Powell’s NXT Hit List: Trick Williams vs. Josh Briggs, Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin vs. Axiom and Nathan Frazer in a Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic semifinal match, Ava named general manager


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

NXT Hits

Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin vs. Axiom and Nathan Frazer in a Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic semifinal match: The show peaked from an in-ring standpoint with this good opening tag team match. I’m not always a fan of the annual tag team tournament, but this year’s version has held my interest despite the match outcomes feeling predictable to this point.

Lyra Valkyria and Roxanne Perez contract signing: I enjoyed this verbal exchange even though it was an odd choice to close the show with. Valkyria came through with her best mic work to date and hopefully that’s a sign that she’s starting to find herself as a character. Perez is trying hard to shed the kiddie image, which isn’t going to be easy due to her size and look. Tatum Paxley’s oddball stalker character didn’t do much for me until this segment. Paxley attacking Perez was an interesting development. Valkyria acted upset with Paxley, but it’s always possible that the two of them are in cahoots. Even if that’s not the case, it will be interesting to see how Paxley responds if Valkyria tries to sever ties with her.

Trick Williams vs. Josh Briggs: An enjoyable match with NXT’s top babyface beating Briggs, who is off to a good start as a singles act. The post match attack by Briggs indicated that he’s going to be a heel. The Williams and Carmelo Hayes exchange afterward was rough due to Williams giving Hayes the softest of shoves.

Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice: Lopez hit hard with her comments about Vice and they both did an effective job of setting up their match for next week’s show.

Lexis King vs. Trey Bearhill: It was good to see King go over strong. Bearhill doesn’t seem like he’s ready for prime time and the way he just kept yelling throughout the match was obnoxious.

Blair Davenport vs. Karmen Petrovic: A soft Hit for a brief showcase win for Davenport. Petrovic needs reps, but she has potential.

Lash Legend vs. Wren Sinclair: Legend has come a long way. She’s still not a polished worker, but she has shown real in-ring improvement. Meanwhile, I saw enough of Sinclair’s work as Madi Wrenkowski to know that she also has a lot of potential.

NXT Misses

Ava named general manager: The idea of Ava serving as the youngest general manager in WWE history is fine. The problem is the way they got to this moment. Ava went from being in Joe Gacy’s cult to suddenly serving as an assistant for Shawn Michaels without explanation. It was lazy creative work and I really wish they would circle back and try to explain how this came about. Her promotion to the general manager position should have felt like a bigger moment. It was a nice touch to have William Regal there to give her words of encouragement, but it all feels forced and rushed. It’s also tough for fans to connect with Ava when they continue to ignore the elephant in the room. The fans know who she is and who her father is. Being the daughter of The Rock doesn’t have to define Ava’s character, but she isn’t going to feel authentic until she addresses it and moves on.

Dragon Lee vs. Scrypts: I just don’t see it with Scrypts as a wrestler. I like him as a manager for OTM. He can do some occasional wrestling in that role as more of a chickenshit heel type, but he just seems out of place working as a straight forward wrestler regardless of his athleticism. Lee pinning Scrypts did nothing for him and I continue to be underwhelmed the way Lee has been presented in NXT. There has to be more to the Lee character than him being nice guy who looks up to Rey Mysterio.


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  1. Did they bury Vice because they’re planning on releasing her after she loses?

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