1/6 NXT in Largo, Florida results: Sanity vs. Chad Lail (a/k/a Gunner), Blake, and Cutler, Authors of Pain vs. Heavy Machinery, Vanessa Bourne vs. Taynara Conti, Brennan Williams vs. Kona Reeves, Abby Laith and Jesse vs. Rosa Gonzalez and Sage Beckett

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NXT Live Event
Largo, Florida at Minnreg Hall
Report by Dot Net reader Chris Hendricks

Rating system: Each match is rated on a 4 point Four Horsemen scale with 4 Horseman being an outrageously fantastic match. Different variations of the Horsemen may be used to downgrade or upgrade a match. For example, the Horsemen with a Luger or Roma will lower a specific numbered rating while the Arn, Flair, Tully and Ole Origanl tag raises it.

1. Boa beat Marcel Barthel. Boa won with a kick and a roll up, good match but seemed to be a sloppy finish with a confused roll up. Both of these wrestlers have a bright future with their noticeable talent in the many different aspects involved to be quality professional wrestlers. Both also need some more polishing of that talent to meet their potential. This match had great spots with Boa’s kicks and Marcel Barthal’s German gimmick (even though he is German) heel antics. It was somewhat controversial because he has “Ring Kampf” written on the back of his trunks but he acted more like a snobby European Aristocrat, his in-ring talent was old school and fun to watch.The reason the match got a 2 in my rating was due to the botches throughout the match and a strange, messy, and most likely botched finish. Rating: 2 Horsemen (Arn & Tully).

2. Abby Laith and Jesse beat Rosa Gonzalez and Sage Beckett. Jesse and Abby win via a quick roll up. Jesse, with her nerd gimmick game strong, teamed with Abby Laith against the heel team of Gonzalez and Beckett. Rosa worked on her TEXELLENT gimmick and brought out an old school Dusty Rhodes Bull rope and Sage is working on her evil witch gimmick, which I call “Undertaker fingers”. Why? Sage has all of her fingers colored black which she constantly shows off while wrestling, it is definitely interesting. Good match with Jesse rolling up Sage for the upset win. Rating: 3 out of 4 Horsemen.

3. Buddy Murphy defeated Tian Bing. Murphy won via a pinfall after his Brainbuster. Another quality match which was a running theme at Minnreg Hall. Tian Bing is the wrestler signed from China and he showed his talent tonight. He has some pretty stiff kicks he dished out throughout the match. Murphy played a great heel. Why? Read below. Funny lines from a little kid in the front row: “Murphy, how did you ever get hired?” “Murphy you live in a dumpster” and much more. Murphy’s response throughout the match was to yell “quiet” at the kid but what he did after the match was pure heel awesomeness! He flung the sweat or body oil in his on the kid as he walked away from the ring after his victory. A great way to leave after a good match with a victory. Rating: 3 out of 4 Horsemen

4. Dan Matha beat Jason Cheng. Matha won via pinfall after a knee face buster. This match was very similar to the previous match with Cheng dishing out tough kicks and Matha playing a great heel. Matha won with what looked like a great finisher. Matha will be a great heel on the main roster once he gets his in-ring talent stronger and the opposite is true for Cheng. Rating: 3 out of 4 Horsemen.

5. Heavy Machinery defeated Authors of Pain. Weird note: during intermission a member of AOP was brushing his teeth in the sink next to where I was washing my hands. He told me to enjoy his match and walked off, I obliged. Heavy machinery won! Holy moly! They won via roll up while taller guy held back other AOP guy from breaking it up. Both of these teams went hard at each other with great spots and both looked fantastic. Heavy Machinery was able to keep up with the AOP and were very impressive. Otis did many hilarious antics to then wreck bodies in the ring. Both teams looked dominant and this was a great battle of behemoths. Rating: Great match! 4 Horsemen (Arn, Flair, Ole, Tully).

6. Kona Reeves beat Brennan Williams. Kona won via a dusty finish where Kona’s bodyguard interfered to district Brennan so Kona could schoolboy him for victory. Kona is a great heel, Brennan is huge and athletic, but they both still need to add something to make it all work better. The match was entertaining due to Brennan’s athleticism and Kona’s heel antics. Rating- 2 out of 4 Horsemen.

7. Vanessa Bourne beat Taynara Conti. Vanessa great match between two talented women who I could see on the main roster over some others. I do not know their experience level but they put on a fantastic show. Taynara is awesome and hit an amazing Swinging Scrapbuster. Vanessa looked awesome as well with a very interesting and innovative finisher. Rating: 4 out of 4 Horsemen.

8. “Sanity” Eric Young, Killian Dain, Alexander Wolfe defeated Blake, Cutler, and Chad Lail. Sanity won after Young hit his Edge of Sanity finisher. Amazing match with Blake, Cutler, and Chad Lail (who worked as Gunner in TNA) able to compete with Sanity in a strong six man tag. Blake, Cutler, and Chad Lail controlled most of the match by beating up on Young until he made a hot tag to Dain, who came in and wrecked all three of his opponents. He hit his big spots which look very cool live especially his two person Samoan Drop. Wolfe didn’t participate as much which makes me think they are easing him back into things after Wargames. Young hit a flying elbow drop from the top turnbuckle and he leaped incredibly high doing so making it look flat out amazing. He hit his finisher for the Sanity victory. Rating: 4 out of 4 Horsemen (Original Crew).

Overall: The first 4 out of 4 Horsemen I have ever given to a live NXT show. It was awesome, but too bad only 70 people were there since I believe they put it together a week ahead of time.

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