11/19 WrestlePro in New Jersey results: Broken Matt, Jeff Hardy, and Ryback in a Deletion match, Colt Cabana, Crowbar, and more

brokenmatt1WrestlePro (WrestleProOnline.com)
Rahway, New Jersey at Rahway Rec Center
Report by by Shin-Blade (@shinsationalone)

1. “The Abominable” CPA beat Habib from the Car Wash.

2. Team Espana and Niko Rikos beat Kevin Matthews, Craven Varro, and JTG.

3. Colt Cabana beat Delroy Alexander.

4. Chris Avery Queling beat Giant Leather.

5. Bobby Wayward beat Danny Maff to retain the WrestlePro Championship. Wayward won via fast count pin from a biased referee. After the match, Maff called for a sit-in protest due to his loss. Security tried to escort Maff out of the ring area until he attacked security, ring announcer David Adams, commentator Dave D-Struction, and the ring girl until WrestlePro Owner Pat Buck made the save thus turning Maff heel

6. Antoinette Marie beat C-Bunny.

7. Taboo Crew beat The Beach Bums

8. Apple Corp (Matt MacIntosh, Maxwell Jacob Feinstein & Valero) beat The Asthetic Males (Damian Gibbs, Mike Del & Beefcake Charlie)

9. Mario Bokara beat Anthony Bowens, Bull James & former WCW wrestler Crowbar via submission. After the match, Bokara challenged Cody Rhodes on a later date.

10) Broken Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, and Ryback won a Deletion Match (Elimination Match). Order of Deletion: Pat Buck by Heavenly Bodies & Buster Jackson; Desirable Dustin by Jeff Hardy; Jigalo Justin & Buster Jackson by double pin from the Hardys; Chris Payne by Jeff Hardy.

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