Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella speak after Raw

Daniel Bryan was interviewed with his wife Brie at his side after WWE Raw and was asked what he was feeling following his farewell speech. “Sadness, you know it’s coming, you know what you’re going out there to say and what that means,” Bryan said. “It’s hard sometimes because we say so many things that are fiction. We go out there and deliver works of fiction. And to go out there and say something that you wish were fiction is very difficult.”

Bryan was also asked whether he felt he was able to say goodbye the way he wanted to. “I didn’t really want to say goodbye to be honest,” Bryan said. “But I also did not want it to be sad, right? It’s sad, but the truth is that I have had a wonderful career. Sometimes the inner turmoil that you feel inside is not the true… This inner turmoil that I’m feeling right now is… who knows how long this will last, this sort of sadness. But I didn’t want the fans to take away the idea of this sadness, I wanted them to take away that I was grateful for everything that happened.” You can view the interview on the WWE Youtube Page.

Powell’s POV: Brie said she was emotional at the Gorilla position. She said it was typical Bryan in that he was so inspiring, and she spoke of the power that you get from his smile. “We might have lost a good one, but at least he’ll be some part of wrestling,” she said. “And if anything, he’s a legend now.” Bryan also demanded that WWE release his bear video. It’s not an official WWE release, but enjoy this bear greatness It’s also worth noting that WWE has additional footage of Bryan with his family, Brie speaking prior to the show, and of the two of them walking together before the speech.

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