Note on Alberto El Patron’s Impact Wrestling debut

Dot Net reader Lyne attended the Impact Wrestling taping and sent the following to explain the lack of reaction that Alberto El Patron received on last night’s television show.

With regards to the weak reaction for Alberto’s debut, I believe they re-shot his entrance during the after hours due to his name being initially listed incorrectly on (the big screen). It displayed “Alberto de Patron”. Every entrance after that was Alberto El Patron. Some of us in attendance were a bit confused because we didn’t know which name he was going by.

To set the record straight, he received a massive pop. He spent a good 30 seconds on the stage reacting to the crowd before walking down the ramp and interacting with fans. Not only did the broadcast not show any of this, but the camera angle on the stage/ramp was such that you couldn’t tell if anyone was even there. He appeared a bit perturbed and rushed during the segment when in fact he was quite elated and outgoing during the taping.

Powell’s POV: I forgot about the big screen mixup and I believe Lyne is correct about the re-shoot. I’m not sure why the company didn’t do something to make the reaction sound better than it did on television, as it came off poorly.

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