Drew Galloway discusses his TNA contract status, why his WWE “Chosen One” character ended, and Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak ending

Pancakes and Powerslams Podcast with Drew Galloway
Host: Chris Featherstone
Interview available at Blogtalkradio.com

Why the “Chosen One” character ended: “The direction of the character was [Vince McMahon] and myself talking together and taking his direction. And obviously when he got written off of TV, it was a hindrance to the character when Nexus wrote him off, which was a priority at the time. But, losing Vince hurt the character dramatically. Eventually, I was off TV, and out of sight or out of mind. There was a lot going on, and all of a sudden, I wasn’t too much.”

On the Undertaker’s Streak being broken: “If anybody was going to do it, there’s nobody ever been alive like Brock Lesnar. I probably wouldn’t have touched it, personally. But, getting behind it, no one is gonna argue that Lesnar was gonna be the guy. He’s something else. There’s no younger guys out there on that level to give them that yet. So I would’ve probably just left it untouched, and if he’s still going in a couple of years, anyone who is reaching that level, or when they say ‘that’s the guy for sure.’ But you have to be 100 percent sure.

“I was supposed to work with him back in the day, and I remember talking to Vince about it, potentially working [with] Taker. And I remember talking to Hunter about it, and pointing out that I was aggressive and getting the job done in the ring, but not quite looking how I wrestled. I didn’t get it. When I watch myself, how young I looked and how I was a lot smaller, my ring stuff is fine and that’s a big part of it and a lot of people focus on that more than the other aspects. But you got to remember that you have to look believable, and I’m a believer in getting it done in the ring and looking the part and every aspect being covered. Back then, it would not have looked believable with me going toe to toe with the Taker.”

On current TNA status: “My contract comes up in like three weeks. We’re currently in talks. I really hope things work out the way I want them to work out… we just have to figure things out. There’s obviously people reaching out, but I’m just hoping things work out the way that I hope they work out because I’m having such a good ride right now.”


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