House of Glory “The War Within” results: Vetter’s review of Mike Santana vs. Matt Riddle for the HOG Title, KC Navarro vs. Gringo Loco for the HOG Cruiserweight Title

By Chris Vetter, Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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House of Glory “The War Within”
May 24, 2024 in Jamaica, N.Y. at La Boom
Streamed on the TrillerTV+

This is the first night of a double-header for HOG. This is their regular building, and the crowd appears to be perhaps 300-400. JD from New York, Jesse Solomon and Sam Laterna provided commentary.

1. Gringo Loco defeated KC Navarro to win the HOG Cruiserweight Title at 12:25. Pink-haired Navarro recently competed in a pre-PPV match in TNA; he’s a heel here and carried multiple title belts with him. They locked up; KC hit a huracanrana but Loco rotated and landed on his feet. Navarro stalled on the floor. In the ring, KC was in charge. Loco hit a Guerrilla Press, then a standing moonsault for a nearfall at 5:00. Loco hit an F5 for a nearfall. Loco hit a second-rope superplex for a nearfall at 9:00.

They hit simultaneous clotheslines, then simultaneous kicks to the head and they both collapsed. Loco hit a mid-ring Spanish Fly; KC popped up and hit a Poison Rana for a nearfall at 11:00. KC hit a superkick. Loco nailed the second-rope Base Bomb/swinging powerbomb for the pin. Good action.

2. J Bouji, Ken Broadway, and AJ Francis defeated Encore, Joey Silver, and Big Game Leroy at 13:28. The heels came out first; Encore came to the ring first for his side and the heels attacked him. Silver came down next but also was quickly beat down. I haven’t seen Leroy before; he’s Black and of average size and has the look and hair style of Max Caster. Encore opened against AJ; he tried a German Suplex but couldn’t lift Francis. Silver hit a spinebuster at 7:00 and an impressive Michinoku Driver for a nearfall. Leroy and Silver hit stereo dives to the floor. Two members of AJ’s entourage hit top-rope dives to the floor.

In the ring, the heels took over and beat up Silver. The thicker Broadway hit a flying back elbow for a nearfall at 10:30. J Bouji (think Kofi Kingston) hit a swinging faceplant for a nearfall, and he jawed at the ref. Encore got the hot tag and he hit a high back suplex on Bouji, then one on Broadway at 12:00. He hit a faceplant move on Francis, too. Broadway hit an F5 on Encore for a nearfall. AJ hit a chokeslam and pinned Encore. Good action. The heels continued to beat up Encore after the bell.

3. Jodi Aura defeated Michael Fain (w/Blackmon) at 6:04. I don’t know if I’ve seen Jodi before; he’s Black in long dreadlocks and a long black trenchcoat and makes me think of the lead singer of Sevendust. Fain also is Black; he wore fairly generic black trunks. They brawled to the floor and Aura dropped Fain gut-first on the guardrail. Fain hit a dive through the ropes to the floor at 3:30. Fain hit a Tiger Driver for a nearfall. Jodi hit a dropkick and a stunner, then a modified Go To Sleep for the pin. These two are clearly fairly green but I liked the energy they brought.

4. Sexy Star and Reina Dorada defeated Diamond Virago and Ultra Violette at 11:13. Sexy Star wears a pink top, trunks and mask. This is Dorada’s first US match in 2024; she wore light pink and gold and a mask. Virago is in red and Violette is in black. Sexy Star and UV opened with some quick lucha reversals. Reina entered and hit a top-rope crossbody block at 2:00 on UV. Virago entered and battled Dorada, with Reina hitting a variety of kicks. The heels began working over Dorada in their corner, hitting some chops to the exposed skin above Dorada’s top. Violette hit a snap suplex for a nearfall at 5:00, and she tied up Dorada on the mat.

Sexy Star got in but the heels began chopping her, too. Sexy Star hit a German Suplex on Virago, then a swinging side slam on Violette, then a moonsault. Dorada hit a running kick. Star and Violette hit simultaneous Mafia Kicks and suddenly all four were down at 8:30. They traded forearm strikes while on their knees, then while standing. The luchadors hit simultaneous dropkicks. Star hit a dive through the ropes. Reina hit a twisting dive to the floor on everyone at 10:00. Sexy Star hit a running knee to Violette’s back. Star hit a One-Winged Angel to pin Violette! It wasn’t always smooth but I really enjoyed that.

5. Carlos Ramirez defeated Nolo Kitano to retain the HOG Crown Jewel Title at 10:39. Ramirez is like Damian Priest, and with Big Bill’s size and muscle mass. Kitano is the “ghetto samurai” and he has his two masked ninjas with him. They immediately brawled to the floor. He caught the much smaller Nolo diving through the ropes and slammed him on the ring frame. In the ring, Nolo took charge and choked Ramirez in the ropes. He hit a stiff kick to the spine at 3:30, and that just angered Ramirez. Ramirez hit a suplex for a nearfall, but the masked ninjas with Kitano distracted the ref.

In a cool spot, Ramirez powerbombed Kitano over the top rope onto the masked ninjas at 5:00, drawing a “holy shit!” chant. In the ring, Nolo hit a Meteora double knees in the corner, then a Poison Rana for a nearfall at 7:30. The ref got bumped! Ramirez hit a sit-out powerbomb for a visual pin but we had no ref. The two masked ninjas attacked Ramirez, and Nolo hit a swinging neckbreaker. The ninjas woke up the ref, who made a two-count at 10:00, as Ramirez kicked out before a pin. Ramirez hit a slam, then a pumphandle spike piledriver for the pin. Good action.

* Out of the back came Edris Jackson, who confronted Ramirez. Edris ridiculed Ramirez, and the crowd responded, “That was racist!” Edris challenged Ramirez to a match on the show the next night. Jackson has his own title belt, so Ramirez wants both titles on the line.

6. The Amazing Red and “The Mane Event” Jay Lyon and Midas Black defeated Charles Mason, Jay Armani, and Raheem Royal at 16:09. Red has a short mohawk again. He and Mason traded quick offense in the ring, and the babyfaces worked over Mason in their corner. The heels then began working over Midas in their corner. Red got a hot tag at 6:30 and hit a double missile dropkick, then a nice DDT on Royal for a nearfall. Mason hit some loud chops on Red, then he bit Red’s forehead! Lyon got a hot tag at 10:00 and hit a series of clotheslines. He nailed a pop-up powerbomb on Royal, then he spun Armani to the mat.

Lyon popped Mason up, and Midas hit a running stunner for a nearfall! Nice! Mason hit a rolling Death Valley Driver on Red for a nearfall at 12:30. Mason set up for a Tombstone Piledriver, but Midas made the save. Mason locked in a sleeper hold on Midas on the mat, but Jay hit a Lionsault for the save. All six got up and brawled. Red hit an enzuigiri on Mason; Mason hit a hard clothesline, and everyone was down, and we got a “This is awesome!” chant. Lyon and Black hit double spears. Armani swung a chair, it hit the ropes and ricocheted on his head. TME hit The Grand Finale/team X-Factor faceplant, and Red hit a splash onto Armani for the pin. A fun match; I’m glad to see Red is a babyface here again.

* A commercial announced that Swerve Strickland is returning to HOG on July 26!

7. Mike Santana defeated Matt Riddle to retain the HOG Heavyweight Title at 11:48. This is a first-time-ever meeting. Riddle applied a cross-armbreaker early on. They brawled to the floor and traded forearm strikes. In the ring, Santana hit a superkick at 4:00, then a dive through the ropes onto Riddle. In the ring, Santana hit some rolling suplexes. Riddle hit a German Suplex for a nearfall at 6:30. He nailed a fisherman’s buster for a nearfall; he went for a senton but Santana got his knees up to block it. Santana hit a rolling stunner at 8:00 and they were both down.

Santana hit a faceplant and a Mafia Kick for a nearfall. Riddle hit some flying forearms in the corner and an Exploder Suplex, then a senton and a Penalty Kick for a nearfall at 10:00. He missed a moonsault, but he hit a jumping knee to the chin, then a powerbomb, then a kneestrike to the chin. He nailed the top-rope moonsault senton for a believable nearfall. Riddle went for an RKO but Santana blocked it! Santana immediately nailed the discus clothesline for the pin! Really good action. Riddle hit an RKO on the referee.

* Santana got on the mic; he noted that they will be in Boston the next night.

Final Thoughts: An entertaining show. Riddle-Santana was really good and well worth checking out. Loco-Navarro was really good for second place. Amazing Red’s six-man tag was a distant third. HOG was recently re-added back to the Triller+ lineup, and I’m glad I get to see this promotion on a regular basis again.


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