Lucha Underground wrestler injured at Saturday’s taping (no match result spoilers)

luchaundergroundBy Will Pruett and Jason Powell

Lucha Underground wrestler Matanza Cueto (a/k/a Jeffrey Cobb) was injured at Saturday’s television taping in Los Angeles, California. Dot Net staffer Will Pruett attended the taping and reports that Matanza was working a match when he punched a window that was supposed to be gimmicked. However, he apparently struck the wrong window and suffered a severe cut. An ambulance arrived at the scene and treated him.

Powell’s POV: They ended the show for the live audience with an appearance by Rey Mysterio, presumably to send the crowd home happy. The fans were kept in the building for five to ten minutes after the show concluded, likely to avoid creating traffic if the ambulance needed to rush Matanza to the hospital. However, the ambulance was still at the building when fans were allowed to leave, so they may have been able to treat the injury at the building rather than at the hospital.

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