Eva Marie says she may not be finished with WWE after all, wants to cross over into Hollywood just as Rock and John Cena have done

Eva Marie (Natalie Coyle) was interviewed by Rolling Stone. The following are the highlights of the interview, which can be read in full at RollingStone.com.

On her relationship with WWE: “I have such a great relationship with Vince [McMahon], Paul [Levesque] and Stephanie [McMahon]. They gave me an opportunity to step away and film these two films I have done already, and you never know when that relationship will come back. So I might appear at a SummerSlam or WrestleMania. It just so happens that the wrestling craft, you have to be able to give yourself 110 percent to that. And then with acting, you have to do the same, so we decided together that with the films going back to back. I’m going to put my efforts into acting and growing that way. And then you never know: All Red Everything could come back and snatch that title.”

On whether it was easier for her to step aside to pursue acting opportunities than it would be for multi-generational wrestlers: “Yes, sure. But my ultimate goal too is to be with WWE for the next 20-plus years. So, just like the Rock does, the name of the game is to be able to take your brand and strategically plan it. And that’s why I’m grateful that WWE allowed me to step away and pursue this acting career.”

On crossing over as The Rock and John Cena have done: “One hundred percent. I like to break barriers. As soon as I walked into WWE’s door, I was already thinking ahead of the game. There has not been one female to make that crossover and go back and forth and merge the two together. I want to bring the WWE universe with me into Hollywood as well as creating a new fanbase in Hollywood and bringing them back into WWE and having the two worlds collide just like The Rock. That was the game plan for sure.”

On whether she was placed on television too soon: “You know what? Yes. For sure, the inner athlete and perfectionist in me wishes I was able to train the multiple years these wrestlers are able to before they get on TV. However, if that opportunity never came up, then I would not have been put in front of the WWE universe, dyed my hair, been put in front of my [management] team. Everything happens for a reason. For me, it all played out pretty damn good.”

Powell’s POV: If Eva’s acting career takes off, then it would be perfectly logical for WWE to bring her back for special appearances somewhere down the road. She noted that she is managed by Dany Garcia, who is the ex-wife and longtime business partner of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. She spoke more about her movie roles and commented on whether the Tamina and Lana storyline is similar to her own WWE storyline.

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