6/27 NXT TV results: Moore’s review of Gold Rush night two featuring Carmelo Hayes vs. Baron Corbin for the NXT Title, Tiffany Stratton vs. Thea Hail for the NXT Women’s Title, Nathan Frazer vs. Dragon Lee for the NXT Heritage Cup

By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center
Aired live June 27, 2023 on USA Network

[Hour One] Footage from “earlier today” was shown of Baron Corbin arriving to the Performance Center. Vic Joseph noted that Baron was driving a $300,000 Porsche. NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes and his buddy Trick Williams were also shown arriving at the Performance Center…

A highlight video aired that focused on last week’s Night 1 of NXT Gold Rush. The video then plugged this week’s Gold Rush advertised card…

Vic Joseph and Booker T were on commentary. Alicia Taylor was the ring announcer…

Entrances for the Women’s Championship match took place. Alicia Taylor handled the formal in ring introductions for the championship match…

1. Tiffany Stratton vs. Thea Hail (w/Duke Hudson, Drew Gulak, Charlie Dempsey) for the NXT Women’s Championship. Hail started the match by doing stretches in the ring. Stratton dominated a collar and elbow tie up. Hail got a few nearfalls off a rollup, backslide, and sunset flip. Hail went for the Kimura but Stratton quickly got to the bottom rope. Hail went for an Asai Moonsault, but her legs were swatted to trip her up to ringside. Stratton hit Hail with a back elbow and a running double stomp for a two count.

Hail went for the Kimura again, but Stratton went back to the bottom rope. Hail hit Stratton with a Trust Fall at ringside. Stratton came back with a Sky High for a two count. Joseph noted that Hail was selling a right shoulder. The show cut to picture-in-picture.[c]

Hail dodged Tiffany and gave her a shoulder buster. Hail tossed Tiffany’s shoulder into the buckle. Hail hit Tiffany with an Exploder Suplex. Hail hit Tiffany with the Chase U stomps and liger kick. Hail hit Stratton with a springboard Trust Fall for a two count. Tiffany blocked a Kimura with a power bomb. Hail went right for the Kimura. Tiffany tried to grab the rope, but Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak held the rope back.

Hail took exception to the dirty tactic. Gulak and Hudson argued at ringside. Hail put Stratton in the Kimura and Stratton tapped out. The referee was distracted by Gulak, Dempsey, and Hudson at ringside so the referee didn’t see the tapout. Stratton rolled up Hail for the win.

Tiffany Stratton defeated Thea Hail via pinfall in 9:08 to retain the NXT Women’s Championship. 

Gulak and Dempsey went to check on Thea Hail. Hudson went to check on Hail, but was beaten down by Gulak and Dempsey. Hail didn’t like them attacking her classmate. Andre Chase made his return, running to the ring in distractingly red, white, and blue sneakers. Hudson and Chase cleared the heels from the ring. Hail ran around the ring in celebration of her teacher returning…

John’s Thoughts: A good women’s title defense that gives Stratton a win, while protecting Thea Hail to set her up for a title challenge down the road. Hail received a good amount of character growth, being positively affected by training with heels Dempsey and Gulak. Good to see Andre Chase back because he’s the key piece of the Chase University act. Though, Hudson and Hail did a good job for picking up the slack while he was off selling his injuries (was it a sell, because he was out for a while). As for Stratton, I’m hoping they give her a few dominant wins too. This was the same problem Mandy Rose had early in her championship run. They fixed things with Rose by giving her good and credible wins. Hopefully Stratton gets similar booking in future defenses.

An Ilja Dragunov vignette aired. He talked about what it means to be “Unbesiegbar”. He said his flesh bruises, welts, and bleeds like any man. He said he experiences the pain of conflict, but he endures, embraces, and become it. He said his body is fallible, but his mind is unbreakable, and his will is unconquerable. He said he’ll move forward even if he has to crawl. He said he feels the unburning flame inside of him and nothing will quench it. Ilja said his mind, body, and essense will always be “unbesiegbar”…

Mark Coffey and Wolfgang were chatting backstage. Wolfgang said he doesn’t know where Joe is. Mark said Joe should be okay and they will take care of business next. The show cut to Malik Blade and Edris Enofe psyching each other up in at the Gorilla Position. Enofe and Blade made their entrance…[c]

Footage was shown from last week of Dana Brooke getting her injury iced. A random developmental lady named Kelani Jordan showed up to check on the injured Brooke. Brooke said she recognized Jordan because Jordan stood out in the PC as a gymnast. Brooke said the gymnastic skills will help Jordan down the road. Jordan said she likes that Brooke fought through her pain. Brooke offered to mentor Jordan down the road and maybe they can even have a match together…

The NXT Tag Team Champions, Gallus, made their entrances sans Joe. Footage was shown of Joe Coffey getting kidnapped by Stacks last week…

2. “Gallus” Mark Coffey and Wolfgang vs. Edris Enofe and Malik Blade for the NXT Tag Team Championships. Blade dominated the early collar and elbow exchange. Mark came back with a shove. Wolfgang tagged in during the collar and elbow exchange. Blade called over Wolfgang and put him in a side headlock. Wolfgang blocked a sunset flip. Blade rolled through and hit Wolfgang with double boots to the face. Enofe tagged in and kept Wolfgang at a distance with a wristlock. Wolfgang caught Enofe out o fthe air and tossed him to his corner. Enofe rolled under the bottom rope to avoid getting the ring cut in half on him.

Enofe hit Mark with an armdrag and forearm. Enofe got on Mark’s back to blind tag in Blade. Blade put Mark in a side headlock. Blade hit Mark with strong strikes and a crossbody. Enofe and Blade hit both Gallus members with double dropkicks. Enofe hit Mark iwht a slingblade and running knee. Blade hit Mark with a Frog Splash. Mark kicked out of Blade’s pin at two. Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza appeared at the Crow’s Nest heading into picture-in-picture.[c]

Blade knocked down Mark with a dropkick. Wolfgang tagged in and flapjacked Blade on the top rope. Gallus traded tags to cut the ring in half on Blade. Joseph wondered if Gallus might be distracted at their leader getting abducted. Gallus dominated for a few minutes. Blade managed to duck Mark’s lariat to bring in Enofe for the hot tag. Enofe used right hands to pummel both Mark and Wolfgang. Enofe tried to jump off Mark’s back, but slipped. Mark kicked out at two after Enofe’s spinebuster.

Mark kicked out after taking a Samoan Drop-Blockbuster move from Enofe and Blade. Blade hit Mark with a frog splash. Enofe hit Mark with an elbow drop. Wolfgang broke up Enofe’s pin. Blade tangled Wolfgang and hit him with overhead blows to the chest. Stacks showed up at ringside and tried to hit Mark with an uppercut (?), but hit Enofe instead. Stacks then assisted Gallus by tossing Enofe in the ring. Gallus hit Enofe with their double team finisher to pick up the title win.

Gallus defeated Edris Enofe and Malik Blade via pinfall in 13:18 to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships. 

Vic Joseph wondered why Stacks would assist Gallus?

John’s Thoughts: Good tag team title match with Enofe and Blade looking good in defeat. Is it just me or has Blade bulked up a bit? I just remember him being a bit lanky when he first got into WWE and was wearing all those sweater vests. Good for him if he bulked up as it would help him in the eyes of WWE’s higher ups. As a matter of fact, Enofe and Blade impressed me more than Gallus, who continue to struggle to show any charisma without Joe Coffey. I kinda wish we had Garza and Carrillo as top heel champions because we know that those guys have personality to match their good in-ring (Garza in particular is the total package). Gallus need a way to showcase Joe more while Mark and Wolfgang continue to find a personality trait that makes them stand out. Stacks assisting Gallus was interesting. I thought it was as simple as Stacks being the “rat”, but maybe they want to make it a little bit more than that?

A tweet from Ava was shown about her addressing rough times in the Schism. Joseph said this will lead to the Schism having a “family meeting” later on this week’s show…[c]

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Noam Dar, Oro Mensah, Jakara Jackson, and Lash Legend, The Meta-Four. McKenzie tried to bring up Frazer defending the Heritage Cup, but Noam cut her off saying he doesn’t want to hear about the Cup. Lash kept cutting in and said that Noam is not emotionally ready. Lash bragged about winning a match last week. Jackson talked about coming after the Women’s Tag Team Titles. Noam cut off McKenzie again after she tried to bring up the Heritage Cup. McKenzie asked Noam about a prediction for the Dragon vs. Nathan match. Noam took out his lolliop and said that McKenzie totally sucks. Lash dragged Noam away…

Ava, Joe Gacy, Rip Fowler, and Jagger Reid were sitting in the ring on stools for an intervention. Reid talked about how Joe promised to change their lives, but they never saw any benefits. Reid said that he and Rip are enhancing Joe’s life while he’s dragging them down. Reid talked about having a lot of history with Rip before the Schism. Reid said he’s wondering if Joe either lost his way or is full of crap. Joe said he appreciates Reid’s honesty.

Gacy said he owns up to his mistakes, but it’d be a lie to say that Joe hasn’t enhanced their lives. Joe said before The Schism, Rip Fowler never allowed Jagger Reid to have a voice; and now he’s able to stand up for himself with his own voice. Gacy said Reid and Fowler were two lost souls in obscurity that Joe gave a home. Rip talked about how he and Reid were in a dark place, but Joe Gacy showed them a new way. Rip said he’s seen cracks in the armor recently.

Rip said Gacy keeps flip flopping on “inclusivity” and “exclusivity”. Rip said he preaches Inclusivity and that brought Ava in. Gacy asked Rip and Jagger if they really accepted Gacy’s help when they joined. Gacy talked about how they all aren’t in the same clothes and vision as they were one year ago and now they are ready to take over the world. The Creed Brothers and Ivy Nile interrupted by making an entrance. Brutus mocked The Schism for walking and talking slow.

Fowler said to shut up because this has nothing to do with the Creeds. Julius said it is their business when Ava blasts Ivy in the face with a mask. Julius said no one needs the Schism here. Gacy said the Diamond Mine is more toxic to NXT compared to The Schism. Julius said his problem with them is The Schism is cancerous and will spread to take over NXT. Julius said he, Brutus, and Ivy, won’t let that happen. Gacy said if there’s another match they want, there’s another match they’ll get. Gacy proposed The Dyad vs. The Creeds in a “Loser Leaves NXT” match. Reid and Fowler were arguing with Ava because they didn’t like Joe talking for them. The Creeds agreed to the stipulation…

John’s Thoughts: So? My guess is we’re finally getting to the end of the Dyad’s time in NXT? Maybe we can see these guys in New Japan Strong or Impact as James Drake and Zack Gibson again? We know the Creeds ain’t leaving WWE and Drake and Gibson have already given WWE their 3 month notice.

A Bronco Nima and Lician Price vignette aired taht spotlighted both men playing street football in the hood as kids. The video showed they also played football grown up. Nima and Price talked about being split apart when they were recruited in college teams. They talked about how they were too good and College couldn’t handle them. Nima said they are back on the same team in NXT and are willing to unleash. Nima and Price are coming soon to NXT…

Hank Walker and Tank Ledger were watching the vignette backstage on a tablet. Scrypts and Axiom showed up. Scrypts said he’s grown up with street kids like that and sees Nima and Price doing some damage. Nathan Frazer showed up holding his Heritage Cup. Axiom congratulated Frazer on winning the cup. Frazer thanked Axiom for the best wishes. After Frazer left, Scrypts asked Axiom if he’s going after the cup? Axiom said “I’m attracted to it” (A-Kid is the inaugural Heritage Cup champion)…[c]

Vic Joseph plugged WWE Payback tickets…

Trick Williams was hyping up Carmelo Hayes backstage while Melo was doing bicep curls with resistance bands. WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley showed up to confront them. Trick said he got some more gold for Mami. Rhea told Trick to shut up. Rhea talked about how it was a dumb decision for Trick and Melo to help Seth Rollins last week. Rhea said when you interfere in Judgement Day business, you become Judgement Day business. Rhea left. Trick said not to mind that and focus on Baron Corbin…

[Hour Two] Dragon Lee made his entrance to new entrance music. Valentina Feroz was behind him with a bucket to be his corner woman. Luisa Leon was Nathan Frazer’s corner woman. Alicia Taylor handled the formal in-ring championship introductions. A graphic aired to recap the rules..

3. Nathan Frazer (w/Luisa Leon) vs. Dragon Lee (w/Valentina Feroz) in a Rounds Match for the NXT Heritage Cup Championship. Lee and Frazer started the match with a respectful handshake. Both men started the match at a stalemate during the collar and elbow. Booker said Noam Dar’s reaction to losing the cup was like a man losing a woman. Joseph said that was interesting analysis. Lee and Frazer continued to keep the match at a stalemate. Frazer managed to get Lee to the mat with a side headlock.

Axiom appeared at ringside. Lee hit Frazer with an Atomic Drop, but Frazer kept the hold on. Scrypts showed up at ringside to jaw with Axiom. Axiom and Scrypts went to the back. Both wrestlers in the ring picked up the pace with quick kicks and counters. The round ended with both men in a collar and elbow. [End of Round 1]

Frazer and Leon made sure to wipe down and cool down both their respective fighters. After running the ropes, Dragon managed to take down Dragon with a running dropkick. Nathan hit Dragon with a chop and forearm in the corner. Dragon rolled away and hit Frazer with a Dragon Screw on the 2nd rope. Frazer reversed a Frankensteiner into a Sunset Bomb to pick up the first fall. [End of Round 2]

Nathan Frazer picked up the first fall via pinfall 1:09 to go up 1-0.

Dragon dumped Frazer to ringside and hit him with a flip dive. The show cut to picture in picture. [c].

[Round 3 Ended During the Commercial Break] 

The match was in Round 4 back from the break with Frazer still up one point. Frazer nailed Dragon with a Suicide Dive. Dragon caught Frazer with a Yakuza Kick. Frazer came back with an enzuigiri. BOth men traded hard kicks. Dragon rolled up Frazer and turned it into a power bomb. Dragon picked up the pinfall. [End of Round 4]

Dragon Lee picked up the 2nd pinfall in Round 4 to tie the match 1-1. 

Frazer caught Dragon with a superkick. Dragon recovered and put Frazer in the Tree of Woe. Dragon hit Frazer with a double stomp. Frazer sent Dragon into the buckles with a release suplex which fired up the crowd. Frazer dragged Lee to the top rope. Frazer was shoved off. Frazer hit Lee with a superplex which Lee no sold into a Power Bomb for a nearfall. Frazer and Dragon traded fatigued strikes in the center of the ring.

Dragon used a Victory roll for a two count. Frazier used a Crucifix roll for a nearfall. Dragon and Frazer traded rapid fire counters and rollups. Frazer picked up the win with one second on the clock. [End of Match]

Nathan Frazer picked up the 3rd fall via pinfall in 2:99 of round 5 to retain the NXT Heritage Cup Championship (2-1). 

Frazer and Dragon shared a handshake…

John’s Thoughts: Best Heritage Cup Rules match so far in NXT US. I can still see newer viewers getting confused at the pacing with the quick pinfalls. They should have established Noam Dar defending the title against enhancement opponents or even have other wrestlers wrestle rounds matches without the title on the line. If only to get the viewers acclimated to this different match style. I’d like to reference Jonathan Gresham vs. Steve Maclin from Impact Wrestling in a Pure Rules match as a good example of a match where both wrestlers used it as a intro to the pacing of the specialized match style. NXT just threw people in the deep end on top of Noam Dar’s matches being a big overbooked due to his goofy character.

The show cut to a Raw Underground highlight package that showed footage from past Raw Underground episodes…

Vic Joseph and Booker T checked in from commentary. Vic sent the show to Eddy Thorpe training with Olympic Gold Medalist Gable Steveson. Gable is the real life brother of Damon Kemp (real name: Bobby Steveson). Gable talked about how he’s been tracking Damon’s college career at the University of Minnesota for a long time and he’s the real deal. Gable actin’ like Bobby ain’t his brother. Thorpe said that may be true, but he’s ready to train. A training montage aired.

Gable said that Eddy is doing great and he needs to stick to his game plan and not let Damon get to his head. After a few more words they continued their training montage. Eddy thanked Gable for the training session and asked Gable to be at ringside for his Raw Underground match. Gable agreed and joked that he’ll say hi to Damon’s parents because he’s sure that they’re watching. Vic Joseph hyped Damon Kemp vs. Eddy Thorpe in a Raw Underground match for next week…

Gigi Dolin vs. Kiana James was hyped for after the break…[c]

John’s Thoughts: So are they bringing back Shane McMahon and the strippers? Maybe not. Looking forward to the return of Raw Underground as I feel like I’m in the minority of people who thought that style had potential to be good. Looks like they’re finally showcasing Gable Steveson on WWE TV too. Look at that, Eddy Thorpe sharing TV Time with Roman Reigns and Gable Steveson in recent months. It is a bit odd that they are dancing around Gable being Damon’s brother with tongue in cheek jokes.

Wes Lee was sharing words with a random developmental wrestler backstage (I think it was Miles Borne). Mustafa Ali showed up and was over-the-top in congratulated Lee for defending his title last week. Lee brought up Ali not being a good ref. Ali claimed to have done a good job and said he called it down the middle. Tyler Bate showed up and told Ali that there was no telling who would win if the match were called fairly. Ali said he would want a match against Lee for the title. Bate said he’d volunteer to call it down the middle. Ali and Bate argued over Bate potentially being biased…

Robert Stone was walking backstage looking for Von Wagner. He finally found a sad Von Wagner who was sitting on the ground. Von talked about how he and his family had to go through a lot of trauma. Von walked away saying he can’t go through this…

4. Gigi Dolin vs. Kiana James. Gigi got a slam and rollup for a one count during the collar and elbow. James got a one count after a rollup. Gigi put Kiana in a armbar after a few armdrags. Gigi hit Kiana with a shortarm boot to the jaw. Gigi hit Kiana with a dropkick against the bottom rope. Gigi used a back assisted rollup for a two count. Gigi pummeled Kiana with forearms. James came back with a right hand. Kiana dragged Gigi to ringside heading into picture-in-picture.[c]

Gigi backdropped Kiana back from the break. Kiana ran around the ring to retreat. Kiana hit Gigi with a Big Boot. Kiana slammed Gigi’s face into the mat several times. James put Gigi into a headlock. Gigi escaped with gut punches. Gigi rallied with boots and a pump kick. James created separation with a shove. James hit Gigi with a front kick. Both women took each other out with stereo clotheslines.

Kiana missed a shot at Gigi with her loaded purse. Gigi hit Kiana with a Rollup Bomb for the win.

Gigi Dolin defeated Kiana James via pinfall in 9:04.

After the match, Kiana hit Gigi in the back with her loaded bag. James hit Gigi with the 401k. Kiana opened her bag and there were canteens of paint in it. Kiana poured orange and blue paint on Gigi and stood tall to end the segment…

Tony D’Angelo was in the visitation room. Joe Coffey met Tony at the visitation window. Tony wondered how Joe got on the visitation list. Joe said he knows people too. Tony thought Stacks took Joe on a “special ride”? Tony said he and his boys now that Gallus are a bunch of rats. Tony said Stacks will handle things.

Joe sarcastically said Stacks will. Joe said that Stacks has a mind of his own and has a vision. Joe said Stacks sold Tony out. Tony told Joe to stop trying to drive a wedge. Joe then played an audio recording of what happened to him after Stacks kidnapped him. It revealed Stacks admitting to Joe that he’s tired of being an underboss and is the new don of the streets. Joe said things aren’t always what they seen…

John’s Thoughts: That makes Tony look dumb for not seeing what everyone else saw a mile away. I’m actually more intrigued at what role Joe Coffey and Gallus has in all of this. Only partially intrigued though, because I would rather not see Joe tied up in the cheesy mafia stuff.

Vic Joseph and Booker T checked in on commentary and plugged Great American Bash tickets. They cut to footage of Roxanne Perez having an Ask Me Anything on Snapchat. Blair Davenport attacked Perez during the AMA. Vic hyped Roxanne Perez vs. Blair Davenport for next week…

Baron Corbin was shadow boxing in the locker room. Melo and Trick were shown walking backstage…[c]

Jacy Jayne was at a lounge room ranting about Lyra Valkyria in front of several of the women in the Locker Room. Tatum Paxley recommended that Jacy should tell Lyra off. Jacy then acted confident and gloated about what she was going to do. Lyra Valkyria showed up and clocked Jacy in the face. Lyra said she doesn’t play games. Rhea Ripley showed up to laugh at Jacy. Rhea said that Jacy deserves it and Lyra is a badass…

Jagger Reid, Rip Fowler, and Ava were backstage with Reid and Fowler looking distraught. Reid said he didn’t like Gacy making decisions on their careers. Ava claimed that Joe has a plan. Reid said that if Joe doesn’t have a plan, the Dyad do…

John’s Thoughts: Everyone knows that the Grizzled Young Veterans have one foot out of the door. I don’t think this would happen, but NXT could be using that knowledge to swerve the viewers and have The Creeds lose next week (meaning a Creeds callup). I don’t think that would happen, but just throwing out the possibility.

The Creed Brothers vs. The Dyad in a loser leaves town match, Mustafa Ali vs. Tyler Bate, Roxanne Perez vs. Blair Davenport, and Damon Kemp vs. Eddy Thorpe in a NXT Underground Match were all advertised for next week’s Independence Day Episode…

Baron Corbin made his entrance to his old Lone Wolf entrance theme while also wearing his old Lone Wolf attire (Thank God!). The lights went off and the screens surrounding the arena had the names of the opponents that Carmelo Hayes defeated. Baron Corbin’s name in the rafters appeared on the big screen. Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams made their entrance.

Booker and Vic talked about how Carmelo lost a match to Finn Balor just the night before. Melo was wearing a shirt that had Baron’s face inside of crosshairs on it. Alicia Taylor handled the formal in-ring introductions for the Championship match…

5. Carmelo Hayes (w/Trick Williams) vs. “The Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin. Corbin tossed Melo into the corner. Corbin took down Melo with a lariat. Melo came back with a Codebreaker. Corbin rolled to ringside. Melo hit Corbin with a top rope dive.[c]

[Overrun] Corbin was tossing Melo around ringside. Melo rallied with clubbing blows after being tossed over the barricade. Baron turned Melo inside out with a big boot. Corbin put Melo in a headlock in the center of the ring. Melo got to the ropes for the break. Melo hit Corbin with a dropkick, enzuigiri, and springboard clothesline for a two count.

Corbin managed to hit Melo with a Tilt A Whirl backbreaker. Corbin said “this one’s for your little girl” to a girl in the crowd before hitting Melo with a forearm smash. Corbin ripped off his shirt and beat up Melo with methodical offense. Corbin got a nearfall after a stiff lariat. Melo used right hands to fend off Corbin from the top rope. Melo caught Corbin with a Frog Splash and sold a rib injury.

Corbin kicked out at two. Joseph noted that the pain must be from his match with Finn Balor the night before. Melo rallied with right hands. Corbin was dumped to ringside with a pump kick. Melo hit Corbin with the Fadeaway Leg Drop. Melo got Corbin to his knee with a kick and codebreaker. Melo went for a Springboard DDT, but didn’t get all of it (botch). Corbin kicked out at two.

Corbin stumbled to the corner to prevent Melo from hitting Nothin’ But Net. Melo fended off Corbin with punches. Corbin dodged a Nothin’ But Net attempt. Corbin hit Melo with a Death Valley Driver and Backbreaker for a nearfall. Melo dodged Corbin at ringside to send him shoulder first into the steel steps. Corbin blocked a huracanrana and hit Melo with a Power Bomb on top of the announce table (didn’t break).

Corbin used his elbow to smash Melo’s head into the announce table. Melo kicked out at two in the ring. Corbin went back to the methodical strikes. Melo recovered and gave Corbin a knee to the gut. Hayes reversed a Deep Six into a knee to the face.

Corbin recovered and hit Melo with a multi-rotation Deep Six for the nearfall (Great Deep Six, too bad he never beats anybody with that move). Melo reversed End of Days into a head drag. Melo reversed a chokeslam into a jawbreaker on the top rope. Melo hit Corbin with a DDT on the apron. Melo hit Corbin with Nothin’ But Net for the victory.

Carmelo Hayes defeated Baron Corbin via pinfall in 16:32 to retain the NXT Championship. 

Highlights from the match aired. Vic Joseph ran through the advertised card for next week’s NXT again. Melo posed with his title belt on the ropes…

The show cut to Bron Breakker throwing a fit in Shawn Michaels’s office. Bron got out of the room yelling about how he’s done everything he could in NXT and HBK can’t control him. Bron barged out of the office and the cameraperson asked Bron what was wrong? Bron said you’ll all find out next week. The show closed…

John’s Thoughts: Corbin isn’t known as the most dynamic performer in the ring, but he’s grown a lot since his last time in NXT. Now and again, he can pull out good matches against a variety of opponents. Baron and Melo put on a good title match here. Melo had one of his better matches as a babyface, with the deck being stacked against him from his loss to Finn Balor from the night before. Here’s hoping that Lone Wolf Baron Corbin is here to stay in WWE, as Raw and Smackdown could use more credible heels.

Bron Breakker’s segment as the stinger alludes to him having an impending callup. We’ll see. Last week’s episode was stronger with the Seth Rollins appearance, so I’m almost certain that this week’s show will drop in the ratings. They are still trying to boost the profile of NXT, having crossover on last night’s Raw and having Rhea Ripley randomly roaming backstage as a cameo character. This week’s NXT was solid. I’ll be by in a bit with my audio review for the Dot Net Members and the Dot Net Patreon Patrons…

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