Lucha Underground return date confirmed, Netflix rumors

By Jason Powell and John Moore

A spokesperson for El Rey Network confirmed to’s John Moore that the second half of the third season will premiere May 31 on the network.

Powell’s POV: Court Bauer of recently reported that past season of LU will be available for streaming on Netflix on February 15. John was given a “no comment” from the El Rey spokesperson regarding the report. Lucha Underground is not listed on any of the Netflix “coming soon” lists for the month of February, but the “no comment” is certainly interesting in that it’s obviously not a denial. LU and Netflix are a great fit, as the the product is episodic and timeless in terms of no dates being mentioned.

Update: The Netflix in Canada Twitter page confirmed that Lucha Underground will arrive in February.

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  1. Lucha Underground to Netflix is a long time coming. Before El Rey came to my cable carrier (Verizon Fios), I binged the first season and followed the second via iTunes. Outside of references to holidays on commentary, it is a fairly timeless show that’s easy to binge.

  2. Will puma return or be on second part of episode 3

  3. I love lucha underground wrestling it is so exciting to watch . The action is fast and ferious my son and I love and our glad to see its coming back.

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