WWE Raw onsite report: Notes on the rowdy live crowd, beachballs, singing, chants

Dot Net reader Dylan Maharrey attended Monday’s WWE Raw in Orlando, Florida and sent the following report.

We spent a good three minutes after the opening stinger chanting for Undertaker, and then “Roman sucks” as a response. It was a unique moment.

In case it got censored on USA, the fans absolutely chanted “F— you Roman.” There was also an “Asshole” chant. We’re 10 minutes into the show, and the crowd was trying to take over. Don’t forget the “Shut the f— up.” If all of that is not a clear sign, Roman will not be cheered if he turns heel.

The Hardys got a massive pop when they came out. The crowd was hot for them throughout the match. Fun match at the end. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are boring to watch. I want to be excited about them based on what I’ve heard, but there’s nothing there.

Neville came out while they were still taping the ropes and changing the skirting. That was weird. During the Neville vs. Mustafa Ali match, there were a bunch of people playing with beach balls rather than actually focusing on the match. I understand wanting to have fun, but at least respect the talent in the ring. During the commercial break that followed the cruiserweights, the beach ball fiasco got under control. I don’t know how, but they stopped.

The crowd loved the announcement of Kurt Angle as general manager. Vince McMahon still knows how to work the crowd into a frenzy. It’s impressive.
WWE plays a lot of videos during commercials. It’s excessive and annoying. There’s no time to process information or even breathe.

Massive pop for the Revival. This was the best crowd for them to debut in front of.
There was a brief “sweep” chant while the stage crew, well, swept the stage.

Nia Jax got a “not like most girls” chant while she was in the ring. The crowd was pretty dead during the six-woman tag match. They reacted to spots, but not much else.

Great interaction between Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman, who is scary in person. When he backed away, he got a huge “pussy” chant.

Massive pop for Jericho’s Beachball Mania line.

Enzo and Cass made their entrance during a dark segment and did their usual shtick for the live crowd. The Seamus and Cesaro song started small, but with both guys encouraging it, it grew pretty quickly. I wouldn’t read too much into the crowd booing Enzo and Cass. It seemed like they were upset that their fun was being spoiled.
Massive reaction for Finn Bálor’s return.

At one point during the main event, some fans combined the WrestleMania theme song with Joe’s name. There was also the constant addition of “sweet” after a two count. You could tell where the Brits were during the show, since they were usually the ones who started the singing.

Not sure if it made air on TV, but after the finish, there was a stare down between Finn Bálor and Seth Rollins, and then Rollins raised Finn’s hand in celebration.

During the dark segment after the main event, Goldberg made his entrance. He talked about being approached in October about making a return. He has to consider his physical limitations, age, and desire. The fans gave him the “What?” treatment. Goldberg said he was speaking from the heart, not a script. He said fans wanted the invincible guy they saw 13 years ago, but that wasn’t possible. He was focused solely on his family now. He said we got to see a part of his life we never saw before. He said he’s a lucky guy to share a part of his life that his son had never been seen before. That’s why he worked out every day, regardless of the fan’s reaction. He told his son to appreciate the experience of the last few months, cause it’s once in a lifetime.

Fans gave him the Goldberg treatment after he mentioned living in the gym, bathroom, and dinner table. He called his son into the ring. His son tripped. Goldberg teased himself and his son by saying that his son took more bumps then than he did in his entire career. He talked about taking the Universal Title to his son’s school, and feeling really proud to experience that. He gave the John Cena explanation for boos and cheers, cause it means fans care one way or the other. He said it might be the last time we’d see him in a ring, which some may appreciate. He’s said he’s here for his family, and as long as they appreciate, he’ll push, fight, and train to be me. He said the match between he and Brock was much better than “the debacle that was Wrestlemania XX.” He said there’s still a little glimmer of that Goldberg, and since he still believes he’s one of the biggest and baddest sum bitches on the planet, you never know what, or who’s, next. He dropped the mic, picked it back up, and said “One more thing: never say never.”

There was no dark match.


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