scarlett said she’ll have an announcement next week…

Rich Swann made his entrance first followed by Matt Sydal. Fenix made his entrance by himself as he carried the AAA Mega Championship to the ring (Fenix defeated Jeff Jarrett a few weeks ago for the title).Josh Mathews ran through the title history of the Lucha Brothers as singles wrestlers. Don Callis talked about Kenny Omega vs. Pentagon Jr. at All In. Don Callis also thought the match was for the IWGP Championship (which I’m pretty sure it wasn’t). The crowd showered Pentagon with “Cero Miedo” chants and air horns…

5. “The Lucha Brothers” Pentagon Jr. and Fenix vs. Rich Swann and Matt Sydal. Josh Mathews went into his comda hat plug. Fenix blocked a Swann flip with a tiger feint kick. Swann no-sold a Lethal Injection. Both men had a stalemate after flip counters. Pentagon and Sydal tagged in. Sydal kept pointing hat his forehead. Pentagon did his Cero Miedo thing at Sydal. Sydal responded with the words “Third eye”. Pentagon responded with “Cero Miedo Puto”. Sydal said “tercero ojo” (third eye). After more Cero Miedo, Pentagon hit Sydal with a kick and got the upper hand with his kick.

Sydal caught Pentagon with a rolling sobat. Fenix tagged in and they hit Sydal with kicks. Fenix hit Sydal with a cutter. Fenix hit Swann with a slicing sobat and assisted stomp. Fenix caught Sydal with a superkick. Pentagon gave Fenix a code red onto the body of Sydal for a two count. Sydal stopped Penta’s “Cero Miedo” thing with a low kick. Sydal and Pentagon had a kick exchange that Sydal won. Sydal got a two count. Swann tagged in and hit an innovative slingshot cannonball. Swann worked on the back of Pentagon. Swann and Sydal isolated Pentagon in their corner. Pentagon got out of the corner with kicks and tagged in Fenix.

Fenix hit both opponents with a double Lethal Injection. Swann pulled Pentagon off the apron but Fenix hit everyone with a corkscrew plancha flip thing. Fenix took down Sydal with a superkick. Pentagon caught Fenix after Swann kicked him off the apron. Swann hit the Lucha Brothers with a Triangle Phoenix Splash. [c]

Fenix hit Sydal with a crossbody but Sydal countered the next move with a power bomb. Fenix hit Sydal with the slicing sobat. Sydal countered with a high knee. Swann and Sydal got the Lucha Brothers on the top rope and hit them with stereo frankensteiners. Sydal then tried to play coach to no avail. Fenix then hit Swann with a double stomp and Pentagon hit Sydal with a Fear Factor on the apron. Fenix hit Swann with the Kinniku Buster Driver for the victory.

The Lucha Brothers defeated Rich Swann and Matt Sydal via pinfall in 8:57 of TV Time.

Josh Mathews talked about how this match built momentum for the Lucha Brothers. Sami Callihan and the Crist Brothers surrounded the ring. Brian Cage ran into the ring to even the odds. Don Callis said that Cage looks jacked. Sami Callihan left the ring and did his thumbs up thing. Pentagon did the Cero Miedo thing. Cage’s theme played…

John’s Thoughts: The match was fine, but I can’t say I’m looking forward to the Bound for Glory trios match because I feel that it’s wasting the talents of all three babyfaces. Remember the babyface problem Impact has? Cage, Penta, Fenix? Ugh! Another problem from this is have they gotten rid of the X-Division temporarily because they call the division the Cornerstone of Impact, yet it’s gone from their biggest PPV of the year? As I also mentioned, Fenix and Pentagon are way better as singles stars than as a tag team.

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Austin Aries, Moose, and Killer Kross. Moose stood out the most with an upside down pink cap, sunglasses, and a paint splattered shirt that looked like a Unicorn threw up on it. Austin Aries cut off McKenzie telling her “why are you back? I thought you got fired?”. Aries said that he doesn’t know why McKenzie is back but he does know that he has to face El Texano which he found out translates to “The Texan”. Aries wondered why he has to wrestle “The Texan” in Mexico? Aries talked about how there was nobody left because Eddie Edwards and Fallah Bahh are gone. Aries said that Johnny Impact is out there gone looking for a new name. Aries said they had to dig deep in the well to find someone from another country.

Aries said that El Texano is the real deal and he’s trying to fill his legendary father’s boots. Aries said Texano isn’t going to make a name on the account of Aries. Aries said he’s the best in the world at what he does. Aries and Kross left the scene. Moose randomly wanted to take a selfie with McKenzie Mitchell and McKenzie for some reason went into overacting mode and acted like Moose was about to kill her or something. (no wonder they replaced her with Alicia Atout. I’m kidding!).

John’s Thoughts: Heel Moose is awesome! Heel Austin is awesome too! I got a chuckle knowing that Aries also finds it funny (just like Will Pruett and I in our Lucha Underground reviews) that there exists a wrestler that calls himself “The Texan Jr”. The best part of that promo was him attacking McKenzie with verbal jabs.

The Desi Hit Squad duo were shown getting massages backstage. Rohit Raju acted like a goofball and was super eager to face LAX next week. Gursinder Singh said something in Indian. Gama Singh walked into the scene yelling at Raju and Singh while carrying a mop. Gama said some things in Punjabi (?). Gama then forced Rohit and Gursinder to train in front of him. Gama teased slapping them but instead gave them a handshake for good luck. Gursinder and Rohit responded with “by any means necessary”…

John’s Thoughts: Yep… They’re just the Indian version of Cult of Lee, and Rohit Raju is just an Indian Trevor. Completely wasted talent.

The latest Joe Hendry music video aired. It was a song about Joe’s best friend Grado. Hendry sung it in the form of a late 90s boy band song. At the end of the song Hendry said that Grado may not be his absolute best friend, but rather in his top three friends list. Since I’m a fan of late 90s boy bands, I approve…

It was time for this week’s Global Wrestling Network match of the week which was Matt Bentley vs. Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams in an Ultimate X Match at Bound for Glory 2005. Scott D’Amore was roaming around at ringside. I fast forwarded about two minutes and they didn’t show the finish. That’s okay with me…

A highlight package aired about Allie saving Tessa from being put in a coffin… [c]

Josh Mathews and Don Callis checked in on commentary. Josh said KM couldn’t make the trip to Mexico due to recovering from the Austin Aries attack from last week. Mathews announced Tessa Blanchard vs. Faby Apache, Cage vs. Jake Crist, LAX vs. Desi Hit, and Allie and Kiera Hogan vs. Su Yung and UDMOH (The Undead Maid of Honor, and yes, they made an acronym for it) Squad for next week…

Josh Mathews introduced the next inductee to the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame. It was Chris “Abyss” Parks…

They aired an Abyss Hall of Fame video package which showed Chris’s career from his “Chris Justice” Days to his run with Crazzy Steve and Rosemary in Decay…

John’s Thoughts: You would probably think that Impact would want to induct someone like Storm or Styles but they just aren’t available. Abyss is definitely deserving of the honor. It should also be noted that Abyss is probably the first “Impact Wrestling original” to be inducted because every other inductee made a huge name for themselves in WCW or WWE. Abyss was called the “John Cena of TNA” at one point by Hulk Hogan. While I wouldn’t go that far Abyss is a hard worker and he literally destroyed his body for this company. Abyss also deserves a lot of credit for stretching out his career a lot longer with his runs in Decay and Joseph Park. Joseph Park in particular is probably his best character.

El Texano Jr. made his entrance first carrying his bullrope to the ring. He also took a Mexican Flag from a fan so he can hold it up in the center of the ring. Josh Mathews ran through Texano’s AAA and LU history. Austin Aries, Moose, and Killer Kross made their entrance. Again Moose steals the show wearing his paint splatter shirt and rocking out to Austin’s theme music. Don Callis asked Josh what the hell Moose was wearing? Don said it looks like some sort of onesie. Josh Mathews said it’s called a romper (which is a female one piece casual suit. Moose is wearing a male version of it). Don said that was ridiculous. Josh Mathews said he couldn’t help but notice that Moose was wearing a diamond football necklace…

John’s Thoughts: This is great. Moose goes from babyface dumbass to being the best part of this show. He’s kinda like a giant black Kyle O’Reilly. This is going to be a highlight of the show every week. Seeing what kind of outrageous clothing Moose wears any given week.

6. Austin Aries (w/Killer Kross, Moose) vs. El Texano Jr. for the Impact World Championship. Josh Mathews noted that Texano has the size advantage (doesn’t everyone?). Don Callis said he likes that Texano also wrestles the American style. Aries evaded Texano with his signature chain wrestling moves. Aries struck the tranquillo pose on the ropes. Texano showed off his own chain wrestling. Texano hit Aries with a really high angle slingshot senton. Texano did his own Tranquillo pose. Moose yelled at the fans who chanted for Texano. Aries used the top rope to gain the upper hand. Aries went for his own high angle slingshot senton but Texano got the knees up. [c]

Aries had Texano dominated after a back rake. Josh went into his Karate Kid plug. Aries scratched Texano’s back several times. Callis said that when Aries resorts to the back scratch, that mean Aries might be worried. Texano responded with a knee and a back scratch rally of his own. Texano hit Aries with his signature chop lariats. Josh Mathews and Don Callis pointed out how it looks like Texano is gassed.

John’s Thoughts: Matt Striker and Vampiro always point out Texano being out of shape too. Is Texano really always that tired?

Texano hit Aries with the Ruff Ryder leg lariat for a two count. Josh Mathews plugged Austin’s Food Fight book. Aries recovered at ringside alongside Kross and Moose. Aries untied Texano’s bullrope from the turnbuckle. The child referee pulled the rope away and Aries grabbed the world title which the referee also caught. This distracted the referee so Texano can hit Aries with the bullrope. Aries got his foot on the bottom rope. Austin Aries hit the brainbuster suplex on Texano for the win.

Austin Aries defeated El Texano Jr. via pinfall in 7:54 to retain the Impact World Championship.

John’s Thoughts: An okay match, but more of a “house show” match than an actual world title match. Too much gimmick and not enough compelling storytelling. Austin Aries vs. Fallah Bahh last week was way better. It also doesn’t help that a lot of viewers don’t know who the hell Texano and a lot of these Luchadores are.

The camera showed that Moose was happy. Kross had his usual scowl and put the belt on Aries. The commentators recapped the brainbuster sequence. A Johnny Impact video played on the video wall that said he was in Los Angeles, CA. Johnny talked about how Kross and Moose put him on the shelf and tried to end his career. Johnny Impact said he might not be medically cleared to wrestle at Bound for Glory. Johnny said sooner or later his neck will heal. Austin Aries talked over the video knowing that it was a pre-tape. Austin Aries told Moose that this looks familiar because Aires pulled this trick on Moose.

Aries said Johnny Impact is somewhere in the crowd so he sent Kross and Moose to search the crowd. Aries said Johnny isn’t pulling Aries’ trick on him. Johnny Impact walked out from the ramp wearing the strangest pants in the world. It looked like parachute pants or pajamas? Anyway, Johnny beat up on Aries. Aries escaped a superkick as he joined Kross and Moose at ringside. Kross yelled “I’m gonna kill you!!!”. Eddie Edwards came out of nowhere and beat on the heels with a kendo stick. Eddie Edwards and Johnny Impact hugged in the ring…

John’s Thoughts: Not a bad segment. Not a great one either. At least Johnny escapes another week without saying something stupid or face-palmy. I know Johnny is aware of some of the stupid stuff he says and he does try to tone it down when it gets out of hand, so I’ll give him credit there. This was just an underwhelming segment and I really think they need to do some of the video packages that they were giving to Moose and give it to Johnny Impact. Hell, do some of the stuff they were doing for Fallah Bahh last week. Impact actually found a way last week to move Fallah Bahh above Johnny Impact last week on the babyface depth chart.

As for this show, it was fine; but not as great as I would have hoped in a foreign country. What hurts here is the language barrier. When they go to India, English is a lingua franca there. English is less common in Mexico and I’m assuming the promos flew over the fans heads. A similar situation in the states would be a AAA show in Los Angeles doing well but failing in somewhere like Cleveland, Ohio. It’s not like these people are John Cena or AJ Styles either so there is lesser star power when Austin Aries comes out in Mexico. You can see that highlighted when the crowd goes crazy for Pentagon, Aerostar, or Laredo Kid. Texano usually plays heel so that’s why his reaction was tempered. Let’s see how the upcoming episodes come off but this one was kinda disappointing. That said, this was way better than the Universal Studios Impact Zone. Jason Powell will be by later today with his Hit List and Members Exclusive Impact Wrestling Audio Review.


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  1. This is late, but hopefully you’ll read it.

    Texano is more than just an origin identifier in Mexican-American culture. It’s a subculture that involves a great deal of pride in those who identify as such. (There’s also a lot to unpack about superiority sometimes, but let’s leave that aside for now.) When someone identifies as a Texano, it also usually involves a great deal of western identifiers: cowboy culture, western wear, horses, Norteño music, etc. Think of it as regional pride akin to US southerners. It’s an identity that goes far beyond where you’re born.

    • I would assume that, but I also assume that Texano Jr. inherited the name from his father so he was pushed in that direction anyway.

      Lucha Underground tried to make him their version of James Storm via cinematic as “the cowboy” El Texano Jr, but then they started pointing out his weaknesses for some strange reason (that he would always get winded or that he lacked charisma).

      But I get what your’re saying.

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