NXT TV results (3/12): Moore’s review of Oba Femi vs. Brooks Jensen for the NXT North American Title, Trick Williams’ appearance, Shawn Spears vs. Ridge Holland, Gigi Dolin vs. Arianna Grace

By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center
Aired live March 12, 2024 on USA Network

[Hour One] Highlights from las week’s Roadblock themed show aired…

Vic Joseph and Booker T were on commentary. Alicia Taylor was the ring announcer…

Lucien Price and Bronco Nima attacked Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro during their entrance…

1 “Out Tha Mud” Lucien Price and Bronco Nima (w/ Scrypts) vs. “The Latino World Order” Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro. Price hit Wilde with a modified X Plex for a two count. Nima tagged in and gave Wilde a chest stomp. Del Toro tagged in and helped Wilde clear both OTM members to ringside. The LWO hit OTM with stereo dives. Wilde tagged back in and got a two count off Nima. Price got a cheap shot on Wilde while the referee was distracted. Nima hit Wilde with a deadlift Superplex for a good nearfall. Corbin and Breakker [c]

Scrypts hit Wilde with a cheap shot during the break. Wilde manage to get the gat to Del Toro. Del Toro gave Price a huracanrana into the corner. Price dodged Del Toro initially, but ate a missile dropkick from Del Toro. Nima tagged in and hit Del Toro with a sidewalk slam for a two count. Del Toro fended off both OTM members. Wilde jumped off Nima’s back to hit Price and Scrypts with a dive to ringside. Del Toro staggered Nima on the top rope with a gamengiri. Nima recovered and put Del Toro in a fireman carry on the top rope.

Del Toro fought out with elbows. Del Toro hit Nima with a Frankensteiner. Del Toro assisted Wilde into a tightrope 450 for the victory.

The LWO defeated OTM via pinfall in 10:46.

The interviewer tried to interview Oba Femi, but Brooks Jensen interrupted to try to get in Oba’s face. Josh Briggs and referees held Brooks back while Oba looked confident…

A replay of Roxanne Perez attacking Lyra Valkyria was shown from last week. The show then cut to a smug looking Perez walking backstage…[c]

John’s Thoughts: A good tag team match. Weird that NXT doesn’t protect the powerhouse tag team in OTM. I think they have a good GTA: San Andreas/Inglewood inspired look. Would like to see them pushed better with their unique look and reinvention of the former Reggie. LWO meanwhile continue to be utilized better in NXT than on the main roster (where they are cannon fodder to take shots for Rey Mysterio). Joaquin Wilde in particular has been really looking good in the callback to NXT, showing signs of what made him a great singles competitor in TNA when he was DJ Zima Ion.

Vic Joseph plugged Undertaker’s wrestlemania weekend One Dead Man show…

Andre Chase chatted with Thea Hail backstage. Hail thanked Chase for talking with her, especially after their friction after Chase threw in the towel during Hail’s title match. Duke Hudson showed up. Hail complained about Jasmyn Nyx hanging out with Jacy Jayne more now, compared to with her. Hail then talked about how she should be okay because she has other friends. Hail talked about finding a different tag partner to face Kiana James and Izzi Dame. Hail introduced Kelani Jordan as her tag partner…

Roxanne Perez was already in the ring for her upcoming promo. Perez said the “happy to be here” Roxanne Perez is no longer here. Perez talked about this change not being sudden, but building up for over a year. Perez talked about beating a legend in Meiko Satomura a year ago and colapsing in the ring due to the struggle. Perez talked about that exhausting coming from carrying the NXT women’s division on her back. Perez said she was rewarded by the title taken off of her. Perez talked about people trying to assure her that she’s so young and has time to come back.

Perez talked about busting her ass in many matches while people were hype about “Tiffy time” or Becky Lynch going for the the title that she never got in WWE (The NXT Women’s Championship). Perez talked about how she cried at home after everyone made her feel bad after treating her like nothing against Becky Lynch. Perez said “screw you guys” to everyone that made her feel worthless.

She said she doesn’t care about opinions because she’s the most decorated woman in NXT at only the age of 22. She talked about winning everything in NXT. Perez then said she expected Lyra Valkyria to apologize for the “latina dancing idiot” (Lola Vice) and her fake friend (Tatum Paxley) that she pretends to like, ruined their singles match. Perez talked about how instead, Lyra decided to go for the tag team titles. Perez said that inspired her to break the rules and do it her way. Perez said now people want to cheer. Perez said no body cared when Indi Hartwell carried the belt that Perez never lost a year ago. Perez said she’s reminded of the old Roxanne Perez that was confused and naïve.

She said she now knows exactly what she wants, and dosen’t need anyone’s support or approval. Perez said its funny how history repeats itself with Lyra being in an ambulance instead of Perez. Perez said the pain she’s having isn’t the pain in the arm, but the pain of eventually losing the title to Perez. Perez said Ava now needs to strip Lyra of the title and award it to the woman that never lost the title in the first place, Roxanne Perez. Ava made her entrance. Ava said that Perez stepped out of line last week by putting Lyra in the hospital for no good reason. Perez said that’s fine, and Ava needs to award her the championship.

Ava said that NXT didn’t immediately strip Perez of the title, but instead waited to get the full extent of Perez’s injuries. Tatum Paxley ran out from the crowd to attack Perez. Ava and the referees dragged Tatum to the back…

Vic Joseph hyped Trick Williams appearing later in the show…

Lexis King made his entrance…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Solid heel promo from the newly turned Roxanne Perez. I wasn’t sure how well the undersized and plucky Perez would fare as a heel, but her first extended promo was delivered well enough for me to want to see her embark on this new character path that she hasn’t done in the past. Good vindictive heel lines here as well to play into Perez being stripped of the title around a year ago. Ava meanwhile, continues to struggle on air both in-ring and on the mic. She barely had an impact on this segment and was quickly rushed off with Tatum running in.

The show cut to Tony D’Angelo, Luca Crucifino, Stacks, and Adriana Rizzo at an Italian restaurant. They all toasted to Crucifino being brought in as the consigliere of the family. Rizzo talked about how the family is looking forward to the new NXT Champion. D’Angelo said this move to the title has been a long time coming. D’Angelo thanked Stacks for pushing the button on Trick Willliam’s entrance theme last week to distract Melo.

D’Angelo also talked about how he struck a deal with Trick last week for Trick’s assistance due to his beef with Melo. NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov showed up and the rest of the D’Angelo family left to leave Tony D to chat with Ilja. Ilja congratulated D’Angelo for his recent success. Ilja said he has nothing other than the NXT Championship. Ilja said no matter what D’Angelo does, the title stays with Ilja. D’Angelo said whatever happens here, the Don likes Ilja. Ilja wondered what Tony D meant? Stacks and Luca dragged Ilja to the back of the restaurant.

The restaurant manager wondered if everything was oka. Tony D thanked the manager for the meal. Stacks and Luca then put Ilja in the trunk of Tony D’s car. Tony D and the family drove off…

Robert Stone made his entrance…

2. Robert Stone vs. Lexis King. Stone rallied and dumped Lexis to ringside. Stone hit Lexis with a dive at ringside. Lexis sidestepped Stone and gave Stone a running knee to get control Booker talked about Stone not being a wrestler and shouldn’t be in a match (I am reminded of Stone being in the same company as Booker as a wrestler over ten years ago).

King worked on Stone with methodical offense. Stone managed to shove Lexis off the top rope and hit Lexis with a crossbody for a one count.Lexis hit Stone with a superkick followed by a knee to the back of the neck. King hit Stone with his swinging neckbreaker finisher for the victory.

Lexis King defeated Robert Stone via pinfall in 4:35. 

Lexis tried to attack Stone after the match, but Von Wagner ran out to carry Stone to the back. The segment closed with Lexis gloating in the ring…

John’s Thoughts: Decent heat booster for Lexis to set up Von Wagner eventually giving Lexis his comeuppance. I’m happy to see Stone getting more in-ring time recently because I thought of him highly as a wrestler in the past (even though his and Joaquin Wilde’s old BroMans characters annoyed the hell out of me in a “go home” kind of way).

Vic Joseph and Booker T checked in from the commentary desk where he sent the show to a clip from the Logan Paul ImPaulsive podcast. Paul plugged summerslam 2024 happening at Cleaveland, Ohio. Vic Joseph was pleased at Summerslam emanating from his home town…

Kelly Kincaid interviewed Oba Femi about his recent tussle with Brooks Jensen. Oba said Jensen just an ignorant boy trying to convince himself that he’s a challenge, but he just proved that he’s not able to hang in Oba’s jungle and will be slaughtered. Dijak showed up and told Oba that if Oba survives, he’ll soon find out if he has what it takes to be champion. Oba left the set and made his entrance to the crowd…[c]

The show cut to Ridge Holland chatting with his wife and daughter via facetime. Ridge’s daughter wished Holland good luck and hope he’s okay…

Brookes Jensen made his entrance. Alicia Taylor handled the formal in-ring championship introductions…

3. Oba Femi vs. Brooks Jensen for the NXT North American Championship. Oba smirked at Brooks after the initial collar and elbow. Oba then put Brooks on the apron and forearmed him off. Oba did a side headlock hip toss to get Oba to the mat. The picture-in-picture showed Josh Briggs watching the match from backstage.

Jensen escaped and gave Oba a gamengiri. Oba used a hook punch to the gut to swat Jensen out of the air. Oba worked on Jensen with methodical offense. Oba no sold a neckbreaker form Jensen heading into picture-in-picture.[c]

[Hour Two] Oba was dominating back from break. Brooks rolled up Oba for a two count and then dropkicked Oba to ringside. Oba stopped on a dime to dodge a dropkick. Oba gave Jensen a few backbreakers. The picture-in-picture showed Briggs walking out of the locker room. Oba hit Jensen with a running uppercut. Briggs made his entrance to fire up Jensen. Jensen shoved Oba to the corner to escape a chinlock. Oba came back with a punch to the back of the neck.

Jensen rallied with right hands and a thrust kick. Jensen hit Oba with a clothesline, dropkick, and power slam for a nearfall. Oba backdropped Jensen. Oba then glared at Briggs at ringside. Oba gave Jensen snake eyes and then chucked Jensen across the ring. After glaring at Briggs, Oba tossed Jensen across the ring again. Oba hit Jensen with a pop up power bomb for the victory.

Oba Femi defeated Brooks Jensen via pinfall in 11:34 to retain the NXT North American Championship.

John’s Thoughts: Solid win for the champ with Jensen playing the plucky up-and-comer well. Credit to Oba for putting on a good match even though both men are fairly young in their wrestling careers (especially Oba who isn’t a 2nd generation wrestler like Jensen). Oba definitely has all the tools to be a big player in WWE down the road. Looking forward to his big-man match against Josh Briggs which they teased by having Briggs head out to ringside.

The Family dragged Ilja out of the trunk to have a meeting with Tony D’Angelo over a bridge. D’Angelo talked about how this wasn’t done out of disrespect, but Ilja should have known that walking up to him unannounced wouldn’t go unpunished. D’Angelo said he’s walked a ton of people to this bridge. He said this isn’t one of those walks, this is about the NXT Championship. D’Angelo said Ilja is dominant and a human weapon, but look at where he is now?

D Angelo said he can end it all at the snap of his fingers. Ilja asked Tony to show him what he’s got. Tony D said he would. Before Tony left, Ilja told Tony that he always finds a way in the end. The segment ended with Tony D and family driving off while Ilja was staring down at his championship belt…[c]

Vic Joseph plugged Muhammad Ali being inducted into the 2024 WWE Hall of Fame…

Gigi Dolan made her entrance first. Adriana Grace made her entrance…

4. Gigi Dolin vs. Adriana Grace. Grace ducked into the corner to prevent Gigi from attacking her face. Grace then put Gigi into a side headlock. Grace quickly rolled to ringside for a time out after Gigi escaped. Grace missed an elbow drop when Gigi rolled into the ring. Gigi hit Grace with a drop toehold, hip toss, and draping dropkick for a two count. Grace dodged a bronco buster and stomped on Gigi in the corner. Grace hit Gigi with a suplex and elbow drop for a two count.

Gigi dodged a corner move and rolled up Grace a few times for a few nearfalls. Grace came back with a Judo arm toss for a nearfall. Gigi reversed a suplex with a suplex of her own. Gigi rallied with strikes. Gigi hit Grace with a legsweep for a two count. Grace took down Gigi and then taunted her with a tiara. The referee grabbed the tiara away, which allowed race to low blow Gigi. Because she’s a woman and didn’t have to sell much, Gigi came back with her own low blow. 

Ariana Grace defeated Gigi Dolin via DQ in 4:14. 

John’s Thoughts: “Creative” finish I guess. As a male, I’m very sure low blows don’t hurt women as much as men, but I guess equality with the calls I suppose. Looks like we’re in store for a few “servant” skits in following weeks where Dolin has to be a servant for Grace.

Karmen Petrovic was chatting with Sol Ruca backstage. Petrovic welcomed Ruca back. Petrovic noted that unfortunately a lot of women have been as bad as Blair Davenport since Ruca was out. Lola Vice showed up to mock Petrovic for being a little “karate girl”. Petrovic threatened to kick Petrovic. Lola said she’s a master at her art unlike Petrovic. Vice left. Brinley Reece showed up to wish Petrovic luck, while also being hyperactive. Edris Enofe and Malik Blade dragged the hyperactive Reece off…

Kiana James and Izzi Dame made their entrance…[c]

Vic Joseph hyped up WWE having more subscriber totals than the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL..

The show then cut to show that Kelani Jordan was jumpped backstage. Thea Hail checked in Kelani, but then had to make her own entrance. When the match was about to start, Fallon Henley ran out to be Hail’s new tag partner…

5. Thea Hail and Fallon Henley vs. Kiana James and Izzi Dame. Henley dominated early on with the help of Hail. James dodged a dropkick after getting hit with an atomic drop. Henley came back with a drop toehold. Dame tagged in. Henley tripped up Dame. After a distraction, Dame gave Henley a snake eyes on the top rope. James hit Henley with a running stomp for a two count. Vic noted that Henley and James are former women’s tag team champions.

Dame tagged in and gave Henley a slam for a two count. Dame worked on Henley with methodical offense. Jacy Jayne and Jasmyn Nyx appeared at ringside to catch Hail’s attention. Henley escaped a full nelson and gave Dame a hip toss. Hail tagged in and rallied with flying axe handles. Hail hit Dame with a huracanrana. Hail hit James with a blockbuster. Hail hit James with a power slam, liger kick, and springboard trust fall for a nearfall. Henley and Dame took each other out to ringside

James hit Hail with a spinebuster for a good nearfall. Hail reversed a power bomb into a Kimura on James. Jamed dumped Hail to ringside to break th ehold. Jayne pulled Henley out of the way to cause Dame to hit Hail with a running boot. James hit Hail with a inverted Overdrive for the victory.

Kiana James and Izzi Dame defeated Thea Hail and Fallon Henley via pinfall in 5:35.

After the match, Hail poured her heart out on the mic and said she thought Jayne was her best friend and thinking that Jayne was the coolest person she’s met. Hail talked about changing herself for Jayne, but their friendship has only showed Hail a more rotten version of Jayne. Hail said she idolized Jayne and thought of her as a sister. Hail said they are done now and she doesn’t want to be anything like Jayne. Hail said she’s sorry for being a loser and not good enough for Jayne’s toxic self. Hail said that’s fine because the old Thea Hail is back bitch. Thea Hail then sprinted laps in the ring…

John’s Thoughts: A match that felt like it had nothing to do with James and Dame. The story was more about Jacy Jayne and Thea Hail and a bit odd that they just had Hail in a match that had nothing to do with that story thread. On top of that, it looks like they’re speedrunning the Hail and Jayne breakup, even though there was no real buildup (they’re just using Hail’s failed date with Osborne that we never got a skit for). What is related to both groups here is Izzi Dame and Jasmyn Nyx being two of the many random women they’re putting on NXT these days due to them having too many TV-ready women in their developmental pipeline.

The show cut to Riley Osborne watching the last segment in the lockeroom. The No Quarter Catch Crew showed up to taunt Riley. Charlie Dempsey talked about how they were the reason for Hail’s in-ring success. Riley talked back. Drew Gulak threatened Riley with the “catch clause”. Axiom and Nathan Frazer showed up to have Riley’s back. Axiom joked about being close friends with the inaugural heritage cup champion (A-Kid/Axiom was the first champion). Gulak and his boys backed down…

Vic Joseph hyped up Ridge Holland vs. Shawn Spears after the break. The camera also focused over Trick Williams’s locker room door…

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were backstage cutting a promo about going after the tag team titles while also hyping themselves up for being in the tournament to face Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin. They were also wearing Good Brothers t-shirts…

The show cut to Hank Walker and Tank Ledger watching the last promo.  They were hyping each other to face Gallows and Anderson. Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker cut in to confront Hank and Tank. Breakker talked about all four men in the room having a strong football background. Hank and Tank then got hyperactive while hyping each other up…

Ridge Holland made his entrance. Shawn Spears made his dark and ominous entrance which has him also sitting on a chair before his entrance. He wore a skull mask before his match..

6. Ridge Holland vs. Shawn Spears. Spears chopped Holland and yelled at him to “let it out”. Holland rallied a bit, but then got put in the corner for chops. Spears teased a regular punch, but then went for ten punches in the corner. Holland fought out and backdropped Spears. Holland gave Spears a big boot. Spears pulled down the top rope to dump Holland to ringside.

Holland tripped Spears on the apron. Holland dominated with methodical strikes. Holland tried to lawn dart Spears into the ringpost, but then thought 2nd of it. Spears escaped and shoved Holland into the ringpost. Spears said Holland should have done it.[c]

Spears caught Holland with a few superkicks. Spears then used the ropes to crucifix tie up Holland. Spears then yelled to Holland that Holland let the people and his wife down. Holland escaped and grabbed Spears by the jaw. Holland hit Spears with a clothesline. Holland dumped Spears to ringside. Holland tossed Spears into the barricade. Holland then hit Spears with a shoulder tackle and tossed Spears into the steel steps. Vic then went a bit overboard in asking Ridge to not go overboard.

Holland cleared the announce table and ragged Spears to the top of the steel steps he set up next to the announce table. Holland chokeslammed Spears through the announce table. Holland then dragged Spear’s chair to the ring. The referee grabbed the chair away. Spears rolled up Holland for a two count. Spears caught Holland with a C4 Death Valley Driver into the steel chair for the victory.

Shawn Spears defeated Ridge Holland via pinfall in 9:40. 

Spears hugged his steel chair at ringside saying “I did it”…

John’s Thoughts: Another feud that feels on speedrun because they are rushing this whole thing where Spears is trying to turn Holland to the dark side. Decent enough match and Holland definitely gains from wrestling the veteran Spears. There’s just no reason to care about this feud though. Holland proved he was capable of cutting a good promo and I hope we get good promos from him down the road, but this “sad dad” gimmick is eye rolling. On top of that, Spears hasn’t convinced me yet in WWE that he can played this dark and hammy evil guy. I think he did a better job in AEW when he was a bit more realistic with the heel work where here it feels like he’s reading generic evil lines off a teleprompter.

Roxanne Perez vs. Tatum Paxley, two tag team tournament matches, and Riley Osborne facing a random No Quarter Catch Crew member were announced for next week…[c]

An ad aired to hype up The Rock appearing on Smackdown upcoming. They’ve also been hyping it up throughout the NXT show…

Vic Joseph plugged Ilja Dragunov vs. Tony D’Angelo for the NXT Championship at Stand and Deliver…

[Overrun] Trick Williams made his entrance to Whoop Dat Trick chants and Booker T interjections. Trick asked the crowd to stop for a moment. He said he usually does his business by talking on the mic and doing his thing. He said he’s struggling to come up with the words to say what he wants to say. He said he feels betrayed. He said family means something to him. He said he thought being family meant having his back. Trick talked about having Melo’s back for a long time, supporting Melo during all his accolades and doing what brothers do?

Trick said seeing Melo’s success inspired him to talk to HBK to elevate his game to the next level. Trick talked about Melo saying he was excited for him. Trick said he took a chance on himself and that was when Trick Willy was born. Trick said he just wanted Melo to be as happy for Trick as Trick was for Melo’s success. Trick then said people started telling him how Melo’s been giving him bad looks at ringside. Trick said that even John Cena told Trick that Melo looks like he’s hatin’.

Trick said he didn’t believe that. Trick then brought up Melo lying to his face about attacking him backstage. Trick said Melo has been lying for a long time, like attacking him or framing Dragunov. Trick said the biggest lie was saying he was still Trick’s brother. Trick then brought up Melo mentioning they were not at the same level. Trick said he agrees with that. Trick said Melo wearing Timbs on a step stool with a Luda afro wouldn’t be at the same level as Trick. Trick called Melo a little punk ass.

Trick challenged Melo to a match at Stand and Deliver and said that the crowd will be chanting Whoop Dat Trick by the end of the night. The Meta Four then made their entrance. Noam Dar said Trick’s rise has been epic, but people are tired of Trick complaing about Melo smashing him up. Noam said the truth is Trick deserved it. Trick told Noam to mind his old business. Noam said Trick lost his best friend and he lost the Heritage Cup. Noam said unlike Trick he didn’t cry about it into a pillow and move on to bigger and better things. Trick reiterated to Noam to stay out of this.

Noam said he’s just here to steal Trick’s heat. Noam said that’s because there’s nobody hotter than Trick right now. Trick said that’s true especially given the way Lash be glaring at him. Lash told Trick to listen to what Noam has to say. Noam said he was going to enter the ring to knock Trick out. Noam called Trick a one trick pony.

Noam said next week they won’t talk, but fight. Trick clocked Noam and Oro Mensah. Lash was about to hit Trick, but Trick then reversed it into a romantic embrace. Lash then made out with Trick while in his arms. Trick then gave Noam and Oro a few more clotheslines. Trick dumped the heels to ringside go close the show standing tall…

John’s Thoughts: Simple and effective promo delivery from the talented Trick Williams who is back to reestablish himself as the main protagonist of NXT. Trick has always shown good mic work as the hype man, but it’s cool seeing he can flip the script as a more central character on the show. The Noam Dar stuff was simple heel stuff to set up what we all expect will be a Trick Williams warmup match next week.

Overall a solid episode of NXT with the focus being on building towards Stand and Deliver. A few feuds seem to be in rush mode like the Ridge Holland business and Chase U stuff, so hopefully they show down and patiently build. HBK of all people should know the importance of patiently building feuds given his own career. Also, I do have to run out now, so I won’t have my audio review out as early as usual. Expect an audio review for the dot net members tomorrow sometime early.




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  1. I don’t know about you, John, but I am a sucker for inside jokes (see Axiom’s line) and guy/girl mind games (Trick and Lash). I laughed both times.

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