7/12 Powell’s TNA Impact Wrestling TV Review: Lashley vs. Eddie Edwards for the TNA Title and X Division Title, Destination X theme, ladder match, Knockouts Title four-way


By Jason Powell

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TNA Impact Wrestling on Pop TV
Taped earlier today in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios

[Q1] Impact opened with a video that showed Jeff Hardy apparently having a Final Deletion nightmare. They cut to Broken Matt Hardy, who said his boat is so much more than dilapidated. He said he shall call the boat (closed captioning came up with Scars God). The Vanguard 1 drone targeted Broken Matt and brought him a piece of clothing. Matt thanked the drone and said it was the final piece of clothing that Brother Nero wore before he was deleted. Matt filled a garbage bag and said it was time to bury the material remains of Brother Nero. “It’s ovah,” Matt said…

The broadcast team of Josh Mathews and “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero spoke from ringside and touted the X Division ladder match…

1. Trevor Lee vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Mandrews vs. Andrew Everett vs. Braxton Sutter vs. DJ Z in a ladder match to become No. 1 contender to the X Division Title. A neon green X symbol hung above the ring as the prize to retrieve. Gregory Shane Helms was at ringside for both Lee and Mandrews. Z performed a corkscrew dive onto a couple of opponents at ringside.

Mathews acknowledged the Broken Matt video that opened the show and said he can’t imagine what they have in store for viewers from footage taped earlier in the week in Cameron, North Carolina. There was a wild spot with Lee standing on two ladders. Saxton and Spud pulled the ladders apart so that Lee was doing the splits, then Z performed a cool kick between Lee’s legs.

Later, Helms entered the ring and Z took him down with a huracanrana. Everett made a play for the X. Z and Lee ran over. Z took out Lee with a tornado DDT, then knocked the ladder over, causing Everett to tumble to the floor. Z climbed the ladder and pulled down the X symbol to win the match…

DJ Z won a ladder match to become No. 1 contender to the X Division Title.

After the match, Jeremy Borash interviewed Z at ringside and congratulated him. Z belted out the obnoxious BroMans call. He said he’s been in the X Division for six long years, and now he’s going to become X Division Champion. Mike Bennett must hate the BroMans call as much as everyone else because he ran out and attacked Z from behind. Bennett took the mic and recalled promising to ruin Destination X. He said this was just the beginning. He vowed to burn TNA to the ground…

Backstage, the anonymous camera guy spoke with EC3, who spoke about the fist fight he would have with Drew Galloway later in the show. EC3 said that as friends they want the same thing. He said the time for talking is done, and tonight they would fight… An ad aired for Impact moving to Thursday nights beginning next week…

Powell’s POV: TNA can’t have a pay-per-view without having a spot-fest X Division match with wrestlers who need character development, so it’s only fitting that they open a pay-per-view edition of Impact with that type of match. Z shined in the match, so it’s cool that it was laid out to make him look like the star given that he was winning. I still can’t wrap my mind around why he still goes by DJ Z. He’s a wrestler. He’s a DJ. He’s a wrestling DJ. Ugh. Zema Ion was cool. DJ Z and that BroMans call are anything but. Bennett threatening to ruin the show? My guess is he helps them get out of having a real finish to the title vs. title match. The opening with Broken Matt was a fine continuation from last week. I just hope they don’t run this into the ground. By the way, how do they not promote Broken Matt footage all week long on the TNA website when Final Deletion delivered Impact’s best viewership numbers on Pop?

[Q2] [C] Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Dixie Carter, who hyped the move to Thursday nights beginning next week and the 7CT/8ET start time. She also hyped the beginning of the Bound For Glory Series, er, Playoffs…

Jeremy Borash hosted a segment with TNA Champion Lashley and X Division Eddie Edwards to set up the main event. Lashley spoke about how Edwards pissed him off. Edwards yelled as he spoke about how he’s never backed down from a fight. He also said he will become TNA Champion. Lashley questioned whether Edwards really believed he was going to win. Lashley said it was not going to happen. “The underdog does not win,” Lashley said before adding that only happens in movies.

Lashley said he would hold both titles and become the best that TNA has ever seen. Edwards said it’s not a movie and this is his life. He played to the crowd like a goof with a Wolves Nation line, allowing Lashley to attack him from behind. Lashley was about to hit Edwards with a chair when Davey Richards showed up and took the chair from him. Richards gave Lashley a soft jab to the gut with the chair. Richards and Edwards ended up clearing Lashley from the ring, then Edwards put the TNA Title around his tag partner’s waist. Pope said he considered that to be an endorsement. Lashley came back to ringside and took his title…

Backstage, Crazzy Steve was upset because Rosemary kissed Bram. Abyss said Steve’s hatred will flow through him, he’ll take care of Bram, and then Rosemary will be free so they can be back together… [C]

[Q3] Back at Broken Matt’s compound, he had a man taking tickets to “Hardy Cinema” at his home theater. Matt spoke to the attendees how they were there for the Final Deletion. He introduced his wife Rebecca and then his son as the sole heir to the Hardy throne. Reby and Maxel slid down a fireman’s pole into the room where the attendees applauded them. The movie played on the screen. Matt and Reby was all smiles. Maxel watched the movie. Another kid gave Matt a strange look as he watched the film and made a strange noise. Once it was over, he said they will witness the final deletion of Brother Nero and then dubbed his son King Maxel…

Mathews told viewers to wait and see what happened last night at dinner in Cameron…

Powell’s POV: Broken Matt and his family are the best thing going right now. I like the way they are stretching out their segments throughout the show. It’s a great hook that should keep viewers engaged.

2. Bram vs. Abyss (w/Crazzy Steve). They replayed the footage of Rosemary and Bram kissing. Abyss had Bram down around 3:30 when Rosemary walked to the ring. Rosemary entered the ring and checked on Bram, who seemed surprised to see her. Abyss wasn’t happy and questioned what she was doing. Bram rolled up Abyss and pinned him. After the match, Bram approached Rosemary and they looked at one another before Bram headed backstage…

Bram pinned Abyss in 4:00.

Mathews hyped the four-way match for the Knockouts Title… [C]

Powell’s POV: The Bram and Rosemary love story isn’t doing much for me, but I’m mildly curious to see where it goes.

3. Sienna (w/Allie) vs. Gail Kim vs. Jade vs. Marti Bell in a four-way for the TNA Knockouts Title. Kim attacked Sienna on the stage, then Marti and Jade fought inside the ring. Mathews hyped more from Cameron immediately following this match. Kim and Jade performed a nearly simultaneous missile dropkick onto the heels. They followed up with baseball slides. With the ring cleared, Gail and Jade fought. Jade caught Kim with a German suplex into a bridge for two.

Sienna returned to the match and caught Kim on the ropes and hoisted her onto her shoulders. Jade leapt off with what appeared to be a flying knee to take out both women. Marti hit a Pedigree on Jade, then caught Sienna with a big boot. Kim hit her Eat Defeat finisher on Marti and had her pinned, but Allie put Marti’s foot on the rope. Gail was going for a move when Sienna returned to the ring and hit her with The Silencer to win the match…

Sienna beat Gail Kim, Jade, and Marti Bell in 4:55 to retain the TNA Knockouts Title.

Powell’s POV: I learned that Jade is a babyface because she slapped hands with fans prior to the match. I honestly wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to root for her or Marti Bell before tonight. It’s official, Sienna is bringing back Monty Brown’s Pounce finisher.

Back in Cameron, Broken Matt, Reby, and Maxel had dinner. Matt said his belly box is broken and he needed food. He tried to speak Spanish to their server, who informed him that she was actually Armenian. “Wonderful!” a gleeful Hardy replied. Matt asked his son to pass him green beans. The server said there were not any. He told her they are a delicacy and she should prepare green beans. He told her not to bring back mustard because he strongly dislikes mustard.

Reby delivered a toast. Matt said it inspired him deeply. He had the ticket taker from earlier take notes while he said that when the public least suspects it, he will delete Brother Nero forever… Mathews hyped Broken Matt appearing live after the break… [C]

Powell’s POV: Let the record show that I am in complete agreement on the shittiness of mustard.

Backstage, Lashley said he wants Davey Richards at ringside so that he can watch him destroy his partner. He said that no one can stop him from ripping the heart out of the X Division…

Footage aired from Final Deletion and the final scene of Matt pinning Jeff to win the match…

[Q5] Broken Matt Hardy’s piano music theme played. Reby walked out with Maxel on her back and called for attention from the ignorant imbeciles. Reby introduced Matt, who headed to the ring for a promo. Matt told the fans to go ahead and boo him because it makes him stronger. He boasted about winning the greatest match in history.

Matt said he is such a kind being that he has decided to bring out “Broken Nero” one last time. Matt told Reby to bring out Jeff without music or fanfare. Reby introduced Jeff Hardy as being from a place even more desolate than Parts Unknown. Jeff walked out dressed in jeans with a hooded shirt. Reby went Game of Thrones on him by yelling “Obsolete” as he took his walk of shame.

Powell’s POV: Shame! I hope Reby watched the season finale and knows how that worked out for Septa Unella.

Matt announced that he has decided that Brother Nero’s TNA contract is terminated. “Be gone,” Matt bared. Jeff started to leave. The fans chanted “We Want Jeff.” Matt told Jeff to stop and turn around. He said he knows Jeff will adopt a pseudonym and go to work for the megalomaniac in New York “McMahon” (heavy emphasis on the H) or in Japan. Matt said he is going to keep Jeff in Impact Wrestling to be his mule. Matt said there is value in his intellectual property and he owns all of it. “I am going to turn you into my obsolete mule,” Matt said. He said he would work him until he breaks his back. Matt said he may be broken, but he will never be broke. Matt said Nero will learn that deletion is a punishment worse than death. Matt told Nero to be gone and then yelled “Delete” repeatedly…

Powell’s POV: I’m no legal expert, but can’t Jeff say no? Maybe they’re building to that. I enjoy the craziness of this program, but I also want things like this to make sense. By the way, Lashley stated that he wants Richards at ringside has my guard up for a turn. Hopefully it’s just a red herring.

The broadcast team spoke at ringside about the Hardy angle, then Pope predicted Edwards would win the TNA Title… Backstage, Bennett and Maria walked through the backstage area. They were about to pay a visit to Edwards, but Z showed up and challenged Bennett to a match…

[Q6] Maria, who is still wearing a cast on her broken left hand, introduced Mike Bennett. DJ Z made his entrance…

4. Mike Bennett (w/Maria) vs. DJ Z. Bennett wore a t-shirt as he wrestled and Mathews hyped the online outlet where it could be purchased. Mathews and a graphic touted the move to Thursday and the new time. DJ Z performed a big flip dive over the top rope and onto Bennett on the floor. He followed up with a huracanrana on the floor. Bennett tried to leave, but Braxton Sutter, Rockstar Spud, Gregory Shane Helms, Trevor Lee, Mandrews, and Andrew Everett came out and blocked his path. Bennett returned to the ring jawed at them, then turned around and was rolled up with a body scissors and pinned by Z…

DJ Z pinned Mike Bennett in 5:15.

After the match, Bennett said he was going to burn the company to the ground and he’s not going to do it alone…

Backstage, Drew Galloway cut a promo about his fight with EC3 and said they would fight right now… [C]

Powell’s POV: Put Z over or don’t put him over. He got a good win earlier, but the flukey win over Bennett didn’t elevate him. For that matter, the X Division abandoning the babyface and heel dynamic to team up against Bennett, who has been more of a pest than a menace to them, made them look silly. I like the tease that Bennett gave about not taking down Impact alone. Let’s see where it goes. Finally, keep in mind that TNA suspended EC3 and Galloway for having a forgettable fight two weeks ago, yet everyone seems fine with them talking about the fight they are about to have tonight.

A frantic Bennett spoke on the phone and told the mystery person to “get here”…

[Q7] Galloway came to the ring in street clothes and said he goes way back with EC3. He said they keep getting in each other’s way. EC3 came out with a mic in street clothes.

Powell’s POV: Just shut up and fight already.

EC3 said they keep getting in each other’s way. EC3 said they might be friends before and after this, but tonight he is his Scottish puppy dog bitch. EC3 stood at ringside and said it was a smart move to grab the high ground. “Oh well,” EC3 said before charging the ring. They finally got down to fighting. The broadcast team noted that there was no referee and the wrestlers were just going to fight it out.

They fought to ringside and Galloway ended up flinging EC3 into the ring post. Galloway slammed a chair over the back of EC3. Pope said that if you didn’t know better, you wouldn’t know that Galloway and EC3 are friends. They traded punches near the entrance ramp. They ended up fighting off to the side of the stage and then to the backstage area. A bunch of wrestlers separated them…

Powell’s POV: That felt pointless. Rather than having a fight, why didn’t they just ask for a number one contenders match if they both want the title?

Backstage, Richards was taping up the wrist and hand of Edwards and asked if he wanted the submission or knockout tape job. Edwards said he wanted the knockout tape job. Edwards said Lashley is the one who is scared. Richards spoke about how they are best friends. He said they started out as teammates and now they are family. Richards said he’s almost back (from knee surgery) and wishes he could be in there with him. He said that if one of them goes to war, then they both go to war… [C]

Powell’s POV: I assume Richards is turning, but he is laying it on so thick that it could just as easily be a swerve. Either way, I’m intrigued.

Mathews hyped the beginning of the BFG Playoffs. He listed the competitors as EC3, Drew Galloway, Eli Drake, Matt Hardy, Mike Bennett, Matt Hardy, Bram, and James Storm. He said all eight men will be competing for a TNA Title shot at Bound For Glory…

5. Lashley vs. Eddie Edwards (w/Davey Richards) for the TNA and X Division Titles. The title belts were set up on two platforms at ringside. Lashley had the early advantage and went for a suplex. Edwards countered into a sleeper. Lashley came back briefly, but Edwards cleared him from the ring and then caught him with a kick. Edwards went for a dive. Lashley caught him. Edwards slipped away and performed a huracanrana on the floor. Lashley came right back with an overhead suplex onto the ring steps.

[Q8] Lashley was on the offensive at ringside heading into the break. [C] Mathews noted they had taken their final commercial break. Lashley was working over Edwards in the ring while Richards shouted encouragement to his partner. Edwards came back and knocked Lashley to ringside, then followed up with three suicide dives. Back inside the ring, Edwards performed a sit-out spinebuster for a two count.

Lashley caught Edwards with a kick and went to the second rope. Edwards caught Lashley with a kick and then a second one that Lashley sold by acting woozy as he was seated on the top rope. Lashley sat back up and shoved Edwards off the ropes, but then lost his balance accidentally. They put themselves back in position with Lashley on the ropes, and Edwards performed a huracanrana.

Edwards set up for his Boston Knee Party, but Lashley caught him and swung him around, causing Eddie’s legs to hit the referee. REF BUMP!!!!! Lashley performed a running power slam and had Edwards pinned, but the referee was down. Lashley grabbed one of the title belt. Richards ran in and stopped him from using it as a weapon. Richards and Wolves performed their tag team finisher. Edwards covered Lashley. The referee counted, but Lashley kicked out at two. Mike Bennett entered the ring and punched the referee.

Lashley fought Eddie Edwards to an apparent no-contest.

Bennett smiled and then motioned for help while Edwards looked at him. Moose’s music played and he came out pumping his fist to the beat (similar to his ROH music). Some fans knew he was. Others had no clue. Mathews identified him as Moose and called him the hottest free agent in wrestling (aren’t they all?). Moose took out Richards and then Edwards.

Moose took off his shirt and entered the ring for a staredown with Lashley. Bennett snuck up behind Lashley and low blowed him. Moose threw a spinning clothesline at Lashley that knocked him down. “OMG” Pope said. Moose pumped his fist and some of the fans said “Moose” along with him.

We couldn’t possibly go off the air without seeing Dixie twice during a live show. McKenzie Mitchell found her backstage at the production table and asked her what she thought. “What do I think? This is what I know. Our fans deserve a winner in that match and that is exactly what they are going to get.” Dixie announced Lashley vs. Edwards in a title vs. title match. She said there wouldn’t be any interference because they would face one another in a six sides of steel match…

Powell’s POV: For those who don’t follow ROH, Moose is former NFL player Quinn Ojinnaka. He was NXT bound until WWE backed off due to a 2009 domestic violence arrest. Putting that aside, he’s a nice addition to the TNA roster, as he showed great raw skill during his ROH run. That said, I can’t say that I’m keen on the idea of Moose being built up as an opponent for Lashley, as that would seem to suggest that Lashley will end up being the babyface given the alliance between heel Bennett and Moose. And if Moose is a heel, I could do without Moose pumping his fist and leading Moose chants. The bigger issue is that Lashley has been great as a heel and I would hate to see him flip over to the babyface side again.

The ref bump finish was groan inducing. Dixie showed more fire than usual (I still have no desire to see her on television), but her logic that no one can interfere in a cage match has been proven wrong a million times. Of course, they can book it however they want it, and I like that they hyped next week’s main event before the show ended. TNA crammed a lot into this show and at times it felt a bit too chaotic, but I enjoyed it overall. I will have a lot more to say about this show in my member exclusive audio review on Wednesday.

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  1. That was actually Mandrews who was out with Sutter and the Helms Dynasty. But he really did look like Spud with the beard and the black tights and hair.

  2. Matt Hardy’s dedication to portraying his current character is what makes it work for me. It’s a lot of fun. The rest of the show was good too. I used to find DJZ annoying as heck but now I was totally supporting his X Division title contender win there. And am so thankful Richards didn’t turn heel. The Wolves are still needed as a tag team though have enjoyed Edwards’ challenge for the main title. The Wolves are very versatile and have always been a highlight of TNA since they signed up. I am enjoying the Decay/Bram bit but hope Decay don’t break up yet cos I’ve really enjoyed them as a group and it’s given the Abyss and Steve characters new life and direction. I do find Rosemary oddly alluring too. 😛

  3. I think TNA is slowly implementing the No face, No heel dynamic that they were showing hints with character like Mr Anderson . And there’s no such thing as too chaotic as far as I’m concerned wrestling should be as chaotic as it possibly can. Otherwise its boring.

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