5/9 NXT TV results: Moore’s review of Gigi Dolin vs. Tiffany Stratton, and Lyra Valkyria vs. Kiana James in NXT Women’s Title tournament matches, Gallus vs. The Dyad for the NXT Tag Titles, Bron Breakker vs. Trick Williams, Ilja Dragunov vs. Dijak, Duke Hudson vs. Javier Bernal, Tyler Bate vs. Charlie Dempsey, Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen vs. Tank Ledger and Hank Walker


By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center
Aired live May 9, 2023 on USA Network

[Hour One] NXT started out with a recap of Indi Hartwell’s NXT Farewell promo where she recapped her NXT career, culminating with winning the NXT Championship, fighting through an injury to complete a title defense, and ultimately getting drafted to WWE Raw…

Vic Joseph and Booker T were on commentary. Alicia Taylor was the ring announcer…

The eight wrestlers wrestling in the women’s championship tournament were all lined up on the entrance ramp. Vic Joseph noted that Shawn Michaels and the Performance Center coaches selected the women to compete in the tournament. Entrances for the opening match took place. Both women got picture-in-picture promos to hype up their match…

1. Tiffany Stratton vs. Gigi Dolin in a first round match of the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament. Gigi worked on Tiffany with uppercuts and kicks. Gigi got a two count after a Jackknife pin. Gigi got another two count after a PK. Joseph noted that Gigi was injured and was sporting kinesio tape on her left shoulder. Tiffany recovered and hit Gigi with a running double stomp on Gigi. Tiffany worked on Gigi with methodical offense and pin attempts.

Vic plugged Bron Breakker vs. Trick Williams as the main event. Gigi got a rollup in, but Tiffany regained control after working on Gigi’s injured shoulder. Gigi rallied back with clinch knees and lariats. Gigi took down Tiffany with a pump kick. Tiffany turned the tables with a shoulder breaker on the injured shoulder. Tiffany hit Gigi wtih a backflip into a back elbow. Gigi came back with a cross kick.

Tiffany regained control by attacking the injured shoulder. Tiffany hit Gigi with a rolling senton. Tiffany hit Gigi with what she calls the “Prettiest Moonsault Ever” (Which is the “Best Moonsault Ever” used by Christopher Daniels), for the win.

Tiffany Stratton defeated Gigi Dolin via pinfall in 4:29 to advance to the semi-finals of the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament. 

The Gallus trio were shown walking through the hallways. They then cut to Joe Gacy and Ava coaching The Dyad on their upcoming match. After the Dyad left, Gacy told Ava that he’s taking Ava’s advice to look out for himself. Gacy said he won’t be joining The Dyad and will be handling some of his own business. Gacy asked Ava to help support The Dyad in his absence[c]

John’s Thoughts: A nice short match that didn’t overstay it’s welcome as a first round match. They did lay it on thick by giving Gigi an out with the kinesio tape on her shoulder and the announcers pointing it out. My guess is she attacks Jacy Jayne during her opening match against Roxanne Perez? Looking at the brackets, it looks a bit obvious who’s advancing, but that might lead to some swerves. Like Seth being the clear favorite on the Raw Championship bracket, Tiffany Stratton stands out as the clear favorite here. I wouldn’t mind if they build up Cora Jade enough to become the top heel of the division.

The show cut to Trick and Melo getting a cut at the barber shop. Melo talked about how he’s not 100% cleared to wrestle, but he really respects Trick having his back. Melo said Trick didn’t have to do that. Trick said it ain’t no problem, and he’s been training his hardest to beat Bron Breakker. The patrons of the shop cheered on Trick. Trick asked Melo not to worry because his biggest test is about to be at Battleground. Trick said he has his biggest test on this week’s NXT. Trick gave Melo a dap handshake as they both said their “that’s how it is” catchphrase…

Entrances for the next match took place. Alicia Taylor was about to do the formal in-ring introductions, but a brawl ensued before that. The bell rang anyway…

2. “Gallus” Mark Coffey and Wolfgang (w/Joe Coffey) vs. “The Dyad” Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid (w/Ava) for the NXT Tag Team Championships. Mark Coffey dominated Reid after a body slam. Booker noted that he likes Gallus as an old school brawler throwback. Wolfgang tagged in and took down Reid with a double team lariat. Stacks and Tony D’Angelo appeared on the crow’s nest. Reid gained control with a rally of forearms. This allowed him to tag in the fresh Rip Fowler.

Fowler worked on Wolfgang with methodical offense. Wolfgang kept a low center of gravity to block and reverse a Suplex. Mark tagged in and worked on Rip with shortarm strikes. Reid blind tagged in, which allowed The Dyad to swarm Mark with dropkicks. The Dyad hit Mark with a Russian Legsweep-Enzuigiri combo for the two count. The show cut to picture-in-picture.[c]

The Dyad used quick tags to cut the ring in half on Mark. A picture-in-picture popped up where Ivy Nile was watching the match. Julius and Brutus trolled Ivy by showing up with Blue Schism masks. Ivy Nile berated them for the joke. Mark managed to backdrop Jagger to bring in Wolfgang for the hot tag. Wolfgang beat up both opponents two on one. Wolfgang hit Reid with a bodyslam and running senton combo. Mark tagged in as Gallus hit Reid with a double team Uranage for a two count on Jagger.

Fowler pulled Mark away to prevent Gallus from hitting their finisher. Wolfgang regained control in the ring. Mark tossed Rip into the announce table. Ava got on the apron to allow Reid to hit Mark with a DDT off the wheelbarrow. Ivy Nile ran out and attacked Ava, which distracted Rip. This added distraction allowed Wolfgang to hit Rip Fowler with their Samoan Drop-Dropkick combo to give Gallus the win.

Gallus defeated The Dyad via pinfall in 11:03 to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships. 

Joe Coffey channeled his inner Stone Cold by telling his teammates “oh hell yeah”. Coffey said they are all heading to the pub for dranks…

Thea Hail was hanging out with a few of the “students” in Chase U backstage. Big Body Javi, Javier Bernal, showed up to antagonize Hail for not being in the women’s title tournament. Duke Hudson showed up with his MVP trophy. He said he was grading papers and wondered if Speel Check exists in Australia. Hudson said Hail scored an 88 on her test. Hudson called out Javi for not being a part of Chase U. Hudson said Javi was disrespecting Duke…er… Chase University. Chase then set up a Duke Hudson vs. Javier Bernal match for later in the show…[c]

John’s Thoughts: A good tag team match for what it was. Both teams are still missing something from a character perspective. Gallus continue to be very vanilla as character and really need to find a way to showcase the charismatic Joe Coffey at the forefront. The Dyad were charismatic as the Grizzled Young Veterans at points. Now they’re a bit dull and coming off as lame ducks after requesting their release. Hey, at least James Drake finally found a voice (at the expense of Zack Gibson’s voice). If Joe isn’t going to go after the main title at the moment, maybe he can go after the Heritage Cup title?

A vignette aired for a hooded figure in a dark room. This person was watching clips of all the women who have been mystery attacked in the NXT parking lot over the past year. This is presumably the culprit (NXT_Anonymous?)

Entrances for the next match took place. Vic made sure to plug NXT Battleground ticket sales…

3. Duke Hudson (w/Thea Hail) vs. “Big Body Javi” Javier Bernal. Vic Joseph claimed that Chase University serves some good Chicken Parm in their cafeteria. Javi stalled by running away, which allowed him to put the boots to Duke when Hudson entered the ring. Javi mocked the Chase U hand pose, which allowed Duke to come back with a shoulder tackle and body slam. Javi came back with a dropkick to the hamstring and DDT. Javi got a one count after a basement lariat.

Javi put Duke in a chinlock. Hail led the crowd in an “MVP” chant. Hudson escaped with a snapmare. Duke then hulked up after Javi gave him right hands. Duke did the Chase U handsign during Hogan’s “You” portion of the hulk up. Hudson then hit Javi with the Dusty Bionic Elbow combo. Hudson hit Javi with an impressive slingshot German Suplex. Hudson hit Javi with a Razor’s Edge for the win.

Duke Hudson defeated Javier Bernal via pinfall in 3:57. 

Hudson posed with his MVP trophy in the ring…

John’s Thoughts: Good to see Big Body Javi back in the ring. The guy went from being on TV every week, to missing in action. Javi is one of NXT’s unsung heroes with his comedy work. I still see him as the 2nd coming of Heath Slater if WWE pushes him right.

Robert Stone and Von Wagner were chatting backstage. Stone quizzed Von on his favorite foods. Von said he likes Bacon Burgers, Chili Cheese fries, and Cookies and Cream ice cream. Stone said he likes Pistachio ice cream. Stone then tried to ask Von about that picture from last week where baby Von had a serious head injury and scars.

A random douchebag developmental wrestler tried to make fun of Von’s head troubles. Von pressed the man against a production crate. The man ran away and called Von a freak. Von scoffed at Stone for liking Pistachio ice cream…

Eddy Thorpe made his entrance…[c]

John’s Thoughts: They’re really dragging their feet with this whole Von Wagner story, but better late than never, I guess? I’m actually intrigued with them seemingly reaching into some real life trauma to flush out Von’s character. Real life trauma seems to be the well that NXT does for a lot of wrestlers, but realism works. I wonder if WWE is still high on him. They made him a “free agent”. They also had that random callup as Adam Pearce’s bodyguard last year that went nowhere.

Gallus ran into The Creeds and Ivy Nile at the Performance Center kitchen area. Joe asked Nile to stay out of Gallus business in the future. Joe held back Mark and Wolfgang from starting a fight. Joe said they are going to the pub, Champions only invited. The Creeds joked around with Ivy after Gallus left…

4. Eddy Thorpe vs. Damon Kemp. Eddy dominated the initial chain wrestling sequence with an arm wrench slam. Kemp dominated the next stretch with a few belly to back slams. Eddy ran the ropes and came back with a snapmare takedown. Joseph described Thorpe as a gym rat. Thorpe caught a running kemp with a high hop standing crossbody. Kemp came back with a Goldust right hand punch. Kemp hit Eddy with a rebound Jackhammer for a two count.

Kemp talked some smack to Eddy while working with methodical offense. Kemp tripped on the ropes after hitting Eddy with a Cartwheel DVD, for a two count. Thorpe came back with chops and gut punches. Eddy rallied back with a CQC and enzuigiri combo. Eddy hit Kemp with a German Suplex in the corner for a two count.

Eddy was selling a shoulder injury. Kemp quickly broke a Half Crab with a rope break. Kemp dragged the ring skirt to the center of the ring for some reason. Thorpe hit Kemp with a dropkick and standing elbow drop for the victory.

Eddy Thorpe defeated Damon Kemp via pinfall in 4:57. 

Damon Kemp was complaining about something after the match to the ref…

John’s Thoughts: Good showing for Thorpe. Is this it? I was looking forward to Damon Kemp back on TV. Maybe him complaining will lead to another match. I’m just wondering why he’s received so little TV time after the Diamond Mine ended? He showed so much promise as a pest heel and is solid in the ring with his amateur background.

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Kiana James about being hand picked by Shawn Michaels to compete in the women’s championship tournament. James talked about Lyra Valkyria being a tough bracket. She talked about how successful her first year was and how she can imagine her 2nd year in WWE as becoming NXT Women’s Champion…

Ilja Dragunov made his entrance at the top of the first hour…[c]

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Bron Breakker about his change in attitude. Bron said he didn’t change, he just stopped caring. He said carrying the fans and brand on his back led to nothing. Bron said the fans chose Melo. Bron said Melo is still ripping out splinters from being speared through drywall. Bron said if McKenzie doesn’t like his attitude, she can leave. Bron then went to the camera and said he’s going to put Trick Williams in the same hospital as Melo. He ended the promo by saying “See ya at Battleground”…

John’s Thoughts: Hey! He called it a “Hospital” as opposed to a “local medical facility”! Vince McMahon is clearly not watching. Thank God.

[Hour Two] Dijak made his entrance for the next match…

5. Dijak vs. Ilja Dragunov. Ilja caught a big boot and hit Dijak with a jump kick. Ilja then hit Dijak with chops against all four corners. Ilja no sold a chest chop and rallied back with his own knife edges. Ilja pummeled Dijak with rapid stiff chops in the corner, until Dijak begged for mercy. Ilja hit Dijak with a top rope knee drop. Dijak got a breahter after shoving Ilja to ringside.

Dijak put Ilja in a waistlock. Ilja no sold a roundhouse and gave Dijak a enzuigiri in response. Ilja got Dijak back to the mat with stiff strikes. Dijak held on to the top rope to prevent a deadlift German Suplex. Dijak hit Ilja with a Smapmare and Discus Boot for a two count. Dijak brought a chair into the ring. Dijak tossed the referee into the corner for a REF BUMP. The ref still had enough wherewithal to see Dijak hit Ilja with a steel chair for the DQ.

Ilja Dragunov defeated Dijak via DQ in 4:26. 

Dijak continued to beat up Ilja at ringside. Dijak choked Ilja by standing on top of him while he was trapped in the gap of the steel steps. Dijak laughed and asked Ilja if he still feels alive after all this pain. Dijak got in the camera and said he can break any man, even the mad dragon…

Tyler Bate was sitting in the locker room, which he turned into a sauna. Wes Lee showed up and said he hasn’t seen this much smoke in the locker room since he hung out with Matt Riddle. Wes thanked Bate for having his back in the match last week. Lee said he has Bate’s back in his match later. Lee said Bate’s match was next. Bate ignored Lee. Bate woke up and said he was just in a higher trance. Lee and Bate shook hands and left to the ring…[c]

John’s Thoughts: NXT doesn’t overdo the DQ finish, so this was fine to stretch out the Dijak vs. Ilja feud. Dijak vs. Ilja Dragunov might be a match WWE considers putting on in the big arena at Battleground. No need to waste it on weekly TV. Dijak proved he can have a show stealer on a PLE, and we’ve seen Ilja do the same.

Vic Joseph plugged positive reviews for the WWE 2k game…

The show cut to Dani Palmer on TikTok talking to Briggs and Jensen about what she needs to do now that she’s debut. Briggs and Jensen said that Dani needs more reps. Hank Walker and Tank Ledger, Hank and Tank, asked Briggs and Jensen for a match so they can get reps. Briggs and Jensen agreed…

John’s Thoughts: Random side note, last year before hibernation season, a giant chonky ass California Black Bear was terrorizing northern California and Lake Tahoe, ransacking homes. The locals named the bear, Hank the Tank. That’s what I thought of when I heard Hank and Tank.

Entrances for the next match took place…

6. Tyler Bate (w/NXT North American Champion Wes Lee) vs. Charlie Dempsey (w/Drew Gulak). Bate slammed Dempsey early on for a two count. Dempsey got a two count after a bridged double underhook suplex. Both men traded quick rollups and ended in a stalemate. Both men then took each other out with stereo headbutts. Bate and Dempsey traded strikes in the center of the ring. Bate hit Dempsey with a Michinoku Driver after a Helicopter Spin.

Joe Gacy confronted Wes Lee at ringside. Bate took out Gulak and Gacy with a top rope clearing dive. Bate hit Dempsey with Bop and Bang. Gacy gave Bate a cheap shot right hand when he went for his rebound lariat. Dempsey hit Bate with a Bridged Dragon Suplex for the win.

Charlie Dempsey defeated Tyler Bate via pinfall in 3:26.

Vic Joseph and Booker T checked in from the commentary table. They sent the show to Carmelo Hayes on Twitter, where he was watching Bron Breakker’s promo from earlier. Melo was at the barber shop. After he heard the promo, he stormed off from the barber shop, saying he has to have his boy’s back…

Briggs, Jensen, and Henley made their entrance…[c]

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Dragon Lee about how he attacked Noam Dar after his loss last week. Lee said that Dar sees Lee as a threat, which is why he told JD McDonagh to attack him. Noam Dar interrupted the interview via the TV screen behind McKenzie. Dar said he comes bearing gifts.

He bragged about being the longest reigning Heritage Cup Champion. He said he was offering Dragon Lee the opportunity to be a part of his talk show, Supernova Sessions. Dar said he awaits Lee’s response. Lee told McKenzie “I’ll be there”…

John’s Thoughts: I guess with Grayson Waller’s Waller Effect talk show gone, they needed to fill in the talk show void somehow.

Hank and Tank made their entrance…

7. Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen (w/Fallon Henley) vs. Hank Walker and Tank Ledger. Hank and Tank swarmed Briggs with heavy power moves. Briggs regained control after a back suplex on Hank. Jensen tagged in and hit Hank with a double team shoulder tackle, body slam, and elbow drop. Booker talked about how Jensen was recovering from “the pheromones”. Hank made a comeback with a running shoulder tackle. Vic talked about being impressed by how stiff this match was.

Tank hit Jensen with a Stinger Splash in the corner. Joseph talked about Hank and Tank bonded over eating meatloaf together and being Division I linemen. Briggs hit Tank with a Big Boot after Jensen held him down. Tank picked up his tooth from the ground and put it back in his singlet. Jensen held up Tank so Briggs could hit him with a lariat. Jensen picked up the pinfall.

Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs defeated Tank Ledger and Hank Walker via pinfall in 3:39.

A replay aired of Tank losing his tooth after the big boot…

The show cut to one of Lyra Valkyria’s cinematic promo vignettes. She was shown working out in the city. She talked about how the cityscape is different from her forests in Ireland. She said she has three women marked on her quest to the women’s championship. She said Kiana James is her first mark…[c]

John’s Thoughts: As I noted earlier, the brackets look very predictable. Lyra talking about looking past Kiana with other “marks” on her hitlist adds to the predictability. That said, there may be a twist? Maybe? Looking forward to Lyra getting more development now that the women’s division has had some losses via injury and the draft. She does show promise because she comes off well during these Lucha Underground style cinematic vignettes (who’s producing her cinematics, because they seem solely only available to her?).

An ad aired for WWE’s A&E sunday night block…

The show cut to Nathan Frazer’s Hard Hitting Home Truths news segment, where he is doing a John Oliver impersonation. Frazer talked about how 17 stars were called up to the main roster. He said the hard hitting truth is that spots have opened up in NXT for people to step up now. He listed off NXT wrestlers from being all around the world.

He mentioned Chase U as a university and said it counts as global due to Hudson being Australian. Frazer talked about Noam Dar having his own talk show from NXT UK. He noted that he made his WWE Debut on Supernova Sessions. He said that Dar’s show was meant to stroke Dar’s ego, while Hard Hitting Home Truths is meant to expose the lies from frauds like Noam. He replayed Dar getting superkicked after trying to interfere in Dragon Lee’s match last week.

Nathan talked about how Dar treats the heritage cup as an actual baby. Frazer said that’s strange behavior. Frazer said one day Dar won’t have his baby anymore, and his whole world will come crashing down. Frazer handled the outro to his news segment…

John’s Thoughts: I want to hate these news segments because it’s a carbon copy ripoff; but Nathan is delivering the material so well that I can’t help but like them. Not sure how being wrestling’s John Oliver will translate to the squared circle, but I’m willing to see how they pull that off. Seth Rollins was a pretty eh promo when he entered WWE developmental, and is now one of WWE’s best. It would be pretty cool to see one of his proteges reach the same feats.

Entrances to the next match took place…

8. Lyra Valkyria vs. Kiana James in a first round match of the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament. Both women started the match with chain wrestling and rollups. Lyra got a nearfall after hitting Kiana with a twisting armdrag. Kiana sent Lyra’s throat into the 2nd rope with a wheelbarrow. Kiana whipped Lyra into the ringpost heading into picture-in-picture.[c]

Kiana worked on Lyra with body stretches. Lyra escaped with a Monkey Flip. Lyra got a two count off a rollup. Booker said that Jensen should have just “went along with the ride” and stayed quiet to stay with Kiana. Lyra caught Kiana with a missile dropkick. Lyra rallied back with a kick combination. James came back with a knee.

Lyra backdropped Kiana to ringside. Lyra hit Kiana with a wrecking ball dropkick. Lyra hit Kiana with a enzuigiri after missing a dive. Kiana kicked out of a Bridged Northern Lights at two. Kiana caught a diving Lyra with knees. Kiana hit Lyra with a power bomb for a two count. Lyra caught Kiana with a Crescent Kick out of nowhere for the win.

Lyra Valkyria defeated Kiana James via pinfall in 8:51 to advance to the semi-finals of the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament. 

An updated championship bracket was shown…

John’s Thoughts: Both women worked hard here and it was a solid match. I still am higher on Lyra’s opponents than her because Lyra hasn’t really stood out in the ring yet. She hasn’t really established a character much either other than she likes to do free-running a lot in various landscapes. Might just take time. I continue to be more impressed by the Tyler Breeze student, Kiana James. She’s going to be the sista to look out for in 2023 now that a handful of spots have cleared in the NXT roster after the draft.

The show cut to Gallus drinking pints at the pub (Is this Fallon Henley’s bar?). Tony D’Angelo and Stacks congratulated Gallus on their last title defense. Joe kept snapping at Tony. Tony talked about having fun at their last hangout. Stacks talked about how he and Tony would have been champions if Joe Coffey didn’t interfere.

Tony asked for a rematch. Joe rejected the rematch and threatened Tony and Stacks with a shillelagh. Tony was about to stop a fight, but Stacks held him back saying that they were outnumbered by Gallus and the bar. Tony said he’ll get a title rematch somehow…

Trick Williams made his entrance. The crowd gave him a “whoop dat trick” chant…[c]

Roxanne Perez vs. Jacy Jayne and Fallon Henley vs. Cora Jade was announced as the tournament matches for next week. Vic Joseph also plugged the re-debut of Supernova Sessons happening next week with Dragon Lee as the guest…

[Overrun] Bron Breakker made his entrance. Because he’s a heel now, he has random dog bark sounds in his entrance. The match started at the start of the overrun…

9. Bron Breakker vs. Trick Williams. Trick rallied early on with dropkicks and shoulder tackles. Trick wouldn’t let Bron come back and continued with the right hands and tackles in the corner. Trick dumped Bron to ringside with a pump kick and Yakuza Kick. Trick gave Bron overhead forearm strikes. Trick was about to toss Bron into the timekeeper chair, but Breakker turned the tables by backdropping Trick on the announce table.

Bron slowed things down in the ring with some ground and pound. Bron tossed Trick with a backdrop. Bron tossed aroudn Trick with suplexes. A “Bron Breakker Sucks” chant ensued in the tune of “John Cena Sucks”. After a suplex, Bron broke up his own pin and mocked Trick with pushups. Bron put Trick in a grounded abdominal stretch.

Trick got a few right hand blows in, but Bron quickly ended the comeback with a spinebuster. A “Bron is neutered” chant ensued, I think? Trick came back with a Yakuza Kick and twisting neckbreaker. Trick hit Bron with a dropkick and flying lariat. Trick hit Bron with a Book End for a two count. Bron reversed a Tornado Kick into a Power Slam.

Trick fended off Bron with a handstand roundhouse and boots. Trick went for a Tornado Kick and twisted right into a Spear by Bron. Bron put Trick in the Steiner Recliner. Trick didn’t immediately tap, but did once Bron wrenched it in.

Bron Breakker defeated Trick Williams via submission in 6:39. 

After the match, Bron put Trick back in the Steiner Recliner. NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes ran out for the save. Melo went for a springboard crossbody, but was caught mid air by a Spear from Bron Breakker. Bron Breakker took the NXT Title and went to Melo. Bron said that Melo is holding something that belongs to him and at Battleground, Breakker will be champion again. Breakker tossed the title on Melo and stood tall to close the show…

John’s Thoughts: Not bad indeed. Good work from all the players involved here. Trick Williams and Bron Breakker in particular were undergoing specific tests here. For Bron, this was his first test as the “veteran” of the match and first big test as a heel. He led Trick to a very compelling match and came off very strong. For Trick, this was his first match as a babyface and the biggest match of his WWE career to date. I didn’t know what to expect, but NXT has been hyping the guy up for weeks.

I’d have to say, Trick Williams did pretty well in his first big NXT match. He was decent in the ring. The best part of the match was how he had the crowd rallying behind his babyface rallies and comebacks. Trick showed me here that he hasn’t hit a developmental wall. Given how he does have the gift of gab, and can only get better with his gift of jab, Trick has the potential to be a breakout rookie in 2023 or 2024. This is why WWE shouldn’t rush developmental, because long-term investment equals big time fruits. Short term investment leads to bitter tasting nasty unripe fruit.

NXT continues to be a sleeper hit week to week. Where NXT falls a bit is star power and green wrestlers, but the storytelling and character development is there. To HBK’s credit, I respect his love for drama and character development. His one weakness is he does sometimes go overboard with the melodrama, but we all have our weaknesses. Hey, Hunter’s weakness is excessive uses of heavy metal.



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  1. Did they bring Steve Searles in to deal with the bear problem in Northern California? Sounds right up his alley and in the exact right geographic region for his services

    • I actually went on a trip during that winter to Tahoe, and wanted to find Hank the Tank myself. Sadly, I assume Hank was hiding in a cave somewhere during hibernation.

  2. “and wondered if Speel Check exists in Australia”

    Ironic – don’t you think? (Blame Corey Graves for that)

  3. “She’s going to be the sista…”

    Oh boy.

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