4/18 MLW Underground results: Powell’s review of Alex Hammerstone, Mance Warner, Matthew Justice, and 1 Called Manders vs. “The Calling” Akira, Rickey Shane Page, Delirious, and Doctor Cornwallis in a War Chamber match

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Major League Wrestling Underground
Taped April 6, 2023 in Queens, New York at Melrose Ballroom
Aired April 18, 2023 on Reelz

Underground opened with a video package that recapped the calling card attacks and the unveiling of The Calling faction. It cut to footage of Alex Hammerstone and his teammates… The Underground opening aired…

The broadcast team of Joe Dombrowski and Matt Striker checked in while a clip aired of the War Chamber structure being put together. They shifted their focus to hyping next week’s Battle Riot match…

Backstage, Davey Boy Smith Jr. drew his Battle Riot number while Sam Laterna stood by. She asked him for thoughts on his number. He said it doesn’t matter what the number is, he will win the match…

Footage aired from last week’s show of Smith defeating Alex Kane in the no ropes, catch wrestling match. Dombrowski noted that Smith regained control of the Opera Cup and promoted the upcoming tournament…

Ring announcer Mike Falvo stood inside the War Chamber cage, which has barbed wire at the top rather than a roof. Falvo read through the rules of the match, which are similar to WarGames, only a coin-toss determined the man advantage. Rickey Shane Page came out and grabbed a weapon from The Calling’s table while Raven and gas mask wearing henchmen stood by. 1 Called Manders made his entrance…

1. Alex Hammerstone, Mance Warner, Matthew Justice, and 1 Called Manders vs. “The Calling” Akira, Rickey Shane Page, Delirious, and Doctor Cornwallis in a War Chamber match. Page and Manders started the match for their respective teams. A 5:00 countdown clock appeared on the lower portion of the screen, but it didn’t remain on the screen for long.

Page used the wrench that he brought to the ring with him. Manders ended up with the wrench and used it on Page. Manders wedged the wrench in the mouth of Page as the show cut to a break. [C]

Akira was the second entrant for The Calling, meaning they had the man advantage. He joined Page in double teaming Manders.

Matthew Justice was the second entrant for the “Hammerheads” team. Justice threw a chair and both opponents. Manders recovered and also worked over the heels with a chair of his own.

The third entrant for The Calling was Delirious. Once again, the heels dominated the offense while they had the man advantage.

Alex Hammerstone was the third entrant for his team. Hammerstone suplexed Akira and powerbombed Delirious onto Page and then Akira.

The final entrant for The Calling was Doctor Cornwallis, a giant dude in a mask (presumably the same guy who went by Dr. Dax previously). The Calling dominated during their man advantage.

Mance Warner was the final entrant for the Hammerheads. They cut to a break shortly after he entered the cage. [C] Hammerstone was down in the ring while his partners did a steel chair toast and then threw chairs at their opponents.

They cut to a split screen shot. Hammerstone was helped to the back, leaving his team short-handed. Justice absolutely blasted a bloody Page with a chair to the head. Good lord. Why is this allowed to happen in 2023? The gas mask henchmen walked to the ring and pulled a table out from underneath the ring. [C]

Dombrowski said MLW CEO Court Bauer would provide an update on Hammerstone later in the show. The table ended up inside the cage. Manders set up a couple of chairs back to back on top of the table. Page stood on the top rope for a long time while waiting for a bloody Warner, who then suplexed him onto the chairs and through the table. Warner came up holding the back of his head, presumably from hitting one of the chairs.

Warner went for the pin, but Delirious leapt from the top rope and broke up the pin. Justice followed up with a top rope splash of his own. Page DDT’d Justice and covered him for the pin.

“The Calling” Akira, Rickey Shane Page, Delirious, and Doctor Cornwallis defeated Alex Hammerstone, Mance Warner, Matthew Justice, and 1 Called Manders in a War Chamber match.

After the match, The Calling members joined Raven on the stage…

Powell’s POV: Meh. It was a pretty basic brawl until everyone was inside the cage. The big table/chair spot was really over the top and the actual finish felt flat because it paled in comparison. Hammerstone reportedly suffered a legitimate groin injury. His health comes first, but it made for an awkward situation given that there’s not supposed to be any escape from the cage. In fact, Hammerstone’s injury should have forced him to quit the match and take the loss for his team.

Dombrowski and Striker spoke in front of the MLW backdrop and spoke about MLW Featherweight Champion Taya Valkyrie dodging Delmi Exo previously. A brief Exo promo aired. Exo said Valkyrie had a foot out the door and added that she’s coming for the MLW Featherweight Title. Footage aired of Valkyrie declining to speak to an MLW camera crew…

An ambulance was shown arriving at the building while Dombrowski said they would speak with Bauer after the break… [C]

A video package touted the return of of “the flagship” MLW Fusion returning this summer. Graphics listed “no billionaires, no paid hype, just hardcore to the f’n bone.” It also touted no rules and anything goes…

Sam Laterna interviewed Court Bauer in the backstage area and asked for an update on Alex Hammerstone. Bauer said Hammerstone was in a lot of pain. He said he’s known Hammerstone for half a decade and he’s never seen him like this. Laterna asked if there would be an interim champion crowned. Bauer said he doesn’t like that sort of thing. She asked if the title could be vacated and a new champion could be crowned via the Battle Riot match.

Alex Kane showed up and yelled “Bomaye” before Bauer could answer. Kane said it seemed like Bauer needed to crown the uncrowned king of MLW. Davey Boy Smith Jr. showed up and recalled beating Kane when they last met. Kane punched Smith. Mr. Thomas got involved and then a bunch of wrestlers started brawling on the interview set…

A video package hyped the Battle Riot match for next week’s show and listed a number of the entrants…

Powell’s POV: I like the way they played up the possibility that Battle Riot could crown a new champion. It was never confirmed, but that’s still another hook for next week’s show. I also liked Bauer saying that he’s not fond of interim champions. Overall, the show was built around the War Chamber match and it just didn’t do anything for me. The right team went over given how determined the company seems to be when it comes to getting over The Calling act. My MLW Underground audio reviews are available weekly for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons).


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