C*4 Wrestling “Sixteen Candles” results: Vetter’s review of Kevin Blackwood vs. Junior Benito for the C*4 Championship, Calvin Tankman vs. Gabriel Fuerza, Akira vs. Evil Uno


By Chris Vetter, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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C*4 Wrestling (Capital City Championship Combat) “Sixteen Candles”
Replay available via Independent.TV
November 24, 2023 in Ottawa, Ontario at Preston Event Centre

This show was released Tuesday on IWTV. I love this venue because it is so well-lit and they always draw 500-600 energized fans.  By releasing this show a few days after it took place, it allows C*4 to make light edits, notably cutting breaks between matches. We have an open challenge in our opening match for Puf and Ricky Wildly’s tag championships.

1. “Triple Dragon” Puf and Pretty Ricky Wildly defeated “Sexxxy Beasts” Animal Bob Anger and Sexxxy Eddy to retain the C*4 Tag Team Titles at 11:22. Puf is the beloved 400+ pound man, and Wildy always reminds me of a young Jimmy Hart, and they were wildy popular. Eddy is in his late 40s now and still wears super-tiny trunks. I don’t know Bob Anger but he wears a lucha mask. Puf and Bob Anger opened. Wildly kissed Eddy on the mouth, then he kissed Bob. Wildly grabbed Eddy’s groin; Eddy grabbed Wildly’s groin. Eddy pulled a banana out of Ricky’s trunks. Eddy peeled the banana and ate it. Anger pulled a tiny cucumber out of Wildy’s trunks. Well, the crowd is enjoying this banter. Puf took off a shoe and hit Bob Anger with it repeatedly on his butt. Puf finally splashed Eddy for the pin. Acceptable comedy.

* All four guys celebrated in the ring, but suddenly Sexxxy Eddy hit a low blow on Puf! The crowd loudly booed this heel turn, as Eddy and Animal beat up the tag champs.

* Red-headed Haley Dylan made an open challenge; she looks like she’s 16 to me but she’s in her early 20s. I’ve seen her here a few times and at least once elsewhere. Kevin Blackwood joined her to the ring. He got on the mic and said they left Buffalo, the greatest city on earth, to come to this shithole and wrestle in front of these fans. To our great surprise, Haley has THREE opponents that accepted the open challenge!

2. Hayley Dylan (w/Kevin Blackwood) defeated Lufisto, Kristara, and Cecil Nyx in a four-way at 5:06. I’ve seen Kristara here a few times; she is a thin Black woman in Lakers purple. Nyx is heavyset and popular here; he had a heckuva fight here two months ago against Blackwood, and I don’t doubt he’s twice the weight of Haley or Kristara. Hayley and Blackwood ran to the back before she could tie up, so the match began as a three-way. Veteran Lufisto beat up Kristara in the ring. Meanwhile Cecil dragged Hayley from the back and into the ring so the other women could beat her up. Lufisto hit some forearms on Nyx so he returned fire, and he speared her at 2:30.

Lufisto hit a rolling cannonball on Kristara. She hit a Tiger Driver on Dylan. Cecil hit a backbreaker over his knee on Lufisto. Blackwood pulled Lufisto out of the ring. Meanwhile, Dylan hit Cecil with a belt while the ref was admonishing Blackwood! The ref turned around and counted the cheap pin for Hayley. Acceptable action.

3. Evil Uno defeated Akira at 13:32. Akira is completely bald today. Even the last time I saw him (I think the MLW live show on Fite+) a few weeks ago, he had a short mohawk. They traded chops right away, and Uno is noticeably taller, more than I would have expected. Uno hit a running neckbreaker at 4:00 and kept hitting chops. Uno went for a Swanton Bomb at 6:30 but Akira got his knees up. Akira hit a dive through the ropes onto Uno. Uno got a door and tossed it into the ring at 9:00. In the ring, Uno hit a chairshot across the back. Akira hit a back suplex through a door bridge, then a German Suplex at 12:30. Uno hit a piledriver but Akira kicked out at one. Akira has a trickle of blood from his forehead, and he slapped Uno in the face. Uno hit two more piledrivers and scored the pin. Good brawl.

4. Alexia Nicole defeated Jody Threat to retain the C*4 Underground Championship at 9:21. Alexia is listed online at 4’11” and she looks tiny next to Jody. She hit a huracnarana and a shotgun dropkick into the corner, then running knees for a nearfall. Jody hit a delayed vertical suplex for a nearfall at 3:30. They traded slaps to the face. Jody hit a spear for a nearfall at 6:30. Jody hit a release German Suplex, with Nicole rolling to the floor. NIcole got a Crucifix Driver for a believable nearfall, then a piledriver for the pin!

5. Matthieu St. Jacques, Benjamin Tull, and Franky the Mobster defeated Macrae Martin and “The Mane Event” Jay Lyon and Midas Black at 12:41. The heels are far bigger and more muscular; the bald Franky is absolutely ripped. All six brawled at the bell. Midas did a Scotty Too Hotty Worm on Matthieu. Lyon hit a standing moonsault. Matthieu hit a piledriver on Lyon at 2:30. Franky hit a back suplex on Lyon, as the heels worked Jay over. Macrae hit a flip dive to the floor at 6:00. In the ring, Martin hit a fallaway slam, then a Pedigree for a nearfall. Matthieu hit a double DDT. Tull hit a flip dive to the floor at 8:00.

In the ring, Tull hit a Sabin-style Cradleshock for a nearfall. Franky hit a standing powerbomb. Midas hit a springboard stunner. Macrae and Lyon hit spears at 10:30. TME hit their team X-Factor faceplant for a visual pin, but a heel pulled the ref out of the ring and punched him! Franky powerbombed Macrae through a door set up in the corner. A new ref hopped in and counted the pin for Franky. That was fun. The heels kept beating up the babyfaces after the bell.

6. Stu Grayson defeated Warhorse and Marcus Mathers in a three-way at 14:08. I’ve seen more of Stu Grayson in C*4 in the past three months than in AEW/ROH, which is just baffling, because he’s so good. Some three-way spots early, and Mathers hit a twisting crossbody block. Stu hit a top-rope moonsault to the floor on the others at 4:00. Stu picked up Marcus and tossed him into fans (plants!) in the front row, and Warhorse hit a flip dive onto those ‘fans’. In the ring, Marcus leapt off the corner but Warhorse got his knees up to block the move at 6:30. Stu hit overhead belly-to-belly suplexes, then German suplexes, on each opponent.

Stu hit a German suplex on both men for a nearfall. Marcus hit a Lionsault for a nearfall. Warhorse hit a second-rope suplex onto Stu! Warhorse hit a neckbreaker over his knee, then a top-rope doublestomp on Mathers’ head for a nearfall at 11:00. Stu tied up both men on the mat. Marcus hit a flip dive to the floor on both at 13:00 and landed on his feet. Mathers hit a top-rope 450 Splash in the ring. Stu shoved Mathers to the floor, applied a crossface on Warhorse, and Warhorse tapped out. That was a blast and easily my favorite match of the night so far.

7. Gabriel Fuerza defeated Calvin Tankman via ref stoppage at 12:24. Fuerza is of average size (he’s similar to AEW’s Ortiz), so he’s giving up a lot of weight to Tankman. Fuerza tried a German Suplex but couldn’t lift Calvin. Calvin hit a shoulder tackle that sent Fuerza flying, and he rolled to the floor at 1:00. Tankman teased a dive to the floor but stopped. They brawled to the floor, where Fuerza shoved Tankman shoulder-first into the ring post. In the ring, Tankman was dropped face-first on the middle turnbuckle, and Fuerza scored a nearfall at 4:00.

Tankman hit a rolling back elbow and a backbreaker over his knee and got a nearfall at 6:30. Fuerza hit a Lethal Injection for a nearfall. Fuerza left the ring and went to the back at 9:00. He returned with a door, and he set up a door bridge. However, Tankman nailed a pop-up spinning back fist! Fuerza powerbombed Tankman through the door bridge for a believable nearfall at 11:30. Fuerza took a door shard and cracked Tankman over the head with it. The ref checked on Calvin and called for the bell; I wouldnt’t be surprised if Tankman was legit dizzy from that unprotected blow to the head. (After watching it play out, I do think that was the planned finish, though.)

8. Myung-jae Lee defeated Vaughn Vertigo, London Lightning, James Stone (w/Vanessa Kraven), Brent Banks, and Sheldon Jean in a six-way to become No. 1 contender for the C*4 Championship at 11:59. Lee is the talented South Korean who is easily the most talented of this bunch, and of course, Jean has been on Impact Wrestling as a Kenny King understudy. Banks is a Black man with short hair. Lightning has Mike Bailey’s haircut and he’s impressed me. Vertigo dresses like a rock star (the same look Brian “Lexis King” Pillman has now; a lot of similarities there.) Jean attacked Lee before the bell and suddenly everyone was brawling.

Lee and Stone (think Karl Anderson) brawled, with Stone hitting a suplex at 2:00. Vaughn rolled to the floor and for some reason, but his arm around Kraven, who responded by decking him. Lee hit a top-rope dive to the floor on everyone. Jean picked up Lee and slammed him head-first against the ring post. Lots of fast-paced action in the ring. Vertigo hit a back suplex on Banks at 7:30. Vertigo hit a Pele Kick. London hit a swinging neckbreaker. Lee hit a stunner. Stone hit a Death Valley Driver. Stone got a chair and hit Jean on the floor with it. Vertigo hit a Swanton Bomb and a Shining Wizard, but the ref was on the floor. Lee hit a top-rope doublestomp on London’s back for the pin. Really entertaining scramble.

9. Junior Benito defeated Kevin Blackwood (w/Hayley Dylan) to win the C*4 Championship at 24:00 even. The slender Benito is shorter and thinner but I’m a big fan. Mat wrestling and a feeling-out process to open. Blackwood hit a shoulder tackle at 2:30. Benito hit some dropkcks that sent Blackwood to the floor to regroup and scheme with Hayley. Back in the ring, Benito hit a slingshot senton for a nearfall at 4:30. They brawled on the floor; the fans here are seated wayyyy too close to the ring so there isn’t much room for them to work. Back in the ring, Blackwood hit a back suplex for a nearfall at 8:00, then a German Suplex. Blackwood tied him up on the mat and hit some Moxley-style elbow strikes to the side of the head at 11:00.

They got up and traded chops. Benito hit a second-rope twisting crossbody block and he fired up. Benito hit a forward Finlay Roll and a running Shooting Star Press for a nearfall at 13:00. Benito hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for a believable nearfall. Blackwood hit a second-rope Exploder Suplex at 15:30 and they were both down. Blackwood hit a suplex for a nearfall. Benito hit a superkick but he missed a top-rope splash. Blackwood hit a doublestomp to the collarbone for a nearfall at 17:30. They traded hard chops. Benito went to the top rope; Hayley grabbed his ankle but he fought free and still hit a 450 Splash for a nearfall at 19:30. She hopped in the ring and shoved Junior and she hit a few forearm strikes, so he dropped her with a superkick.

The distraction allowed Blackwood to hit a low blow uppercut. She hit one too, and she hit a back suplex. Blackwood immediately hit a tombstone piledriver for a one-count at 21:30! The crowd popped for the kickout. Hayley got back in the ring and hit Junior with the title belt. Blackwood hit a Helluva Kick and a top-rope doublestomp on the collarbone for a believable nearfall. Hayley shoved a door into the ring, which Kevin set up in the corner. Cecil Nyx hopped in the ring, and he speared Hayley through the door at 23:00! Benito hit a second-rope Canadian Destroyer, then a top-rope frogsplash, then a top-rope 450 Splash for the pin! New champion! The crowd went NUTS for the title change. Excellent match. He dove into the crowd and celebrated with the fans.

Final Thoughts: An excellent main event. Blackwood has held the title for months and has cheated his way to retaining, over and over. I had a sense this was going to be the night he would lose, and Benito is a great choice to take over as champion. The Stu Grayson three-way earns second place. I’ll go Uno-Akira for third, just ahead of the scramble.

C*4 shows are soooo good for many reasons, but I can’t stress enough how much I love this well-lit building, which is always packed with fans who are into the shows. Give me an indy show with the lights on over one with the lights low any day. I really do like their soft edits, too. I don’t think they trim any of the matches, but cutting the breaks between matches, and I presume an intermission too, keep the show moving forward.


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