Gutteridge’s WWE NXT Hit List: Finn Bálor vs. Apollo Crews, The VaudeVillains vs. The Hype Bros, and Emma vs. Carmella

By Darren Gutteridge


Finn Bálor vs. Apollo Crews: I’m not sure how bad this match would have to have been for it not to be the best match on this show by default. Thankfully it was “TV main event good.” By that I mean it was entertaining, but it did feel like they were holding back in the best way. They can go ahead and really let rip should this match be revisited in the future on a future network live special.

WWE NXT Misses

The VaudeVillains vs. The Hype Bros: Something was very off here, and I actually think most of the blame lies with Corey Graves and Tom Phillips. Between the two of them, they downplayed both teams – the Hype Bros for being insufferable, and the Vaudevillains for being off the boil – which only further flattened this already flat match. Plus, they tried to insinuate that the Vaudevillains were getting more aggressive, and seemingly turning heel. That did not come across at all in the match, and if a subtle heel turn was the plan, they could have fooled me.

Emma vs. Carmella: This match was also pretty drab. Carmella has improved, no doubt, but she’s still not ready for the position she is in. I couldn’t have been more bored in this match, and you have to think Carmella’s limitations are the reason for that, as Emma is usually better than this.

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady vs. enhancement wrestlers: This taping was squash match central, and this may have been the critical mass point. Enzo and Cass’s new mean streak is an improvement, but their status as the perennial losers makes it so hard to buy. I really don’t see them winning the titles soon either, so this may all be for nothing.

Asuka vs. Santana Garrett: Had Asuka gone full “Goldberg” and ended this match with one roundhouse kick, I would have given it a Hit for at least being a statement squash match win instead of filler. Alas, that didn’t happen, so for perhaps the first time, Asuka is on the wrong side of the line.

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