5/28 WWE in Winnipeg results: Babyface Chris Jericho vs. heel Dean Ambrose, New Day vs. The Vaudevillains for the WWE Tag Titles, Baron Corbin vs. Cesaro, Rusev vs. Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio for the U.S. Title

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WWE Live Event
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Report by Dot Net reader JP

I’ve been a WWE fan for the past 12 years and this was the first WWE event I have ever attended. The MTS Centre was full as far as I could see, which makes sense seeing as how they make their way over here once every other year if we’re lucky – and we have quite the local pro wrestling scene (shoutouts to PCW and Kenny Omega for coming back a few months ago!)

1. Big Show defeated Erick Rowan (w/Braun Strowman). A bit disappointing as an opening match. Big Show won after around five minutes with a KO punch. Strowman attempted to interfere after the match, but was caught with a chokeslam which hyped up the crowd a bit.

2. Epico (w/Primo) defeated Sin Cara. Quite frankly, I’m not sure how The Shining Stars pimping Puerto Rico is supposed to make anyone hate them. The place looks beautiful in their 2002-esque karaoke background Titantron video. Epico won with a Schoolboy roll-up while the ref was distracted by Primo. OK match.

3. Cesaro defeated Baron Corbin via submission. The crowd loved Cesaro and this was the first urgent match feel of the night. About eight minutes in, Cesaro performed an impressive sandbagged stalling vertical suplex on Corbin, which received applause from the audience. A short time later, Cesaro went from a Giant Swing into a Sharpshooter for the submission victory.

4. New Day defeated The Vaudevillains to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship. Huge reaction for The New Day. Kinda sad that it was just me and a number of people I could count on one hand that had any love for Simon Gotch and Aiden English. There were some New Day (rocks/sucks) chants throughout, although no crowd can seem to get it down like how New Day leads those chants in their promos. Anyway, a decent match with E kicking out of a Whirling Dervish, and a couple minutes later Xavier and E hit that crossbody/Big Ending finisher with a Kofi distraction to get the victory.

5. Sasha Banks, Paige, and Bayley defeated Lana, Summer Rae, Dana Brooke in a six-woman tag match. Wow, is Paige ever over here in Winnipeg. People were also swooning over Lana competing in a match. I will be completely honest, I used this time to snag a BootyO’s cereal box for five bucks. An ambivalent purchase at best. I also couldn’t put together the darn thang (which is only two pieces to begin with), but that’s my battle. Banks got, uhhhh, the blonde one to tap out in just over five minutes.

6. Rusev defeated Kalisto and Alberto Del Rio to retain the U.S. Championship. Rusev is a damn beast to witness live. Now I remember why I shat my pants in excitement at the sight of him entering on a dag-nab TANK at WM31. The crowd generally accepted RuRu as a heel, cheered for Del Rio with lots of “Si!” chants, and were understandably lukewarm for Kalisto. He gets the exact same entrance as Sin Cara, except with his name on the Titantron, which I guess is a bonus because (???). The match ended after a confusing spot with Kalisto getting Del Rio-super-mud-stomped (don’t twirl your point finger dammit, you don’t spin!), Rusev throwing Del Rio out of the ring, and applying the super bendy Accolade on Kalisto for the tapout victory.

7. Chris Jericho defeated Dean Ambrose in a Winnipeg Street Fight. The crowd reaction for Jericho was immense. Y2J was chanted during his entrance, and there were Y2J chants during the introductions, and Y2J chants in the men’s room while I sullenly accepted defeat staring down at my leaking junk after failing to hold in my (3) $10 concourse beers. Jericho cut a very hyped, crowd pleasing promo – this is the first time he’s performed in a WWE ring in Winnipeg in seven years. GOAT was interrupted during his “Never EEEEEVER” bit by Dean Ambrose’s music, which surprisingly elicited tons of boos.

Ambrose played the de facto heel as Jericho’s hometown response simply overtook the entire atmosphere. Holy hell, we were all incredibly happy to see Jericho. Fairly standard Jericho-Ambrose fare with some heelish kendo stick shots from Ambrose. I cannot wait for this man to turn full-fledged heel. It will be absolutely beautiful. The match ended after Jericho reversed a potential table throw, and put Ambrose through the corner turnbuckle table, and hit the Codebreaker for the 1-2-3. Post-match, Jericho cut another promo to deafening Y2J chants, thanking the crowd, and finishing his “Never EEEEEVER” bit from before.

The crowd left happy and boy-howdy, if another WWE event (live show, or taped *crosses fingers*) comes through, I am SOLD for life. Very energetic.



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