Robbie E on rumors regarding TNA’s future, the vibe in the locker room

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Thoughts looking back at Bound for Glory: “It’s the biggest pay per view of the year and it was great from top to bottom. Everyone always works their asses off. The crowd was magical and electric and the building was rocking. It is cool because everyone always has their best gear on and it was a special night for a lot of people.”

What is the vibe amongst the TNA locker room with all of the rumors and the speculation of its future dominating the headlines: “Just what it has always been. I think people think wrestlers read the internet more than they actually do. Maybe some do but I’m just not a wrestler who does stuff like that. I don’t do like “internet stuff” so I look at it all differently than other people do. I think mood is always awesome at TNA. Why wouldn’t it be? We are getting paid to be wrestlers and we all live in nice houses and drive nice cars (at least I do) and why wouldn’t we all be in a good mood?”

The rumors of TNA imminently closing: “The thing is do you know when I’ll worry about when TNA closes? When TNA closes. Until then, who cares? Over the past six years every other month people are saying it is closing and why are you saying this? The thing is in 2016 I guess it’s just cool because it’s not just TNA it is just what people do in general and it is be negative and it is cool for them to do. People just bash stuff and be negative and that sucks.”

Does it bother him that people continually try to bury TNA: “No, because if they are talking it is better than if they are not talking. Let them bury you at least the name TNA is coming out of their mouth. They may not realize it but they are actually helping us by talking about it.”


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