Sean “X-Pac” Waltman on WWE’s sexual harassment training, the WWE Hall of Famer who inspired Joey Ryan’s current gimmick, The Sheik nearly burning to death

The Tomorrow Show with Sean Waltman
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The WWE was before it’s time in terms of sexual harassment training: “I’ve been through all of this 25 years ago in WWE…they brought in after all the stuff that, different things happened. You know there was the steroid trial you know and all that but around the same time there were also different—other allegations. Well not so much allegations but you know…This ladies name was Lisa Wolf, and she was from HR, and this was obviously way before it was a publicly traded company…you’re bringing this lady in who has a meeting with us, and tells us, and there’s really, you know the female co-workers or, okay say the seamstresses or the different females that work there, were told ‘you can’t tell her she has a nice dress’ you know, and just even things like that. But it was stuff that was gone over and addressed that long ago, like 25 years ago in the WWE.”

The time the 68 year old Sheik nearly burned to death: “I was looking at that picture of The Sheik getting caught in the fire… They did this match where they had the ropes all on fire all the way around, but some knucklehead didn’t understand that it sucks all the f—ing oxygen out of the middle, and the whole f—ing thing started melting, and everyone jumped out, but he’s got like two fake hips and he’s already 68 years old, and he can’t get out of the ring Kev. And the f—ing ring’s melting as he’s in there. And finally his— Sabu goes in there and gets him out, and that’s right before I met him, and he was all f—ing burnt up and shit on the airplane when I met him…just still going, scaring people.”

How Mick Foley pitched the Penis Plex to Joey Ryan: “Some people hate this, some people think this is blasphemy for wrestling… I get the biggest kick out of people getting upset about that shit… This was all Mick’s idea. Mick came up to Joey and he’s going, ‘I got this idea if you’re ok with it! I’ll grab your cock, and then you flip me.”

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