9/4 WWE Network Schedule: Live stream programming lineup

Logo_WWENetwork_dn_crop600The following is the schedule for the WWE Network’s live stream for September 4, 2016. All times listed below are ET.

10:00 AM: Holy Foley

10:30 AM: Holy Foley

11:00 AM: Cruiserweight Classic (August 31)

12:00 PM: This Week In WWE

12:30 PM: Swerved

1:00 PM: Swerved

1:30 PM: Swerved

2:00 PM: Swerved

2:30 PM: Swerved

3:00 PM: Swerved

3:30 PM: Swerved

4:00 PM: Swerved

4:30 PM: Swerved

5:00 PM: Cruiserweight Classic (July 13)

6:00 PM: Cruiserweight Classic (July 20)

7:00 PM: Cruiserweight Classic (July 27)

8:00 PM: Cruiserweight Classic (August 3)

9:00 PM: Cruiserweight Classic (August 10)

10:00 PM: Cruiserweight Classic (August 17)

11:00 PM: Cruiserweight Classic (August 24)

12:00 AM: Cruiserweight Classic (August 31)

1:00 PM: NXT replay

2:00 AM: Legends House (June 5, 2014)

3:00 AM: Legends House (Booker T)

4:00 AM: Legends House (Booker T)

5:00 AM: WWE Countdown (Returns)

6:00 AM: Swerved

6:30 AM: Swerved

7:00 AM: Swerved

7:30 AM: Swerved

8:00 AM: Swerved

8:30 AM: Swerved

9:00 AM: Swerved

9:30 AM: Swerved

10:00 AM: Swerved

10:30 AM: Swerved

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