Impact Wrestling’s Gisele Shaw accuses Rick Steiner of berating her with transgender insults

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Impact Wrestling’s Gisele Shaw issued a Twitter statement that accused Rick Steiner of insulting her for being a transgender woman at Wrestlecon on Friday.

Shaw wrote that Steiner called her filth and a piece of trash, referred to her as a man, and told her to “get the f— away from here.” Shaw added that she kept her head down “because I didn’t want to acknowledge the hate.” She eventually returned to the area and discovered it was Steiner who made the comments. “I am not writing this because I want sympathy,” Shaw wrote. “I am writing this because I am done being bullied to silence.”

Powell’s POV: Shaw’s full statement can be read below. To the best of my knowledge, Steiner has not commented on the matter as of this update. I will simply add that I’m not all that surprised given some of the stories I’ve heard about Steiner’s beliefs over the years.


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  1. TheGreatestOne April 1, 2023 @ 8:40 am

    HIM. He accuses Rick of insulting HIM. Biology isn’t wrong. Gender isn’t sex.

  2. Who’s surprised that Thegreatestone chimes in with this? Dude hates his life so hard, it’s hilarious.

  3. My favorite part’s that he thinks his opinion holds any weight at all. Adorable!

  4. Sadly, the most ignorant also seem to be the most vocal. Pity some people find it so easy to hate people they know nothing about.

  5. TheGreatestOne is actually TheWorstOne. I love how bigots try to mask their ignorance with science.

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