Evolve booker Gabe Sapolsky feels vindicated by the WWE Cruiserweight Classic

evolveEvolve booker Gabe Sapolsky addressed the WWE Cruiserweight Classic and his promotion’s relationship with WWE via social media. “Today I have a feeling of vindication as WWE starts the Cruiserweight Classic. We all should feel vindicated. We all watched many of the talents in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic wrestle in front of 50 people, work hard, perfect their craft, now we are seeing them featured on WWE.com, pushed by WWE and given the largest stage in the business.

“WWE is doing this without trying to change who they are, who we are, they are saying ‘go out there and do your thing. We have all been on the ride. We have seen the ups and downs. We have supported them to get there. I hope you all enjoy this moment. I want the wrestlers involved to know that everything they believed in is paying off. Thank you WWE and everyone who is behind the WWE Cruiserweight Classic. This keeps the independent undercurrent strong.” Follow Gabe online at Twitter.com/BookItGabe.

Powell’s POV: It is very cool that WWE has been not only working with Evolve, yet also not restricting the company creatively or in terms of which talent they book. After all, Evolve has used top TNA talent Drew Galloway and EC3 since their relationship with WWE started, and they also have Cody Rhodes booked despite whatever bad feelings there may be within WWE given the statement he issued following his release.

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