AEW media call report: Live notes on Tony Khan speaking with the pro wrestling media ahead of Sunday’s AEW Revolution pay-per-view


By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

AEW President Tony Khan spoke with the pro wresting media on Thursday, March 2 to promote Sunday’s AEW Revolution pay-per-view. Refresh the page for the latest updates.

-Tony Khan spoke about the AEW Revolution pay-per-view. He noted that it was one year ago today that he announced he acquired Ring of Honor. He touted the premiere of ROH on HonorClub tonight. Khan opened up the phone lines.

-Brandon Thurston asked whether Warner Bros. Discovery has a one-year option to extend the current television deal to the end of 2024. Thurston asked if WBD picked up that option already. Khan said that he couldn’t answer that question for legal reasons. He said he felt bad that he was already saying no comment on the opening question and gave Thurston a chance to ask a second question.

-Thurston asked about house shows. Khan spoke about how the roster has expanded since they started the company. He said he thinks there’s an opportunity to run house shows profitably, but it’s very challenging “as we are seeing.” Khan labeled it a “stick and move situation.” He said they are in the process of putting together additional house shows beyond the one set for later this month. Khan said a lot of wrestlers want to work those shows. “The vast majority of the roster has made it clear that this is something they do want,” Khan said of house shows.

-Jon Alba asked Khan about his philosophy on show structure and pointed out that last night’s show was the first time that MJF and Bryan Danielson had been in the final segment together during the build to Revolution. Khan spoke about slotting things in ways that do favorable television ratings and learning from it. He pointed to last week’s improved ratings and viewership. Khan said last week was a great episode, but some people felt it wasn’t a stacked show or a super card. Khan said he thought it was a strong card with strong stories. Khan said that MJF and Danielson’s segments have been in prominent positions on the show, but not always at the end of the show. He said he tried to put them in positions where he felt they could get the most viewership while also balancing out what would go in the final segment. Khan said it’s a mix of trying to feature all of the stories in prominent positions.

-Mike Johnson asked what lessons the company has learned since AEW Revolution three years ago. Khan said that was one of his favorite events and probably his favorite pay-per-view event that they have done. Khan recalled Jon Moxley vs. Chris Jericho having a long build for their AEW World Championship match. He said MJF vs. Danielson has also had months of build this time around and dates back to late 2022. He also pointed out that Hangman Page vs. Jon Moxley goes back even further. Khan spoke about how other matches for the show three years ago didn’t come together until the last couple of weeks. He also recalled Darby Allin returning just a week before the pay-per-view, which set up his match for that event. Khan said the formula of the matches coming together at different times has worked. Khan also said that most of their television shows in 2023 have been very well received.

-Chris Mueller asked if Khan will draw a clear line between AEW and ROH and whether there would be crossover. Khan said the goal was that ROH championship and stories would be exclusive to ROH coming out of Final Battle. Khan said they got good reviews from fans who attended the ROH tapings and encouraged people to check out the show.

-Amy Nemmity asked about the Jamie Hayter vs. Ruby Soho vs. Saraya three-way match for the AEW Women’s Championship at Revolution. She asked about each wrestler and how they represent the locker room in the storyline. Khan said he’s probably not the best person to speak on how people are perceived in the locker room. He praised Hayer’s growth since she started with AEW and said she’s become one of the world’s top wrestlers. Khan said some of that transformation took place outside of AEW because she came back as a different performer following the pandemic. Khan said Hayter is a very important person in AEW and a great champion. Khan also spoke highly of Soho and Saraya. Khan touted the use of bullet points rather than scripting promos. He pointed to how some of the things that Saraya said during the build to her match with Britt Baker actually caused fans to side more with Baker.

-The next person asked about how the main event Iron Man match affects the rest of the pay-per-view and Dynamite. Khan spoke about moving the Face of the Revolution ladder match from the pay-per-view to Dynamite as one example. Khan indicated that there will be fewer matches as a result of the Iron Man match.

-A caller asked about Ricky Starks and what type of confidence Khan has in him. Khan said Starks is a great wrestler and he’s had a great feeling about him since arrived in the company. Khan said Starks ended 2022 on a high note by having a great match with MJF for the AEW World Championship. Khan also mentioned Starks’ match with Chris Jericho in Seattle. Khan said Starks has done great things and he thinks he can do even more. Khan spoke about Starks facing Jericho at Revolution.

-The next caller spoke about AEW crossing over into pop culture and whether the wrestlers are allowed to take projects outside of AEW. Khan said they work with the wrestlers on those matters. He said it doesn’t have to be good for the company as much as it can’t be something that has a negative effect on the company. Khan said he thinks they have set themselves apart by trying to be very accommodating.

-Khan was asked if there were any thoughts of including Adam Cole in the mix ahead of AEW Revolution as opposed to saving him for the night that AEW All Access debuts. Khan said there were a number of factors. He touted Cole’s in-ring return on the same night that AEW All Access premieres later this month.

-Khan was asked about the cosmetic changes the company has made with the new set and graphics. Khan said they wanted to update their look heading into 2023. He said it’s been well received and he really likes the new look. Khan said the crew did a good job of overhauling the look at Universal Studios for their AEW Dark and ROH tapings. Khan said they don’t want to make those types of changes constantly because he wants there to be consistency, but they like to freshen up the presentation when they can. Khan said there’s no set time for the next time they’ll make similar changes.

-The next caller asked about AEW trademarking All Elite Women. Khan said he would love to have that be a show that would be picked up by a network. Khan said they have a great women’s roster and there are a lot of deserving talent. He said the idea is still in play and he thinks it would be a great idea if it ever gets picked up.

-Khan was asked about Eddie Kingston quitting AEW (in a storyline video on social media). Khan said he has talked to Kingston and he encouraged people to “stay tuned to the wrestling business.”

-Khan was asked why now is the time to have a 60-minute Iron Man match. Khan said it’s the right time and the right match. Khan said it’s the ultimate test of a pro wrestler’s stamina, strength, conditioning, and creativity. He said MJF and Danielson have the physical and mental tools to put together a great Iron Man match. Khan said he thinks MJF and Danielson are capable of having a classic match.

-Will Washington noted that there were eight matches officially announced for Revolution and asked if Khan intends to add additional matches to the card. Khan said it’s fairly set. He played up clarifying the details of the fight that Jungle Boy and Christian Cage want to have (even though it’s already been announced as a no holds barred match). Khan said it would be difficult to get more matches on the main pay-per-view card, but they still haven’t announced anything for the pre-show. Khan said the main card will probably end up with eight total matches.

-Bill Pritchard asked how Khan feels about the perception that AEW pay-per-view events run too long or that he’s trying to put too many matches on one show. Khan said that with the exception of the pay-per-view that ran opposite game seven of the NBA Finals, the length of the shows have been the same.

-Khan was asked about the decision to bring AEW Revolution to the Chase Center in San Francisco. Khan said Revolution is one of AEW’s best events and Chase Center is one of the best arenas in the country. He said it’s an important market for them and has been a great television market for the company.

-Khan closed out the call by talking about his excitement for AEW Revolution and thanked the media members for taking part. The moderator was about to wrap up the call when Khan asked if he could say one more thing. Khan said he thought there were some great promos on Dynamite. He specifically mentioned the Danielson and MJF exchanges leading up to the show, and also touted the Hangman Page and Jon Moxley promos from last night. Khan said Moxley’s promos was one of his favorites. Khan also plugged the AEW Revolution countdown special for Friday night after Rampage.


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