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Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts on JBL, Triple H, and Kevin Dunn coming off like villains in his autobiography,

Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts was interviewed by John Corrigan for the Wrestledelphia.com website and was asked about JBL, Triple H, and Kevin Dunn coming across like villains in his new autobiography. ““I didn’t really give my opinion on them,” Roberts said. “I just told the story of my experiences and how they came into my story and what their involvement was. By telling the story, you as a reader can say that guy seems like a great guy or that guy doesn’t seem like a great guy.

“I tell my story and the role everybody played and how I was treated by everybody. I didn’t make anything up – that’s the best part of the book. It’s completely honest. Maybe if they had treated me better, I would have portrayed that in the story. With all the names I mentioned in the story, you just named three coming off sounding negative. If that’s the case, everybody came off in a positive light because everybody else was cool.” Read the full story at Wrestledelphia.com.

Powell’s POV: I expect to get my copy of the autobiography this week and I’m sure I will have plenty to say about it. You can also use the link above and find the actual podcast interview that Corrigan conducted with Roberts. Other interview topics include whether writing the book was therapeutic for Roberts, and why he doesn’t feel he would be a good fit with Impact Wrestling or Ring of Honor.


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