WWE hires longtime Impact Wrestling employee Jeremy Borash

By Jason Powell, Prowrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Impact Wrestling play-by-play voice Jeremy Borash has been hired by WWE. Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com reports that Borash did Impact Wrestling voiceovers and represented the company at Friday’s House of Hardcore show. He was backstage at the WWE weekend events and Johnson reports that Borash gave his notice to Impact Wrestling and will be going to work for WWE.

Powell’s POV: Borash has been with Impact Wrestling since the company was founded. In addition to working as an on-air talent, he also did a lot of production work for the company and was credited as being the main production force behind the “Broken Universe” featuring Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy. It will be interesting to see what his duties are in WWE and how Impact Wrestling intends to fill the void.

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  1. Didn’t see that one coming! I’m intrigued to see what his role ends up being. He could be a strong creative addition. Just keep him away from the announcers table please!

    • Hopefully he’s coming in to fill the void on the creative/writing team that Jimmy Jacobs left when he got himself fired. Borash could serve as a nice bridge between the TV writers who don’t really know wrestling and the wrestlers who need help with getting their ideas polished up for WWE TV-PG programming.

    • Why? His commentating was fine. He’d definitely be a step up over Cole, Coach, or Saxton.

      • I respectfully disagree. I was all for Borash taking over the role in Impact because he brought enthusiasm to the broadcasts when he filled in. For some reason, that enthusiasm seemed to disappear once he landed the gig. He really struggled to put over key moments (see Sydal’s win last week) and never seemed emotionally engaged when it came to acting outraged by the actions of heels or sympathetic to the babyfaces. Perhaps the right person producing him in WWE could change that. I have known Jeremy since his radio days prior to his WCW gig and I genuinely like him so this isn’t a personal dig by any means, but I didn’t think he made the most of his Impact announcing gig. He’s a talented guy and there are plenty of things he can do in WWE even if it’s not working as a play-by-play voice. I’m happy for him.

      • Kenta Kobasham Brothers January 30, 2018 @ 1:42 pm

        I’m not sure if we’re watching the same thing, but I totally disagree Mr Archer.

        I used to like JB back in the day but I cannot think of a broadcast team in the history of wrestling (not just syndicated, but also indies) who came close to being as bad as him & Josh Matthews. That sentence isn’t hyperbole, I can’t think of anyone at all.

        To simultaneously actively distract from the product whilst being disinterested in the content is bordering on impressive.

      • Yeah, you’re going to be way in the minority there. Cole is really good when they let him be. Coach is 10x better than Borash.

    • Kenta Kobasham Brothers January 30, 2018 @ 1:37 pm

      What this guy said!

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