4/18 NXT TV results: Moore’s review of Wes Lee vs. Charlie Dempsey for the NXT North American Title, Mark Coffey and Wolfgang vs. Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid vs. Julius Creed and Brutus Creed in a Triple Threat for the NXT Tag Team Titles, Roxanne Perez vs. Zoey Stark, Gigi Dolin vs. Cora Jade


By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center
Aired live April 18, 2023 on USA Network

[Hour One] Highlights from last week’s NXT main event aired, where Grayson Waller became the number one contender to the NXT title. The highlight package was awkwardly cut off as the show went live and a random brawl ensued between the three teams battling for NXT Tag Team Titles. The Creeds got the upper hand. A ref ran out and officially started the match…

Vic Joseph and Booker T were on commentary. Alicia Taylor was the ring announcer…

1. “Gallus” Mark Coffey and Wolfgang (w/Joe Coffey) vs. “The Dyad” Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid (w/Ava, Joe Gacy) vs. “The Creed Brothers” Julius Creed and Brutus Creed (w/Ivy Nile) for the NXT Tag Team Titles. The Creeds had the initial advantage, but the Dyad got control. Gallus managed to nail Reid with a Samoan Drop combo. They hit Brutus with a crossbody combo to give Mark a two count. Mark worked on both Reid and Brutus with boots and strikes.

Brutus did a judo roll to tag in Julius. Julius tossed around Reid and Mark with Release German Suplexes. Mark ended Julius’ rally with a Belly to Back Suplex. Mark and Reid brawled to the top. Reid took down Mark. Reid escaped the corner after Julius pounced on the top rope like a cat. Julius hit Reid with a beautiful top rope moonsault. Julius hit Mark with a Deadlift Gutwrench Suplex.

Everyone took each other out with kicks. Reid fell on Mark for a nearfall. Julius landed on his feet after Reid hit him with a monkey flip. Julius worked on Reid with Ten Punches in the Corner. Mark tossed Julius off the top rope and hit him with a leg lariat. Mark got a two count off Julius. The show cut to picture-in-picture commercial.[c]

Julius, Mark, and Jagger were fatigued in the center of the ring. They all knocked each other out with strikes. The three fresh men tagged in. Brutus rallied with clotheslines on both opponents. Brutus took the straps down. Julius hit his opponents with overhead Hulk strikes. Brutus beat up both opponents in the corner. He rolled up Wolfgang and hit Rip with a Norther Lights at the same time to get a two count off both opponents.

The brawls spilled to ringside. The Dyad tossed Mark into the steel steps. The Creeds tossed Wolfgang into the steel steps. An “NXT” chant ensued. The Creeds and Dyad had a fistfight. They dumped Julius to ringside. The Dyad hit Brutus with Coriolis. Julius fended off both Dyad members. Julius deadlifted The Dyad with a suplex. Ava got on the apron for the distraction. Rip hit Julius with a thraot punch. Brutus got otn the top to prevent The Dyad from hitting a Doonsday Device.

Reid fell off the top rope to accidentally chop block Ivy Nile. The Creeds hit Fowler with a Doomsday Brutus Ball. Julius was distracted by Nile being injured at ringside. Gallus hit a distracted Julius with their backdrop leg lariat finisher to give Wolfgang the pin over Brutus.

Gallus defeated The Creed Brothers and The Dyad via pinfall in 13:06. 

John’s Thoughts: A fun hectic brawl. The awkward cut from the opening teaser to the live feed added a nice touch of organic to that match. Good mix of brawling and athleticism. Julius Creed’s feet are like that of a cat. I can see why people might see him as WWE’s next big singles star. The hectic nature of the match kept all three teams strong while also keeping the belts on Gallus, who I would like to see how they can do now that they have the charismatic Joe Coffey with them now. I wonder if this is the last we’ve seen of The Dyad because it’s been reported that they requested their release.

The cameraman interviewed Dijak about Ilja Dragunov in the parking lot. Dijak yelled at the camera man and told him to scram. Apollo Crews showed up and defended the cameraman. Dijak told Apollo to stay out of his way. Dijak assumed Crews was trying to show off with the WWE Draft comming out. Apollo got in Dijak’s face and challenged him…

A vignette aired for NXT Heritage Cup Champion, Noam Dar. He will make his NXT return after the break…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Draft mention? I wonder if we’ll finally see some callups. It’s been a while. Crews getting drafted shouldn’t count if he gets drafted because he was already on the main roster.

An ad aired for the upcoming WWE draft shows…

The show cut to “Hard Hitting Hard Truths” with Nathan Frazer. It’s a talk show made to look like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Nathan Frazer was in the role of Oliver as the host. Frazer said he’s here to teach people about him and maybe a bit about yourselves. He talked about not having much success since returning from his six month injury. Highlights showed his lack of success. Frazer said he could go down in the dumps, but he made a realization last week.

Frazer said the locker room is full of studs and “studettes”. It’s madness. He said you should look inward. He said you don’t slow down to conquer. He talked about speed defying gravity, like airplanes. Frazer said if you move fast enough, the negativity can’t catch you. Frazer closed his talk show…

John’s Thoughts: A pro wrestler news anchor? I guess? On one hand, I wanna hate it. It seems very NXT 2.0. But on the other, Frazer was actually good in his delivery here. I’m willing to see if this works and ends up like Chase U or Tony D as a cheesy gimmick that works out. Interesting choice to turn John Oliver into a wrestling character.

Noam Dar made his entrance with new music and his Heritage Cup Championship…

2. NXT Heritage Cup Champion Noam Dar vs. Myles Borne in a non-title match. Dar gloated a bit but was taken down by Borne into an alligator roll. Dar got to his feet and ran the ropes. Dar tripped Borne with a PK to the shin. Dar worked on Borne with Muay Thai clinch knees. Borne tackled Dar to the corner. Dar pulled Borne in and hit him with elbows to the eyes. Dar hit Myles with a draping PK.

Dar chopped down Myles with kick variations. Borne no sold a boot and came back at Dar with right hands and a dropkick. Borne hit Dar with an Exploder Suplex. Myles sold a leg injury. Dar fended off Myles with back elbows and a knockout knee to the jaw. Dar hit Myles with a Judas Effect. Dar hit Borne with a running Leg Lariat for the win.

Noam Dar defeated Myles Borne via pinfall in 2:48.

Noam Dar posed with his title cup and yelled “Check please”…

John’s Thoughts: Good reintroduction of Dar to the NXT audience. Myles Borne got a lot of offense in, but that’s fine given that Dar is usually positioned as an arrogant pest heel. Pest heels need clean wins to stand out so I like that Dar didn’t cheat to pick up the win here. A bit weird to have Dar just show up as a mid-card champion that no one knows about, but here’s hoping they take the time to develop him. Dar has had success on the main roster as the dirty pervert character, so I’m confident he can have a good run here. He’s also a good excuse to bring in Alicia Fox, just to have Dar say “Alicia Foooooooox”.

A Roxanne Perez promo package aired where she hyped up her upcoming encounter with Zoey Stark. She framed Stark as a Bully. She also talked about coming after Tiffany Stratton to treat her as a roadblock on her route back to the NXT Women’s Championship…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Pretty decent promo by Roxanne. I saw a little bit of Deonna Purrazzo in her in her confidence there. If Perez can get her promo skills up to the par that Deonna has, she’ll be one of the best women wrestlers in the world, and still in her early 20s.

Josh Briggs met up with Kiana James at her office. James was pissed at not being champion. Briggs wanted James to get back with Jensen to cheer him up. James said that Jensen isn’t going to forgive Briggs. Briggs started to cry, talking about how Jensen is like family to him. Briggs begged James to talk to Brooks. James told Briggs to talk to Jensen himself.

Suddenly, Brooks Jensen entered the office in formal attire, combed hair, and a mustache. Briggs begged Jensen to come back to family. Jensen acted boujee and said he’s making his own decisions now. He told Jensen to leave. Briggs walked away sad, saying he shouldn’t have came…

Odyssey Jones made his entrance looking hyped. As Jones was dancing in the ring, he was attacked by Bron Breakker. The referees ran out to check on Jones. Bron took a mic and mockingly asked Jones if that hurt. He said that’s what happens when you get in his way. Bron called the crowd fat rednecks. he said he had to put out last week’s participation trophy ceremony. He said that everyone was like clowns and they need to go to the circus.

Breakker said that “Him” felt it, and Andre Chase felt it. Duke Hudson walked from the stands with his MVP trophy. He told Bron to keep Andre Chase’s name out his mouth. Hudson admonished Bron for interrupting his award ceremony and disrespecting the Chase University flag. Hudson mocked Bron for being petty. Hudson said no one disrespects Chase U, not even the unstoppable Bron Breakker. On behalf of Andre Chase, Duke Hudson challenged Bron Breakker to a match at next week’s Spring Break In show.

Bron pointed out how cowardly Duke looked when he ran away from the award ceremony last week. Hudson cut off Bron saying that The MVP is not done talking. Hudson was fired up and asked Bron to look at him. An MVP chant ensued. Hudson hyped next week’s match as a battle of giants, between Bron Breakker and Andre Chase. Hudson said Andre the man, giant, and beating heart of Chase University.

He yelled that he was going to give Bron Breakker a Chase U sized ass whooping. Bron talked to the camera and said that he’s going to spear Andre Chase’s ass in half next week and that will be the end of Chase U. The segment ended with Vic Joseph wondering if we’re seeing the real Bron Breakker…

John’s Thoughts: Ok heel promo from Bron. Bron seems to be back in Scott Steiner mode as he’s using some of the insults that Uncle Scott pulled out when he became a singles heel. Duke Hudson was the star of the segment as the defender of Chase University. Again, the guy is oddly complex in terms of his development.

Vic Joseph and Booker T checked in from the commentary table. They sent the show to McKenzie Mitchell who interviewed Cora Jade about attacking the women’s locker room verbally. Jade complained about Lyra interrupting her because she had more to say. Gigi Dolin showed up and said that Cora is just displacing her anger wrong. Gigi said she displaces her anger in the ring. Gigi said her instagram famous ass is going to kick Jade’s ass tonight. Gigi left and Cora flashed a snarl…

Roxanne Perez made her entrance…[c]

McKenzie interviewed Pretty Deadly about their brutal attack on Tony D and Stacks. Elton Prince said their attack was justified. Kit Wilson said he couldn’t breathe after being put in Tony’s car. Wilson said the next time you treat them as just pretty faces, you get beat down. Elton Prince challenged Tony D and Stacks to a match…

Zoey Stark made her entrance. Vic Joseph hyped the upcoming NXT PLE, Battleground…

3. Roxanne Perez vs. Zoey Stark. Zoey used her size advantage to slam Roxy on the mat. Roxanne came back with an armdrag. Zoey threw a bit of a fit. Perez hit Stark with a few more armdrags for a two count. Roxanne controlled the match with restholds and wristholds. Joseph noted how Booker’s training helped Roxanne with her anxiety. Booker talked about how proud he is of her. Perez rolled up Stark for a one count. Stark came back with a shove to the mat.

Perez put Stark in a headlock and dragged her down with a modified Stratusfaction. Stark no sold a few shoulder tackles. Roxanne used a sunset flip for a two count. Stark reversed a legscissors with a PK to the gut. Stark worked on Perez with right arms and a knee drop. Roxanne hit Stark with a tilt a whirl huracanrana. Stark had a nice reversal to a Tope with a clean catch and Snake Eyes to the apron. The show cut to regular commercial.[c]

[Hour Two] Stark had the advantage back from the break. Perez escaped a hold with a jawbreaker. Perez hit Stark with frantic overhead strikes. Stark blocked a Thesz Press and turned it to a catapult. Perez landed on her feet and hit Stark with a top rope Thesz Press. Perez dumped Stark to ringside with a dropkick. Perez hit Stark with a Suicide Dive. Booker hyped Perez as a future Hall of Famer.

Perez hit Stark with a top rope crossbody, but Stark rolled through to get a two count. Perez hit Stark with a knee to the jaw. Perez got a two count off a Russian Legsweep. Stark escaped the corner and staggered Perez in the ring. Perez dodged a dive. Stark escaped Pop Rocks. Stark hit Perez with a Superkick and Half and Half Suplex for a good nearfall.

Perez reversed a GTS into a Sunset flip for a two count. Stark hit Perez with a superkick. Perez hit Stark with a Pop Rocks (Code Red) in the corner for the pin.

Roxanne Perez defeated Zoey Stark via pinfall in 7:57 of on-air time. 

Perez took a mic after the match. NXT Women’s Champion Indi Hartwell made her entrance with a mic. The crowd showered her with “Indi” chants. Indi said she needed to talk to Perez face-to-face. She said she wouldn’t be champion if it weren’t for the opportunity given to her by Roxanne. Indi said that Roxanne never lost the title in a singles match. Indi proposed a match against Perez for the title at Spring Break In. Perez agreed and asked for a handshake.

Tiffany Stratton made her entrance to interrupt. She talked about how Indi’s title reign was just dumb luck. Tiffany mocked Indi and Roxanne for being beatable. Roxanne said if she was beatable, Tiffany would have won the breakout tournament against Roxanne. Tiffany said that was sooo 2022. Indi cut in saying she doesn’t care if her opponent is a former champ or some bimbo who think she has her number. Indi said she’s going to prove she’s worthy and not “beatable” by challenging both Roxanne and Indi to a match at Spring Breakin. Indi posed with the title to end the segment…

John’s Thoughts: The match outcome wasn’t in question, because Perez is the bigger star, but her and Stark still had one hell of a match. Perez has proven that she can have main event quality matches with top stars, and only at the age of 23! Good stuff. Stark is ready for a callup. She’s in the old Indi Hartwell position of “spinning her wheels”. Speaking of Indi, NXT has done a great job with her so far as champion. They are leaning into her being “beatable” which makes her a perennial underdog. Going into next week, she’s the technical underdog compared to her opponents. Good for drama.

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Grayson Waller becoming number 1 contender after being beaten by Johnny Gargano in an unsanctioned match. Waller mocked McKenzie’s voice and said that the match didn’t count and didn’t happen because it was Unsanction. He hyped up winning the title next week and said that’s not a prediction, that’s the Grayson Waller effect.

Von Wagner followed Robert Stone, begging and saying he’s ready. He said he was ready to open up. Stone said he doesn’t think that’s the truth. Von opened up and said “My name is Von Wagner, and I always wanted to be in WWE”. He said it was in his blood because his dad was a Beverly Brother. Stone slapped Von on the arm and said that’s a good start…

Gigi Dolin made her entrance…[c]

An Axiom promo aired. The promo was done in a form of a Comic Book. He said when he looks in the mirror he sees Axiom. Axiom said Scrypts fights from the shadows to intimidate him and create fear. Axiom said superheroes have an arch nemesis, but that’s not Scrypts. He said he’ll expose and beat Scrypts… Sincerely… Axiom…

John’s Thoughts: See! Axiom is treating Reggie like a joke! I’d be happy if this ends with Reggie getting his wine bottle back and becoming a Sommelier again. Get ready for the battle of the nerds! Algebra vs. Cursive Writing!

A clip from Dani Palmer’s tiktok was shown of the locker room cheering Tank Ledger on his debut. Tank was hyping up Dani on his upcoming debut. Dani did a piggy back ride on Sol Ruca while Tank did a piggy back on Hank Walker…

Cora Jade made her entrance. Booker T said Cora Jade was one bad little sista…

4. Gigi Dolin vs. Cora Jade. Gigi took down Cora early on with a snapmare and kicks. Gigi hit Cora with a Bronco Buster. Jade kicked out of a jackknife pin. Jade hit Gigi with a reverse donkey kick and tackle. Jade hit Dolin with a slingshot double stomp for at two count. Both women traded strikes. Gigi reversed a knee strike. Jacy Jayne ran out to the apron. Jade rolled up Gigi for a two count.

Gigi dragged Jayne in the ring. Gigi and Jayne tumbled to ringside. Gigi tossed Jayne into the steel steps. Gigi tossed Jacy into Booker T, which knocked out Booker T. Gigi beat the ten count and walked into a high knee and Dirty Deeds DDT for the Cora Jade victory.

Cora Jade defeated Gigi Dolin via pinfall in 3:38. 

Gigi chased Jacy to the back. Cora Jade was about to cut a promo, but instantly cut off by Lyra Valkyria making her entrance. Lyra appeared from the crow’s nest surrounded by fox. Lyra said Cora will be tested next week when they both fight at Spring Break In. The segment ended with Joseph asking Booker if he’s ok. Booker yelled “NO!”…

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Eddy Thorpe. Thorpe talked about his long journey in wrestling which spanned the globe. He said he did it all to make his family proud. He said he’s trying to break Native American stereotypes. Damon Kemp showed up to taunt Eddy. He said he was just scouting Eddy. He said “keep it up kid, you might have something”. Kemp walked away with Eddy not liking the “kid” comment.

Dijak made his entrance. Joseph continued to mock Booker after getting wiped out by Jacy Jayne…[c]

Fallon Henley and Josh Briggs were sulking over beers at the bar. Kiana James and Boujee Brooks Jensen approached the Bar. Jensen said he wasn’t here to drink. Jensen said that Briggs has been holding the team back. Jensen said Kiana said he’s the star of the team. Briggs said he’s not going to take this. Jensen said he’s here to challenge Briggs and Henley to a mixed tag match. Jensen and Kiana held hands. Fallon yelled at them to get out of the bar because “Yee haw bitch” is coming next week…

Vic Joseph and Booker T checked in from the commentary table with Joseph continuing to pick fun at Booker for getting wiped out by Jayne.  Joseph joked that Booker’s commentary seat might become more dangerous than the NXT Parking Lot. Apollo Crews made his entrance…

5. Apollo Crews vs. Dijak. Dijak and Apollo played footsies to start. Apollo took down Dijak in a headlock. Dijak recovered and put Apollo in a sleeper. Apollo hit Dijak with a knife edge chop. Crews took down Dijak into a side headlock. Dijak escaped a side headlock. Apollo ran the ropes and did leapfrogs. Crews took down Dijak with a dropkick. Dijak broke up a waistlock with a rope break. Crews hit Dijak with chained German Suplexes.

Booker hyped Apollo Crews beating Big E Langston for the WWE Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania a few years ago. Dijak draped Apollo over the top rope and sent him into the announce table with a shoulder tackle. The show cut to regular commercial.[c]

Dijak was dominating the match with methodical offense. Apollo hit Dijak with a jawbreaker on the top rope. Crews hit Dijak with a top rope lariat and walking stiff lariats. Apollo was fired up after a kip up. Apollo hit Dijak with a Stinger Splash and Top Rope Blockbuster for a nearfall. Dijak dodged a Frog Splash. Crews hit Dijak with a Cyclone Kick.

Dijak landed on his feet during a German Suplex. Both men traded kicks. Dijak hit Crews with a Cyclone Kick for a nearfall. Booker said “Somebody call my momma”. Apollo reversed a chokeslam into a knee to the jaw. Dijak reversed a moonsault into a Sitout Chokeslam. Apollo kicked out at two. Dijak put Apollo into a Torture Rack then hit him with Feast Your Eyes for the win.

Dijak defeated Apollo Crews via pinfall in 9:53.

After the match Dijak was about to go for Feast Your Eyes again on Apollo. Ilja Dragunov ran out and cleared Dijak from the ring. Referees and security ran out to separate both men…

John’s Thoughts: Great match by the end of it, by two main event level stars. Dijak’s another guy, similar to Roxanne Perez, where when you put him in the ring with a talented veteran, he can create magic. This was good stuff. What ever happened to Apollo’s feud with Dabba-Kato. Dabba feels like his WWE career is just him popping up, looking impressive after a match or two, then disappearing into the ether again. Weird. Anyways. Dijak’s great. Ilja’s wonderful. Dijak vs. Ilja needs to be given over 15 minutes, and both of these men will produce a symphony in the ring in combat.

The cameraman interviewed Jacy Jayne in the parking lot. Jacy talked about how Gigi abandoned her sweet baby brother in an abusive household. Jacy said Gigi is not noble because she would rather wrestle on the indies and couch surf as opposed to saving her brother from a drug addict mother. Jacy said when she takes care of Gigi, Gigi will run away from NXT, just like Gigi ran away from her mother and brother…

Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey were already in the ring. Wes Lee got a televised entrance. Drew Gulak gave Lee a lariat at ringside before the match. Lee entered the ring and the match started when he was ready to fight…

6. Wes Lee vs. Charlie Dempsey (w/Drew Gulak) for the NXT North American Championship. Dempsey had the early advantage over the fatigued Lee. Lee managed to recover and regroup. Lee dumped Dempsey to ringside with a dropkick. Lee hit Dempsey with a flip dive heading into the picture-in-picture.[c]

Dempsey was working on Lee with joint manipulation. Joseph noted how Gulak pointed out that Lee must be wearing down from the weight of being a fighting champion. Joseph noted that Lee is about to set the record for most successful NXT North American Title Defenses. Lee powered out of a Chickenwing. Dempsey sent Lee into the corner with a whip.

Dempsey came back with a Gutwrench for a nearfall. Lee got to his feet. Both men traded stiff strikes. Lee rallied back with his signature CQC strikes. Lee hit Dempsey with a snapmare and dropkick. Dempsey dodged a knee in the corner and hit Lee with a Dragon Screw. Dempsey hit Lee with a Butterfly Suplex. Dempsey hit Lee with a Bridged German Suplex for a two count.

Dempsey hit Lee with a Deadlift Suplex into a jackknife pin for a two count. Lee used a backflip to block a German Suplex. Lee hit Dempsey with a right foot combo. Lee gave Gulak a uppercut to knock him off the apron. Lee caught Dempsey with The Cardiac Kick for the victory.

Wes Lee defeated Charlie Dempsey via pinfall in 8:43 to retain the NXT North American Championship. 

Drew Gulak attacked Lee after the match. Dempsey joined in and both men put the boots to him. Gulak hit Lee with a power bomb. Dempsey hit Lee with a Butterfly Suplex to leave him lying. Gulak posed with the title and called Lee a flash in the pan…

John’s Thoughts: A good showing by Baby Regal and Wes Lee carried him to a good match. Another notch in the belt for Wes Lee in his successful Fighting Champion run. Lee’s becoming the Mike Bailey of WWE where you can count on him to be a fun and plucky fighting champion week to week. The post match angle sets up Lee getting another notch in his belt by running through Gulak. Wins and Losses matter, and Lee is building quite the resume with all the plucky wins he’s picking up.

Tony D Angelo and Channing Lorenzo were sulking at the Italian restaurant. They were pissed at Pretty Deadly destroying Stack’s jacket, and Tony’s hat. Tony said he has an idea. He said it was what they did to “Pauley Montgomery”. Stacks said it was “the big freezer”. Tony D’Angelo proposed Pretty Deadly vs. Stacks and Tony D in a “trunk” match (which I assume is a casket match where you throw your opponent in a car trunk). Stacks and Tony D toasted to red wine…

Vic Joseph hyped the Grayson Waller effect show for after the break…[c]

An ad aired for Bad Bunny making his return to Raw next week…

A vignette was shown for a debuting wrestler. It was a big man chucking giant ass furniture across a field. He also managed to chuck a beer keg. His name is Oba Femi and he’s debuting next week…

The following matches were advertised for next week: Indi Hartwell vs. Roxanne Perez vs. Tiffany Stratton for the NXT women’s Championship, Bron Breakker vs. Andre Chase, Josh Briggs and Fallon Henley vs. Kiana James and Brooks Jensen, Cora Jade vs. Lyra Valkyria, Tony D’Angelo and Stacks vs. Pretty Deadly in a “Trunk Match”…

[Overrun] The intro video played for Grayson Waller’s Waller Effect show. Waller turned on his Instagram Live feed which appears on the video wall. Waller introduced NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes. NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams made their entrance. Trick and Melo took a seat at the talk show table. Melo soaked in Melo chants.

Waller said he usually dislikes his guests, but everyone likes Melo. Waller said Melo must wish Bron Breakker was the number one contender. Melo said he can’t be mad at this because somehow Waller always finds a way to sneak into the main event. Melo said he’s more decorated than a Christmas tree, while Waller shoots enough bricks to build a tower next to the Performance Center.

Waller claimed to be a bigger star without a title while Melo needs a title. Waller said he feels like he can enhance the title. Waller brought up a tweet and asked Melo what is “him”. Trick said that he (Melo) is him. Melo said when he steps in the building, and if that ain’t him he doesn’t know who is? Waller said he thinks that Melo is “Them”. Waller said Melo wouldn’t have one victory if it ain’t for Trick Williams. Trick got on his feet and Melo had to hold him back. Melo said he ain’t gonna let Waller get to him. Melo talked about Waller always stealing opportunities.

Melo said Waller is a little above greatness, but Melo is way above greatness. Melo asked for the production truck to present Waller’s big wins. Melo mocked that Waller doesn’t have any big wins. Waller mentioned how even though Melo won the main event of Stand and Deliver, Waller stole the show. Melo said his match may have been a 6 out of 10, but 6 points is 3 points over any girl Waller ever been with. Waller said he gets plenty of shawtys with his Australian Accent.

Waller said that after their match, Melo will be hanging out with MVP carrying Omos’s bags which are the same size as Melo. Melo said Logan Paul is looking for someone to replace KSI in the sports drink bottle suit. Waller said the biggest viral moment of his career is when he drinks liquid from a shoe over Melo’s body while being champion.

Melo said he’s going to end the night tossing Waller’s shoes on the power lines in the hood. The segment ended with Melo posing with his title while Waller posed with his golden shoe…

John’s Thoughts: I can see that segment being a tough segment to follow due to the high amount of trash talk, but I liked that it was different in that it was rapid fire and different. Waller is always solid as an agitator. Melo and Trick have such good chemistry to keep their poise in any segment. It was right for Waller to bring up how Melo relies so much on Trick, but Melo needs to find a way to push back at that somehow because it makes him come off as fluky.

This was a really good episode of NXT. Lots of the usual solid character developing. Good setups for next week’s themed show which is looking good on paper. I noticed lots of shots of excited crowd members, which is either a new production technique, or them being confident of having a hot NXT crowd. But yeah, the biggest strength of this weeks show was the good in-ring action.

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  1. I think the match is Bron taking Andre Chase next week actually.

    • I thought I heard that, but wasn’t sure. I was going to check back after the show to confirm if I needed to edit that.

  2. I’m liking Heel Bron so far as he reminds me of Scott Steiner too much.

    Jacy Jayne is killing it with her heel character and they should have her and Cora Jade struggle for locker room supremacy as the two top heels but Jade needs a stable soon.

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