3/6 WWE Raw results: Powell’s live review of John Cena’s return, Sami Zayn vs. Jimmy Uso, Seth Rollins and Logan Paul, Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair vs. Carmella in a non-title match, Kevin Owens vs. Solo Sikoa, Johnny Gargano vs. Finn Balor


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Raw (Episode 1,554)
Live from Boston, Massachusetts at TD Garden
Aired March 6, 2023 on USA Network

[Hour One] Raw opened with footage from earlier in the day of an SUV arriving in the backstage area. Solo Sikoa, Jimmy Uso, and Paul Heyman exited the vehicle. Heyman recalled Roman Reigns telling Jimmy to solve the Sami Zayn problem.

Heyman said Zayn survived Smackdown and would appear live on Raw. Heyman said Sikoa would solve the Kevin Owens problem during Raw, while Jimmy would solve the Zayn problem once and forever, regardless of whether Jey Uso came to his aid. Once the brothers walked away, Heyman pulled out his phone and instructed it to call Reigns…

Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves were on commentary, and Mike Rome was the ring announcer…

Kevin Owens made his entrance for the opening match. The broadcast team hyped John Cena’s appearance and other previously advertised matches and segments. Solo Sikoa made his entrance.

Owens attacked Sikoa once he entered the ring. Owens took the fight to ringside, but Sikoa ran him into the ring post twice. Both wrestlers returned to the ring and the referee called for the bell to start the match…

1. Kevin Owens vs. Solo Sikoa. Owens tackled Sikoa to start the match, but Sikoa took control quickly. Owens caught Sikoa with a punch to the face, but Sikoa shook it off and then put the boots to Owens in the corner. Patrick said there were 15,950 fans in attendance.

Owens eventually battled back, but he was unable to get Sikoa off his feet despite clotheslining him twice. Owens finally got Sikoa down and hit him with a senton. Owens set up for a cannonball, but Sikoa rolled to the floor. Owens followed and then clotheslined him at ringside before rolling him back in the ring.

Jimmy Uso ran out and distracted Owens, who was climbing to the top rope. Sikoa punched Owens and then tossed him into the ring. Sikoa hit Owens with a hip attack. Owens rolled to the floor. Sikoa went to ringside and hit Owens with a hip attack against the barricade heading into a picture-in-picture break. [C]

Sikoa and Owens fought on the ropes coming out of the break. Owens got the better of it and knocked Sikoa off the ropes, but Sikoa put Owens down with a Samoan Drop and covered him for a two count.

Owens avoided a charging Sikoa, whose head hit the ring post. Owens put him down with a DDT. Sikoa fought back and then missed Owens in the corner again, this time running his shoulder into the post. Owens knocked Jimmy off the apron and then performed a cannonball on Sikoa. Owens performed a Swanton Bomb and had the pin, but Jimmy broke it up for the DQ.

Kevin Owens beat Solo Sikoa by DQ in 11:20.

Jimmy and Sikoa brought Owens to ringside and placed him on the broadcast table. Sikoa went to the timekeepers table and set up for a move, but Sami Zayn ran out and attacked Jimmy. Sikoa dropped down to go after Zayn, who ran him into the ring post. Zayn grabbed a chair and ran off Jimmy and Sikoa.

Zayn entered the ring and looked down at Owens, who was seated in the corner. Zayn dropped the chair and offered a hand to Owens, who opted to opted to roll out of the ring rather than accept Zayn’s gesture…

Patrick hyped Bobby Lashley for after a break… [C]

Powell’s POV: I didn’t care for the DQ finish after such a long match, but I wasn’t surprised by it either. I was mildly surprised to see Owens in position to beat Sikoa had it not been for Jimmy Uso interfering. Sikoa has been protected and we don’t see him in that position very often. The post match angle with Sami making the save was solid. It’s going to pack a punch when Owens and Zayn reunite, but I like that they continue to drag it out.

Footage aired of the Bobby Lashley and Uncle Howdy angle from Smackdown…

Lashley stood on the backstage ring set and told Bray Wyatt that he’s tired of the kid’s games. Lashley said he went to Smackdown to face him man to man. Lashley asked what it would take for Wyatt to face him like a man. The Wyatt logo flashed…

Byron Saxton interviewed Carmella in another part of the backstage area about her match with Bianca Belair. Carmella said that beating Belair would get her added to the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania.

Chelsea Green showed up and applauded Carmella. Green suggested they complain to Adam Pearce’s manager to get the match changed after Carmella beat Belair. They scolded Saxton for still being there…

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair made her entrance… [C] Carmella made her entrance and was accompanied by Chelsea Green…

2. Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair vs. Carmella (w/Chelsea Green) in a non-title match. Belair did her ass slap bit. Carmella charged her and then Belair did a backflip off the ropes and hit Carmella with a rough dropkick. Belair went back to the ropes and was pulled off by Carmella heading into a PIP break. [C]

Belair put Carmella down with a backbreaker and then performed a handspring into the ropes followed by a standing moonsault. Belair had the pin, but Green distracted the referee. Belair grabbed Green and pulled her inside the ring. Carmella superkicked Belair and covered her for a near fall while Green went back to the floor.

Belair mounted Carmella in the corner and threw punches at her while the crowd counted along. Green ran in. Belair ended up chasing her to ringside and tossed her over the barricade. When Belair returned to the ring, Carmella rolled her up for a near fall. Belair came right back with a KOD and got the pin.

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair defeated Carmella in 8:55 in a non-title match.

After the match, Green attacked Belair from behind. Asuka’s entrance music played and she headed to the ring in non-wrestling attire and minus makeup. Once in the ring, Asuka sprayed mist in the face of Green while Carmella ducked out of the way.

Asuka looked down at Belair and nodded at her while an Asuka chant broke out. Belair nodded back and smiled before getting back to her feet. Both women looked at the WrestleMania sign while Patrick said it was a moment of respect between the two heading into their title match…

Powell’s POV: I really like the new Carmella and Green pairing. Green running interference made Carmella feel like much more of a threat than she would have been in a straight up singles match. I assume this leads to Belair and Asuka vs. Carmella and Green in a television match, and I wonder if Carmella and Green will ultimately end up as regulars in the women’s tag team division.

Backstage, Sami Zayn approached Kevin Owens and told him he didn’t know what else he could say or do, but The Bloodline is just too much for one man. Zayn said they didn’t need to be best friends again or ride together or even team up, but the only way they could take out The Bloodline was to work together.

Zayn asked Owens to listen to him because he was in The Bloodline. Owens said he definitely remembers Zayn being in the Bloodline. He said he’s fought them for eight months. Owens said he and Zayn might be able to take them down, but he didn’t want to do it with Zayn.

Owens suggested that Zayn go back and apologize to Reigns and stroke his ego. Owens said Reigns would probably forgive him. Owens said he didn’t care what Zayn did, he just wanted to be left out of it. A dejected Zayn walked away…

Graves hyped the Seth Rollins and Logan Paul confrontation for after a break… An ad aired for Tuesday’s NXT Roadblock… [C]

Powell’s POV: It feels like it’s only a matter of time before KO and Zayn reunite, but I’m very curious to see what brings them together. At this point, I assume that Jey chooses The Bloodline and it somehow leads to the reunion. Regardless, I’m enjoying the ride.

Boston imagery was shown… A Rhea Ripley video package aired and then Graves hyped her match with Charlotte Flair for the Smackdown Women’s Championship at WrestleMania… Highlights aired of last week’s Miz TV segment that led to Seth Rollins challenging Logan Paul to meet him face to face…

The Miz stood in the ring and was introduced by Mike Rome. Miz assumed people were wondering why he would be in the ring with Rollins after what happened the week before. Miz said he was preparing for his role as the host of WrestleMania, so he would moderate the segment.

Logan Paul was introduced by The Miz. Paul made his entrance and Miz was waiting with a handshake offer, but Paul walked right past him and then went to the ropes and posed.

Seth Rollins made his entrance and the fans chanted his entrance theme. Miz did the “when my hand goes up, your mouths go shut” routine and failed to get them to stop chanting the Rollins theme. Miz told them they are living up to the Massachusetts stereotype by being obnoxious.

[Hour Two] Logan Paul told the crowd that the segment had a time limit, so they should shut up. The fans booed and then continued to chant until Rollins called out the name of the city. Rollins mockingly said Paul was gracing everyone with his presence. The crowd booed Paul.

Rollins introduced himself to Paul, who said he knows who Rollins is. “You were the clown that I dumped at Royal Rumble,” Paul said. Paul also boasted that he Stomped Rollins at Elimination Chamber. Paul said he accomplished in one year what Rollins did in twenty and he’s better at Rollins’ job than Rollins is.

Miz said he wasn’t taking sides, but Paul made some good points. The crowd chanted, “F— you, Logan” and seemed to be turned down. bit rather than censored. Rollins said Paul made good points, but none explain why “we don’t like you.”

“We don’t like you because you’re the scum of the earth,” Rollins said. “You’re a coward. You’re a troll. You’re a fraud. You’re a human dumpster fire and we don’t want you in our house.” Rollins said the time for talk was over and it was time to fight. Rollins dropped the mic and Paul struck a fighting stance.

Miz calmed them down and said it was his job as the moderator to make sure they don’t fight. Paul said he would fight Rollins if he wanted to, but then said he wouldn’t do it. Paul said he doesn’t fight for free and labeled himself a premium act.

Paul said that if the stage was bigger and the money was bigger and somewhere where there was more star power, he would consider it. Miz said he’s the host of WrestleMania and he could make Rollins vs. Paul happen.

Rollins asked if Miz could go backstage and make it happen. Rollins threw Miz out of the ring. Paul caught Rollins with a kick and then missed with a Stomp. Rollins backed Paul into the corner, but Miz returned. Rollins turned his attention to Miz and superkicked him, but then he turned into a knockout punch from Paul.

“Hey, buddy, when you wake up, let me know about WrestleMania,” Paul said while Rollins stayed down with his eyes closed. “Oh, and one more thing, bye bye, bitch.” Paul left the ring and hammed it up on the stage while Rollins was shown waking up in the ring…

Powell’s POV: A good angle that put heat on Paul. It doesn’t take much. Who doesn’t want to see that guy get punched in the face?

The broadcast team hyped John Cena’s return for later in the show. They set up footage of last week’s Brock Lesnar and MVP angle…

Omos made his entrance with MVP for a match against Dolph Ziggler… [C] Dolph Ziggler made his entrance. Mustafa Ali was shown in the front row wearing neon green and cheering wildly for Ziggler while holding a “Go Dolph Go” sign. Footage aired from earlier of Ali informing Ziggler that he got him a match with Omos…

3. Omos (w/MVP) vs. Dolph Ziggler. Omos won quickly using his usual slam finisher.

Omos beat Dolph Ziggler in 0:50.

After the match, MVP joined Omos in the ring. MVP said Omos is the only hype he needs. MVP said Lesnar never should have put his hands on him. MVP claimed that Omos would tame The Beast at WrestleMania.

Powell’s POV: And nobody believed MVP. You know your entrance theme and your overall presentation suck when the person cheering loudest for you is the wrestler you are feuding with.

Maxxine Dupri was shown with Mansoor and Mace admiring someone off-camera. “He has it,” Dupri said. Baron Corbin entered the picture and assumed that she was talking about him. He spoke about how bad things have been going for him lately.

“We were talking about him,” Mansoor said. The camera turned to show Otis and Chad Gable posing. Dupri told Corbin that if he took Gable out of the picture, she would consider taking him on as a client. Corbin told her to consider it done…

Finn Balor made his entrance along with Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio, and Damian Priest… [C]

Backstage, Paul Heyman told Jimmy Uso that he’s the one who will take out Sami Zayn and solve the Sami Zayn problem. Heyman said Jimmy is the one who will make sure that Roman Reigns never has to hear the name Sami again. Heyman reminded Jimmy that he had until the end of the week to bring Jey Uso back to The Bloodline. Heyman said that if it didn’t happen, Reigns is going to blame Jimmy…

Patrick hyped Sami Zayn vs. Jimmy Uso as the show’s main event… Johnny Gargano made his entrance along with Dexter Lumis to a flat reaction…

4. Finn Balor (w/Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio, Damian Priest) vs. Johnny Gargano (w/Dexter Lumis). Gargano cleared Balor from the ring. Balor was distracted by Lumis staring him down, and then Gargano performed a suicide dive heading into a PIP break. [C]

Late in the match, Gargano took out Dom with a dive to the floor. Gargano returned to the ring and was put down by Balor, who then dropkicked him into the corner. Balor went up top for his finisher, but he was stopped in his tracks by entrance music.

Edge’s music played. Priest and Ripley walked toward the stage to cut him off, but Edge showed up at ringside and shoved Balor off the top rope. Gargano hit the Final Beat DDT and scored the pin…

Johnny Gargano defeated Finn Balor in 9:30.

After the match, Lumis took out Priest, but the cameras missed it. Edge entered the ring and speared Balor. Edge left the ring and sat on the barricade while the cameraman got a shot of the WrestleMania sign over his shoulder…

Powell’s POV: There was a time when Balor vs. Gargano would have been an NXT Takeover dream match. The main roster hasn’t been kind to either man. The upset was kind of fun, but it was obvious that Edge wasn’t going to enter via the stage. The only time heels rush to the stage area to cut off a babyface is when the babyface is entering from elsewhere.

A video package recapped the Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes verbal exchange from Friday’s Smackdown… Nikki Cross made her entrance for a match against Piper Niven… [C]

An ad aired for WWE King and Queen of the Ring for Saturday, May 27 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia…

Byron Saxton caught up with Edge in the backstage area and asked him about costing Finn Balor his match. Edge pointed out that Balor cost him a match. Edge said he would be in the middle of the ring next week and would call out Balor to settle things…

Powell’s POV: Just cut to the chase and make the WrestleMania match already.

Footage aired of Piper Niven attacking Candice LeRae after she was beaten by her last week. Patrick said LeRae suffered an AC sprain in her right shoulder…

Niven made her entrance and posed on the apron. Cross grabbed her from behind…

5. Piper Niven vs. Nikki Cross. Cross performed a top rope crossbody block and appeared to roll onto the face of Niven, who immediately checked on her nose. Niven went to ringside while Cross removed her jacket and slammed it on the mat repeatedly. Niven returned to the ring and performed a rough looking Loch Ness Slam and scored the pin. Niven was still checking her nose afterward…

Piper Niven defeated Nikki Cross in 0:55.

Powell’s POV: Wow, that was rough.

Rick Boogs was talking with a guy in the back when Elias showed up. Elias said the only way that Boogs would learn is if he does it himself. Elias told Boogs to go tell a guy in the background that “I want to fight you.” Boogs approached Bronson Reed, who then told Elias he would fight him next week. Elias was upset with Boogs and told him he had a lot to learn… [C]

Becky G was named as the performer of America The Beautiful for WrestleMania night one…

John Cena made his entrance. He spoke into the camera on the stage and then headed to the ring and got a great ovation from the live crowd.

Austin Theory’s entrance music played and then he made his entrance while holding the U.S. Championship belt over his shoulder.

[Hour Three] Theory said Cena inspired him when he was younger and thanked him. Theory said he came with a gift. Theory said the gift was a match between the two of them for the U.S. Championship at WrestleMania.

“No,” Cena responded. Cena said he took a second to think about it, thought it over, and no. Cena said he’s not interested in Theory’s gift because he hasn’t earned the right to give it. Cena said he’s been watching Theory and he’s been listening to him and he doesn’t care.

Cena spoke on behalf of the crowd and said, “We don’t care about you.” Cena said it’s because they don’t believe Theory. Cena said they don’t believe Theory because Theory doesn’t believe Theory.

Cena said he wasn’t talking from a high place. He pointed to a fan sign that read, “Austin Theory is a John Cena wannabe.” Cena said that he was Theory’s Ghost of Christmas Future. Cena said Theory is in the ruthless aggression phase, which Cena said nearly got him fired. Cena said it was a great opportunity, but he didn’t believe in himself.

Cena said Theory has been given opportunities, but he has no heart or soul. Cena said the fans were there out of respect because he and the fans have been yelling back and forth for twenty years and having a good time. Cena said the fans were there because they believe. “They don’t believe in you,” Cena repeated. Cena said Theory was a pair of trunks away from being a jabroni.

Cena said it was a feedback sandwich and now he would say something good. He said Theory has the best name in WWE history. Cena mentioned Steve Austin, The Rock, and Undertaker, and said there was no name better than Theory, because that’s exactly what Theory is.

Cena said that in theory, Theory should be great because he’s exactly what the WWE executives look for. “In theory, everyone should be here to see you, but no one cares.” Cena said his gift to Theory was that he could turn around and leave and “we will let you walk out of here in one piece.”

Theory said he wasn’t going anywhere, just like the bald spot on Cena’s head wasn’t going anywhere. Cena removed his hat and showed it off, then said he was proud to be on the senior circuit. Theory pointed out Cena’s “Never Give Up” t-shirt and then questioned if Cena was saying no and giving up.

Theory pointed to Cena’s “respect” hat and then questioned where his respect was “for all of this.” Theory said Cena had a golden ticket to face him at WrestleMania and he was giving up. Theory asked where the hustle, loyalty, and respect was.

Theory asked the fans if they wanted to see him at WrestleMania. The fans cheered. Theory told them to shut up because Cena said no. Theory said it’s true that you don’t want to meet your heroes because when you do, they just disappoint.

Cena said he would rather be bald than have fake crowd noise pumped in because nobody cares. Cena said Theory really is a dumb son of a bitch. He said he didn’t say no because he gave up, he said no because Theory isn’t ready.

Cena said that if they have a match at WrestleMania and Theory loses, Theory is done. Cena said that if they have a match and Theory wins, Theory loses everything. Cena said that Theory may win the day, but then he’d have to go out on Monday and be eaten alive by the night after WrestleMania crowd.

Cena said Theory left him no choice because he brought the fans into it and now he had to ask them. Cena looked to the crowd. He thanked his family for being there and said it meant a lot to him. Cena told the fans that he needed their help.

Cena asked if the fans wanted to see Theory vs. Cena at WrestleMania. The fans cheered. Cena said he may not care about Theory, but he’ll never give up on the fans. Cena told Theory to remember this moment because he just made the biggest mistake of his life.

Cena confirmed that he would face Theory at WrestleMania. “I wish you luck, dude, because you’re going to need it.” Cena said said you don’t have it here and then pointed to Theory’s head, heart, and balls. Cena told Theory that he really needs to work on that last bit.

Cena left the ring and went to the stage and said Theory isn’t ready for the WrestleMania stage, but Boston deserves to see somebody who is. Cena introduced Cody Rhodes, who walked out, shook hands with Cena, who then hugged him and spoke to him. Cena raised Cody’s arm and they spoke more…

Powell’s POV: Goddamn. Cena tore into Theory and it was glorious and spot on. Yes, Cena tore the U.S. Champion a new one and completely dressed him down, but sometimes you have to tear someone down in order to build them up. Let’s see where Theory is at coming out of WrestleMania. Cena’s endorsement of Cody was quick and yet all it needed to be.

Backstage, Cathy Kelley caught up with Sami Zayn, who said everything that Kevin Owens said was right. He said that Jimmy Uso was the guy who had his back and now he’s supposed to put an end to him. Zayn said tonight wouldn’t be Jimmy’s night…

Chad Gable and Otis made their entrance…

6. Chad Gable (w/Otis) vs. Baron Corbin. Corbin’s entrance was not televised. The Maximum Male Model trio were shown watching the match on a backstage monitor. Corbin avoided a moonsault and then performed a chokeslam backbreaker. Corbin stood over Gable and gloated. Gable took him down and applied the ankle lock for the win…

Chad Gable beat Baron Corbin in 2:10.

Powell’s POV: I felt bad for Sami Zayn having to cut that promo after John Cena appeared, and these two also had a tough time following that act. It didn’t help the cause that Gable and Corbin are both heels. I’m guessing they are coming up with a new entrance for Corbin, as they keep coming up with ways to not actually televise his entrance.

A video package recapped Becky Lynch and Lita winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles with help from Trish Stratus. Patrick hyped that the trio would appear after the break.. [C]

The Miz and Maryse were featured in a WrestleMania Goes Hollywood video inspired by the “Top Gun” movie… The broadcast team officially announced Seth Rollins vs. Logan Paul for WrestleMania…

Becky Lynch and Lita made their entrances and headed to the ring together. Lynch played to the crowd. Lita spoke about how they made history. Lita said Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky didn’t make it easy on them, but they made it worth it. The obligatory “you deserve it” chant broke out for moment. Lita thanked Lynch and then introduced their “very special equalizer.”

Trish Stratus made her entrance and told Lita that she would always have her back. Stratus said Lita teaming with The Man and winning gold was something she wouldn’t have missed for the world. Trish brought up Bayley.

Bayley’s entrance theme interrupted. Bayley, Kai, and Sky came out and entered the ring. Bayley told Trish that she’s selfish. Trish said she warned Bayley that she can go from “I am retired” to “I was retired” quickly. Trish said she can’t think of a better place to shut Bayley’s mouth than at WrestleMania.

Bayley accepted the challenge on behalf of her trio. Kai and Sky turned and acted upset by Bayley accepting the match, then turned and tried to cheap shot Trish and Lita, who ducked their punches and cleared them from the ring with ease.

Lynch and Bayley went face to face and jawed with one another. Bayley tried to leave, but Lita and Trish blocked her path. The babyfaces all punched Bayley, who then tumbled to ringside…

Powell’s POV: A weak segment. The crowd seemed happy to see the legends, but their performances were rough and Damage CTRL is ice cold. Can John Cena cut a promo on uninspired Bayley too?

The broadcast team announced the following matches and segments for next week’s Raw: Edge calls out Finn Balor, Elias vs. Bronson Reed, and Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair vs. Chelsea Green in a non-title match…

Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa were shown walking backstage while Patrick hyped the main event as coming up next… [C] Another ad aired for NXT Roadblock and then the broadcast team hyped the show… Entrances for the main event took place…

7. Sami Zayn vs. Jimmy Uso (w/Solo Sikoa). The fans sang “Ole, Ole, Ole” during the opening minute. The wrestlers ended up at ringside where Zayn backdropped Jimmy into the timekeepers area heading into a PIP break. [C]

Jimmy sent Zayn to ringside. Sikoa held up his thumb for a Samoan Spike. The referee spotted Sikoa and ejected him from ringside before he could get involved. Zayn hit a distracted Jimmy with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall heading into another PIP break. [C]

Zayn leapt from the top rope into a superkick from Jimmy coming out of the break. Jey Uso showed up in crowd and rushed down the steps and hopped the barricade. Jey hopped onto the broadcast table. Jimmy pointed and smiled at Jey. Jimmy ducked a Helluva Kick, but Zayn rolled him up and pinned him moments later.

Sami Zayn defeated Jimmy Uso in 10:40.

Zayn rolled to ringside and smiled while a dejected Jimmy sat inside the ring. Zayn played to the crowd and the fans cheered. Jey entered the ring while Jimmy got to his feet. Jey reached out and put his hands on Jimmy’s shoulders. Jimmy spoke to Jey, who grabbed Jimmy’s shirt over his heart and made a fist. Jey looked emotional as he let go of his brother’s shirt and walked past him. Jey looked back at Jimmy and then left the ring.

Jey and Zayn came face to face at ringside. Jey hugged a surprised Zayn and the live crowd cheered. Zayn got fired up. Zayn and Jey looked back at Jimmy, who dropped down to one knee. Jey and Sami each held up their index fingers.

“It’s not too late, Jimmy, it’s not too late,” Zayn said. The crowd chanted “holy shit” and this time they were censored. Suddenly, Jey superkicked Zayn. Jimmy went from somber to smiling in the ring. Jey barked at Sami and then threw him in the ring. Jimmy attacked Zayn and then Jey joined him. Solo Sikoa entered the ring as well.

Cody Rhodes’ entrance theme played and he ran out wearing a suit and stood guard over Zayn while the Usos and Sikoa backed away as the show went off the air…

Powell’s POV: Jey superkicking Zayn caught me by surprise if only because the major Bloodline developments tend to occur on Smackdown. I thought we’d get the Jey tease tonight and the turn on Friday. Cody coming out to help Zayn was a nice touch. Will he play a part in getting the Zayn and Kevin Owens characters back on the same page?

Overall, this was an eventful Raw with some big, yet expected WrestleMania developments and the big angle at the end of the night. Some of the undercard segments were rough, but most of the segments involving the stars delivered. I will have more to say in my weekly same night audio review of Raw for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons). Let me know what you thought of the show by grading it below.

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  1. Poor lashley looks like he would rather go to a bridal shower than be in this feud with Wyatt

  2. Corey Graves must have been thinking of to tone down a bit during Carmella’s matches, he was so quiet and didn’t mention their marriage once. I’m guessing Jey stats with his family and KO can tell Sami now he knows how it feels to be betrayed

  3. I noticed the VERY same thing about Graves. In fact overall he seems very off his game tonight. Which makes the announcing tough because KP is dreadful

  4. Graves is my least favorite commentator.

  5. Three guys…THREE….in the ring, and Cody comes out by himself and they run away. Yeah.

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