Wrestling Revolver “Grand Prix” results: Vetter’s review of the one-night tournament with Allysin Kay vs. Vert Vixen, Billie Starkz vs. Rachel Armstrong, Emi Sakura vs. Trish Adora, and Marina Shafir vs. Janai Kai in first-round matches

By Chris Vetter, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Wrestling Revolver “Grand Prix”
Streamed on FITE+
October 8, 2023 in Dayton, Ohio at Calumet Center

As the show began, Renee Paquette was in the ring. This gym is packed with maybe 300 fans. She spoke on the mic but for some unknown reason, they turned up the music to almost drown her out. Renee introduced the eight women in this tournament, and they came to the ring and posed with the trophy. Good lord is no one listening to this? Turn off the music so we can hear Renee! Renee Paquette, Gia Miller and Veda Scott provided live commentary

1. Marina Shafir defeated Janai Kai in a first-round tournament match at 3:52. These two have the most realistic style. Janai jumped her and hit some kicks. Veda pointed out that Marina is undefeated in Wrestling Revolver, and she added that Janai just got back from Japan. Marina hit a stiff kick to the spine. Janai hit a spin kick to the head but Marina caught the leg and dropped her to the mat in an ankle lock. Nice. Marina applied a front headlock and Janai nearly passed out. The ref checked her and determined she was out. Good for the time given.

2. Trish Adora defeated Emi Sakura in a first-round tournament match at 8:45. Emi refused a handshake. They traded shoulder tackles, as Veda said they fought once before on AEW TV with Emi winning. Emi tied up Adora on the mat. Trish worked the left arm. Emi loudly screamed in Trish’s ear, causing Trish to let go of a hold. Emi hit a series of rapid-fire chops. Trish hit a European Uppercut at 6:00. Emi hit a hard clothesline that dropped Trish. Trish hit a senton for a nearfall, and she applied a modified Cattle Mutilation, but Emi reached the ropes. Emi hit a swinging faceplant, then her backbreaker over the knee, but she missed a top-rope moonsault. Adora immediately nailed the Lariat Tubman clothesline for the pin!

3. Vert Vixen defeated Allysin Kay in a first-round tournament match at 9:12. I think highly of Vert and she just got an AEW TV match a week ago. Allysin is taller and hit some chops early on. Kay hit a German Suplex at 2:00. She put Vert on her shoulders and just tossed Vert over the ropes to the floor. They brawled on the floor with Kay hitting some chops to the chest. Back in the ring, Kay remained in charge and tied up Vert on the mat. They traded forearm shots, then spinning kicks to the face, and they were both down at 6:30.

Vert dove through the ropes onto Allysin. In the ring, Vert hit a stunner, then a Helluva Kick, then a Blue Thunder Bomb but only got a one-count. Vert had a wardrobe malfunction with her top coming lose around her throat. Allysin kept hitting her and hit a second-rope powerbomb for a nearfall. Vert got her top re-attached with the clasp around her neck, and she hit a brainbuster for the pin. Sorry guys, no nudity, but I am surprised that Vert didn’t roll to the floor to take a second to fix it, and I’m even more surprised that Kay kept up the attack as Vert was trying to fix her clasp.

4. Billie Starkz defeated Rachel Armstrong in a first-round tournament match at 7:03. I just saw Rachel wrestle at Warrior Wrestling on Friday, and I always compare her to pop singer Corrine Bailey Rae. Of the eight women in the match, she is easily the least experienced. Rachel leapt onto Billie to start the match. Billie hit a Gory Bomb into the turnbuckles. They fought on the ring apron and traded forearms. Billie hit a Death Valley Driver onto the ring apron at 2:00. In the ring, Billie hit a snap suplex for a nearfall. Rachel fired back with a Superman Punch. Rachel nailed a Meteora flying double knees on the ring apron!

They fought on the ropes in the corner, and Billie hit a second-rope superplex for a nearfall at 5:00. She hit a series of kicks to Rachel’s head and got booed. Rachel hit a top-rope Spanish Fly for a believable nearfall at 6:30. Rachel missed a top-rope 450 Splash. Billie immediately hit a top-rope Swanton Bomb for the pin. Good match, and I liked the heelish aggression coming from Billie. They hugged afterward. Renee called them “the future of women’s wrestling.”

5. Zoey Skye defeated Jamie Senegal at 5:14. I don’t know if I’ve seen the short Zoey, who has blonde, almost white, hair. Trans athlete Senegal towers over Skye; Senegal has competed in Impact in the past. Zoey hit some kicks and tried to avoid Senegal’s blows. Senegal hit a punch that sent Skye to the floor at 1:30. Senegal suplexed Zoey back into the ring. Skye hit a tornado DDT, then a doublestomp on the base of the neck for a nearfall at 4:00. Senegal hit an Implant Buster faceplant for a believable nearfall, and Jamie was livid that didn’t get the pin. Zoey got a rollup out of nowhere for the pin!

* Intermission, with PWR showing Allie Katch vs. Miyu Yamashita from a prior show.

6. Marina Shafir defeated Vert Vixen in a semi-final match at 2:15. Vert nailed a running Mafia Kick at the bell and a brainbuster for a nearfall! They got up and traded forearm shots. Marina hit some stiff kicks to the spine and chest. Marina slapped on a cross-armbreaker, and Vert tapped out. “That absolutely took me by surprise,” Veda Scott said. “It can happen so quick!”

7. Billie Starkz defeated Trish Adora in a semi-final match at 8:41. A test of strength at the bell and Trish grounded Billie early on. They switched to stiff forearm shots. Trish hit a Mafia Kick, then a German Suplex for a nearfall at 4:00, and Billie rolled to the floor to regroup. Billie hit a Death Valley Driver onto the thin mat on the floor. In the ring, Billie missed a Swanton Bomb. Adora hit a running kick to the jaw but only got a one-count. Adora hit a Northern Lights Suplex, and she switched to a Cattle Mutilation. Nice. Adora hit a hard forearm for a nearfall at 8:00. Billie got her up for a modified piledriver for the pin. Good match.

8. Killer Kelly and Jordynne Grace defeated Nevaeh and Jessicka Havok at 13:17. Kelly wore her Impact Tag Team title belt. Jessicka spoke loudly so the fans could hear her, saying Kelly is really scary. Kelly and Nevaeh started, and Kelly tied her up and bit her forearm. Jordynne entered at 2:00, and she tried some shoulder tackles on Havok, but Jordynne went down on a third attempt. Kelly tagged in and terrified Jessicka. They did some comedy. Kelly licked Havok’s leg. “You’ve got to pay extra for that!” one commentator said. Havok got angry and spit her gum at Kelly. Kelly picked it up, off the mat and began chewing it. Gross.

Havok hit her bionic elbows, and they kept Kelly in their corner. Kelly hit an Exploder Suplex. Jordynne made the hot tag at 8:30 and she hit an impressive delayed vertical suplex on Nevaeh as the fans counted to 30. The crowd began chanting “Muscle Mommy!” Grace bodyslammed partner Kelly onto Nevaeh. Nevaeh hit a swinging neckbreaker and they were both down at 11:00. Havok tagged back in and she hit an Air Raid Crash for a nearfall on Kelly. Grace bodyslammed Nevaeh, then she hit a spinning back fist on Havok. Grace finally dropped Havok with a shoulder tackle. Kelly applied a sleeper on Nevaeh, and she tapped out. Good match.

* Nevaeh’s daughter, Johnnie (Wikipedia says she is seven years old), ran into the ring and hit a Tornado DDT on Grace, and that popped the crowd. She posed with her mom. Fun.

9. Billie Starkz defeated Marina Shafir to win the Grand Prix tournament at 11:42. Billie clutched at her right shoulder as she walked to ringside. Marina immediately backed Billie into a corner and hit some kneelifts to the gut. Billie hit some forearm shots. BIllie rolled to the floor to regroup. She got back in and hit some more forearm shots. Marina hit some kicks to the spine, and she switched to an anklelock. BIllie dove through the ropes at 3:00. She hit a second dive, then a third dive.

In the ring, Marina was back in control, and she hit a back suplex for a nearfall at 4:30. Billie hit a spin kick to the head and more forearm strikes. Marina laughed at her and asked for more. They traded slaps to the face while fighting on their knees at 6:30. Marina nailed some Yes Kicks to the chest. Marina mounted her but Billie kept bridging out. Marina got a crossarm breaker on but Billie immediately got to the ropes. Marina tied her up in a Bow-and-Arrow on the mat. She went for the crossarm breaker again but Billie rolled her over for a nearfall at 10:00. BIllie nailed the Gory Bomb into the middle turnbuckle.

Billie went for the Swanton Bomb but Marina avoided it and applied the cross-armbreaker again. Marina applied a rear-naked choke, but Billie was able to flip her body over and got the pin. (I know I’ve seen Austin Aries do this exact same finish on Samoa Joe when Joe had him in a rear-naked choke.) An excellent match, and this is as good as Marina is going to look. Marina shook Billie’s hand in a (rare) sign of respect. Billie got on the mic and thanked the fans as she hoisted the three-foot-tall trophy in the air.

Final Thoughts: An excellent show. I was really intrigued when this lineup was announced, as I consider this to have most of the top indy female wrestlers. (Sure, I would have added Viva Van or Hyan or Raychell Rose in place of Rachel Armstrong, but I’m quibbling. Nothing wrong with Rachel, but she’s not quite at the level of the others here.) I think it would have been fun to have some of the Impact Wrestling stars in the tournament, but I can understand why they wouldn’t want them interacting with the AEW-contracted wrestlers.

The main event topped all expectations and earns best match. I’ll go with Starkz-Adora for second place with Vert-Kay for third, just ahead of Adora-Sakura. For fans of women’s wrestling, this show is a must watch. I really enjoyed the three-woman announce team, although I admittedly do find Gia Miller’s southern drawl a bit distracting. I could be wrong on this, but I think this is the first time Renee had seen Jordynne wrestle live, and she was blown away by Grace’s incredible physique. Check out this show at Fite+.


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